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  • Fluent in Chinese (Simplified), English; learning Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean
  • 30, Male
  • Miembro desde 2010
  • Director & Filmmaker
  • Los Angeles City College Film School
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认识我:微信 keithoharris

我是导演在洛杉矶住但是我几年是沙发客。 沙发客网给我环球旅行的机会,所以我永远是沙发客网粉丝。。 在旧金山,中国,日本,还有现在在洛杉矶让沙发客跟我留。欢迎光临你们到加州洛杉矶。

I'm a director living in Los Angeles and going to film school in preparation for upcoming film projects but before all of that, I was a couchsurfer traveling around the world. Hosting crazy couch nomads since 2010 in California, China and Japan to let surfers like you the world over park their butt on my couch :-D


My award winning film:

To meet, and learn from couchsurfers the world over, unless you're really annoying. Then I have to kick ya out :-P


I was born in the concrete jungle of New York, I've lived in hippy Berkeley the city of the San Francisco Bay Area known for it's high ideals of protest and student discourse while they competitively take the biggest bong riffs possible, usually all at the same time. Ohhh hippy Berkeley..., I've lived in the mean streets of Shanghai trying not to get kidnapped and sold to a Vietnamese massage parlor, I've lived in Tokyo trying to save the world from Mecha-Godzilla or at least the bad anime version of MG and now I'm working on my citizen of the world card living in Los Angeles, although I heard they only give those cards to important people like presidents, physicists and Justin Beiber but hey, work in progress.


I am a laid back easy going person. I joke a lot, so if you're brooding and torn all the time like you belong in a teenage vampire drama, it's probably not a match Interests: I love learning languages I think from hearing my mom speak Spanish around the house when I was young and never understanding a word of it. I've taken 3 semesters of Mandarin Chinese, 3 semesters of Japanese, 1 semester of French, and 1 semester of Italian. I currently study Chinese on my own daily in which I'm working to be fluent by the end of 2017 providing Los Angeles doesn't sink into the water leaving me wishing I learned how to swim instead of learning to speak Chinese :-P


I'm looking to sometime in the near distant future :) go backpacking through Europe again and explore to see all I'm missing out there. I want the full European indoctrination experience without the hazing... I heard there's hazing right? Of course also want to visit other parts of Asia. Not the parts where I'd get kidnapped though... like really, who am I kidding, no one'd wanna kidnap my ass. Too much work, and they'd only get a $1 out my broke ass family. I can hear my mom saying to the kidnappers "nah, that's ok. You can keep him".Occupation: I work while going to school full-time. Yes I'm one of those crazy people trying to do a million things at once until I pass out like an 80 year old man waiting for the nurse to feed him and give him a sponge bath... Hopefully she's not one of those 400lb nurses with big burly man hands though... scary... and besides, I have very sensitive skin...


As a couchsurfer I hope to meet people from all over to help me grow and learn about the greatness of the world we live in and the richness of it's people & culture. As a CouchHost I hope to meet all types of people to converse with and share in hearing about their experiences. The reason why I'm learning to speak so many languages is because I'm fascinated with culture and people from all walks of life. I want to expand my outlook beyond just what's in front of me. So I hope joining this site allows me to do just that and leads to many great experiences along the way! Feel free to add me on facebook and Happy surfing! Look me up on Facebook: Keith Orlando Harris


Live by the sword, die by the sword. That's why I'm a lover not a fighter. After all, how can I not love me :) I'm pretty freakin awesome.

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing


Donate to the site. It's a cool concept.


I've surfed couches while backpacking from Shanghai to Barcelona for 10 weeks, and doing road trips across America from California to New York and back again, as well as couchsurfing throughout Korea and China. Looking forward to hosting and meeting a ton more new people ) Hopefully upon lending a cushion or two to the butts of weary travelers when they hear me knocking on their door, raiding their fridge and trying to figure out how to ask if the couch has a reclining feature in German, they won't boot me out quicker than my ex-girlfriend dives for a $1 bill when I need a couch.


Favorite Hobbies: Working out, running, studying languages, love wandering around the city with no destination with friends, love restaurant hunting, cheesy stuff like laying on the couch holding on tight to the person you're into (yes I have a romantic side but it's been dormant for ages hibernating in a cave somewhere)... I need to date more.

Música, películas y libros

음악: Epik High, 4 Minute, 넬, 티아라, 휘성, G.N.A, 아웃사이더, f(x), FT Island, 2PM, m-flo, 安室 奈美恵, John Legend, Keith Urban, whatever I like :)영화: 정말 많은 영화를 보지 않아요. 난 아주 지루한 사람이에요. cry*책들: 책들? 누가 요즘 책을 읽고? jk.

Algo asombroso que he hecho

I backpacked from Shanghai to Barcelona traveling the silk road for 10 weeks. I was living like a nomad with 40 backbreaking hours on a train in Kazakhstan and sleeping in abandoned buildings in Azerbaijan. was the most amazing trip of my life. Hopefully second times a charm :-D

A few years ago I lost 40 pounds (18kg) of extra love handles. Probably one my happiest personal accomplishments, mostly because when you turn 6-pack abs on their side, you can see em smiling if you tilt em just right. no really! :) Very proud of this accomplishment :) although donuts have but a bit of the weight back since then :-P

Enseñe, aprenda, comparta

What can I teach? How to lose 40 pounds on a diet of doughnuts, high fructose corn syrup, and butter shot inside the body through an intravenous tube. How to fall when doing a headstand, How to pee standing up. The list goes on and on. Just take a look at some of the references from my past surfers and you'll get an idea of what spending a typical day on my couch is like.What can you teach me? Hopefully a foreign language or two, or just to walk and chew gum at the same time. Supposedly it's a really hard skill only ninja masters like Chuck Norris can perfect, or so I've heard.

Qué puedo compartir con los anfitriones

Pure uninhibited awesomeness?

Países que he visitado

Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, North Korea, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Viet Nam

Países en los que he vivido

China, Japan, United States

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