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Amalfi Coast International Summer Camp 2018

Organized by Luca Bianco, Raffaella Famiglietti, and Pietro Scolorato

Amalfi Coast International Summer Camp 2018
3rd edition organised by Napoli International Community

No more places available. 🛑✋

We are proud to announce you that we are organising for you a new and amazing SUMMER CAMP! A camp with 6 years of history! The event is intended for people from around the world who want to know this wonderful place in Italy, meet couchsurfers and travellers from all over the world!



July 5 to July 9

- Program -
>Thursday, July 5
- 3.30 PM check in - organization, rooms & camping places
- 6.30 PM AperiDinner at "I vizi del generale"
- Sunset at Lauritano Castle ruins
- Bruschette, salads with tastes from Greece
- traditional italian and folk dances with musicians of "Le Danze di Piazza Vittorio"

>Friday, July 6
- 8.15 AM excursion - Path of Gods (difficulty: medium)
- Positano (free time in the city and at the sea)
- zeppoline and pizza at Pizzeria Leonardo's
- Rockabilly live concert with "Barabba" band

>Saturday, July 7
- 8.30 AM excursion Maiori to Minori + boat tour (optional, trip by boat to Santa Croce)
- 7 PM workshop of italian cuisine with Alessandro, Celi and Rose (Free Workshop, Limited Places)
- 8.45 PM dinner: pasta with pesto alla siciliana (ricotta, basil and tomato sauce) + pasta alla puttanesca (tomato sauce, olives, capers), barbecue with sausages (roasted cheese for vegetarians) and salad
- Samba party with "Quebradeira Indipendente" + Dj Set Rock'n'Rallo

>Sunday, July 8
- 8.30 AM excursion - Valle delle Ferriere (difficulty: low/medium)
- Amalfi (free time in the city and at the sea) + Atrani (optional, walking tour Amalfi to Atrani)
- 7 PM Improvisation Theater Workshop with Klud (Free Workshop, Limited Places)
- 8.30 PM dinner: cous cous and rice with vegetables, salads
Dj Set, final party with Rock'n'Rallo at "I vizi del generale"
Beer Pong international tournament

>Monday, July 9
- breakfast all together and time to say goodbye!

Hostel accomodation, shared rooms/bungalows:
Thursday till Sunday, 3 nights > 126 euros
till Monday, if you stay an extra night > +20 euros

Camping, with tent:
Thursday till Sunday, 3 nights > 86 euros
till Monday, the extra day > +14 euros

Not included:
Tourism Tax (needed) > 1€ per day
Boat ticket (optional, Saturday) > 10€
Transports from Napoli to Agerola
Coffee breaks

What's included?
Accomodation/Cleaning, Free WiFi, aperidinner, private buses to move on the coast, excursions, food and drinks for all the days, concerts and events. Specifically all the drinks (wine, beer, coke, water) are included. If you have special dietary needs please write us.

How to reach San Lazzaro?
San Lazzaro is part of Agerola city, there are direct buses connection from Naples (central station) and trains to Castellammare (Circumvesuviana train) where you can change with a bus and arrive at the camping. We will give you all the informations and timetables.

This year till 90 people are welcome!
To book your place is needed as a deposit of 50€ by bank transfer or Paypal

EVENT SUMMARY: Amalfi Coast International Summer Camp
ADDRESS/MEETING POINT:San Lazzaro (Agerola, Napoli)

Luca. +39 3343506887
Pietro +39 3392752629
Raffa +39 3801930997
E-mail: na.internationalcommunity@gmail.com

Campeggio Ostello Beata Solitudo
Piazza G. Avitabile, 4 - 80051 Agerola (NA)
Tel. +39 0818025048

FB Group > https://www.facebook.com/groups/napolicouchsurfing/
Organization > https://www.facebook.com/naplesinternational

  1. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    We created a group chat on Telegram. :)

    Telegram Chat Link:

  2. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Program is on-line! Tomorrow also the subscription form! Stay tuned! :)

  3. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

  4. Enzo

    Cava de' Tirreni, Campania, Italy

    Great event 😁 last year we had a lot of fun

  5. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Last week we were on the Amalfi coast to plan new activities for our next camp. And there’s also the possibility of a boat trip on the coast. Don’t miss our next amazing camp! Now all the music groups are confirmed! This year we’ll have dances from South Italy, Rockabilly and Samba/Brazilian night + dj set! 🙃 See you at the camp!! 🙂

  6. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Good morning guys! We’re receiving all your requests to join the camp. Sorry if sometimes our answers are late but we’re out of Italy for 2 weeks. Last night I replied to all the new booking requests. No worries! When the camp will be full we will write it here. See you soon and if you need an information text us! If you didn’t get our mail check your spam inbox. If you sent a booking request and didn’t get any answer text us here or by WhatsApp/telegram. Cheers! // ITA: Buongiorno a tutti! Stiamo ricevendo tutte le vostre richieste di iscrizione e rispondendo alle stesse. Scusate se a volte rispondiamo in ritardo ma siamo fuori Italia per due settimane. Non preoccupatevi, perché se il camp sarà pieno lo scriveremo. Ieri sera ho risposto a tutte le altre richieste di iscrizione ricevute finora. Se non vedete la mail controllate lo spam. Se avete bisogno di altre informazioni o non trovate alcuna mail da parte nostra scriveteci qui o su WhatsApp/Telegram. A presto! 🙂

  7. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Amalfi Coast views thanks to drone technology.
    Get ready to live one of the best experiences of your life! <3


  8. Med Habib Bejaoui

    Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

    I'm coming this summer too! :D

  9. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Med that’s a great news! Happy you’ll be back! 😃

  10. Med Habib Bejaoui

    Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

    Thank you bro! Maybe i'll be in naples by monday, 3 days before the camp ^^

  11. Pietro Scolorato

    Frattamaggiore, Campania, Italy

    Only two months !

    And now is also the perfect time to book flights for Naples :P ✈️

    Carpe Diem, guys 😌

  12. Maka Yusuf

    Birmingham, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    How much is the whole package if you don't mind me asking?

  13. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Mala is everything written in the event. Depends if you’re staying till Sunday or Monday and the accommodation you prefer (hostel or camping).

  14. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Greetings from the organisers! We posted a video of us on Facebook! 😆

  15. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    This is the story of Tairi, Sofi, a group of friends that visited Napoli and the Amalfi Coast International Summer Camp! If you want to know what you’re going to experience, read it! It’s really amazing and lovely described! Thanks for sharing your emotions with us! 🤗


  16. Stefano

    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    Hi guys! thanks for sharing... I just can't wait!!

  17. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    We inform you that bungalows accommodations are sold out. Places available in hostel (mixed and female dorms), private rooms, roulotte or camping.

  18. Jason Pà

    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    Ciao, may I know if shower and toilet facilities are closely available to those who will go camping? Are we expected to bring some of our own beddings and sheets? Grazie.

  19. Luca Bianco

    Arzano, Campania, Italy

    Jason yes but if you have any difficult let us know and we can help with blankets. Toilets and showers are at few meters from the camp site (very close! Few meters, like 10/20). It’s very well organised! Just if you’re joining let us know if you need help with blankets to let us help you.

  20. Jason Pà

    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    Thanks Luca. Will sign-up soon! The blankets will certainly be helpful. :)

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