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Looking to meet people in Kharkiv

Pagoda Chuk Lam

Пляжи и пляжные зоны.

Brazilian boy in kharkov for 4 days (17-20 oct)

Краматорск и Славянск 21 - 23 августа

Kramatorsk 10/7->11/7

Discovery the city center

Practice Spanish / Practicar Español / Практикуем Испанский

Where can i buy simcard near kharkiv airport 3.00 ?

Kharkiv on 31 may?

Where can I buy those products? (Online url s from prom.ua)

Looking for people of color to chat :)

French guy wanna meet local people or other travellers in Kharkiv

В поисках Антона :D

Patagonian (Chilean) guy in Jarkiv

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