The former home of emperors and a meeting place of some of history’s greatest minds, Vienna is a capital that exudes class and sophistication. The people are friendly, the architecture is magnificent, and the city is easy to explore via extensive bike paths and a reliable public transit system. In the historical center, visitors can see the intricate limestone carvings and multi-colored tile roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace complex, home to many of the city’s best museums and the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria.

A must-see attraction for any trip to Vienna is the famous Schonbrunn Palace, a glamorous baroque palace containing 1,441 rooms and many cultural exhibits. On the grounds of the palace are the Schonbrunn Tiergarten, the world’s oldest zoo and one of the few to house giant pandas, and the Gloriette, a beautiful pavilion on the crest of a 60-meter-high hill overlooking the palace. When you’re hungry, be sure to stop by Cafe Central, a traditional cafe once frequented by Trotsky, Freud, and Kafka, for some fantastic Wiener schnitzel washed down with a crisp Viennese lager.

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