What's Happening in Kawasaki

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Looking Entrepreneur for Business Partnership.

Daikoku Parking Area - cars meeting


Please let me know if you interest local English learners in Japan.

Kabuki theater

Kawasaki Frontale - Shanghai SIPG

I want make a event and stay together

Yokohama 2 weeks

Meet up in Yokohama! still got cherry blossoms?

Tattoo Friendly Onsens

Hitchhiking from Tokyo to Osaka on August 7th

Yokohama tonight

Anyone around Yokohama who wants to meet up (in June)?

Exploring + Eating around Meguro and surrounding neighbourhoods today

Anyone around Kanagawa who wants to meet up (in June)?


Halloween party on 28th Oct at Shibuya, Tokyo

Need help! Getting from Osaka to Nagoya Saturday

work for italian Fashion

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