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There are 23 questions in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Elena Ivanova, Moscow, RUS, about 2 months ago

  • tel aviv to jordan

izaac Nizri , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, about 2 months ago

U have a daily bus from tel aviv to aman .company goes from central train station in arlozorov st in tel aviv

Idan Lavi , Netanya, ISR, about 2 months ago

Take a bus to Eilat and from there you can get transport to the border
From Jordan and on you'll need to ask a jordanian
Good luck

Guy Haikov , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, about 2 months ago

It depends where in Jordan you want to go, if you want to go to Akaba- you should take a bus to Eilat and then just go by foot/ taxi (the taxi way is unrecommend because its a city of tourist and the taxi drivers will take a lot of money from you) to the boarder.
If you want to go to the north of Jordan you have a direct local bus from Dir Hana to Beit She'an boarder.

Jessie L, Madrid, ESP, 20 days ago

Dear fellow couchsurfers, I'm planning to travel to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. But I don't know anything about how move around between these places with public transportation. Can someone give some advice, please?

  • traveling
  • transportation
  • public transportation

Vladimir Varshavsky , Holon, ISR, 19 days ago

Palestine? This country does not exist a few thousand years. Maybe you mean an area, populated by jordanian arabs in Israel? Which KGB invented called "Palestinians"? Mmm ... You wants to commit suicide?

On the territory of the Jordan, for example, you can move out of the city of Eilat. There is a bridge "Allenby", the border can go to the him.

Tzahi Marom , Shoresh, ISR, 15 days ago

Hi Jessie,

You have public transportation from Nazereth to Aman, but thats about it I believe. Maybe, there are other options from the Palestinian territories to Jordan. I suppose the best way to move from Israel to the Palestinian territories is via Jerusalem.

You have to realize this is not Europe in the sense that we Israelis don't live in a friendly neibourhood.

Eran Margalit , Herzliya, ISR, 14 days ago

As you understand people here (in Israel) are sensitive regarding the political topics. On a practical note there are 3 land crossings from Jordanian border the first is the Rabin Border crossing next to (petra is just center in between Aquba and Amman) Aquba on the Jordanian side and Eilat in Israel from here once in Israel the drive from Eilat to Tel Aviv would take about 5 hours (bus fare is approx. 50 USD) and flight 45 minutes (approx. 120USD). second crossing is the Alenby bridge this crossing is in the center of Israel and is closest to Amman and Jerusalem however from the Jordanian side you are crossing the the West bank- Palestinian authority if you are interested in visiting places in the West bank it will make seance to cross from here as you will be saving quite a lot of mileage and money. personally I can not comment on the safety of this crossing as Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter the Palestinian authority. the last crossing is in the north and is called The Jordan crossing this crossing is as well a crossing from Jordan directly to Israel and if you are planing to visit the north of Israel it might be worth considering. BTW public transportation from the north of Israel to the center is better than from Eilat.

In any way I hope the Info helps out and that you enjoy your time in the Middle East!

Christos, Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Does anyone know any good one?
Willing to travel for schools/retreats :)
Thank you very very but very much !

Aviv Jasman , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, 2 months ago

Hi Cristos,
I'm the owner of boutique Touring compony in Israel and would be happy to assist you..
We have a one hour Krav Maga with a fantastic instructor ( around $150).

And more cool activities.

asaf , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, 2 months ago

Hi Christos
if you can be more specific what exactly you are looking for?
there are a lot of what you want.

Yuval Eshel , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, 2 months ago

Many Activities here:


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Jason Everett, Cedar Rapids, USA, 2 months ago

Hi all,

I'm planning on staying in Tel Aviv from February 7th to the 10th and want to ride around the city doing a photo-journal of sorts. Maybe someone has a bike I could borrow? I'd make it worth your while. Or any other ideas are welcome.



Adam Yodfat , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, about 2 months ago

the idea of Tel-o-fun is that you rent for periods of 30 mins and then return, so there is no extra charges besides the daily price (25NIS) or the 3-day price. It is not working perfectly, but if you are not in a hurry to be on exact time anywhere I think it is very good.

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Jason Everett , Cedar Rapids, USA, 2 months ago

I checked this out. It's 157 sheqels for 4.5 hrs and 100 sheqels for each hr after that - crazy expensive. I'd rather give someone money or fix a tire than pay to use those. Thanks though llya!

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Georgy Kalashnov, Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Hello, everybody.

I am comming to Isreal in the end of June to participate in a summer school organized by Hebrew University. I will have two spare days here. I love hiking and i think it would be exiting to walk through some part of the Israel National Trail.

What part of the trail would you recommend? What part is the most beautiful one? The most historical one? I also need it to be transport accessible, so that I could go there directly from Tel Aviv and then go from there to Jerusalem. Is it worth trying to take a cycle in some parts of the trail? Is it too hot in summer for cycling?

I also appreciate, if you would like to join me either on the bike or by foot.

Dov Lipton , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, about 2 months ago

I recommend starting at the very North of Israel in the Golan Heights. There is some spectacular nature there, like the Banias reserve and the many other water trails in the Golan.

Georgy Kalashnov , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Oh, I forgot to write that I'm planning to go hiking on 25-26 of June

Daniela Picard , Bat Yam, ISR, 2 months ago

Hi Georgy, lets talk by Skype about this, maybe I can help you. To my opinion in this time of the year the north of Israel has still the good climate for hiking without getting "burned" by the sun. Lets see, agree? I am a bit older than you :0)) but a good walker and love nature.