What's Happening in Futian District

New Topic

How to use Weibo on mobile app?

Outdoor Fun

【22/9 night】Is there anyone who wanna hag out with Japanese web-developer(me)

Would love to meet German Spearkers

In Shenzhen

Moving to Shenzhen!

SZ mobile phone industry research

Hanging out!

Two-floor apartment to let

New to ShenZhen 15Dec-19 Dec

Auto-organized learning

available room to share long/short term

Coming in August

Away from cities on Weekends, improve our Chinese in Yangshuo

looking to meet new people, and find work /business opportunities

Couch Surfing App

new wechat group for Sharing trading business here in Shenzhen

psytrance in SZ

Anyone coming to Amsterdam? ^^

Dinner together?

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