What's Happening in Heidelberg

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Wild camping in south west Germany

Anyone available to travel with me?

Visiting Heidelberg 17.07

🇮🇸🔙 Wants to plan traveling back to Iceland in August after 10 years.

Accommodations needed for refugees from Ukraine

Support Relief Aid Transports to Ukraine

"Donate" your couch to Ukrainian refugees!

Looking for place to sleep in Heidelberg for a few days!

Any Asian (South/East) Lovers/Language Tandems here?

I'm new in Heidelberg. Does someone want to hang out and show me around?

Home swapping My Amsterdam -For yours Heidelberg (min 2 weeks - max 1 month)

My airbnb host are not turning up

Place to stay for a few nights. Can someone help me?

Spanish, German, English, and Arabic

Wer mag mir und meinem Besuch auf Englisch eine Führung durch Heidelberg geben?

Be our roommate in the old town of Heidelberg in August :)

Does anyone wants to play beach volleyball?

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