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TO save the world( and see it while Im at it)


Let me sleep on your couch and I will tell you


No one person should ever sacrifice their life for someone elses entertainment/consumption/profit and its important that we all work to find sustainable alternatives to things we need in our day to day life or just realize we dont really NEED them anyway.

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There are always three warm cushions for you if you choose to ever come and visit the lovely town of Portland Oregon. I will make you a delicious vegan meal and take you on a bike ride to see everything there is worth seeing in the rose city.


All my friends houses when I came back from moving/trips/life changes.


I make stencils.
I serve food, not bombs.
I attempt to play the guitar.
I read the writings of beat poets, World War anarchists, alcoholics, and philosophers.

  • education
  • human rights
  • dining
  • vegan
  • guitar
  • cycling
  • fencing
  • teaching

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Let me sleep on your couch and I will tell you.

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The OPDDIC, which stands for Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Campesino Rights, flies a banner with the motto, "To defend the rights". Many may assume, with a title like OPDDIC, that this group is helping the indigenous people of Mexico reclaim their land and develop a healthy standard of living, but their agenda is far from that. The only rights being defended by OPDDIC are the rights of the Mexican military and the OPDDIC's paramilitary allies (one of them being MIRA – the Indigenous Revolutionary Anti-Zapatista Movement).

OPDDIC is funded by the Mexican authorities and trained by the Federal Army with the purpose of provoking conflict between Zapatista and other guerilla support bases. In other words, OPDDIC makes it appear as if there is conflict between indigenous communities, therefore justifying massive intervention and control by the federal forces.

Since its formation in 1998, OPDDIC has been responsible for the land displacement, death threats, and crop burning of thousands of indigenous people. A man in the autonomous region of La Montaña recounts: "We had all of this cultivated and the brothers and sisters from Opddic came with weapons in October of 2006 and took all the corn. They didn't leave behind a single cob. They destroyed three hectares belonging to our compañeros."

Another report came from Autonomous Municipality Francisco Go'mez, formerly Rancho Jaibolito, Ocosingo. It tells how OPDICC members came to clear 400 meters of the community that has an area of 5 hectares. They threw fire in a courtyard and took out 28 rolls of fencing and carried it away. They broke the collective furnace and smeared on the walls of the chapel to scorn the Organization: "Let Marcos come if he dares". They forced Alonso Rodriguez to sign his resignation from the Organization and beat him. They tied up Jose Rodriguez and forced him to carry rolls of wire to Nuevo Jerusale'n. When his wife tried to defend him, they hit her. On January 18, 2006, around 8:00 a.m. they let Jose Rodriguez go and threatened: "if they won't leave peacefully, we must remove them by force". In June 2006 they returned. OPPDIC cut the wire, opened the fence and drove the cattle into the corn fields until the cows destroyed them.

Now, does this sound like a group committed to the rights of indigenous peoples? Before the Zapatista rebellion in 1994, Chiapas was (and still is) Mexico's poorest state with the worst distribution of wealth. For the last 13 years, the Zapatistas have built autonomous education and health systems, invented new forms of democracy, eradicated alcoholism and drug use, developed networks of just commerce, and, above all, given hope to their children that one day they can live freely with the dignity they deserve.

OPDICC has done nothing to help with this. Instead, they are throwing the Zapatistas off their land to make way for multinational companies to steal the natural wealth of the land, such as wood, oil and water.

I encourage everyone that reads this to do their own research on OPDICC, for I could not include every horrible crime they have committed in one article. I also encourage you to research their allies MIRA. It is time that we open our eyes to the pain and suffering being caused by the effects of globalization and not allow the governments to disguise themselves as "Human Rights Organizations". It is time that we use our hands, voices, hearts and minds to work together to defend the basic rights of the millions of people whose single cry can't be heard over the sounds of gunfire and bullldozers. We are people, not resources, and no amount of profit should ever convince us otherwise.

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France, Italy, Spain, United States

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United States

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