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Reiki-Share / Therapeutic Touch Circle

Organized by Sphinx .

Auch gut: https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/kostenloser-infoabend-kinesiologie-berlin


You are welcome to join our first evening of Reiki-Share in 2018. Let's celebrate together the year (but not without having contacted me before!).

Please note that you absolutely don't have to be initiated to Reiki! You are perfect as you are :). We just need your true intention to receive and give light and joy.

In this powerful meditation, we lay-on hands (dressed), pray and connect into a communion.
In my opinion, laying-on off hands is the oldest, simplest and most beautiful way to connect and heal.

Please bring something to eat (vegan) for sharing and if it's possible, renounce to animal products, alcohol and coffee 3 hours before the meeting.

!!!Please contact me for the registration and precisions!!!

Looking forward to meet you.

email: magdalena_werner@gmx.de
0049 176 34 66 83 50

  1. Andre Guantanamo

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    I am moving to Berlin and I land Tuesday morning. I should have my affairs in order enough to make it out to this event on Wednesday evening. I will follow up after I arrive.
    God bless

  2. Andre Guantanamo

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    I am going to skip tonight's session and follow-up in subsequent weeks as I get my bearings in the city. Have fun.

  3. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Thanks Andre, for letting me know. I wish you a good evening.

  4. Todd Marquis

    Delaware, OH, USA

    I'll be visiting Berlin next week and am interested in trying on new things. I don't know much at all about this. Can we exchange emails so I can ask more questions?

  5. sarahp.larson

    Florence, Toscana, Italy

    Hi Magdalena, my name is Sarah, I'm a Spa therapist and I'm really interested in Reiki, I kindly would like to know if I can partecipate to this meeting please, I would be really glad! many thanks, Sara

  6. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    thank you for your interest. Of course you are welcome.

  7. Σαββας Κολλαρας

    ormylia, macedonia, Greece

    which will become the meeting???
    Tnx savvas…

  8. Rebekka Lehmann

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Wow, how nice. I'd love to join but unfortunately I will have to work. I hope that I can join next time. Have a lovely evening you guys

  9. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Dear Rebekka,

    thanks for your interest. You are very welcome to this quite regular circle.

  10. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Guten Morgen,
    an alle Deutschprachigen:

    am Mittwwoch, den 15.11. findet ein kostenloser Informationsabend zu der Energie-
    und Bewusstseinsarbeit, die ich ausübe.
    Schwerpunkte sind Kinesiologie & Körpergedächtnis.

    Vielleicht interessiert Euch das?

  11. Christian Manthey

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    I'd like to join. Unfortunately, I am out of town for the working days.
    Are there similar plans for the weekends?

  12. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Just if we rent elsewhere a location, but I don't know where.

  13. Nicola Sanitate

    Rutigliano, Apulia, Italy

    Hallo do i need to do registration ?

  14. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    As it is written in the text. Don't hesitate to contact me.

  15. Abibek Achapagain

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Hi Sphinx ,
    Can I also Join? I know some Massage from India , Nepal and China and I love to Learn and teach more in my life.

  16. Journey Soul

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hallo, Magdalena! Üben Sie Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki oder gehören Sie zu einer anderen Meisterschule?

  17. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    meine Meisterschule heißt "Leben". Die Reiki-Dogmen habe ich ad Akta gelegt.

  18. Andre Guantanamo

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    See you all this Friday if there is still room

  19. Journey Soul

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hallo! Magdalena, treffen wir uns unter dieser Adresse: Kremmener Straße, 8a? Ist das korrekte Information? Vielen dank

  20. Abibek Achapagain

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    It would really be nice if you mention it before that about 15 to 20 euro as entry fees! Sorrynot attending this event.

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