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Hamish B, Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

most days after work and come weekends im either hiking the port hills (near town) or at the beach happy to meet other travellers can offer a surf board and one spare seat in my car, if your looking to get out and about send me a message.

Peter States , Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

Hey dude, have you tried Magnet Bay on Banks Peninsula?
I am trying to find someone to join me for a one-day surfing trip...

Hamish B , Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

Magnet works on a south swell and is a great spot gets busy tho but you can camp up there and hang about. Be keen to join if its working some time in the weekend ill flick you a message...

Valeria Spaziano , Caserta, ITA, 2 months ago

Ciao Hamish!
I will arrive with my friend Rossella in Christchurch on February 12th. It would be great to hang out or go to the beach if you have time.
We are planning to stay 3 or for days in Christchurch.
Let me know if you would like to meet us :)

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Fernando Cagua, Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

Hi all, I might be moving to Christchurch at the end of the year to do a PhD in UC. I was offered a stipend of NZD 25,000. I have heard that New Zealand is a relatively expensive place to live... Do you think that amount of money is enough to have a relatively comfortable student life and save a little bit? Thanks!

Pete RJ , Ashburton, NZL, about 2 months ago

A recent Couchsurf guest summed it up like this. NZ is an easy country to live simple. I take this to mean that personal choices always dictate ones lifestyle, expenses inclusive.
NZ is a very regulated country meaning that everything is always going up in price.
UC has a tremendously dedicated student services department. They are great at helping students out when times get tough.
It is my opinion that your stipend is sufficient.

GLENN262 , Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

No, you will probably need to find employment, the problem is the accommodation is expensive in Christchurch. Christchurch is being rebuilt since the earthquakes, there is generally part time work available, if that is what would suit you. Cheers Fernando.

Thomas Orban , Namur, BEL, 2 months ago

If you buy wisely (second hand etc.) and avoid unnecessary exenses (alcohol, cigarettes, gadgets), then you can live on $25000. My wife and I are on $25000 a year and it is enough for the both of us to live in a little 2 bedroom house, so nothing is impossible, you just need to budget carefully. Have fun, UC is a very nice place to work. In what field will your PhD be?

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Till Suter, Staefa, CHE, 2 months ago

Hey guys,
does someone else need to go to the Christchurch Airport early tomorrow morning?
And any advice about that?
My flight leave at 7am. Where should I sleep, how to get to the airport.
Is the domestic terminal at the international airport?
What are your experiences?
Cheers and thanks in advance! :)

Sathya Kumar Barathan , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

Hi Till, you can find the buses leaving from the city from -

I suggest just hit a bar till late and leave to the airport around 3 30 am from the city.

Till Suter , Staefa, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi Sathya,
thanks for the tipp.
Unfortunately the busses don't service that early... And I'm not very keen to hang around in a bar with all my luggage :D in addition I only fly to Wellington and it would be nice not be completly fucked up tomorrow morning.

But I found out, that they are not happy having you at the airport during the night..
Looks like need a hostel and a shuttle :-(

George Humphreys , , , 2 months ago

i know this is four months ago - if you need somewhere to store your luggage you could always go into hotels, they would be more than happy to store your luggage, they should be, they'd be bastards if they didn't

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David O'Quinn, Logroño, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi there everyone!
It would be my first time in NZ and I really want to be one week snowboarding.. Any camp do you recommend me?
From August to September is a good choice?
Thanks in advance!

Talya Willson , Christchurch, NZL, 2 months ago

Hey there,

Not sure of any camps as such. There's plenty of backpackers/camp sites close to ski fields. If you're wanting to ski in Canterbury and thinking of going to a few different places you should look into getting a Chill Pass. What level of skiing are you? My work runs a few freestyle training camps over weekends during the season (for all abilities) (Check out our website if you're interested; aug/sept is totally the best time to ski!

David O'Quinn , Logroño, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Talya! Let's say a normal level.. I can ride all pistes and where I am a beginner is with rail riding and I want to learn air tricks (like 360s without any problem). I've tried by my own.. but it think a snow camp can help me with this purpose :).

How much cost a chill pass?
I'm planning to go from 29 Aug to 18 Sep 2016.. and the idea is 1 week snowing and take advantage of the travel and do more things!

do the passes get more expensive closer to the start kf the season ?

when is the start and end of the season there anyway ?

i am in Switzerland

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Emelie Nilsson, Southwark, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi, I will be traveling in NZ for about 1month and heard it could be an idea to buy a car instead of renting? Any advice?

Also heard that its better to have one car on the north and one on the south island since it's so expensive to take a car from one island to another... If that's the case is it even possible to buy a car for two weeks and then another one for like 3 weeks on the south island?

Any advise about renting would also be very appreciated. Would preferably like a camper van but that seems crazy expensive to rent?

Really appreciate your help.


Muli Vered , Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, 2 months ago

yeah its a good option, but maybe for 1 month I would rather rent a car:)