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  • I graduated Korean university and studid 1year bible course
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find and stay home, go swimmig torgther, visit nice beaches



Hello, this is Captain George speaking. Pay attention please. In case of an emergency, please keep your seatbelts on and follow the instructions given. The destination of this flight is 2009 Youth Conference at West Coast Baptist College.
Ha-ha Iâ



First of all, I would like to thank God for giving me a vision through my attendance here at West Coast Baptist College. Through this meeting, I wanted to share this vision with you and also seek your help in how I should carry it out.
In Korea, I have an uncle who is currently working at an academy teaching students English. When I first came to this school I noticed that the students had a strong love for God, passion for His Ministry, and diligence of each student in all that they did. Meeting people with this kind of heart, I thought about my uncle in Korea. This is because the teachers working at the academy didn’t have the kind of love and care for their students and they were not diligent in preparing their lesson for their classes and more importantly, they were not saved. I met with the teachers working at the academy when I first began learning English but every time we set a location to meet, the places that they suggested were always at bars or other inappropriate settings. I was very disappointed when seeing how people who called themselves teachers lived in such a worldly fashion.
In contrast to the teachers that I have met in Korea, I know many students at this school with a willing heart to work hard and do their best at any job given but because of their unemployment, many students have even come to the point where they were not able to return to school this semester. Seeing this, my heart truly aches. With a desire to help some of my friends, I began discussing with my uncle a few options as to how we may give the students a chance to work at the academy in Korea.
In the West Coast graduate’s perspective, this gives them a chance to visit Korea and while making money, they can share the Gospel with the English learning students and be a part of their lives that can encourage them in a spiritual matter. From the student’s point of view, their new teachers will be more involved and active in their lives and because they are graduates from West Coast, the teachers will have more of an opened mind and heart towards the students and really make an impact on their lives. From my uncle’s perspective, he believes that the West Coast graduates will e diligent and work hard at fulfilling the needs of the academy that is desired.
Just a few days ago, I was able to speak again with my uncle and he has approved and wants to get in touch with you to discuss the matter. Because my uncles has been working at this academy for many years, he has great knowledge about everything that is involved from making a workers visa to wear the teacher will be residing in Korea. If there is any further information you would like to have, I will give you the contact number and e mail address of my uncle.

I wanted to meet with you last semester regarding this request. But during this new semester, God has given me a new vision. Because I am so sure of this vision, I know that it was given by God. The purpose of the graduates working at my uncle’s academy isn’t only for the money’s sake but I want to start my own academy in Korea as well. The reason why my uncle is working for an academy is for the money that he is earning and therefore the chance for doing God’s work through it is very minimal.
I would like to share with you about the goal of starting my own academy.
I. To share the Gospel with the students.
II. To teach English.
III. To use the graduate’s talents and teaching the students the talents to use for God’s Ministry.

There are many English teaching classes in Korea that most students attend. But there are very few that teach English as well as God’s word. If allowed the academy that I will be starting will be called WCBC Academy. All of the teachers teaching at this academy will be graduates from West Coast. The Korean people have a great desire to learning the English language. Historically, Koreans didn’t have many opportunities in using the language. Therefore, their passion for learning such a difficult language is greater. Because the Koreans are so closed-minded, it is very difficult to share the Gospel with our fellow Koreans.
Because of this difficulty, I want to put my focus on the Koreans. Through teaching them the language that they mostly want to learn, I believe that it will be a greater opportunity for us to get the Gospel out to them. At least once a week, we will go out door knocking. Although the people may be closed-minded, the Korean people will open their doors and their hearts to the Gospel seeing that even people with blue eyes, white faces, and blonde hair are willing to work in country apart from theirs to share the Gospel with them. (Korean people have a good image towards foreigners.) I am from Korean Bible Baptist Church. I am planning on asking my home pastor to start an English ministry in our church. The teachers will have to attend the English service at our church. By having an English Ministry and people attending the services, more people will be coming to our church and it will be a help in spreading the Gospel with the people. We will make a website for this academy. It will be connected with our West Coast Baptist College website. We will share salvation information and activities with West Coast Baptist College as well.
Next, WCBC Academy will teach the students English. Korean parents do not keep back their money with it comes it education. For example, the average that a parent of a senior is $1000 a month with only has 4 lessons a month. Our Academy will have private lessons for individual students as well. To the teachers who were born and raised in America and those who have had good education, the Korean grammar will not be difficult to understand at all. The teacher teaching their own talents such as basketball, golfing, violin, photography and singing, to their students is what will make our academy unique. When I was living in Korea, I have never seen this kind of academy before. The parents and the students will enjoy these activities very much. This is because they will be learning the English language as well as being involved in different activities.
We will upload pictures and profile of the teachers. This academy will not only be for Jr. High and high school students. We will be available for young children as well as adults. There are many people who are not saved yet they are old in age and have a lot of money to spend in the things of their own desires who will want to attend our academy. The people interested can learn a little bit about who they want as their teachers for what activities that is available. Also, during the summer or winter break, the teachers as well as the students who have a desire will be coming to America to listen to the Preaching of Pastor Chappell.
My purpose for this isn’t to teach others English and make money out of it but my purpose is God. I don’t want to become rich through this. However, because this academy will be new and one of a kind, it will attract many people. With the money that I will be making, I want to help invest in churches, help with scholarships that are given out through West Coast and use the money for God’s ministry. Also, the teachers and I will be doing good works, and one of them will be helping the homeless and will be feeding them meals.
Because there I lack in so many areas, I will listen to the advices that are given by my uncle and the WCBC staff members. But most of all, my first priority will be God’s voice and His Word. I have a specific plan but I will tell you in detail at another time whenever you desire.
The vision may not be clear at this time, but I want to carry this out by stepping out in faith without being able to see the end point. Like what we heard from the preaching from today’s Chapel service, it will be difficult in the beginning but with the same faith that David had in defeating Goliath, I will defeat my Goliath (the world).

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I got many 1st prize of singing contest and rapping.
I got many gold, silver, bronze medals from swimming contest.
I was main actor in movie.
I was model in internet shopping mall.
I am Korean life guard.
I am swimming teacher.
I am ping pong champion.
I was global challenger in Korea.


I just figured out here cuz my friend told me.
I think this is awesome. I will meet some new face and
we can be closed friend! I love to meet and make
friends and traveling


swimming, girls, traveling, all about sports, snorkeling, martial art, singing, movies, reading books...
I luv everything really

  • arts
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  • fashion
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Music, Movies, and Books

I like music hiphop, country song or rock everything..
eminem, skid row or josh counel..
I love all kinds of music especaily gladiator..
I like book too. A dog of Flanders

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

me? Im just amazing.
even Im from Korea, all Amercian people just loved me.
I ve never felt nourbus about anything.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters. My name is George Cho,// I am a west coast Baptist College 1 year bible student and I’m from Korea.// First, I thank God for giving me an opportunity to share my testimony with you guys,// even though I can’t speak English well I want to tell you about how God touched my heart, and how He changed my life throughout my 2 semesters here. I pray that God will be praised through this testimony// and I hope to be a blessing to encourage you to make decision to walk with God,// and come to west coast Baptist College.
In Proverbs 16:9 bible says// “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.”// It is one of my favorite verses. In Korea, all guys if they are strong like me,// they should go into military service. That is one of our national duties.// During my ROKA, meaning Republic Of Korea Army, period this verse gave me strength. Before I went to the army, I thought military service would be fun like just camping. But I was just wrong. It was really hard training to go through, so I asked God.// ‘Why Lord, do you allow this hard time for me?’// But as time passed, I realized that I learned a lot, and I got many things lessons from the training.// I learned that God deviseth my steps. The verse gave me strength that God directs my life even in hard training of the army!
And the WCBC life brought many changes in my life.// I came to this school with my own plan. I wanted my English to get better, because when I am good at English, I could get more opportunities when I go back to Korea. I thought, when I succeed in life, then I can serve God more.// But as I spent more time with God in this school, my plan was changed. I realized that it was just my plan, not His plan. Now I don’t worry about my future anymore. Now I just want to learn more in class, do my devotions, and obey God’s voice.// Because then I can listen more to God’s voice, and then I can understand more of His way,// and finally I can walk with God, and please God.
During school, God touched my heart, so I could find what is important in my life.// Soul winning! What a blessing! I have never tried soul winning in Korea. I didn’t even know what is this meant.// First time, I was nervous because of my English, but God is always good!! // When I knocked the door, He opened unsaved people’s doors, their eyes, and there heart!// Even though my language was not perfect, He used me, such lacked, and lowly person like me.// Therefore I’m pretty sure, (그들을 가리키며) God will use all of you guys too! Duh!! // I can’t wait to do His work when I go back to Korea. I can see the future by faith.
Also, I learned from the men of God in this college.// Like pastor Paul Chappell, Dr John Goetsch, Dr R, and Dr Toby Weaver, bro Schmidt and…… Hmmmm… maybe Larry Chappell? Kind of? Ha-ha. I’m just kidding. He is a great guy. I love him. Anyway Even though I can’t understand all of their sermons,// I can see what they are preaching about by seeing their walk with God. It is God’s blessing that I could listen to their preaching here WCBC. I can feel their passion for God, and love for God. I am and I will to my best to follow the examples of those Godly people.
Maybe you might say,// “hey bro George, I can walk with God without the help of WCBC!”// but I am sorry brother, that’s wrong, (고개를 저으며) absolutely wrong! Listen, if you come to WCBC, you can walk with God everyday 24 hours. Imagine this; we have chapel, devotion every day, we go soul winning as many times as we can,// cactus kids club, bus ministry, Sunday school teacher, and mission conference, youth conference,// Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Sunday, special worships and musical…... also, we are away from worldly temptations. (포인트를 주면서 강한 어조로) We don’t watch TV, we don’t use internet. We just focus on our spiritual life. Like how can we make God smile or satisfy Lord? How can we share the gospel with unsaved people? How can we obey Him? We are getting trained here so that we can serve God and that’s why we are alive now.
Then what’s the difference between the army and WCBC? (손가락 하나를 펴면서) Here is thing. The army, the situation could change your morals or the physical a little bit, or it could make you a fake (or look like) change. Like me, after the army I went back to my home, I got back free, I met my parents and all of my friends, and I went to my home church every weeks…… Then I felt my changing was not real. Because my life went back to the days, before I entered the army. So I started to get lazy again, like get up late or late to an appointment time, and spent less time to appreciate to God and parents again.
But WCBC was different! It changed my all life! Now I have the faith not to change when I go back to Korea. Never again! Because at this school, God changed my spiritual life. (손가락을 흔든다) Not just moral or physical life!
Here is another thing. I want to tell you this. During military, I missed my parents a lot, because they were not there during the difficult times. Actually, I could meet them at (military) meeting times or vacations though. But here, at west coast Baptist College, even though I haven’t seen my parents for almost a year, I don’t miss them that much. You know why? Because God takes care of me a lot here. Actually, you know what? He cares for us at anytime, anywhere. God walks with us every day. But we can’t feel that though. Because we always want to walk in our own way.
Soon I will see my parents again, and I won’t miss them anymore because I will with them. But when I meet with God, it only makes me miss him more. That’s what WCBC taught me, to have a relationship with God. (As time goes, I get used to not seeing my parents, but I want to meet God more and more each day. That’s what WCBC taught me, to have a relationship with God.)
At last, I want to ask you a question? Why do we call the Gospel to good news? Because the gospel is just good news! Jesus, the Son of God paid for our sins and set us free. He wants nothing. If we just believe that truth, we can get eternal life! We can go to heaven! What good news is better than that? Imagine this, living with God everyday in heaven! How can we explain the Gospel expect the word Good News?
Also, why do we have to share gospel with unsaved people? Of course, it is God’s commandment. We have no choice. We must obey Him. But even if Jesus didn’t command us, we would still share the Gospel because we care for the lost people. Absolutely you will try to let them know what is the right way or better way, the God’s way. Right?
Here is an example. Who likes the i-phone? Who would like to have the i-phone? Say amen! Well! Ok, if you found a free i-phone at walmart, and they will give it to anyone for free even without a plan. And if this deal is just for today, hey hey don’t go outside, just stay. This is just illustration. Alright if this deal is just for today, would you get one just for yourself, and not tell anyone about it? Or would you tell everyone. Your family, and your best friends, and your cousins and your cousin’s grand mom’s neighbor or what? I-phone is weak sauce compared to the gospel though. Right? You feel me? Duh
This is exactly the same reason why I want to share my testimony with you guys. I don’t wanna be greedy. All WCBC days were just awesome news for me. I wanted to share the good experience I had there. God taught me, what is his way through WCBC. Actuality, I still have many areas to fix, and I am still very easy to be defeated in spiritual battle. But (강한 어조로) now, I know what God wants for me, for my life. What is the way to walk with God? What can make God happy and my life valuable? Because God touched my heart, and He made a difference in me during the WCBC life and I believe he will do the rest of my life! So I want to encourage you to come to WCBC right after graduation. God can make a difference as He did for me, Lancaster Baptist Church, America, the rest of the world, and (탁자를 치며) in your life!

most of all God so love me so He saved me, so I am his son, prince and I can go heaven

Teach, Learn, Share

I can teact them to how can swim very well, and
how can diving. even Its too high rock I don care
I know how we can not hit head bottom also I can teach Korean cook, language, culture, martial art and sing and everything. I wanna learn sulfing and go deep snorkeling. I wanna share Gospel and everything

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