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Linda Mistika

Ubud, Bali (Lesser Sunda), Indonesia

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  • ˙quantumofsolacelagoon˙ STARS******...
  • From VENUS .. universe .. * ~* outer space * DRACONIA~✯˙
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About Me


... we break stars* smash lines* snap moments* ....... creating universes*'if you do extraordinary things ....extraordinary things happen ....'


I fell on this planet some human biological years ago as an observer ..

..as always the leafs fall in winter.. the birds fly elsewhere *:)

'if you do extraordinary things ....extraordinary things happen ....'

we come out from the deep to remember what we are .. the energies of frictions-explosions make the heart of everything going forward...something is in a never ending evolution...and is whispering to us the events*..... the dancing fairies* of a deep utter stars embrace...

we break stars* smash lines* snap moments* ....... creating universes*

~i'm a sun's kid~*

T.N.T. for the brain.... .

(I'm always working on it, here you can find all the main links to my blog, FB and several kind of my planetlinda creations *=)))

http://triplanetlinda.blogspot.com (but i actually suggest you to look for it as a FB page as well ... there it's much more updated *=)

and this is the planet earth map of the places where I have been living and traveling until now:

visited 23 states (10.2%)Create your own visited map of The World or jurisdische vertaling duits?

the gate of space
my eyes exploding
my immagination vibrating..
..finally the moon has spoken to my body ...
just few days before the fly...
just few days before to touch the land of stars*...
the traveling is going on since long time now ..
and the act is going to come soon...

it is so true ... life is what happen to yourself while you are occupied in other things .... (think ...wait ... or whatever else?!) ...

the voice is speaking to us .... we have just to STOP for an instant .. and listen her infinite sound .....
in that sound the essence of our existence

who knows* 'where' it will bring ..i just be-am it

the time-space are bending ... breaking in music

so fast ... so many colors .... so many flashes....

the gate is opening ...but it was already opened ... I had just to listen his direction/s ....:
white cream on the top of a big huge ice cream.. the spacecherry is me... before the fly*eyes*annulareclipse:elettromagnetic communication:star evolution~*

the travel is just a quantumofsolacelagoon~*choccolate:)~

as always: ~*a flower breaks the asphalt*~ *=)



(in my case I'm but ..I think just sometimes *;P )

FEELING IS THINKING! don't give your feelings:thinking to the insanity of social and exsistencial authorities boredom!

*=)~imagination and perception are our only key to our inner self

as always: ~*a flower breaks the asphalt*~ *;)

..we are the children of bold flowers and stars~✯˙vibrating our inner star we breack the asphalt of stagnant inconsistency of 'these days' ... we evolve~evolving our inner *space*...

we break stars* smash lines* snap moments* ....... creating universes*



˙the enchantment of lost existences which will never be the hopes of presences around us˙˙leave all and follow yourself˙˙jump on winged horse before inconstancy obscure the splendor˙˙but never wonder where the road leads˙˙milky way˙

'if you do extraordinary things ....extraordinary things happen ....'

by planetlinda~*=)

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


before I was living/traveling with Diego Kricek Fontanive
(see here his profile: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/kricek/ )
moving just following our feeling

..other times as now since May 2012 i'm traveling alone *=)

in the last 7/8 years i have been traveling living abroad between some places in Europe (Slovakia, Slovenia, Lapland); but specially in Asia (India and Indonesia: 3 years in Bali) and recently since more than 2 years and half i've been living in south america (specially in Peru.. and have been traveling visiting Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, and living 4 months in Argentina too);

while traveling-living in some places on this planet I have been hosting-meeting couchsurfers from this and other planets as well.. using couchsurfing as a point of reference to meet interesting-expressive human/or other life beings *;P ...

mostly i've been hosting in past specially when i was in Bali with Diego .. but while traveling i have been having experiences as surfer as well *;)

some websites to see:

-my main website:

-my blog:

-website of my handmade things:

here some other websites you can check about a project i have been helping Diego working at when we were traveling~living together.. that since almost 3 years he is working with other people as well ....

-"End Of Fear" project website: http://endoffear.weebly.com/

The entire 'The Dormant Awaken' documentary 2010-2011 made between India -Singapore and Bali by End Of Fear project interviewing a lot of different people around those places most of them Couchsurfers as well (completely realized by Diego, I was helping him as an assistant in shootings, pictures and interviews)
you can find it here completely for free:


or in Diego's youtube channel:


..in the last 7/8 years I have been traveling-living following my feelings in the following places on this planet:

-Bali(Ubud)for almost 2 years 2008-2009;

-Slovakia (Presov)4/5 months 2009;

-Finland (Lapland) 4 months 2009-2010 while Diego was Diego in Hungary 1 month 2010;

-Slovenia(Ljubljana) for 5/6 months 2010;

-India (Varkala -Kerala region) for 5 months 2010-2011;

-Singapore several times just for visa and passport stuff,

-back in Bali (Ubud) since 26th february 2011 ..until May 2012 when i flew to Peru' .. while Diego was still living in Bali-Ubud

- Peru (Ollantaytambo village) from June 2012 to October 2013

- Argentina (Buenos Aires city) from November 2013 to March 2014

-back in Peru (Ollantaytambo) from march 2014 to September 2014

- while in south america i've been visiting several times Bolivia, the desert of Chile, several stunnign places in Argentina... and 2/3 days Colonia in Uruguay...

I'M CURRENTLY BACk IN EUROPE SINCE JUST FEW WEEKS.. heading to Portugal next.. would really like to live for a while in Sintra .. *=)


.every thing on the other planets..and galaxy..

-*meeting-hosting aliens *;)*-


one of my space lover is Carl Sagan as always:*:P~

about what I like and what I like to do on this planet by this human body:

well, I'm crazy for chocolate, I like good beer, especially dark ones,red wines,fruit juices, and good natural food, especially when I have to try something different *;P
yes I can say I'm really greedy .. I like also to cook but I have to have the right day for it,you know: inspiration *;), and I like to do it alone.. it is like a painting for me; I like to paint,not only canvas but even design clothes in my personal style and paint them .. I like to knit (even if I 'm not really professional in it, I just learned it in Lapland *;) and I like to make things by my own using second hands stuff and usually I wear second hand stuff too( indeed I don't usually go shopping).. I like to dance, but not disco dance, I don't like disco and crowded places at all .. just spontaneous dance .. or tango Argentino dance (indeed I have been an assistant of Tango Argentino beginner class until some years ago..and I was also making shows-choreography, and i have been back to Tango between 2013/14 livign and dancing directly in Buenos Aires for 4 months..*=) I can dance it for hours and hours without stop or getting tired *=) ; I like to make pictures or movies, or to modify pictures by some computer software;I model sometimes for some paintings,photos,some art fashion or for whatever artistic expression-project;
I like to fly .. and be in the airport and take an other flight,but not just fly by plane of course *;P .. finally I like to keep the things as they arrive by the inspiration,the feeling and the flow of the moment .. I can't be in one thing only .. and mostly I like to do nothing *;)


..while I'm observing movements on this planet *;)

(I'm always working on it)



Music, Movies & Books

Imagination is my intimate source, and the pure source of every life being's expression..

but if I have to speak about this level human body reality well:

Outer space sound/Jupiter sound/Explosion in the Sky/Pink Floyd/David Bowie/Depesh Mode/And so I watch you from afar/Hanz Zimmer/Chinematich Orechestra/Mogwai/Rolling Stones/Aerosmith/Doors/killers/Massive Attak/Moby/Bjork/Real Life/Ocean Lab/Queen/Duft Punk /Enigma/Era/sometimes Duran Duran/Franco Battiato/Philippe Glass/Classic music/Blues-Jazz/Tango Argentino and more...

MOVIES:Contact -Carl Sagan-/all Spielberg/all Kubrik/X-Files/Star wars/The Wall of roger Waters/Lost saga/Film Rosso/la doppia vita di Veronica/the King of the rings/and more...specially science fiction-fantasy sometimes and author movies..

BOOKS: it is a long story! =).. actually I don't read books that much, not because I don't like them, but because it happens just few times that i find myself really kept interested by a book.. it's seems really hard for me to get involved in the reading action because sometimes i feel it like to be close ...

by the way some of my favorite books are by the authors: Adam Douglas,Stephen King, Tolkien ...

(I'm always working on it)


Any model we make does not describe the universe it describes what our brains are capable of saying at this time. All perception is
gamble. We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it we don't even know we're making an interpretation most of the time.

One Amazing Thing I've Done

.. the imagine isn't outside.. but we get datas converting them in image
according to our own conscious or unconscious believe systems. From the endless stream of energy you
are creating your own reality tunnel. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration,
we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.
There is no such thing is death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves..

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUnq124XcfQ

˙*ツ ˙0˙ - ˙tachyon˙ (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Tachyon03.gif)

ON PLANET EARTH: living and working for 3 months in lapland (finland side) in an husky dogs farm *:D in the middle of kms of a magnificent silent snowy woods in winter time with -30/47° outside.. ;listening huskys howling early morning and late evening before bed time, and walking,playing,feeding,cleaning and sledge sometimes with them (even if I really don't like the competition they teach to them for tourism *:/ ); walking in the deep silence of woods.. and watching the most dark and starry sky I have ever seen in my life on this planet .. and jumping directly outside -40° in pajamas in front of the magnificent dancing northernlights crossing it .. and also trying all kind of sweets and porredge possible (I found the almond *:D) all the time especially during christmas time *;P; learn there how to knit .. and I can continue for infinity *;P .. in brief:enjoying the explosion and crazyness of my energetic woodsnorthernlights communication frequency-senses *:DDD

Paragliding the Sacred Valley in Peru - Cusco 3 times in a week ... in August 2012

dancing Tango with an AMAZING russian Tango dancer in Buenos Aires... while living~dancing there for 4 months between 2013/14

living almost 10 incredible days including the new year's eve in Cumbresita close to Cordoba in Argentina, one of the most beautiful, green, pure water springs-waterfalls-rivers, elvish places i ever seen ...

let's see what'll happen next!*;)

'if you do extraordinary things ....extraordinary things happen ....'

Teach, Learn, Share

(I'm always working on it)

I'm always ready to dance tango argentino with someone who knows a little bit of it and want to practice *;),or to model for some of your artistic projects; I would like to improve my knitting, and learn other ways of how to make things by my hands.. like growing food,make convoys, or cheese,cakes,necklaces,something with clay or stones, or whatever; .. sewing better than of how I know to do it *;P ; I like a lot listen space stories about planets and stars ..but I'm not really good in relate my space stories *;P ..

I like to listen about minerals-stones and their properties in all senses..

and also I like to organize little parties in which to share different things:food,drinks,travels and stories from this planet or other planets too .. (I have a spontaneous attitude to create kind of networks)..and sweets of course especially if with chocolate and handmade *;P



Countries I've Visited

Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay

Countries I've Lived In

Argentina, Finland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Slovakia, Slovenia

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