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New York Camp Crash 2 !! ☼

Organized by Christian G, Frido, and Orpheus Craigue

New Couchsurfing event that is open to all CouchSurfers and their friends.

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What's the SCHEDULE?

Pending Schedule:

- Friday, September 7th, 2018
(Arrival Day !)

• Meet and Greet LUNCH
• Camp Setup
• Camp Exploration
• Dinner Cookout/Potluck
• Night Party !

- Saturday, September 8th, 2018

• Breakfast
• Hiking
• Fishing
• Yoga
• Lake Hangout
• Picnic
• Volleyball
• Sunset Viewing
• Dinner Cookout/Potluck
• Marshmallows over the fire
• Camp Fire Stories
• Night Party 2.0 !! (now with Glow-sticks)

- Sunday, September 09th, 2018

• Brunch (by yours truly)
• Camp Breakdown
• Nature walk
• Lake & Chill
• Dinner in the town
• Farewells !!

And for those that are not aware, the overall goal of these "Couch Crashes" is to bring cool, open minded travelers together.

More Details as we get closer to the date.
Get Excited !!

  1. Jason Griffing

    Colchester, CT, USA

    Awesome Christian!

  2. Kaia Colban

    Conshohocken, PA, USA

    I'll be driving up from Philadelphia if anyone wants a ride from NJ or Phily

  3. steve ngo

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Is it capped at 100 ppl only?

  4. steve ngo

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    @adamnewyork lol, bro. i never mentioned anything about the weekend. ;) im saying that the event stops bringing more people after 100 count.

  5. Nishi

    Raleigh, NC, USA

    If there is a wait list, add me to it!

  6. Douglas Concha

    Brooklyn, NY, USA

    So this event is capped or what? I can't "join the event," says its "at capacity".

  7. Jeremy Keefer

    New York, NY, USA

    That is open event?

  8. Patricia Johnson

    Ringwood, NJ, USA

    Location camp ground??? Will we have electricity


    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    capacity reached? - how many of those who signed up months ahead will show up?

  10. Frido

    New York, NY, USA

    I am looking forward for it.

    We will release the location with enough time before the event. Capacity should not be an issue as long as reservations are made in time by the individual travel/tent/car/groups. This is not private property and all rules and regulations of the location apply and need to be followed.

    About the event:
    Last year in the light of the short noticed cancelation of Burning Couch I booked a camping spot in Long Island and published it and many peeps showed up. Even from Washington and North Carolina.

    It was close to the beach with hicking, bon fire, potluck, beerpong, moskitos, sunburn. There was were showers and toilets and electricity.

    We had an amazing 2 days of fun and decided alrerady last year to do it again regardless of other potential events that might or might not happen.

    We think there is enough time for camping trips, potlucks, pants off dance offs, etc at the same time. No need to get salty.

    Good things to bring:
    Good vibe, Tents, Isolation mat, insect repellent, warm cloth for the night, sleeping bag, food to share, water, lights, hammocks, batteries, speakers and music, first aid kits, more repellent, foldable chairs, drinks to share, things for BBQ, grills, charcole, beachstuff, positive vibes,

  11. Van Nguyen

    Austin, TX, USA

    So are the dates for sure? Where exactly are we setting up camp? Sorry if this was addressed before.

  12. Kouley Muss Adêm Mustapha

    Manisa, Turkey

    i want to participate at this evenment but now i am in Turkey. Could you send me a İnvitation letters

  13. John Seminerio

    Woodhaven, NY, United States

    the ecology center at floyd bennet is a trip

  14. Patricia Johnson

    Ringwood, NJ, USA

    In Long Island Camp Grounds one should reserve long time in advance


    East Orange, NJ, USA

    Call me Wes
    I would like to attend this event
    what time is the arrival on Thursday and what time the event will end on Sunday?

    Thank you,

  16. Maryam Shokri

    Malayer, Hamadan Province, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    Hi everybody

  17. Christian Guerrero

    Silver Spring, MD, USA

    Has a campground been selected?

  18. Dave Hirsh

    Brooklyn, NY, USA

    I’m going to sail my ⛵️ there, looking for people who want to sail there on my 30 foot boat🎣🍺🍷🐟

  19. Robert LIMARZI

    Meriden, CT, USA

    How and when do we pay??????

  20. Jen Hajime

    New York, NY, USA

    I'm down!! Can't wait

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