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About Me


To party hard and get the whole United states to know it!!!!


I think I'm 6 feet tall. I smoke and drink and if you don't then cool, thats your bag of apples. I may still be young yet my life has proven me strong and wise for my age. I like hockey and football. I drive a big truck which always decides to go into mud and slop( I love muddin). I have a big black dog named Diesel he's a lover not a fighter.


Live life while you can because if you don't in 70 years on your death bed you'll look back and the only thing you'll regret is not doin anything at all

Like Rambo said, You either live for nothing, or die for something!!!

As I lay awake late last night,a question came into my head.One thats been bugging me for a long, long time. Whats it all worth? I mean there has to be an answer to something like that right? Right as I thought I would never know, the wind blew into my window and the answers flashed into my head.As I smelled the cool, gentle air flow into my room I remembered life is worth all the smells. The sweet smell of soil after the rain leaves. The fragrant aroma coming from an orange as you peel it and the sent of the one you love as you hold them close. So many more smells I could list them forever but during that night I thought further. There must be more....
Then I felt the warmth of my blankets surrounding me, and it reminded me of another thing. Touch... the feel of a warm breeze gently blowing through your hair. The sensation you get when your lips meet the on you love... and best of all holding that one person close till you both fall peacefully to sleep....but when I thought about that I reallized that's not it because I no longer feel that feeling, being alone, so there must be more.Taste... the burn as you eat some jalapeno's, the sour of a lemon, the sweetness of sugar, and the bitterness of onions as they tear up your eye... these tastes make the world so much more diverse...yet people without food still go on living... so again I came to a dead end....Could it be hearing...? The calming sound of the waves rolling off the lake, a sweet song bird singing away on a summer morning, the rain as it drops on your rooftop like an orchestra playing out a symphony...yet deaf people still press on... No reasons could I find to rest my weary soul.... then it hit me, as I thought of everyone in my life...Friends are the true reasons, there the smells, the touch, the taste, and the noise. Friends are the ears for those who can't hear. The eyes for those who can't see. The touch you get deep down in your heart.The smell of a new adventure and the taste of true life... without them these sensations would not be... So next time your lonely or in need of more.... remember that your friends are there always, and nothing could ever change that...

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


just started


never couched surfed....yet


Life is my interest. I'll do anything for entertainment. Got any ideas?

  • dogs
  • singing
  • beauty
  • dining
  • partying
  • drinking
  • flowers
  • reading
  • soccer
  • hockey
  • beaches

Music, Movies, and Books

I love action and comedies but everynow and then a girl will get me watchin one the chick flix. I listen to all genres of music aand i don' read

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

One night after my friends burial my friends and I were drinkin in his honor. Lookin up into the sky I made a toast to him and suddenly a light appeared. It was shaped like wings, like angels wings. Everyone there saw it and was stunned. The wings suddenly moved and wrapped around the sky above us as if to say I am still here holding onto you.They didn't disappear that whole night. They watched us and comforted us til the morning light. It was the most beautiful thing ever and to make it more amazing it was only a select few that saw it...

Teach, Learn, Share

Life... what a trip. You live for what seems an eternity and yet life itself feels so short. Few go through enough hardships to realize the rewards life provides. Most see life as something to be taken for granted, and few see it as something to be cherished. In my life I have learned many lessons, but the most important would be to never take life for granted. This trip we go on is not something to be wasted. See your friends now while you can, because tomorrow they could disapeare forever. Love your parents even through the problems you have. Soon they'll be old and you'll be in there shoes. When they pass you will always wish you were a better child. Find the person who truly makes you feel perfect, don't love for fun, or because everyone else has a love. Even though they say tis better to love an lost, I have found that is not true. Date during your young years of course to sort through false and true loves. You must find the one who gives you a feeling you've never had before. From making you smile during even the saddest times, or even just listening to your every complaint and making them go away. Find some one who can make you forget reallity because that's where the real beauty is. Get lost with them, if not in a different town, just the couch will do. Love is an everlasting thing and must be cherished. Remember the saddest word mankind will ever know is goodbye and even so there are never any true goodbyes, but only love.

At times life will feel hopeless, yes, but with friends and love it will also become such a happy thing. Do not leave your friends, no matter where life takes you, and do not leave your life no matter where friends will take you. In one blink your friends could leave so be happy with the ones you have. Be there for them even when being there seems unworth it. Even if they have other people to go to be the one they will. Sure some will come, and some will depart, yet it's the few that remain that will help you through your life. To those friends who leave you, keep them in your heart. Do not forget about the times you had, no matter how small, or unimportant. To others these memories will seem as only stories, but for you these memories are your legend and your life. No matter how old you get, how rich you become, you will never be to good to dust off the memories that you have. Do not shun these memories, because as your health fades so will the memories you have. Remember them everyday, whether your telling yourself to just get a smile or telling a group to get a great laugh there meanings stay the same. If you don't pull out these memories every now and then you will forget....

Family... the one thing that shall carry you through life. They will be the ones that will always be there. Your family will become important and you must not let that change. You never know when you and your family will seperate. Let the love you radiate for them be known just incase. Love your family like each day is your last. Do not be mad at your son because of a fight, but be proud of him for defending your last name. Do not hold your daughter from being loved, but protect her from those who will only break her heart. Kiss your wife each night and remind her always of the love you have for her. Love your family as if it was the last thing you could ever do. Sure your job will come in, but do not let work take over your life. They didn't marry you because of your pay check, they did it for your love. The one job you must remember and hold as your number one priority is your family.

Wishing that you could change the past is a waste of time. The past has come and gone, so no longer will it affect your life. Many say they are haunted by there past, also I find it is hard to erase a horrible past. These times of saddness need not be remembered, yet pushing them aside will not help you. Share your nightmares. Loved ones are there to help. Your past will always be what it is and dwelling on it will not change it. All you can do is live life in the present. Now is where you are and where you will always be. The future has not come and is still undecided. Anything you do could change the next chapter in your life. Do not worry about perfecting your future by being perfect, only worry about perfecting your present by being you.

You...live this word. Be who you are not who others want you to be. Fashions will come and go, Trends will be set and will be broke, but who you are should never change. You may think people fall for you better with a lie then with who you are, but these people do not matter. The ones that love you for who you are, are the ones who will always stay with you. They are the ones who deserve your love, and your time should be spent for them. The ones who do not love who you are should matter less then then sand lieing on the beach. Build your life around who you are. Don't follow in your fathers footsteps unless that is what YOU want. Don't become something because thats where you were directed. For these choices who you are will be most important. You must do what you love, what you dreamed of, do not get a job for the money, get it for the reward at the end of the day.

Hold your sibliings close, and love them while you can. Before you know it your lives will seperate you. Do not let this come between what you have. Build what you can with them, from a loving ritual to a bond that will never break. Someday they won't be one room away, and even though now you can't wait for them to leave. Once there gone you will wish them back. Stick with them no matter where they are. If it be a distant battlefield to a quiet grave stone outside of town. They will always be there for you in heart, in love, and in spirit. Sure arguments will arise, and will be settled. Others will be unfinished, but don't let your ignorace hold you from an apology and a hug. Even though they may seem to hate you, a siblings bond is one that no man, invention, nor nature could ever break.

Saddness will always be in your life. No life is ever perfect, even celebrities with there fame and riches will face hardships. They may cover them with smiles and lies yet it is still there. Do not cover your saddness with a fake smile. Do not act as if the loss of a loved one doesn't faze you. Holding in the pain will only make things worse. You may feel alone in this world yet there are so many people here to talk to. At times you may think none are worth the time, yet you only need pick up a phone and there they are. Saddness is not something that goes away. Like a flower it blooms and dies with the time. In these sad times life will become nothing more then a struggle. A weight that must be drug upon your shoulders. In these dark times you must realize god gave us friends to share the load. Do not carry your burdens alone, there is no hope in that. Your friends will carry half your load as you will carry half of theirs.

I hope this will bring you the comfort you seek in darker times. I hope that a smile will come after reading this for your smile truly brightens many peoples days. Don't let your life slip away like so many have. Don't let hell become your reallity. You are to so many a guiding light and your life alone keeps so many going. So don't be sad, hold on to your life, hold on to your friends, don't be scared, you'll never change the past. May your smile shine on, through tears of rage and sorrow, and remember there are never goodbyes........ only love, only love

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