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  • 25, Male
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  • Setting up my own online business.
  • Only high school.
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À propos de moi

I am going to be honest about myself, as I am, even if not everyone is gonna be happy with me.

You should know that I can be a bit shy and reserved at first when I first meet you. But don't be disappointed. Here is what is underneath that cover of shyness...


Like most Couchsurfers, I am "open-minded", whatever the f*** that means! What do people mean when they say that?

Open-minded...Uh let's see... Willing to convert to a religion?... No one has done that to me so far, but keep trying folks, I'm willing to listen. Pray for me. If I had to choose, it would probably be Islam, because I have a serious fetish for women who dress like ninjas.

Sleeping with another man?... Ohh that's tempting, and one lovely guy did try that with me, but I had to pass on that! But he was such a lovely guy! Therefore pray for me, all you gay religious gay folk, for there is still time for me to see the light!

Dumpster-diving?... Yeah sure! Never did it before, but yeah I'm in! As long as it has no hairs or teeth marks, I'll eat it.

Tolerant of people of other races and cultures?... Well, yeah... I accept peoples' race, because you can't do much about it, can you? Just please accept mine, because it's delicate and burns in the sun easily.


I don't drink alcohol, so just keep that in mind. Please don't ask me why I don't drink... PLEASE!!! "Oh you're Irish and don't drink?" "YES! But don't worry, I still get angry and punch people".


As an introvert (well, mostly introvert), I get nervous around crowds, so one of the ways I feel easy around large groups of people is by being the "clown", the one to entertain. and make people laugh, so I love it when people ask to tell jokes to get me involved. I also love to do impersonations and imitations. It helps get me out of my introverted shell.


I am easy-going, that means I am 420-friendly, and I don't mind if you take light drugs. None of that heavy stuff though, we don't you to be running and playing with Jesus.


I like to try new things... But not new drugs, alright? I already tried 3 and I DO NOT wanna try new things! ha ha ha ha ha.


I like to cook... especially spaghetti and ramen noodles. Ha!

Just joking, I know how to cook, but I don't usually feel at ease cooking at other peoples' places, from experience I have always found it very awkward. "Hey I can't find olive oil!" "Oh I don't have it. You can use vegan rapeseed oil instead...." "....WHAT!?"


I love women. I love their company, and I like to flirt, be playful and act a little silly and boyish, and I like to blow sweet kisses at lovely ladies that walk down the street (if they look friendly enough).

HOWEVER, that does NOT mean I don't wanna meet men. I like men who can feel they relate to me, and who love to tell dirty jokes and don't mind me being politically incorrect. I like men who are comfortable as men, without being macho. And if they're gay, that's alright. Just know that I'm straight as a fiddle.


Speaking of women, I totally believe that women have the same God-given birth right to have their own opportunities, boundaries, love and respect, but know that I am NOT a feminist, and I don't believe in Feminism.


Politically speaking, I am not aligned with "right" or "left", to me there are two types of people... Those who wanna be left alone, and those who won't leave others alone. But I guess you can call me a classical liberal.


When I am not being flamboyant and bodacious, I have a rather introverted side, and you can find me studying my interests (see below if you're actually motivated to keep reading).

That's all here. Thank you!

Pourquoi je suis sur Couchsurfing

Yeah good question. I don't know how to answer this. I'll come back to this.


Well, the people I stayed with I really all enjoyed, except one, well, look, he was an extremely nice guy, but you see, he kind of tried to f*** me and I did not want that! But all in all, Couchsurfing has been a blessing! God bless those lovely folk!

Centres d'intérêt



Investing (real estate, the options market, commodities and value investing).

Studying the financial system and macro-economics.

Capitalism vs. Socialism.

Human dynamics and the human condition.

The Political Left, Progressives as well as the rise of the Alt-Right.

Things I do...

Travel (duh!)





Go to Libraries, Parks and social meet-ups, as well as cuddle parties if they are available.

Time alone to rechare my batteries.

Morceaux de musique, films et livres

None of that pop s***, it makes me feel I'm getting dumber. Why not this selection for a sophisticated audience?....
World music of nearly any type. Fat Larry, Robert Palmer, Barry White, Fatboy Slim, Lynrd Skynrd, Mylo, REM, Ted Gärdestad, A-ha, Fun lovin' Criminals, Classical music, Kool & the Gang...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The Game of Life and How to Win it
To be intimidated or not to be intimidated.
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Power Vs. Force
Healing and Recovery (David R Hawkins)
Transcending the Levels of Consciousness (also by David R Hawkins)
Bilingual stories (to help with my languages)
Business stripped bare (by Richard Branson)

World cinema, comedy, independant film industry, true-story films, and anything with Robbin Williams.

Une aventure extraordinaire que j'ai vécue

I had an out-of-body experience.

Attended cuddle parties... I actually cuddled with a man... Never was the same again. I became a real cuddle slut.

I managed to climb a tall, narrow and steep part of a hill where I didn't have much space to walk. Either I climbed it or I was stuck with the possibility of falling... I thought I was going to die!

Enseignez, apprenez, partagez

English, because it is VERY useful and a beautiful language!

I can share my humour that lights up peoples' days.

Personal insights, that may or not be interesting for the other person.

Please let me think of more

Ce que j'aimerais partager avec mes hôtes

I can help cook if they want it. I always love to cook a meal with someone as a way of being social, but as mentioned before it can be awkward. I also clean up always. If you want any information about online learning portals, then I can help with that! I can also help with English, as I have a lot of patience. But you also have to help me with your language if I'm learning it, ok?

Pays que j'ai visités

Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Wales

Pays dans lesquels j'ai vécu

France, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

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