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Organized by Diego Casano and Alessandro Sorrentino

Thursday 26 July: Scialai on the beach!! 9:30 Albanautica club, ceck-in, prepare the tents 10:00 Car or bus for city center 10:30 Breakfast in Piazza della Repubblica 11:00 Touristic office 11:30 Visit Cathedral 12:00 Visit Monumento ai Mille 14:00-18:00 Tiburon Beach 20:00-24:00 Sicilian dinner FRIDAY 27 JULY: 9:00 Breakfast Bar da Saro 10:00 San Teodoro beach and Long island 12:00-14:00 Free lunch 19:00 Aperitif in Mammacaura, windmills set off landscape of salt ponds, little canals and mounds of salt. Dinner and free evening in city center. SATURDAY 28: Breakfast Bar da Saro and visit Mothya island.Free lunch. Dinner in Trattoria Garibaldi and Saturday night in city center.SUNDAY 29: We will see kitesurfers, the colourful kites can be seen all year around.The shallow water makes it easy for beginners while experts take advantage of the strong winds 14:00-18:00 Enjoy the sun on the beach Greetings and See you Sicily Summer Camp 2019!!!

  1. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    I am organizing this meeting. I will write soon the program of this event...if you want you can buy the flight for West Sicily...Trapani or Palermo airport

  2. Anett

    Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

    Hi Diego!
    Great plans, it already sounds like this is going to be big fun. I was just wondering if a 4 days camp would be manageable for the organizers, extend like from Thursday till Sunday?
    Grazie, Anett

  3. Chiara Ticozzi

    Lombardy, Italy

    Hi who will come to pick me up?

  4. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    I pick up in Trapani airport

  5. Paolo Cochis

    Turin, Piemonte, Italy

    Are you sure you want To pick us up all? I read there is a quite convenient public bus from Trapani airport To Marsala. But if you are so kind... ;-)

  6. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    Trapani airport is in Marsala..not in Trapani so organizers pick up you at airport...no problems

  7. Chiara Ticozzi

    Lombardy, Italy

    Hi Diego, how must does it cost?


    Kolkata, West Bengal, India


  9. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    10 euro each night in camping site with warm shower and another comfort

  10. Guglielmo Parasporo

    Noto, Sicilia, Italy

    Diego if you ever want to organise a winter camp on the other side of the island I would love to do it in my property, not interested in profit, just reimbursement and the fun of it, check my property here:


    Palermo, Sicilia, Italy

    Hi, I'm living in Palermo, this sounds fun. So do we need to book anything? Bring our own tents etc ? Thanks for organising :-)

  12. Mara Maioli

    São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

    Hi Diego...would be great to participate...I was planning to travel to Italy to know the south part in August, but as I still didnt buy the tickets, has a possibility to change the dates to join the group... How is going to happen? how much it coust?

  13. Antonio Furfari

    Veneto, Italy

    I am really interested to partecipate. Does it begin at 27 July and that finish at 30?
    Is that in Marsala? I Would stay there some days more.
    How is organized?

  14. Milenne Bahamondes

    Cauquenes, Región del Maule, Chile

    Hi Diego, I'm traveling around the world and i would like to participate of this camp, but i don't have tent or sleeping bag. What can I do? Is there a hostel too?

  15. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    Some couchsurfers can take one tent for you or you can rent a hostel or bed and breakfast

  16. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    Albanautica club, Contrada Spagnola,87 is the camp

  17. David Meredydd

    Palermo, Sicilia, Italy

    You have a limit of 70 people, 18 places left. I know only 2 people out of the 52 already signed up. Have you organised a camp here in past years? I have signed up to come. I would really like to have more details but I have signed up now because if I wait any longer it looks as if I would be excluded. It looks as if many Sicily ambassadors and important members have not been told about this. Thanks for the heads-up anyway. Have you already booked 70 places at the camp site? I am severely disabled and I don't want any surprises ;) I assume that by signing up now you guarantee me a camping place. I can't afford a hotel/pensione. Also, you should not be adding friends from facebook to arrange this, it's fine if you have FB contacts already but strictly speaking a direct invite should happens on CS, not on FB. CS has absolutely nothing to do with FB. Normally I decline FB requests from people I don't know, it's a matter of protocol. Do we have a reduction for the campsite? I have a disability pension, I'm not exactly rich.

  18. David Meredydd

    Palermo, Sicilia, Italy

    You say warm shower but usually it costs €1 for a very short shower. €10 for the site is expensive - it was €6 at San Vito, over 3 days this makes a big difference.

  19. Diego Casano

    Marsala, Sicilia, Italy

    If you want write me your telephone number I will add you in whatsapp group of Sicily summer camp

  20. David Meredydd

    Palermo, Sicilia, Italy

    I don't have whatsapp, I have an analogue phone. I can make phone calls and that's it. SMS cost extra. People spend too much time with their nose buried in their phones. I say, if it's an emergency call someone. My laptop does everything else. I have no need for a smartphone. Why duplicate devices unless you have a job where you move around a lot? I don't. I don't chat, I meet people. You can arrange to meet people perfectly easily using facebook messages or by calling someone. I used to have a smartphone. If you host CS people you need one but I don't host any more so I don't need a smartphone. I can easily contact people on holiday using SMS, call, or use my portable modem. I don't see the point in chatting on phones, what will you have let to talk about when you meet face-to-face? That's why I have an English conversation group. One day I will buy one, when it's illegal not to own one. Yes, I had a Blackberry from 2008-13. Complete waste of time, except when essential for CS, otherwise, no use whatsoever, AND it got stolen. My daughter receives so many messages I would never be able to study with that volume on inane banale messages.

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