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About Me


Mission: Traveling the world for 10 years visiting 100s of destinations in 55 countries with over 1000 local people.

I'm a Nomadic personality on a general survey mission. I enjoy landscape photography, gastronomy and languages.

IMPORTANT: People ask me similar questions so I've made a shortlist of answers.

Q: How long have you been here?
A: I am on a 2 month Hawaii/Alaska trip and then I will enter Canada overland this summer via Yukon, Banff to Vancouver (where I will stay 1 year) until summer 2015. After that, I will move to Saudi Arabia to begin a new kind of journey. Now, i have decided to journey through Africa.

Q: When are you going to stop? And then what?
A: After 10 years, I will move up to LEVEL 2, which involves picking my favourite spots (from Level 1) as temporary bases (on various continents). When I find my place, I will have reached Level 3 - the final level. But I will always remain a traveler.

Q: Why did you decide to travel the world?
A: To see (and survey) the world.

Q: Why don't you have whatsapp?
A: Because i don't want a smartphone. Also, i don't like to spend my time on social media because I don't like screen culture.

Q: How do you make money? How can you afford it?
A: I teach. I also specialize in astropsychological profile analysis (self-taught). Sometimes as a personal chef as well. I've done event reviews (restaurant critic, film festivals, etc). I'm also a professional declutterer.

Q: How do you do it? Travel around the world?
A: I often need to spend a lot of time on the internet to plan for couches and other logistics. The amount of time depends on what I'm looking for in a certain area, which is ongoing work and sometimes I need a couple hours per day and then I could be free for many days. Basically, I research.

Q: What are you looking for?
A: I'm looking for amazing views, specialty local cuisine, hidden places and anything else off-the beaten path. I'm also looking for specific people to connect/resonate with.

Q: What's the best country?
A: I have visited over 50 countries. Everywhere is good and bad simultaneously with shades of grey and infinite diversity in infinite complexities. My favourite places are Iceland, Crete, Norway, Switzerland, Canaries for quiet nature and then Italy for food/people followed by Morocco, Oman and Iran for hospitality and the best of the orient. I also liked Australia to some extent. Places i really want to go to: Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Palestine, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, anywhere in the Sahara.

Q: Politics? Religion?
A: Generally, It's a topic I don't usually wish to discuss. But, to be fair I would like to say I am a Non-Conformist Anti-Globalist and an independent both politically and religiously. Recently, I've noticed that misinformation from the corporate news media is repeated as fact. For that reason and more, I don't like to talk about what's happening in the news. I know from 1st hand experience the media are often led and controlled about what they can say or write by editors, producers and most importantly by gatekeepers (faceless individuals who decide what passes as news for a said audience). At this point, I believe it's better to do personal research from opposing sources instead of absorbing/consuming mass amounts of popular conjecture. The net is still partly unregulated and therefore less controlled. Also, just travelling around and finding out stuff for yourself is a really good approach to acquiring credible information in today's deceptive media world.

Q: What about your name?
A: "Kaveh" pronounced Kāve - is my given name and the main character in Shahnameh, the Persian epic written by the famous playwright Ferdowsi a thousand years ago. Many traditional Iranian names originate from this play. Kaveh is hard to pronounce by non-Iranians so I use a travel name, Kia (which is also a character from Shahnameh). It's also an archaic word meaning crown. However, I respond most amicably to Seyed Kaveh which is actually a combination of my given name and my ancestral paternal title. So there are three options depending on your pronunciation: Seyed Kaveh (or just Kaveh) or Kia. Please note my name is written as Kaveh and pronounced Kāve with emphasis on the first syllable and a soft ending (NOT Kavey, Kavi, Kavah, Kovay, Kovah or anything else other than Kaveh).

Q: What about your parents?
A: Mother is a nurse, father is a former theatrical director.

Q: Don't you want to stop traveling?
A: No, not really.

Q: Do you speak any languages?
A: Yes, eight other languages.

Q: Don't you miss your family?
A: Yes!

Q: Always traveling alone?
A: Yes, always alone.

Q: You meet any other travelers like you?
A: No, not exactly.

Q: Have you eaten strange foods in your travel?
A: No, i don't like to eat everything like guts, pig, dog, head, tail or feet. Also, I avoid industrialized animal foods but i do eat happy meat, dairy and eggs (not from the supermarket). I like direct from the source or the wild. Otherwise, I often go vegetarian. Also, i like to cook wholesome, natural ingredients and avoid artificial foods bloating me. But, I always search for the delicious, the beautiful.

Q: Why are you a vegetarian?
A: 1) It's healthier 2) torture of animals 3) industrialization of animal products

Q: Do you want to write a book (after you travels)?
A: No, it is not my way.

Q: Do you have a blog?~
A: No, just Couchsurfing ;)

Q: Where are you based?
A: I am baseless, however my parents have a house near Vancouver, Canada.

Q: How did you just decide to travel?
A: Waited for window of opportunity and then flew the nest.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: 1 little brother, he looks like me however very different in personality.

Q: Do you keep contact with your Parents?
A: Yes! I use email, telephone, voip and ecards (for occasions) to keep in touch, also sometimes have family reunions around the world (as there are some relatives in various countries and in the past have rendezvous at their place. Both my parents traveled in their 20's (about 4-5 years on international student visas (in the 1970's). They support my traveling ideas. I miss them very much!!!

Q: Don't you want to get married? Settle down.
A: I like the idea of having 5-10 children.

Q: Don't you ever get tired of traveling?
A: No, not really! Sometimes i get traveler's blues but those feelings go away quickly.

Q: What are you going to do with all this travel?
A: Nothing/everything. The more experiences the better.

My personality traits: crazy, sincere, moody, funny, silly, willful, productive, observant, direct, curious, intense, strict, peculiar, logical, passionate, wanderlust, secure, confident, demanding, sensitive, forward, intuitive, selfish, alert, meticulous, critical, puritan, unique, frank, complex, self-assured, determined, spunky, adventurous, instinctive, musical, resourceful, industrious, conscientious, uncanny, commanding, open, evaluating, attentive, focused, vigilant, pragmatic, categorical, unconventional, radical, unpredictable, whimsical, calculated, responsible, tidy, dominating, systematic, challenging, prudent, generalizing, selective, intrepid, precise, examining, bold, specific, competent, original, picky, thorough, tactful, free-spirited, cheeky, mysterious, analytical.

Other traits: Probing mind, deep conversation, researcher, healer, self-improvement, tendency to drop out of the system, intense relations with others, preserver of values, against superficial. Strong foresight and vision but often feel punished for attempting to stir/inspire the minds of others. Impact people without realizing. Powerful inner resilience, a hawk's eye, exotic tastes, actively seeks knowledge, nourished by facts and details, complicated thoughts, strong association to the power of Earth, gain calm and inspiration from pleasures of nature. Easily misunderstood. Sometimes critical in communication, uncompromising. Absorbs information like a sponge, interested in systems, structures & patterns.

A desire for power to heal the world. Usually the first to notice when something doesn't work in a harmonious way or as part of a process. Focuses on meaning such that it's embarrassing in its directness. A strong personality, doesn't put up with excuses, choosy with people, refuse to let fear influence decision or lifestyle. Attracted to mysterious people. Arguments upset, prefer harmony in communications and to provide service, not leadership. Independent within one-to-one relationships. A keen appreciation of the mysteries of nature. A bit of a hypochondriac. A realist, not an optimist. Sensory sensitivity (lights, sounds and odours are often enhanced).

Unfamiliar but interesting sense of humour. Usually joking. Loves to tease. Plays tricks, pranks. A photogenic memory. Perseverance. Uncommon ability of expression. Imaginative. Comparative mind. Appear to be the odd one out in groups. Philosophically eclectic, deep thinker, original creativity, self-Exploration, self-Deception. Spontaneous enthusiasm (but never by request or expectation), a strong sense of tradition, rebellious thoughts, reject the limitations time imposes. Desire to be social/enjoys time alone. Private. Often generalizing/judging (but never with conjecture). Rather than trying to fit in, inadvertently prefer the world to discover the unique truth.

A quick flow of ideas, inclined to view life and relationships from an intellectual perspective. Trustworthy with secrets, other people's finances. Master saver. Strategic, Interested in knowledge, ageless wisdom and mind expansion. Good with words, articulate, insightful. Maybe unhappy when faced with uncertainty. Restless. Very curious, asks many questions if interested. None, if not.

In love with mystery and intrigue. Headstrong, occasionally rude. Unpredictable changes where goals are concerned, may change direction a number of times before focusing on true path. Deals in truth, Straight shooter, cuts to the chase. Strong willed, penetrating individualism (enjoys harmony in groups). Very active inner life, psychic ability (clairvoyance). Sensory, energy based ability to read minds and finish other people's thoughts, sentences.

An aesthetic sense, affection for pets and small animals. Perceptive, investigative. Free-thinker, original, unconventional approach to life. I like doing what hasn't been done, testing my boundaries, sharing what I know with those interested in learning.

PHILOSOPHY: Purity & Nature. Harmony & Beauty.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I used to tell everyone about Couchsurfing.
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China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia - 45
Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria - 35
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) - 42
Mexico, USA, Canada - 106
Spain 17
Morocco- 15
Iceland - 10
Belgium - 8
Switzerland - 18
Austria - 13
Portugal -17
Canaria - 15
Ireland- 25
Sri Lanka - 10
India- 45
Nepal - 10
Australia (all states) - 150
New Zealand - 40
Saudi Arabia - 5
Egypt - 10
Sudan - 15
Ethiopia - 20



Like: the sound of wind, storms, palm trees, tropical fruits, lush mountains, garlic, basil, mint, parks, gardens, sunlight, tomatoes, blue sky, the ocean, white clouds, breeze, sunsets, waves, clear nights, low traffic, starlight, cool forest, natural water, chili, feta, yogurt, quiet nature, libraries, aromatherapy, languages, improvisational no-recipe cooking, oils (like olive, coconut, flax), vegetarian gastronomy, surfing the net, hidden knowledge, landscape photography, natural beauty, camping, national parks, experimental gardening (herbal, floral, and produce), mediterranean cuisine, nuts, superfoods and other healthy, wholesome, natural foods, lemons, local products (esp. cheese), freshwater activities (not saltwater), homemade products, natural fabrics, medicinal herbs, watching movies in bed, pilates, novelty, alchemy, sea salt, plants, birdsong, research, healthy, unconventional living, animals, cats, candle light, greenery, calm sounds, the cosmos, moonlight, flowers, sweets, fragrances, the desert, the wind, the silence, and the wild.

Dislike: Pop music/culture, artificial foods, like hot dogs/sausages, tourist traps, crowds, nudism, gray sky, big city life, museums/zoos (prefer a more hands-on approach), screen culture, shopping/malls, facebook/twitter/smartphone, lonely planet guidebooks, backpacker hostels, loud/smoky bars (enjoys a drink), aggressive economic/athletic competition, interviews, endless, heated discussions, radio/TV commercials, infotainment, loud noises, biting insects, rootlessness in a plastic world, commuting, bright lights, cold/humid weather (love the dry heat), repetition/small talk, traffic noise, history (misleading as usually favours one-side), heavy marketing/advertising, most popular stuff like corporate news and newspapers (independent sources are better). I disagree with many big corporations/institutions (i.e military, banking, public education, parties/government and other social control systems). Also with unicultural societies (illusioned as multicultural). Basically, I don't like the current way governments or corporations (public or private) affect the beliefs of people. I'm against the trend toward a herding mentality.

People I like: Uncommon, direct, happy people living an alternative lifestyle or people of the anti-establishment. Limitless, crazy, genuine, funny (or a sense of humour), peculiar, agreeable, laughing, uncomplicated, passive, laidback, extrasensory, peaceful, non-argumentative/non-political, fair, carefree, calm, clean, helpful, loyal, considerate, hospitable, deep, generous. People who pick up hitchhikers. Smiling people with kind eyes, a warm heart. People who don't care/need to know what time it is. Nerds/geeks of all sorts, people with a non-mainstream approach/outlook. Non-trendy. Compassionate, different, unusual, eccentric, altruistic. Strong cultured people. Psychic, mysterious. Intelligent. Noam Chomsky. Che Guevara.

People i dislike: (I'm sorry if it seems long and daunting): People who try/need to be a leader (the Alpha male). Passive-aggressive. Dishonest taxi drivers. Crude, unreliable, vulgar, drunkard/alcoholic, violent, globalist, fashionista, superficial, vane, artificial. Globalized people who neglect their roots/cultural heritage. Those who depend on the media for their information/watch a lot of television. Idealists with imposing philosophies/little practical experience. Ignorant, superior, insecure, misinformed (and OK with it). Fake Loudmouths. Pushy, creepy expats. People who hate immigrants/refugees (or blame them for social problems). People who exclude, ignore or generally feel uncomfortable with others based on language differences or cultural, religious clothing. Nosy, shallow, fearful, anal-retentive, corporate, popular, greedy, distant, insincere, angry, paranoid, disloyal, robotic, dry, nervous, dull, sticklers (for the rules) or overly obedient. Suspicious, confusing, excessively sarcastic, cold, rigid, tightly strung up people or those who always need to have the last word. Trendy, typical, conformist, yuppie, classicist, touchy, insular, irritable, macho/feminist, noisy eaters, (esp. slurping). Conditioned capitalists. Superficial chatter. People who watch or read a lot of biased news and get set in a rigid thought pattern and find it challenging to hear opposing new information. Basically people who don't like to be rebutted. I am not overtly religious, but due to recent experiences I must say I will not enjoy the company of any person showing hatred toward Muslims or people who fear the Middle East (especially if they are basing their opinions from the media or movies). Similarly, people who still refer to the developing nations as third world countries. Other incompatible types: People who insist on following rules without fully understanding them or the status quo for its own sake. Those who are too much into business, worry a lot or always talk about time, safety or security. Those who regularly dine at McDonald's (and similar restaurants). Say "ignorance is bliss" instead of seeking answers, lazy MTV people, media whores and other masses of sheeple.

Music, Movies, and Books

Music: Beautiful, traditional, instrumental, peaceful music. traditional instruments (Ney, Daf, Santur, Dotar, (Saaz va Avaaz)), Japanese/Chinese traditional wind instruments. Tibetan, Sanskrit and devotional music, Hindi love songs, Indian classical music, (flute). Kurdish dengbej/halperke, older Romani manele, Nohe/Zikr and the religious trance, Zedbazi, Slow Jazz, happy Jazz, folk, oriental music, drums, Celtic voice, more flutes, harp, very particular African music, like Kora, Salif Keita, 1920's, 1930's music. Armenian duduk, Sounds of nature, Arabic nasheed, Aboriginal (flute again), romantic French music, Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, and other classical, 80's music, Various American oldies like johnny cash, pink floyd, etc. Electronica sub-genres like 2-step garage, breakstep, and Space buddha (and the psychedelica), Amalia Rodrigues and her Fado, alpha Blondie, bouzouki, bandari, mariachi, guitar of the Canary islands, Portuguese guitar, rumba flamenca, tarantella, steel drums, mandolin, marimba, charango, classical Napoletano, etc...

Film: Epic, Award winning, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mafia, Documentary, Foreign, Trailer Park Boys, The Office, wikileaks, Dead Poets Society, before night falls, into the wild, oz, Dances with Wolves, Apocalypto, leaving las vegas, malcolm x, bobby, a clockwork orange, tombstone, 25th hour. basketball diaries, lean on me, braveheart, casino, catch me if you can, davandeh (the runner), once upon a time in america, godfather, goodfellas, heat, legends of the fall, lost in translation, rabbit proof fence, life of pi, mongol, no country for old men, serpico, road to perdition, scarface, rob roy, ladykillers, warrior, breaking bad, the life aquatic, butterfly effect, kingdom of heaven, submarine movies, dystopia/utopia genre, outlander, lotr, gandhi, ratatouille, blue planet, frozen planet, planet earth, human planet, national geographic, other nature programs, food programs, science programs, or anything more nostalgic from childhood (Star Trek).

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I've climbed sea rocks off Malaysia's tropical Islands. Riding motorbike through hilly Northern Thailand. Bamboo boating on the Li river. Climbing the East Tibetan Himalayas, running out of oxygen, food and water at 4500m and following locals on the mountain back to their village for dinner, plus much more.

Teach, Learn, Share

I can teach everything I've learned from 10 years of traveling. Also astropsychology, ethnomusicology, improvisational cooking, alternative health, the natural world, Internet research, Math, English pronunciation or debunk myths about the Middle East (to help widen the perspective). I can also share powerful documentary films. I can help individuals looking to break out.

I also like to learn MANY topics specific to the country I'm visiting.

What I Can Share with Hosts

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