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Max Muster, Freiburg im Breisgau, DEU, 2 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm new here and I'm looking for some places to get healthy and cheap vegetarian food! Seems really hard.. A canteen or a cheap restaurant? Any idea? Or anyone who likes to cook sometimes together? I'm looking forward to an answer! :)

Callie Renee , Pittsburgh, USA, about 1 month ago

Loving Hut in Robinson is really good. I recommend the "Fabulous Mongolian"

Rich Venezia , Pittsburgh, USA, about 2 months ago

I think Quiet Storm has been closed for a few years (unless it's reopened elsewhere?). In addition to the above, check out Apteka in Bloomfield, Udipi in Monroeville, and Naya in Squirrel Hill!

David Adamson , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

Welcome to Pittsburgh! In addition to go-to places like Quiet Storm in Garfield and Zenith on the South Side (hello, Ed!), there's dozens of places with plenty of vegetarian options. What part of town do you live in? What kind of food (besides vegetarian, and affordable) do you like?

Also - lots of us (myself included) enjoy excuses to cook. I don't think there's anything organized in that direction besides the monthly potluck, but say the word and you could easily have a half-dozen veggie-chefs to share a meal with. There had been some murmuring of putting together an Iron Chef event a while ago, too - I reckon somebody should resurrect that.

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Ian Rosenberg, Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

I'm considering renting an abandoned or unoccupied warehouse (or factory, church, etc.) somewhere in pittsburgh and turning it into a living space for myself and some friends. Is anyone doing something similar or know someone who is? Do you guys know any specific buildings that are available and interesting? I'd love any recommendations, resources, or advice!

Matt Lobban , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

I'm with Ilya! Good luck and host a potluck. I'll bring you food.

Aaron Rosier , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

there is a beautiful bank building available right on main street in Mt Oliver.I drive by it all the time and wish it was being occupied

CHEFGURU , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Good luck.

David Sobrinho, Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

Hey Pittsburgh !!

We are 4 guys from Portugal going to CMU, for a startup acceleration program, and we need accommodation for 6 weeks (Sept - Nov) any good advice about where to look at, best areas, average prices etc?

Thanks in advance

Jim B , Valencia, USA, 2 months ago

Hello 4 Guys, I would look at Friendship, Bloomfield, Greenfield or other geographic areas close to CMU. Be sure to check your proposed location for use of the bus lines. Public transportation in the city is limited so you would most likely want to use an accessible bus.

Sarah , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

I am assuming that you're looking for a furnished place with at least 2 bedrooms, and close to CMU, correct?
Unfortunately, Pittsburgh doesn't offer a lot in the furnished short-term category, but your best bet would be to look for sublet/subleased apartments on Craigslist.
Look here http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/search/sub?query=september&sale_date=-
Renting a subleased apartment means that the original tenant has signed a long-term lease (let's say one year), and will be away for a short-term period (weeks or months), and would like to rent his/her apartment to someone else during this time. They usually come furnished and more flexible on the dates.
If you tell me about the exact dates and your budget, I will be more than happy to help you look :)
I'll send you a private message with my email to communicate.
Good luck!

Brandon Tirpak , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

You can also look at Shadyside Inn, which is technically walking distance to CMU, but it is also on 5th avenue (many bus routes), is furnished, and is available for 6 weeks.

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Lu Reis, Cambridge, USA, 2 months ago

Hello guys!

I'm going to Pittsburgh for a couple of days. I need to catch a plane to Boston and I'm trying to decide if it's worth to take the really early (and cheaper) flight in the morning.

Is the access to the airport easy?


Bruce Amshel , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

depending on where you are leaving from, the 28X bus is cheap and direct and runs early

Steve Slusarski , Rathmines, IRL, 2 months ago

using google maps and set it to public transportation

that's probably the easiest way to see if the timing will work, seems pretty accurate whenever I've used it

Lu Reis , Cambridge, USA, 2 months ago

Okay. Thanks for the info! :)

Sometimes the airport is not accessible through public transportation (only a special shuttle or something like that).

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Prashant Ojha, Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

Hey folks.. any CSer in town who is into skydiving and has info on the nearest wind tunnel to Pittsburgh. I just started my A license jumps but wont be jumping again till the next spring.

The one that I could locate is in North Carolina (Raeford DZ) about 9 hour drive from Pit.

Jon Potter , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

Skydive PA gets a mobile one from time to time.

Other than that, it's not worth 9 hours drive to do. Wait till next year, or take a trip to Florida and skydive for real!

Once you get your license/gear, feel free to hit me up. We can skydive from paragliders all year round.

Prashant Ojha , Pittsburgh, USA, 2 months ago

@Jon: I started my AFF student jump course at Skydive PA. I am in AFF C2 now... did the same level 3 times now.. could not clear it... spinning like crazy!!..ha ha...it was fun though...

I have the thanksgiving week off from work and nothing much to do... so was thinking of taking the trip..... but u are right may be... it might not be worth the drive... I might as well save the money and jump again next season!!