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  • teacher/painter/warehouse airport Brussels
  • yes, the children are well educated, the parents... ;-)
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About Me

UPDATE: Due to terror danger some countries advice not to come to Brussels this period. We live outside Brussels, 35km, which seems close, but here for now we are absolutely safe. Every few hours there is an update for the current situation. Right now all monuments, museums and public transportation are closed in Brussels. Other cities are not affected.
We cannot give you advise on traveling to our place or not. It is up to you to decide this...
Stay safe!

DENDERMONDE is situated 35 km from Brussels city center and 30 km from Ghent. Both are easy to reach by train. Trains are cheap and easy to travel with in Belgium. So in 40 minutes you are at our house (a 10 minutes walk from the railway station included).

- Send us a nice, personal request.
- Tell us what meal (from your homecountry) you would like to prepare for us. We would love to serve you a meal too, so also let us know about your food restrictions.
- Since communication is very important to us, you should be fluent in at least one of the languages we speak.


24-29 November: Afrodite and Giorgos from Greece

22-23 December: Müslüm from Turkey

31 januari - 2 February: Lucia from Uruguay


we don't teach our children about hospitality, but SHOW them!


LIEKE : pronounced Lee-kuh
mother of 4 children between 6 and 18 years old.
Interests : SINGING, reading, surfing on the web on my iMac or MacBook, be a host, playing boardgames,...
I am lucky to have the most wonderful job on earth: being a teacher in primary school for 9-10 y.o.
Or using someone elses words :
I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one
I'm a bitch I'm a lover I'm a child I'm a mother I'm a sinner I'm a saint I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell I'm your dream I'm nothing in between
you know you wouldn't want it any other way
So take me as I am

Father of 5 children (4 same as Lieke, but 1 more son living in the Netherlands). Grandfather of 2 beautiful granddaughters.
Works at Brussels airport and in spare time : ART-painter and father!
Likes working on our house, traveling with the kids, reading, art, politics, painting, museums, talk about art...

Nina (1995) is in her last year of secondary school, human science. She learns French, English and Spanish. She likes reading, shopping with friends, movies and computer. She has her own profile:
Can we kindly ask you to also give her a reference if you've stayed at our place and met her. This way she builds up something in the CS community too :-)
Arne (2001) loves computers, boardgames, maths and reading. He learns a little French and speaks English.
Bavo (2003) is our sporty boy. He is on competition gymnastics and trains about 24 hours a week. Trampoline, pool and balls aren't safe for him. He understands quite some English and starts to speak it now.
Enea (2006) speaks all languages with her eyes ;-) She is the treasure of her brothers, sister and parents. She loves watching movies on the iMac, reading, counting, chocolates, ice cream and having everything her way.


It's nice to be important, but
it's more important to be nice.

If everyone would love to make the world a better place... Or using MJ's words : heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.

We think children are the best investment of our future, so we do everything to make them happy, smart and social.

We are also interested in our environment, so we have our own solar panels and try to live an ecologic life. When you are here, please respect the fact that we do not use more energy or water than necessary.

We respect the fact that every culture has it's own typical issues. When you are a guest here, we expect you to clean up your own stuff, to help in the kitchen or in the household where you want and can. Clean up your own room, the bathroom after using,... We like talking and learning, so we expect you to take some time to chat with us. We want to get to know you, your country and your way of living.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


couchsurfing song :
liekes rhapsody :

We offer hospitality.
We can go to good shops nearby with you, for buying food and drinks. We love to have late evening talks with chocolates, beer, wine and jenever.
If the weather is fine (always a big question in Belgium), we can do a bbq in our garden, while the children are playing in the pool, on the swing and slide or trampoline.
You can do a laundry here, but we ask you to leave a little money in the box above the machine.
It would be very nice if we could prepare a dish from your country together. Always great to learn.

We organize meetings (if possible crazy ones) and mostly a lot of the attendees crash somewhere (in a bed, on a couch or in the garden) afterwards.
We try to attend meetings as much as possible with our big family. While traveling we love to organize a little meeting to connect with the local CS'ers.

We surf with the whole family or just the 2 of us. France, Belgium, Germany, Switserland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Czech republic, Poland, Luxemburg, Great Brittain and Spain for now and more will follow, we hope.

As an ambassador I help other ambassadors and members. Questions, problems, need information? We are glad to help you out or guide you if we can.


We do house-swaps, and offer hospitality for couchsurfers. We love the idea, and love to meet new people and host them the best we can.If we are on a swap, it would be nice to meet other families, but we arrange our own place to stay. It`s not easy to find a place for 6, so if you have space in your house and hearts for us, just let us know. Sometimes Peter and Lieke love to surf without the kids for a weekend of rest and silence...

Hosted :

1cs Imran Jamali
2-3cs Hinarangi & Jeremy
4-8cs Video Jester
9-10cs Imat and her son
11-13cs Sakuntala Chanda, husband and son
14cs Miriam Parker
15cs Sarah Zacharek
16cs Jemma Lee
17cs Simon Hansen
18cs Karolina Hansen
19cs Andy Wang
20cs Guillaume Cloutier
21-22cs Mal and Lee


23cs Martin Junkermann
24-29cs Erik van Loon , Stijn Vernaillen , Bruno Landgoed , Jonathan Lehrer , Ed , Judith Van Acker
30-34cs venice
35-36cs Jan Vanhuyse & Dries Claerhout
37-41cs Ally, Meije, Nicholas, Eric & Andrew
42-44cs Sarah Richson and 2 daughters
45cs Veronique Vanonckelen
46-47cs Aleksandra Seliverstova & Abel Polese
48-49cs François Gerspach and his son
50-59cs Stijn Vernaillen , Martine + Merijn , Tina De Lobel, Liesbeth, Bruno Landgoed, Bernard vander Beken, Jonathan Lehrer, Lai Ting Chan, Mieke de Regt
65cs Stijn Vernaillen, Martine , Veronique Vanonckelen, Nadia Arai, Douglas Delue
66-68cs Eleri Jones + 2 friends
69-71cs Audrey Feitosa + 2 friends
72cs Yin Long Lim
73-75cs Julie Sharon, Dani and Leille
76cs Harumi Dambara
77-78cs Daphne Delorme+Vanessa Pethier
79cs Gary House
80-81cs Jess and Fiona
82-86cs Bob, Laurence, Martine+Merijn , Stijn
87cs Steve Roy
88-90cs Mara Jansone+husband and child
91cs Gary House
92cs Otto Kool
93-98cs Kathy and Wim + kids home
99-100cs Roberts Vaitkus+wife
101cs Amit Weissenstern
102-107cs Stijn Vernaillen, Diana, Owen Nilens, Yves Marcipont, KC Low, Dominique
108-128cs Erik van Loon , Stijn Vernaillen , Adam Lowie, Alex Garnett, Bob Lenaerts, Bruno Landgoed, Karen Leemans , Diana , Doron Gilad, Ine DC, Isabelle Souza, Katriene, Stef Kuypers, Lai Ting Chan, Martine, Réka Livits, Stefan Broeckx, Veronique Vanonckelen, Vincent Ange, Petra Van Camp, Maarten Reul:
129-130cs Mario Orlando Rodriguez Monforte + friend
131-135cs Aga and Jarek with kids
136cs Shahar Cohen
137-139cs Leslie, Seth and Rain
140cs Taylor Dean Wilson
141cs Dan Cantinelli
142cs Melodie Ballard
143cs Philip Rochecouste
144cs Jared Wheatley
145-146cs Madeleine Brooks + friend
147-161cs An Geudens, Andrew Prior, Bart Dammekens, Bob Lenaerts, Chrisstein, Stijn & Diana , Francesco Padovan, Jack Wilde, Kris Leysen, Martine and Merijn, Petra , Ulla Kemi, Sam Goutsmit
162cs Max
163-164cs Steffen Sondermann , Ronald Salazar
165cs Véronique Vanonckelen
166cs Misha Golynskiy
167cs Lauren Wise


168-170cs Shaly Borgen , Vincent Santvoord & Benjamin Lifshitz
171-172cs Corrin and baby Yasmine
173-174cs Corrin and baby Yasmine
175cs : James Apps
176-177cs Otto and his grilfriend
178-181cs Benjamin, Angele , Jessica and Julian
182cs Andres Zopiain
183cs Anna and family
189cs Melissa Walker
190-191cs Marta Mulas
191cs Eva
192cs Ute
193cs Amy
194-195cs Daniel & Faby
196cs Angele Koh + friend
197-222cs Tommy, Véronique, Alwin, Jasper, Marieke, GAURANG, James, Andrew, Yuga, Geoff, Hadewijch+Koen, Petra, Martine & Merijn, Marie-Line, Diana&Stijn, Sam, Chris, Lina, Tina+friend, Bernard, Wim,
223cs Simon
224-225cs Christine and Arne
225-226cs Martine and Sam
227-229cs Igor & kids
230cs Addisson
231cs Xiaoman
232-233cs Walter and Vittorio
234-250 Christophe, Bart, Steven, Alwin, Johan, Sven, Stijn, Diana, Pierre, Martine en Merijn, Veronique, Yamina, Bernard, Bruno, Sophia, Sam a
251-253 Tanya, Fred and Yelena
254 Sai
255-256 Kelly and Caitlyn
257 Carissa
258-262 Sarah, Jonne, Bert, Sophie, Inge
263-264 Maria and Martin
265 Robby
266-267 Winfried and Mirte
268-271 Lucie, Guillaume, Ange et Louise
272-273 Vesna and Lilly
274 David
275-277 Arnoud, Jaap and Remco
278-279 Lucie, Guillaume, Ange et Louise
280 Ryan
281 Kara
282-283 Matt, Greta and 2 dogs
284-286 Dawn and her 2 children
287-288 Divid and Peter
289 Jun Li
290-291 Chiao-wei and friend
292 Eva
293 Cassandra 2-14 November
294 Jordan 2-4 November
295 Brecht 18-19 November
296-298 Qi'en and friends 28-29 November


299-305 Martine, Sam, Katrien, Andrew, Hadewijch, Pieter, Bernard 16-17 January
306-307 Adela and her mother 15-17 February
308 Alexandr 4-6 March
309 Montse 11-16 March
310 Michel 19-22 March
311-313 Umer and parents 22-23 March
314-316 Artur, Ania and Mateusz 10-13 April
317 Rita 15-16 April
318-319 Tiffany and Billy 16-18 April
320-340 Martine, Sam, Luca, Maikel, Elisabeth, Jasper, Liza, Stephanie, Jawn, Bob, Agata, Hadewijch, Anick-Marie, Thorsten, Wendy, and some guests without profile 15-16 May Sing Along 8
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343-347 Lauren, Bobby, Ashton, Will and Lincoln 1-5 June
348-349 Usman and Hamza 10-12 June
350 Erin 14-16 June
351 Imran 17-21 June
352 Dimitri 18-19 June
353 Sven 18-19 June
354 Mehdi 18-19 June
355 Jé 22-24 June
356-361 Pal, Andrea, Ete, Györk, Kende, Ada 3-5 July
362 Winfried 29-30 July
363-365 Igor and his daughters 5-8 Augustcs
366-368 Carolina, Nando and André 11-14 August
369 Maalini 13-16 August
370 Florence 13-16 August
371 Iqbal 13-16 August
372 Christian 16-18 August
373 Alexis 19-22 August
374-376 Szymon, Marta and Sebastian 19-21 August
377 Violaine 21-31 August
378 Régis 29-31 August
379 Marian 6-8 September
380-381 Andréa and William 7-10 September
382 Michel 8-10 September
383-384 Alena and Andres 24-27 September
385-386 Andy and Marisa 3-7 October
387-391 Rebecca, Markus, Madeliene, Grace and Harriet 12-14 October
392-393 Leslie and Nathan17-21 October
394-398 Nad, John and kids 24-26 October
399 Charlotte 24-25 October
400-402 Vinny, Anket 27-29 October
402-416 Gift, Tommy, Hatim, Maikel, Linda, Elin, Annemarie, Sam, Konstantin and daughter, Larissa and friend, Regina, Ahmet, Faruk 30-31 October Sing A Long 9
417-420 Linda, Thibault, Victoire, Lucie 31-2 Novembre
421-424 Kristin, Sander, Jolan and Aaron 2-4 November
425-428 Jamie, Thomas, Cameron & Brayden 26-27 November
429 Junghee 28-30 November
430-431 Ekatarina and bf 5-7 December
432-433 Dalia and friend 22-23 December
434-435 Viviana & Fernanda 27-30 December
436-438 Igor and 2 daughters 30 December - 1 January


439-441 family D'Amour 3-6 January
442 Barbara 13-15 January
443-445 Nikolay and family 19-25 January
446 Jayesh 3-6 February
447-448 Anna and Demara 26 Feb-2 March
449 David 9-10 March
450 Kelvin 1-4 April
451 Joshua 4-12 April
452 Elinore 12-15 April
453-455 India, Dean and Heather 21-25 April
456-474 Bernard, Annemarie, Stephanie, Pieter, Gorka, Bart, Mieke, Hatim, Aagje, Ulla,... SING ALONG 10 22-23 April
475-476 Kelsey and Stephen 23-26 April
477-479 Menna, Jem and Lilli 23-25 April
480-481 Sean and Miranda 20-23 May
482 Tommie 23-25 May
483-484 Russell and Katherine 1-3 June
485-489 Martine, Frank, Merijn, Lore en Lucas 2-3 June
490-491 Igor en Mei Lan 12-13 June
492-497 Bea, Tamas, Janka, Zsofi, Lili, Gabi 13-15 June
498-499 Tsvetan and Krasimira 17-19 June
500-501 Lisa and Chris 20-21 June
502-505 Cecilia and 3 sons 21-23 June
506 Gabriela 21-23 June
507 Danielle 27-28 June
508-511 Carole and family 27-31 July
512-513 Linsey and Michelle 27-29 July
514-516 Rafal and daughter 1-2 August
517-518 Tami and Sammy 1-5 August
519-520 Jean-Sébastien et Mélanie 2-6 August
521-522 Tatiana and daughter 4-7 August
523 Dan 5-7 August
524-525 Alyne and Daniel 5-7 August
526-529 Igor, Mei-Lan, Sarah en Lisa 9-13 August
530-533 Eloïse, Stéphane and kids 14-16 August
534-535 Joshua and Carolyn 15-17 August
536-538 Sonia and kids 18-24 August
539 Daniel 28-29 August
540-541 Moustafa and An 10-11 September
542-543 Jessie and Dan 11-12 September
544-545 Keri and Chris 24-28 September
546-547 Simon and Matti 29 September - 10 October
548 Karolina 29 September - 31 October
549 Joanne 12-18 October
550-552 Monique and kids 21-23 October
553-554 Ding Ding and Ka Wai 17-19 October
555 Tanya, Fred and Yéléna 29-31 October
556-560 Luca, Stephanie, Steven, Stijn, Diana 18-19 November Sing Along 11cs
561 Jack 26-28 November
562 Pau 4-8 December
563 Ula7-9 December
564 Vincent 29-31 December


565-566 Sharon and JR 2-7 January
567-572 Raziya, Aliya, Elmira, Assemay and Tamer, Erkin 16-18 January
573 Femmy 26-27 January
574-578Kristianne and children 27-29 January
579 Joost and Jelena 3-6 February
580 Matthew 6-10 February
581 Claire 26-29 February
582-586 Yoanna, Daniel and friends 2-5 March c
587 Timm 2-5 March
588 Megan 25-27 March
589-590 Mario and Fede 2-4 April
591-592 Alison and Willian 2-4 April
593-594 Nadja and Claudia 4-6 April
595 Callum 13-20 April
596-599 Doria, Molly, Yuwan, Scarlett 13-15 April
600-601Milos and Tamara 13-15 April
602 Paul 22-24 April
603 Selena 23-25 April
604-605 Kole and Asi 30 April-3 May
606 Gregory 30 April-2 May
607 Nora 30 April-1 May
608 Sieglinde 30 April-1 May
609 Mark 30 April-1 May
610 Bert 30 April-1 May
611 Bart 30 April-1 May
612 Julius 30 April-2 May
613-614 Ari and his wife 1-2 May
615-616 Diana and Stijn 30 April - 2 May
617-620 Larry and Elze and children - 18 - 21 May
621 Cara 12-21 June
622 Sean 15-18 June
623 Giedrius 21-22 June
624-631 Andy and Maureen Max, Yvette, Leo, Will and Patrick - 18-25 July
632-636 Matjaz, Dolores and kids 23-26 July
637-640 Monika and family 1-4 Augsut
641-645 Herthilde and family 8-10 August
646 Yucel 16-19 August
647-648 Gerald and Jonas 19-21 August
649-651 Agnieszka and family 20-23 August
651 Szymon 7-11 September
652 Winfried 12-13 September
653-654 Davide and Anna 1-28 October
655 Kirtsy Snyder 19-21 October
656 Gitta 21-22 October
657-659 Elham, Sammy and sister 28-31 October
660 Tobias 9-10 November
661-663 Karla, Enith and Erika 8-9 December
664 Yi Siang 13-17 December
665-666 Juliana and Thierry 17-20 December
667 Kason 17-20 December
668-669 Tugçe and Tugçe 23-25 December
670 Aaron 24-25 December


671-673 JR , Albert and friend from US California 4-6 January
674 Lilian from China Zhejiang 6-8 January
675-685 SING ALONG 12: Stijn, Martine, Merijn, Hadewijch, Larry, Niki, Fee, Glauco, Camille, Jan, Marike
686-687 Scotty and Sam from US Florida 15-18 January
688 Keanli from Malaysia 5-8 February
689-693 Shukai, Xinjie, Jackie, Sida and Vera from China Shanghai 11-13 February
694-699 Matias and friends from Spain Sevilla 13-15 February
700-701 Tamara and Gregor 23-24 February
702-704 Famille Entzmann 25-26 February
705 Wyn 25-26 February
706-710 Miso and friends 26-28 February
711 Katie 3-4 March
712 Sharona 3-22 March
713 Brian 16-17 March
714-715 Michelle and friend 23-25 March
716-718 Melika and Seda 27-28 March
719-724 Sameep and friends 30-31 March
725-726 Stijn and Diana 5-6 April
727-728 Jamie and friend from the US 9-13 April
729-735 Marc and family from France 22-23 April
736 Wilawan from Thailand 25-29 April
737-738 Justyna, Karolina and Agnieszka from Poland 29-30 April
739-740 Sonja from Germany 8-12 May
741-748 Arek and rugbyfriends from Poland 17-19 May
749-750 Karla and husband from Arizona 2-4 June
751 Maarten from the Netherlands 20 May-5 July
752-755 family Entzman + Wynn from France 1-3 July
756-758 Sam, Scott and Jackson from the US and Australia 26-27 July
759-761 Milena, Nacho and Santino from Argentina 28 July - 1 August
762-764 Igor, Sarah and Lisa from the Netherlands 2-8 August
765-770 Kimanel family from Spain, Valencia 7-16 August
771-773 Saphir, Ivo and Jade from Portugal 19-21 August
774-775 Carmelo and Eva from Spain, Barcelona 25 August - 14 September
776-779 Erwans family from France 20-25 October
780 Winfried from Norway 24-28 October
781-786 Monique and family from the Netherlands/France 31 October - 2 November
787-788 Christine and Lalo from Germany/Mexico 10-11 November
789 Felix from Germany 10-12 November
790 Aya from London 22-26 November
791-792 Angel and Tuhin from Norway 26-29 November


793-794 Manu and Katharina from Paris 2-3 January
795-796 Ryan and Jacqui from Australia 9-12 February
797 Ruei-Je from Taiwan 13-14 February
798-800 Bwalya and sons from Denmark 14-15 February
801-802 Nikita and Ronlee from Germany and Israel 19-23 Februari
803-805 Bwayla and sons from Denamrk 23-24 February
806-807 Constan and Eric from Taiwan 24-26 February
808-809 Istvan and Vanessa from Hungary 28 February - 2 March
810 Eric from US Washington 3-5 March
811 Lok Yee Tse from Hong Kong 8-15 March
812-816 Micha? and friends from Poland 13-17 March
817-819 Andres from Colombia, Hannah from China and Mabel from Singapore 29 March - 2 April
820-821 Alyssa and her mom from US Massachusetts 5-7 April
822 Stephany from New Zealand 7-10 April
823-824 Klaudia from Poland/Denmark and Griffin from US/Denmark 10-12 April
825 Thiago from Brazil 15-18 April
826 Hanhee from South-Korea 26-29 May
827 Shining from Taiwan 24-27 June
828 Karol from Poland 1-3 July
829-830 Ricardo and Javi from Madrid and Brasil 1-4 July
831 David from Australia 1-4 July
832 Pablo from Mexico 4-7 July
833 Ray-Nee from Singapore 4-7 July
834-839 Monique, Rembrand, Leandra, Micah, Quinn, Ilana from the Netherlands 5-6 July
840 Sirapon from Thailand 28-31 July
841-842 Tobias and Apple from Germany/Tibet 31 July-2 August
843 Jule from Germany 1-2 August
844 Sophie from Taiwan 4-6 August
845 Miguel from Spain 4-8 August
846 Catarina Isabel from Portugal 4-8 August
847 Maria from Madrid 4-8 August
848-849 Julien and Raphael from Switzerland 8-10 August
850 Hans from US 8-11 August
851-852 Jenny and Michael from Australia 9-15 August
853 Morteza from Iran 8-9 August
854 Masoud from Iran 8-15 August
855 Tobi from Germany August
856 Felix from France September
857 Michele from Italy September
858-859 Jonathan and Jaiden from London September
860-861 David and Mich from Germany / Mexico September
862 David from Canada September
863 Mike from Germany / Japan October
864-865 Arianna and Maria From Greece October
866 Fernando from Switzerland October
867 Pablo from Mexico October
868 Gibeom from South Korea October
869-870 Thomas et Mathilde from Paris November
871-872 Samer from Egypt and Jackie from US
873 Heather from Australia
874 Pavi from Vietnam
875 Katsura from Japan
876 Angela Kim from South Korea
877 Catarina from Italy 6-8 December
878-881 David, Linda, Frank and Bruno from Sweden 22-26 December
882-883 Amélie and Richard from France 28-30 December
884-887 Kasia, Rafal, Natalia and Zuzia from Poland 28 December - 1 January


888-889 Oleh Blahiy and Ira from Ukraine 22-24 January
890 Dave Van Assche from US 5-9 February
891 Quesia from Brazil 17-20 February
892 Denis from Paris 17-20 February
893-894 Wojciech and Patrycja from Poland 20-23 February
895 Lilith from Austria 24-27 March
896 Brenda from Mexico 30 March - 1 April
897 Bob from Netherlands 1-2 April
898 Phung from Vietnam 1-2 April
899 - 900 John and Ryan from South-Korea/NY 8-9 April
901 Rachel from South Korea 11-14 April
902 Sabrina from New York 11-14 April
903-906 BW Sandra and family from Germany 19-21 April
907-908 Sezer and wife from Turkey 28-30 April
909-911 Görkem, Merve and Tuba from Turkey 1-2 May
912 Dain fromSouth Korea 5-6 May
913 Yeon-Woo from South Korea 6-10 May
914-915 Antonella and Martin from Brazil 11-13 May
916-917 Elke and Bernhard from Germany 14-15 June
918-919 Finn and Claudia from Germany Feb-July
920-926 Sasa family from Netherlands 18-22 July
927 Chloe from South Korea 25-26 July
928 Sara from USA 25-28 July
929-930 Claudia and Moises from Mexico 27-29 July
931-932 Dave and Nikki from US North-Carolina 30-31 July
933-935 Mario, Eduardo and Javier from Mexico 5-8 August
936-937 Vicky from Hong Kong and Roger from Taiwan 10-12 August
938 Paul from Bulgaria 10-12 August
939-940 Ale and Popy from Argentina
941-944 Pavlo, Lena, Tim and Ivan from Ukraine 2-4 September
945 Ivo from the Netherlands 12-13 September
946-947 Hatice and Mustafa from Turkey 14-15 September
948 Cho ki from Korea 22-23 September
949 Rani from Indonesia 21-24 September
950 Georgina from Australia 20-24 September
951 Jeonwong from Korea 24-27 September
952-954 Fanny, Davide and Elise from Italy 27 Sept - 10 October
955 Greg from Mexico 13-17 October
956-957 Tina and Lee from UK 9-13 November

958 YOU???


primary school education
short trips with kids
theme parcs
cycling tours for children
fine food
pancakes and chocolates

Music, Movies, and Books

Music : very open minded and interested in everything new
The boys prefer dutch children songs
Nina likes Avril Lavigne, Green day, Mika, Dido, Clouseau,...
Lieke prefers Jeff Buckley, Simon and Garfunkel, Clouseau, French music, Sarah Bettens, Laïs, Dutch music, Mika, ...
Peter likes Zita Swoon, Hooverfonic, Arno, Nirvana, Deus, classical music, hardcore (sometimes), variety is important

Movies : hmm, we are no movie addicts. Peter likes non-American movies (Chinese, Slovakian, Afghan,...)
Lieke is more the romantic, drama, comedy and family movies-type.
The children love watching all kind of children movies. In Belgium all movies for adults are in original version, but subtitled in Dutch and French. Children movies are Dutch dubbed. The dvd's are always in 4-5 languages (always French, Dutch and English, sometimes more).

Books : We have over 2000 books and would love to exchange a book if you want. 95% of our books are Dutch. We have over 1000 children-books. CS-Children always love to read those books, even when they don't understand a word of it. I would love to read books for your children in Dutch, French or English.
We like to read novels, art-books, children books, ...

If possible, please bring a childrenbook in your own language and tell us what it is about, as we collect them.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I've invited 2 Polish girls in my house when I was 18 and still living at my parents house.
They were looking for a place to sleep (youth hostel), but couldn't find anything at that time.
So I said : "You can use our couch.'
That's my first couch-surfing-experience...

Went to SriLanka with a friend when I was 16 and to Thailand with a friend when I was 17.
Afterwards I traveled less, being a young mum, just started to work,..
Now we are settled, we enjoy swapping about 6-10 times a year.
We love to visit all kind of things with our children.

Organizing a sing along meeting for the first time and having in our house 36 enthusiastic CS-"singers". It was so much fun, that we will organize this 2-4 times a year now. And always more and more people join...

Teach, Learn, Share

Yes, this is very important to us, as there are a lot of kids in the house. Don't teach them, but show and share.

Show how you live, show how you pray, show how you cook, show some games you know, show your language and culture.

Share some food and traditions, share a book, share your stories.

So will we...

What I Can Share with Hosts

Lieke loves to cook. She would love to prepare you meals from her country or what she learned from surfers we have hosted.

Of course we will help you in the house as much as we can.

A little gift from Belgium you'll hopefully appreciate: beer, chocolates...

We can go to a restaurant, a bar or to the shop: it's on us :-)

Countries I’ve Visited

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia

Countries I’ve Lived In


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