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  • 26 Références 19 Confirmé et positif
  • Fluent in English, Spanish; learning Danish, French, German, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sign Language - American, Sign Language - Danish, Spanish
  • 32, Female
  • Membre depuis 2010
  • Professional student and research lab slave... er, I mean...
  • Triple major in chemistry, psychology, and animal science...
  • De Los Angeles, CA, USA
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À propos de moi

IMPORTANT UPDATE and available hosting dates:

I'm recovering from surgery and my place isn't very accessible so I can't do much hosting at the moment, at least with me being around, but I'm happy to meet up, and should you need a place to crash, while it won't be as nice as staying with someone else, if you're in desperate need let me know because I could still likely let you stay at my place. I do have another couchsurfer staying with me and she is very very kind, has even brought me food and some clean clothes and other belongings when I have been in the hospital and she is very knowledgeable about Boston so you would have her to be around! I have finally made it back home even though I have a hard time getting in and out of my apartment I have been SO HAPPY to be back in my own bed and around my own things!

In July, I will likely be gone for half the month from the middle of the month through the end. Of course that is dependent on being recovered enough from surgery, but I'm hoping that's the case!

October brings the iron horse half in midway, KY in the middle of the month (again pending the surgeon doesn't say no...) and depending on some mass removals and other surgical things that need to start getting done! But for now I am planning as though an attempt at some race can still happen!

November: I will likely try to be going to NOLA again for the Big Easy half marathon, some yoga (a WONDERFUL restorative class takes place in a lovely studio on Cannal street there multiple times a week, as well as acro classes and jams! Check out Swan River Midcity if you like yoga and ever find yourself there!). but I'm not 100 percent sure plus I'm not sure exactly the dates I am going down so still might be able to host. Feel free to ask.

And by the end of the year I still have money to spend through some airlines like Delta (I'm always willing to give up my seat and take the next plane especially when I get paid for it- I LOVE spending time in airports!) so some more trips may be planned for either this year, or just paid for now with my travel vouchers from the airlines and taken next year- still deciding!

I will be back for Thanksgiving (the 24th of November) so even though I'm not huge on celebrating the holiday am willing to use it as a great day to go see a movie or watch some football or throw together a meal for those without a family to have dinner with or all the above!
And willing to hang out and do all of that, throw a secret santa party, join you in a jingle bell fun run, bake Christmas cookies (i like to bake some and deliver them around to local hospitals for the nurses, doctors, and first responders who have to work as I feel like they are really underappreciated!)


To meet as many people as possible, from many different cultures, and have a kick-ass time doing it :)


I love to host, and finally live where I can host! AND CLOSE TO THE BOSTON MARATHON FINISH LINE! I live alone, although there are multiple rooms, its rather quite large. I am less than a 5 min walk to th the 57, and 66 bus lines. About 3-15 minutes walk to the B, C, or D subway lines (depending on what stop or what line you want! D is the furthest but still accessible and you can get there really in 10 minutes depending on how fast you walk and once you use the shortcuts i can tell you about- its also easy to hop on the B or C line and take those to where the D line and multiple buses are only a short walk away!), about 4 minutes to the 65 bus route, also close to 86, 64, 70, and 71. Right on the brookline/allston line. If you have a car there are parking lots right down the street you can park in overnight with VERY reasonable rates, its about a 10 to 13 minute walk to those. There are also great websites and apps I can tell you about to help you pre-book and pre-pay for a parking spot nearby... although my personal suggestion is to NOT bring or rent a car and just enjoy our public transit system! It can get you most anywhere you want to go, there are zip car rentals right behind my place if you do need a car, and the rates are reasonable too. Tberes also some streets you can park on for free and a lot behind a grocery store you can do the same in if youre comfortable with that (if not the lots and sites where you can rent a parking spot from someone near me are VERY secure). There is TONS to do around my area and I'm happy to show you around as my schedule allows. There are also several markets and other stores within walking distance. There is one flight of stairs you will have to walk up at my place and some stairs without a handrail. It's not at all ideal if you need a walker or wheelchair to get around, as there's also a drop off as soon as you enter the door and the floors are uneven and some spaces narrow (it's an old Boston building) and not accessible with a walker or wheelchair. I mention this as I have learned it the hard way and dont want anyone else to struggle! Im trying to find a more accessible building by mid may to early june! If anyone near Boston needs an awesome roommate who loves to clean and surprise people with random acts of kindness, I am available! ;)

I grew up all over since my dad was in the Army and I took the Navy path until a shoulder injury interrupted what I had planned to be a life-long career in the military. Have lived in SoCal, Hawaii, Texas, Florida... basically, all nice warm tropical(-ish) places! Then something possessed me to apply to grad school in extremely cold climates. Ended up moving to Boston to start grad school, and it's definitely a toss up between here, NYC, Philly, and Seattle as to which one gets my vote for my favorite USA city ever :) I love escaping to magical areas such as Norway, the Himalayas, Iceland, Faroe Islands, etc. And if it's a new area I've never been to, all the better!

I love collecting and learning about wine, or going out for a (gluten free) drink, planning and hosting wine parties made up of several wines being offered for guests to taste and paired with things like chocolate (goes so much better than cheese, it's interesting how biting into the chocolate before or after the wine can bring out more the flavors of the wine or the chocolate! Lavender infused chocolate goes particularly well with reds!) making new friends, karaoke, and finding cool new hangout spots. I love to show others around and share some of my favorite places too... I take pleasure in the simple things, like laying on the grass cloudwatching, going for long strolls, sitting and people watching, etc. I am totally in love with the gym and with water and air, I cannot get enough of the beach, flying, or swimming, even in the middle of the winter! Yes, I have actually gone in the ocean while it was SNOWING.

Oh, and im skilled in many different disciplines of circus arts, even have my own equipment at home and would be more than willing to introduce you to the most addictive drug ever: circus. I also have a yoga room you can use, and can introduce you to the acro-yoga community in Boston as well!


Rule #42: life's too short to take yourself too seriously.

Pourquoi je suis sur Couchsurfing


To me, it's not about giving or getting a free place to stay. It's about learning and sharing. I love to learn about new things- that can be learning about new cultures, new food, new drinks, new places to go that I always walk by without even realizing it, or learning something like a new hobby or how to say a few basic phrases in a new language. Or even about new travel stories if you have those to share, or some fun local facts about your hometown. I have an ecclectic collection of postcards and magnets growing on my fridge and love adding more magnets or postcards from all over the world! I love to share as well... I can share cool things to do and see around Boston, how to do circus-y stuff, whatever your adventure level is up to! I love to run triathlons and marathons as well as ride and train horses (I train dogs too) and can share tons of tips, resources, training gear, etc around those things. I can even take you horseback riding if you wanted to go! Ever wanted to fly through the air with the greatest of ease? Outdoor flying trapeze sessions start in May and run through October, so I'd love to take you there with me for you to try it yourself- we can teach you at least one or two tricks your first time! I have very basic knitting skills that I can teach you, am a blackbelt in karate and can show you things there, or can simply be a partner in crime, a companion out to a pub or poolhall, a friend to go snowboarding with in the winter, etc!


I've hosted many people in and around Los Angeles, California. I've surfed a few places in Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Utah, Seattle, and Norway just to name a few. Have hosted a handful of people in my place in Boston as well, and am always up for meeting up to hang out, grab a drink, sight see, or just go off on some random adventure to who knows where!

Centres d'intérêt

Learning new things, meeting new people, and just having a great time!

I also like to volunteer, try to volunteer with clowns without borders whenever I can (travel plus clowning plus helping people in need- that's a win win!)

Morceaux de musique, films et livres

I love to read textbooks and research articles- if I can learn, I dig it. There's a bookstore in Rockport, MA that I love to visit that sells used books and is where I've found such treasures such as an autographed Rollo May book, most of my Jung collection, etc (I'm big on psychology, as well as anything to do with the brain). I've also recently taken to collecting books on history and culture from other countries- it's always interesting to read about the same historical event from different perspectives as there are at least two sides to every story! That said I try to lead a minimalistic lifestyle and am currently working on cutting back on personal belongings.

Une aventure extraordinaire que j'ai vécue

Black water rafting in New Zealand was AMAZING.

Climbing waterfalls. Also jumping off them.

Road tripping to Colorado, and back country camping in Zion along the way.

Taking random, spontaneous trips to other places- my first time out in Boston was when I found last minute tickets for less than $150 round trip after taxes and couldn't let the opportunity pass me by... so I got them, and fell in love with the city my first time here.

Staying up all night out on the streets with a bum community, just to have the experience, and telling stories around a trash can fire with them.

Performing aerial hoop in multiple countries, so far my favorite being Iceland and Norway.

Getting to see the northern lights while dogsled mushing.

Driving a reindeer sleigh. And yes I dressed up as Santa and sang Christmas songs- it HAD to be done even though it wasn't winter. I can be quirky like that.

Exploring lava tube caves.

Climbing glaciers.

Cliff jumping off a waterfall.

Living life to it's fullest, and one million percent believing it is better to buy experiences than it is to buy possessions.

Enseignez, apprenez, partagez

I'm always willing to loan my bike if you need one to get around... and I'm willing to teach you whatever I can if I know anything about it/how to do it. I can teach karate, yoga poses, various circus aparatus, some stuff about neuroscience, some cool places to grab a drink, and I have basic knitting skills and can teach you that too.

Also can teach you some recipes and offer some potentially new foods you might not have tried before! The fine print: I do have a severe nut allergy- I am fine with almonds, pistachios, and coconuts! Peanuts I am allergic to even just airborne particles, so for my safety NO PEANUT PRODUCTS MAY BE BROUGHT IN THE HOUSE. If you have products that have peanuts and they are sealed and stay sealed that should be fine. I also have celiac disease and a bunch of other random allergies. If you like soy milk in your coffee in the mornings, you're welcome to get your own and use my espresso or coffee machines, but I'd rather you leave the gluten-containing and peanut-containing products elsewhere (or at least in your bag, and if you really get a craving for that snack, then eat it while you're outside, just for safety sake)! I don't eat meat, but do sometimes have a little bit of honey and greek or Icelandic yogurt, so I'm not totally vegan, but if you eat meat, I'm okay with that (my body can't digest the meat proteins but I'm not against others eating meat) I have a fairly sporadic schedule too, since I teach fitness classes and do circus, I'm usually up early to either teach a class or go out on a run, you're always welcome to come along if you wish, or stay behind and sleep in.

Ce que j'aimerais partager avec mes hôtes

Lots of laughs, some drinks, and definitely a GREAT time! Local fresh produce and a homecooked meal. Travel stories. Sharing what I know of other languages and cultures. Teaching you anything from basics on circus apparatus, to more advanced things on Lyra, or even variations of headstands, handstands, etc. A postcard from Boston or another town I've traveled to a lot or have lived in. If you have kids, I love kids and would be happy to babysit for a little bit if you needed, or bring along some basic juggling and clowning stuff to entertain for a bit. How to roast your own coffee, and how to make different styles of coffee. Some knowledge about Herbology- for example, Icelandic Moss (found in lots of the Northern US as well as Iceland!) is great for respiratory issues, bronchitis, and allergies! If I'm visiting internationally I'm happy to pick up something from the Duty Free store if you wish.

Pays que j'ai visités

Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Pays dans lesquels j'ai vécu

Denmark, Dominican Republic, Iceland, United States

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