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  • 63 Referenzas 47 Confermato e positivo
  • Fluent in English, German; learning Spanish
  • 36, Male
  • Membro dal 2008
  • being bad influents, yes I'm THAT guy/adventurer/semi pro...
  • Jediism and it's dark side / Dudeism / Karate kid / rando...
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Chi sono


preserve bad habits, enjoy the craziness in life and make an Alienzombie Movie


I changed this part here so often that I can't tell who's crazier me or the person who ask this question. Must have spend hours sitting in front of this page try to figure out who the fuck I am. Then I usually get annoyed wasting so much precious life time staring at this life sucking screen and start to write weird shit. Anyway I can't stand being bored so I try everything at least once, except gay sex, I save that for next life and taking Heroin is on the list after I turn 60.
If you really feel the need to categorize me, I guess you can place me somewhere between a hippy who pursuits peace and happiness and a self destructive punk...always depending on my current state of mind but I guess both sides live the rebellion.
According to my Mom I also have a slight tendency to pick the most extreme ways of living. Personally I would rather say I'm just very curious and when I hear something that interests me I prefer to experience it myself before I trust someones opinion blindly.
So before I left home I tried to sell all the shit I collected over a decade, just to feel what it's like to have nothing. Thought I could finance a long trip around the world with the extra cash but when I told my friends about it, they basically over ran my place and took everything I couldn't fit in my backpack. So a good feeling and a lot of happy faces was all I made of all the crap.
Did the trip anyway and spend 19 amazing month living on the road, experienced a lot of crazy shit and arrived in Sydney basically bankrupt with a dirty backpack full of way to small and very smelly cloth. Took me 3 washing to get the stink out and 4 days to find a new job (I still wonder if that's somehow related to the washing) Anyway, I figured that Aussies are so ridiculous over paid that it's probable a great place to save up money and continue my trip a bit later...when I'm rich. That's 4 years ago now cuz I forgot to consider my bad habits and my proclivity for stupid investments, so I usually spend my money on the day I get paid, most of it ends up in Clubs, Pubs and everything that sounds fun and shortens your life span so if you like to go out I can definitively show you some cool shit around Sydney.
Well, if I like you.
Guess my biggest obsession is music, as you can see when you come to the part with "my favorites" (got a bit side tracked there)so interesting tunes are our number one currency but we also accept six packs, toilet paper or drawings, in case you wanna bribe us or somethin.
For all organ harvester, psychopath or racists I have to mention that my new housemate is half a quarter Maori or something like that so he will scare you out with his Warrior dance if you turn out to be a shit cunt.
Everyone else is welcome.
Ok enough now, I'm obviously not blessed with outstanding writing skills so before I write the worlds shittiest book I'll stop here.


"Don't make decisions out of fear." is always popping up in my head when I have to make an important decision. It's usually a bright neon colored sign.

"Everyone gets the same chance, you start as my friend so don't fuck it up." Is a simple rule I live by as I don't judge anyone by skin color, his god, who he loves nor what he had for lunch, so if u do go fuck urself.

"Dying sucks Butt" one of my favorites
but to be honest I don't really care when I die
some ppl make it to a hundred and still haven't lived as much as I did. Figured that out while I worked in a hospital. I met shit loads of ppl who just had a few days left but a handful of them seemed not scared to shake hands with the grim reaper. Very powerful and life changing experience to escort someone to the gates of Valhalla...still don't wanna write under amazing things I've done "I saw ppl die" might sound a bit creepier then I intend to be and its too early for me to catch up with father death anyway so he can fuck right off and come back when he's got an appointment up front. Lets say today in 96 years, after lunch, as I still have shit loads of stuff on my bucket list and I like to catch enough sleep and a good meal before a new adventure is about to start.

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing


I supported this page with my hard earned money back in the days, when it was just a few hippy/nerds, living in moms basement probable smoking weed all day and spinning ideas how to make this world a better place, I also host, I surf, I spread the word, as personal pub/club guide I'm the SHIAT, I go to and organize meetings, in particular Sydneys best coz only "Trash Movie Night" (I do have help coz it's hard work) and I even provide you with the weather...I can't do more or can I??

Click for weather forecast


Great spot to tell the tale of how I found out about this site...One of my best friends, Heinz found CS for me while surfing the net for porn and really sick shit you don't even wanna know about. The second he realized how amazing/crazy or with his word "ridiculously retarded" this idea of opening your home to complete strangers (or again his words "potential Ax murderers/rapists and religious Missionaries") is my face must have popped up in his head so he send me the link, with a bunch of other crap you still don't wanna know about, but as a matter of fact I have to thank this fat lazy bastard to have met loads of crazy,funny and inspiring people.
(he still hasn't tried it once and calls me weird)

anyway of all the surfers I've met over the years I probably think Danny B "Prince of Hollywood" is the one who inspired me most cause he really just don't give a shit what ppl think of him and I met him at a point in my life when I needed that for myself. I still try to copy his mad tour guide skills when I show ppl my City, so pack your bag dude and come over. I still owe you a tour.
I would say bring Tommy too but we both know he will probable be shoot by Sky-Marshals for public exposure in 30 000 feet :)


music, Ohhh boy u will see
movies (A/B/C doesn't matter I watch everything)
beer (a lot)
travelling climbing and slack-lining kitchen piracy (means, I take over someone's kitchen and cook for him)reading (when I got time)tattoos and the stories behindexcessive masturbation
a long party night/day/night (I do enjoy a good hangover) concerts and festivals
urban and street art (I hate empty walls)obviously writing (a lot of unimportant shit)
bargain hunting (I love shopping, second hand shops and flea markets the cheaper and weirder the better)
I also like to find free stuff on the street
everything that is a bit abnormal or bizarre (since there are already too many ppl on this planet trying to fit into the normal grit)
fire spitting (it might be useful against trolls)
stupid bets (the sort of were u end up with shitty haircuts, running naked or you simply loose your soul)
snuff porn (ok that's just another example for my bad humour)
funny hitch-hiking stories (I nearly got raped)
collecting sunglasses (well, my friends make fun about it so it must be true...glad they don't know how many hats I have :)
Ohh and everything about "How to survive in the wild or Berlin"

  • arts
  • writing
  • books
  • street art
  • coloring
  • tattoos
  • concerts
  • festivals
  • dancing
  • cooking
  • beer
  • yoga
  • marathon
  • running
  • partying
  • clubbing
  • pub crawls
  • shopping
  • movies
  • reading
  • traveling
  • music
  • hiking
  • backpacking
  • hunting
  • surfing
  • rock climbing
  • tourism
  • hitchhiking

Musica, film e libri

I'll try to write just my favorite 10, but...puh...MOVIES:Into the Wild, The Way Back, Dead Man, Casablanca, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Long Way Round/Down (Doku), Captain Berlin VS. Hitler, Poultrygeist, SushiGirl, Oldboy, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Am Limit (Doku) and every fuckin documentary with David Attenborough's voice...that guy makes me fall asleep like no one elseOK that might be 10, let's just say it isMUSIC:Kim Churchill,Pearl Jam,Ben Howard,Rollins Band,Dead Kennedy's,Gui Boratto,LeoOch,Jay Smalls,Murder by Death,Motörhead,Egbert,Pretty Lights,Trentemøller,Truckfighters,Paul Kalkbrenner,Cotumo,Alexi Murdoch,Phil Smart,Jose Gonzalez,Steffen Baumann,Them Crooked Vultures,Turmspringer,DJ Crazy Cuts,Triggerfinger,DubFx,E.p.o.s aka Thomas Fraser aka my housemate,Little Wings,Bob Dylan,Stimming,Dixon,Deetron,Maceo Plex,Dapayk Solo,Tool,Wighnomy Brothers,Kleingeldprinzessin,Alice in Chains,Bush,Queens of the Stone Age,Black Flag,Shlomi Aber,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Matt Darey,Monolake,Modeselektor,Django Reinhardt,John Lee Hooker,Dusty Kid,Nadja Lind,Social Distortion,Netsky,Böhse Onkelz,Astor Piazzolla,Hanne Hukkelberg, Yann Tiersen,Clapton,Dirty Doering,aka aka,Eagles of Death Metal,Nick Drake,RJD2, Heidi Happy,Rage Against the Machine,Nada Surf,The Distillers,Hector, Tiefschwarz,Madmotormiquel,Bonobo,Eins Zwo,Apparat,Franchi Brothers,The Streets,Ane Brun,Anna Ternheim,Beatles,Pompoem Duo,Seeed,Colin Hay,BerlinskiBeat,Sex Pistols,Calexico,DJ Dag,Sophie Hunger,The Cure,Gomez,16 Horsepower,Rammstein,DJ Hype,Ohrboten,The Clash,Goetz Widmann, Woven Hand,Dave Matthews Band,Umse,Ray Charles,Prodigy,Foo Fighters,Nirvana,Nine Inch Nails,NomeansNo,Nick Cave,Carl Cox,Beasty Boys,Gayle San,Frank Sinatra,Fanta Vier,Floggin Molly, Jack Johnson,Lou Reed,The Doors,Mos Def,Soulfly,Reboot,Johnny Cash,Sniper,Rodney Carrington,Sophie Zelmani,Fantomas,Adam Beyer,Rolling Stones,Pennywise,John Frusciante,Oliver Huntemann,Mark Lanegan,DJ Hell,Pachanga Boys,Bloc Party,Severity Zero,Neil Young, Faithless,Björk,Elvis,Nico Stojan,Kabuki,NCrypt,The Roots,Gutter Twins,Frank Zappa,Jon Lajoie,Regina Spector,Beatsteaks,Dunkelbunt,Garbage, Richie Hawtin favored 200 or so haha :P
I recently got back on the Decks, thx to my room mate. Means the list of electronic musicians is sooooo fuckin long it would be nearly impossible to name them all. Just sayin Authors:S.King, H.S.Thompson, H.Rollins, W.Moers, J.Steinbeck, H.Hesse, E.Hemingway, T.Pratchett, R.Nehberg, E.A.PoeYES!! SUCCESS...that's 10 :)

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

-feel in love-lived with a tribe in Vanuatu-danced on the edge of a volcano
-lost my feeling for time-lived in a cave-patted a shark-traveled back in time, then the Mushrooms wore off-saw a rainbow "AT NIGHT!!! random fact: its black and white"-finished the Sydney-Marathon-signed up @ Couchsurfing

Insegna, impara, condividi

I can teach you how to swear in German. Which will be important if they ever start WW3
or some basics about rock-climbing which would be handy when they lose again and have to rebuild the Berlin wall.

I will definitely share my wonderful sense of humour.

I wanna learn esperanto, so I can stop using Google Translate
and I really wanna learn how to spit fire :)

Paesi che ho visitato

Australia, Austria, Cambodia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu, Viet Nam

Paesi in cui ho vissuto

Australia, Germany

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