What's Happening in Kanazawa

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Kanagawa to Tokyo 12th? Ride share

Jan 16 Rental carpool to Ogimachi (Shirakawa-go) for this year's first illumination

fireworks festival

Kanazawa couch 10th-12

Noto-cho summer festival

Backpacking in June

Festival tonight (and tomorrow), anyone?

Kanazawa June 1st to 5th

Kanazawa to Aomori!

German language exchange / tutor needed!

Kanazawa meet up?

Kanazawa 11/11-13/11

Need your help with a project for my mom

Drinks, dinner, partying, whatever! 23th Feb - 6th March.

Going to be in Kanazawa January 30th

dream share - let's inspire each other!

Visit Kanazawa 3th of September

Anyone in going to Kanazawa Oktoberfest on 30.08.?

We'll be in Kanazawa from 4 to 5 september

Vegan restaurant in Kanazawa?

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