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Hiking + Bonfire party in Müllrose

Organized by JO-HANNES

Easter Saturday is traditionally celebrated by making bonfires. I have no idea why, that's why it's a tradition :) You can either make a fire in your kitchen (not recommended), or join this trip to the largest bonfire in East-Brandenburg!

Here comes a short summary of what to expect:

• Meeting point: 13:15 at Alexanderplatz, upstairs on the platform where the train to Frankfurt-Oder goes. I'm waiting next to the yellow poles, wearing my blue hat. Be sure to be on time so we can get Brandenburg-Berlin-Tickets for everybody. Price is 8 - 10 Euro per person for the whole day.

• We take the train at 13:28 to Frankfurt-Oder, and arrive in Mixdorf at 15:00.

• Hiking tour! ca. 12 km through the beautiful Schlaube-valley with forests and lakes. Maybe wolves, too.

• Bonfire in Müllrose! Dancing in the party tent, food and drinks. Entry: 2,50 €

• Leave the party at 22:30 to catch the train back to Berlin.

Your mom says: Don't forget to bring some food and rain-resistant clothes :-*

Hope to see you all on Saturday! Cheers, Hannes

  1. Rafael Wiese

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    looks great to me!

  2. Rafael Wiese

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Brandenburg-Berlin-Grupppen-Ticket kostet 5-5,50€ pro Person,bist zu 5 Personen Gruppen.

  3. Rose Connors Dance

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    bwoah, das sieht ja mega cool aus.Was für eine schöne Idee. Ich bin dabei!!

  4. Friederike Wilsenack

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Sounds cool! see u guys tomorrow!


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Cool, let's hope for sun tomorrow :)
    Meeting point is next to the yellow poles, up on the platform. Bis morgen!

  6. Javier López-Soldado

    Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

    Hey, do you remember the platform number? Thx. Bis morgen


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    It's supposed to be platform #1.

  8. Rafael Wiese

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    It's sunny but it will get cold when the sun goes down, so don't forget a jacket. Johannes, are going back the ame forest way to the station?


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    @Rafal: From the party, it's a 30 minute walk to the train station in Müllrose.


    Antakya, Hatay, Turkey

    Can't make it today. Enjoy!

  11. Friederike Wilsenack

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Thanks again! Had a great time! Would be great to see u guys again! Have a lovely Easter friederike

  12. Valeria Tereshenkova

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Thank u, guys! :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)!

  13. Rose Connors Dance

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Thanks for a lovely day in the woods yesterday people!! A lovely way to spend Easter Saturday in Berlin. Thanks for organising everything Hannes! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.
    Rose :)

  14. Jozef von Sofa

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    A lot of fun, cheers all!


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    It was a lot of fun to spend this day with you. Thanks for joining. I hope to see some of you at the next hiking+party - event.


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    The next event will take us to Königs Wusterhausen:

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