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  • Learning Chinese, English
  • 29, Male
  • Użytkownik od 2012
  • University Student
  • Primary School, Secondary School, Polytechnic
  • Z Singapore,Singapore
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O mnie


Improving myself.


Shy guy/introvert,black and long rather messy hair,black eyes,wearing transition spectacles,approximately 174cm;67kg,single :P,good listener,medium appetite,a messy person,freethinker/no religion...(more to be added)

Informal nickname = Zedwye or Z.Y (for people who have trouble pronouncing my name)
Facebook link is : http://www.facebook.com/zhiyuan.chin
Just remember to tell me that you added me through CS website :)
You can also email me at : czychinzhiyuan@gmail.com

Currently,I'm in the United Kingdom (Sheffield) doing my degree programme in University of Sheffield. My course is titled Biomaterials Science & Tissue Engineering.


There are more to life than just academic qualifications.

Experiencing the world is something one cannot learn in a classroom environment.

Graduating from university is just the beginning of life.

Spending more money on getting better quality products beats spending more money getting many of the same cheap quality products.

There's only so much we can remember,that's why taking photographs are important in remembering the good times.

Dlaczego jestem na Couchsurfing


I'm new to this sort of websites,so i'm not sure how to begin.


None as of now.


Casual Gaming (who doesn't like games? :p)

badminton (for leisure,and some exercise,and i'm up for a challenge)

cycling (for leisure,and some exercise)

walking/trekking (around the countryside)

astronomy (would love to discuss about it with you if you're interested)

going to historical places (i want to know the history behind that place etc.)

exploring new countries (to get experience,and hopefully,pick up a new language)

meeting new people and sharing stories/listening to their stories (always good to know how people live their lives,what experience they have etc.)

military (not sure why i'm interested,but i'm...just interested...lol)

biology (this subject always fascinate me)

watching tv shows (i.e CSI:NY & Miami, Amazing Rice, The universe, Undercover Boss and one of my all time favourite shows is Just for laughs!)

Good food (who isn't interested in good food?)

  • environment
  • dining
  • exercise
  • walking
  • tv
  • billiards
  • cycling
  • badminton
  • astronomy
  • biology
  • engineering
  • history
  • religion
  • science

Muzyka, filmy i książki

Movies : Action,comic-book movies (i.e. avengers),military, some documentaries

Music :
Folk metal (Ensiferum,Equilibrium,Dalraida etc)
power metal (Gamma Ray,Helloween,Iron Savior etc)
melodic death metal (Amon Amarth,Norther,Kalmah etc)
Symphonic metal (Visions of Atlantis,Within Temptation etc)
also will listen to other subgenres such as
-death metal (Carcariass,Death etc.)
-black metal (Dammerfarben,Cryptic Wintermoon)
-thrash metal (Skeletonwitch,Tankard,Kreator etc)

Books : I read quite a few novels in the past,but couldn't remember the titles/authors.

Jedna niesamowita rzecz, którą zrobiłem(-am)

There was this time,back in the army,and my rifle/infantry company was walking through the jungle to get to the enemy positions,then we had to walk through this crazy pool of swamp water!So of course,we went into the swamp and somehow get ourselves nearer to the objective.What is even crazier is that the swamp stinks of rotten eggs,the water level was chest high and the path was soft and squishy (as though we're walking on quicksand).

Kraje, w których byłem(-am)

Cambodia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Malaysia, South Korea, United Kingdom

Kraje, w których mieszkałem(-am)

Singapore, United Kingdom

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