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  • Fluent in English, Norwegian, Spanish; learning French
  • 39, Female
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  • School and the school of life.
  • From Arendal, Norway
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About Me


Enjoy life! Enjoy Summer!


PS: MY name is NOT Machita or Machita75. If you do not post my real name - your couch request will be rejected. You can find it in my references.

When you request my couch, Please be specific regarding dates - if you don't know your dates - you're likely too early to send a couch request! I arrive "Sometimes in July" is NOT good enough. I need to arrival and departure date and time before I will accept.

ABOUT ME: I LOVE to travel, I host when I can and I have travelled the AFS and Couchsurfing way ever since I was 17 (however my family started hosting AFS exchange students already when I was 16). I love to meet other like-minded people and I love the opportunities that the Couchsurfing network gives to meet people like you!

Personality: I am a person that puts a big effort into spending time with my friends whom i care deeply for. I like people to feel comfortable around me and I often spend a lot of energy to make sure they do. This said, I also need my space alone to recharge the batteries.

Im a social butterfly and I love getting to know new people, but because I put lots of energy into being there for others, I also have periods where I like to be alone and need time for my non-CS friends.

I love animals and I have a beautiful cat, Saffi, a longhaired persian.


"To realize one's destiny is a persons only obligation." - From "The Alquemist" - by Paolo Coelho

Life is about embracing each others imperfections instead of complaining about them.

I also loved these short words of wisdom: "My Favorite Thing About Gummy Bears Is Knowing That They Can't Fight Back When You Bite Their Heads Off =)"

Everything will be ok in the end, if it's not OK, its not the end!

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Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I am really passionate about Couchsurfing and all the friends i have found through this community. I used to be a very active member in many of the volunteer teams, however I am not able to do so any more. Now I only host occationally and meet friends I have made through the project.


Hosted "104" / Surfed "52"

2014 Will Host: Anni (81) from FinlandWill Host Anick-Marie (49) from Canada Hosted: Florian (80) from SwitzerlandHosted: Irena (103) from Czech Republic and Ze (104) from Brazil Travelled with Emma in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

2013 Hosted Anick-Marie (49) from Canada Hosted Maikel (75) from The Netherlands Been Hosted by Birgit & Felix in Orth an der Donau, Austria Been Hosted by Steven (46) & Katrien (47) in Roeselare, Belgium Been hosted by Alfredo (7) in Rome, Italy Been hosted by Giampiero (6) in Ascoli Piceno, Italy Travelled with Anni in Rome, Napoli & Salerno, Italy 2012 Hosted: Roger (102) from Arizona, USA Been hosted by: Liewe (51) and Lien (52) in Amsterdam, Netherlands Been hosted by: Aldo (50) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands Been hosted by: Maikel (48) & Angelique (49) in Eindhoven, NetherlandsBeen hosted by: Steven (46) & Katrien (47) in Gent, BelgiumBeen hosted by: Anni (27) in Aberdeen, Scotland Hosted Tarek (100) from EgyptTravelled with: Magnus from Sweden in Costa RicaBeen hosted by: Melanie in Houston, Texas (45)Hosted: Maikel (75) & Angelique (101) from NetherlandsHosted: Randall (38) from Costa Rica & Tarek (100) from Egypt 2011 Hosted: Randall (38) from Costa Rica Been hosted by: Martin (43) and Ellie (44) in FinlandBeen hosted by: Øyvind (10) and Madeleine (42) in NorwayHosted: Øyvind (35) and Madeleine (99) from NorwayHosted: Arthur (98) from Brazil and Øyvind (35) from NorwayHosted: David (97) from FranceHosted: João Pedro (96) from PortugalHosted: Eduardo (94) & Carmen(95) from Argentina / SpainHosted: Ashley (93) from USAHosted: Antoine (91) & Laure (92) from FranceHosted: Harlem (90) from USAHosted: Sergio (89) from ItalyHosted: Steven (66) & Katrien (88) from BelgiumHosted: Diana (87) from MexicoHosted: Åse (86) from NorwayBeen hosted by Chris (24) and Sarah (41) in LondonHosted: Luiz (84) from Costa Rica and Maui (85) from MexicoHosted Øyvind (35) from NorwayHosted: Maikel (75) from NetherlandsHosted: Chang min Chu (82) and Yunlian (83) from SingaporeHosted: Anni (81) from FinlandHosted: Florian (80) from SwitzerlandHosted: Wendy (79) from NetherlandsBeen hosted by: Wendy (39) and Tom (40) in Tromsø, Norway2010Been hosted by: Simon (37) and Tirsa (38) in 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I have also done loads of offline CouchsurfingPartied with and met for sightseeing: Many more ...

Music, Movies & Books

Books: I love reading. I read a lot my favourite genres are Young Adult, sci-fi and Fantasy.

Music- I love music and my taste of music is very varied. This is because I listen to music that match the mood Im in and I also attach music to memories.

Rock, classical, romantic, Latin american, Indie, are my favourite genres.

Movies - I LOVE movies. Im a daydreamer and I have quite a good fantasy. I also can totally live myself into a story I watch and read, SOME (not all listed) of my favourite movies are: Per Genres: Comedy, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Facts, Nature Documentaries etc. TV shows: The Simpsons, House, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, How I met your mother, That 70s show, One Tree Hill, CSI, NCIS, Dexter and several others. I also love National Geographic shows about volcanoes and other major forces of nature.

One Amazing Thing I've Done

I have done and experienced so many amazing things in my life, and I am so glad there is much more to come!

Amazing thing done The most important thing I did in my life was what woke me up as an explorer and also thought me so much about my own personality. - I travelled to Costa Rica as an exchange student in 1993 and was hosted by a local family and attended public school for 1 year. It was a genuinely marvelous experience and the meeting with a so different and fascinating culture from my own has made me love the warm and friendly people of Costa Rica as well as the gorgeous nature in Costa Rica. It tought me so many things about myself and people around me and opened up my mind to so many new impulses. I have later always been drawn to this ambient of travelling and openminded people :) It is really addictive.

Amazing things seen Nature: Sun set over the desert/beaches. Listening to the dripping from the rain on the leafs in the in the cloudforest. Felt the wingstrokes from hummingbirds swarming around my head (like small motor engines). Photographing poisonous frogs the size of my thumb finger nail (at 5am) surrounded by howler monkeys. Standing by the foot of a very much alive rumbling volcano watching the lava stream down from the perfect cone while listening to the gas explotions from it. Beautiful view over the snowy alps. Sun shining on recently fallen crystalized snow in the forest.

People: A smile from a stranger becoming your friend. The bonds with the people that opened their hearts and home for me when I lived in Costa Rica, that made my 1 year stay into a safe place, that showed a stranger love and treated me like family. LOVE - from Family and Friends that encourage you and support you, no matter what you go through. A pets unconditional love. My cat is so wonderful

Other than that, I have done and seen quite a bit wonderful things in my life. I once did outdoor bbq in -17C during winter with a friend of mine. Food almost froze before we could eat it, even straight from bbq.

Teach, Learn, Share

We can all learn from each other !

Being open-minded, respectful, polite and treat each other in a good way, we can make the world a better place. The intercultural exchanges between people from different cultures gives us the opportunity to make new friends amongst people we would have never have met in other ways. Making friends from all the world is a fantastic way to fight for world peace.

In case you are interested, I have added a few links to helpful information on CS

* Safety * Safety guidelines and tips for travellers * Terms of Use * CS Guidelines * Member Dispute & Safety FAQ .

Other Useful links

* Frequently Asked Questions * Verification

* Cheat Sheet * How to Search and Request a Couch * How to write a couchrequest * How to be a good guest * How to be a good host * How to customize your profile

Countries I've Visited

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

Countries I've Lived In

Canada, Costa Rica, Norway, United States

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