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Women's March on Washington, D.C.

Organized by Sarah Smith

The Women's March is a HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH: Gather at Independence Ave and Third St SW (https://www.womensmarch.com/updates/2016/12/12/location-announcement) show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march. All are welcome. This event is inclusive of all and specifically centers around those who need this support the most: people of color, immigrants, the LGBT community, disabled citizens, trans people, and of course women. We are child friendly. Let's do this right. Invite your friends, family and co-workers. Spread the word! Let the world know we stand together!

  1. Sarah Smith

    Houston, TX, USA

    Please consider opening your home to a few overnight guests who will be marching on January 21. THANK YOU!

  2. Alexa and Anthony Mink

    McAllen, TX, United States

    We are teachers coming from South Texas to march. Any people you know offering to host 2 teachers?

  3. Lauren Kelley

    Bradenton, FL, USA

    Mom and daughter team coming from FL and hoping for a couch! Willing to make a donation to the charity of your choice!

  4. Maig Bergio

    Portland, OR, USA

    My partner and I coming from Portland and would so appreciate a place to stay over the weekend!

  5. sharon machine

    Portland, OR, United States

    Longtime CSer + 2 coming from Portland to show solidarity and resistance. Please host if you can, we are working class!
    503 729 2553 Thanks so much, DC

  6. Lea Taddonio

    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    Looking for a room for two 30-something sisters, their 60-something mama and a happy one-year-old. We can share a room or split between two. Happy to pay or make a donation to charity of your choice. Need walking or public transport access to march

  7. Neah Baechler

    Portland, OR, USA

    Hey guys, I posted a link to this page on the Oregon facebook group in hopes of getting the word out and helping people find affordable housing for the March. The Oregon organizer told me the name has been changed to Women's March on Washington and asked me if I would change the name on here to avoid confusion. Thanks for making the group Sarah, and sorry for any inconvenience! I'm hoping that if this page is shared on each state's FB page and especially the D.C. page, we can really make a difference for people who can't afford to pay hundreds for hotel rooms!

  8. Katrina Doughty

    Portland, OR, USA

    Thank you for your work organizing this and state/national facebook pages. I work in a pro-choice women's reproductive health clinic in Portland, OR. I sprung for flights to D.C. because I believe in power in numbers and advocacy, however I am needing to keep the cost of this trip as low as feasible. I would be very grateful for a place to lay my head on the 21st and 22nd. Thank you.

  9. Nycole Henes

    Missoula, MT, United States

    Hey all,
    A couple late 20's Montanans headed over and meeting a couple girls from Colorado and Arkansas. We would love a place to stay, even if it's just for one of the nights. If there is trouble finding a place to stay, if anyone is willing to share the cost of other lodging, we would be into that as well. So excited that so many women are feeling the power of numbers!

  10. Patricia Brent

    Portland, OR, United States

    Two public school teachers need a place to stay during the march. We are a mother and daughter. I teach in Oregon and my daughter teaches in Utah. We are both veteran couchsurfers, and we'd love to donate to your household if you can put us up for three or four nights. Thank you!

  11. Christine Myers

    Bellingham, WA, United States

    Hi. It's just me and my sister-in-law so far. We can help out with expenses. Just want to join the march. thank you.

  12. Jamie P.

    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    Hello -

    My 18 year old daughter and I are marching together. Really want to connect with others while there - would welcome the opportunity to get to know others in the DC area or share a hotel. Considering securing a space at La Quinta in Capital Area (rates not horrible right now - walking distance to march). Please let me know if you would be up for sharing costs. We are coming in Jan 19 leaving early Jan 23.

  13. Nikki Abbott

    Portland, OR, USA

    Im traveling from Portland OR and am looking for housing too.
    Can't wait to meet all of you!!! :)

  14. elocinkh

    New York, NY, USA

    Two girls seeking accommodation for the weekend of the Women's March in Washington, D.C.
    Ideally staying with another woman, but open to other accommodation. We are both very respectful, trustworthy and down to earth people. Please let me know if you have space for us!

  15. Brandon Schaaf

    Indianapolis, IN, United States

    Sweet, clean 6 person bunch from Indianapolis (three fellas, three ladies) looking for some floor space the night of Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. We want to buy you wine and cook you food in exchange for the opportunity to march on Saturday!

  16. Christine Bergdoll

    Seaside, CA, USA


    I would like to attend the march, coming from California. If it is possible for me to find a place for more than a couple of nights in order to visit some of the sites there in WA DC that would be awesome!!

  17. Shari

    Wilmington, DE, USA

    We could host a few nice people in Wilmington, DE (family home). If you can get train tix or rideshares to DC it might work. I know it's still over 2 hrs drive, but I hear it's hard to get rooms in DC now.

  18. Sandy Morckel

    Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

    Looking for a place to stay for January 20 -23 to take part in this historic March with my 39-year old niece in exchange for free accommodations at our AirBnB in Charleston, SC - voted # 1 destination in the nation for the 5th year in a row! Let me know if you are open to an exchange. Hopefully you will be within an easy public transportation of the Mall, as we prefer not to rent a car. Please respond to smorckel@gmail.com.

  19. Adriana Ortiz

    Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

    Hey all! I'm coming up for the march on Friday and I'll be flying out on Monday morning. Anyone have a couch/ floor/ bath tub I can crash on? I'll bake you cookies :D

  20. Ashleigh Linkenheimer

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    I am a young professional, driving up from Philadelphia, looking for a host! Please let me know if you have any open room for the night of the 19th and/or 20th! THANK YOU!!

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