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Linda Mistika

Ubud, Bali (Lesser Sunda), Indonesia

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About Me

art... expression ...
movement ... dance...music

..as always the leafs fall in winter.. the birds fly elsewhere

here some of my links:
-my main website:
-the website of my handmade things:
-a blog i had until sometime ago:

Why I'm on Couchsurfing

until may 2012 i have been living/traveling and hosting CS with Diego K.Fontanive (see here his profile: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/kricek/ )
we were moving just following our feeling using CS mostly to meet/host people having own travels as well ...

...in May 2012 instead i left asia and i've continued my way alone to south america *=)

in the last 7/8 years i have been traveling-living between Europe (Slovakia, Slovenia, Lapland); Asia (India and Indonesia: 3 years in Bali) and since more than 2 years and half in south america (mostly in Peru.., traveling visiting Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, and living 4 months in Argentina too);

CS has been always a point of reference during my life around the planet both for hosting, meetings, and surfing... and through it i've met some of my closest friends~connections in life
here some other links you can check about a project i have been helping Diego working at when we were traveling~living together.. interviewing a lot of different people around those places most of whom Couchsurfers as well
-"End Of Fear" project website: http://endoffear.weebly.com/
The entire 'The Dormant Awaken' documentary 2010-2011 made between India -Singapore and Bali by End Of Fear project (completely realized by Diego, I was helping him as an assistant in shootings, pictures and interviews) you can find it here completely for free: http://www.wix.com/diegokricekfontanive/thedormantawaken
or in Diego's youtube channel:


every thing on the other planets..and galaxies

astronomy, quantum physics, expression in all its shapes... (art,dance,music..) , nutrition, natural medicine... documentaries and good movies.. mountain bike, planet earth's nature

listening music while painting/drawing or doing my visual art on my computer it's like traveling worlds for me... and while driving a mountain bike it's like flying *=)

other things in general i like or like to do: i'm crazy for chocolate, I like good beer, especially dark ones,red wines, i eat tons of fruit and real honey ... ; I like to paint canvas, murals, clothes and whatever it happens under my colored brushes or pens *=) ; I like to knit (i just know the basic of it learned in lapland years ago) and to create things by my own using second hands clothes, trinkets or stuff, I like to dance (not disco, i don't like disco and crowded places at all) .. just spontaneous dance, or modern crew dance (like hip hop or breack dance) .. or tango Argentino (indeed between 2013/14 i went living and dancing directly in Buenos Aires for 4 months..*=) I can dance it for hours and hours without stop or getting tired *=) ; I like to make pictures or movies, or to modify pictures by some computer software;i model sometimes for paintings,photos,some art fashion or participate at whatever artistic expression-project there might happen that i'm interested into; I like to fly .. and be in the airport and take flight after flight .. finally I like to keep the things as they arrive by the inspiration,the feeling and the flow of the moment .. I can't be in one thing only .. and I also very much like to do nothing *;) just enjoy SILENT-LISTEN while observing......

(I'm always working on it)

Music, Movies & Books

imagination is the intimate pure source~music of every life being's expression.. thus intelligence in movement ....
Outer space and planets sounds/ambient-rock-instrumental experimental music (Explosion in the Sky, Hammock, Pink Floyd,David Bowie,Depesh Mode, Hanz Zimmer, Chinematic Orchestra, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Doors, Killers, Massive Attak, Moby, Bjork, Real Life, Ocean Lab, Queen, Duft Punk, Enigma, Era, Peter Gabriel, Johan B. Monell Composer, sometimes Duran Duran/ Battiato/Philippe Glass/Classic music/Blues-Jazz/Tango Argentino classic and experimental and more...

i'm always looking to listen, see, watch, know new artist's expressions...

MOVIES:Contact -Carl Sagan-/all Spielberg/all Kubrik/X-Files/Star wars/The Wall of roger Waters/Lost saga/Film Rosso/la doppia vita di Veronica/the King of the rings/and more...specially science fiction-fantasy sometimes and author movies..

BOOKS: it is a long story! =).. actually I don't read books that much, not because I don't like them, but because it happens just few times that i find myself really kept interested by a book.. it's seems really hard for me to get involved in the reading action because sometimes i feel it like to be too much closing me in something...

by the way some of my favorite books are by the authors: Adam Douglas,Stephen King, Tolkien ...

here some quotes i really like:

"Any model we make does not describe the universe. It describes what our brains are capable of saying at this time. All perception is a gamble. We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it we don't even know we're making an interpretation most of the time."
Robert Anton Wilson - quantum physicist

"inside the molecules: a little tiny vibrating filaments of energy ....and just like the strings in the violin they can vibrate different patterns producing different musical notes... and these strings when they vibrate different patterns they produce different kinds of particles... so electrons, quarks, neutrinos, and all other particles reunited in a single framework, an they all arise from vibrating strings.... a kind of cosmic symphony .... all the richness that we see in the world around us emerges from the music that these little tiny strings can play ....."
(..) "Sometimes nature guards her secrets with the unbreakable grip of physical law. Sometimes the true nature of reality beckons from just beyond the horizon."
(Brian Greene - string theory physicist)

".. the imagine isn't outside.. but we get datas converting them in image
according to our own conscious or unconscious believe systems. From the endless stream of energy you are creating your own reality tunnel. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.There is no such thing is death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.."
(video: The Quantic Apocalipse and the Olographic Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUnq124XcfQ)

One Amazing Thing I've Done

traveling living experiencing my relation with the planet and its beings now since 8 years....

living and working for 3 months in lapland (finland side) in an husky dogs farm in the middle of kms of a magnificent silent snowy woods in winter time with -30/47° outside.. ;listening huskys howling early morning and late evening before bed time, and walking,playing,feeding,cleaning and sledge sometimes with them (even if I really don't like the competition they teach to them for tourism ); walking in the deep silence of woods.. and watching the most dark and starry sky I have ever seen in my life on this planet .. and jumping directly outside -40° in pajamas in front of the magnificent dancing northernlights crossing it .. ;

Paragliding the Sacred Valley in Peru - Cusco 3 times in a week ... in August 2012

dancing Tango with an AMAZING russian Tango dancer in Buenos Aires... while living~dancing there for 4 months between 2013/14

living almost 10 incredible days including the new year's eve in Cumbresita close to Cordoba in Argentina, one of the most beautiful, green, pure water springs-waterfalls-rivers, elvish places i ever seen ...

let's see what'll happen next!*;)

'if you do extraordinary things ....extraordinary things happen ....'

Teach, Learn, Share

I'm always ready to dance tango argentino with someone who knows a little bit of it and want to practice *;),or to model for some of your artistic projects; I would like to improve my basic knitting and sewing too and learn other ways of making things by my hands.. (necklaces,something with clay or stones etc...) I like a lot listen space stories about planets and stars, or elvish/science stories ..but I'm not really good in relate my space stories *;P ..

I like to listen about minerals-stones and their properties in all senses..
also medical plants...

because of my spontaneous attitude to create connections between people i also like to organize little parties in which share different things:as fields of interests, travels, stories,experiences from this planet or other planets too ..

Countries I've Visited

Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay

Countries I've Lived In

Argentina, Finland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Slovakia, Slovenia

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