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About Me

*******************V. E. R. Y_______________________I. M. P. O. R. T. A. N. T!!!! ***********


A. Current Mission / About me / Philosophy
B. 10 Tips for newbies to follow out
C. Tips for female travelers and/or couples
D. Rules for my accepted guests
**************L. E. T. ' S_______________________S. T. A. R. T!!!! ***********

A. Current Mission / About me / Philosophy


Learn from yesterday, live today, dream for tomorrow...


I have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two arms. I'm a man.
Nobody tells his/her flaws, why?
I often speak so much, but sometimes I can't speak any word, I become shy. I eat a lot, and sometimes so fast, I want to live the whole day, and sleep a very little time, but I love to sleep till late when I work hard. I need to have the attention of people, but sometimes I really need to hide myself in my secret world. I'd like to live in the jungle but I need cities to make films. I would have liked to get married soon, but when I had the opportunity I ran away. I really love all people in general, but tI find some of them like stupid goats.
When I was 9 I read "On the road".
I think something good happened. Thank you for the book Jacky


Helping strangers it's an amazing experience. Giving something to someone without any interest. We should do it everyday. Without any interest. I know, it's a Utopia.



I have been a very patient couchsurfer for a while, but after living in Rome and hosting hundreds of people (and receveing up to 30 couchrequests per day) I need to write a few words for those who just subscribe here and don't really know how it works and just want to find a couch to crash (which is fine btw :-P): lets' start

1 - Don't send messages if you need to write a couchrequest. If you need a couch, send me a couchrequest, otherwise I can't reply.
2 - Don't send short copy and paste messages, they normally never work with anybody.
You're on the right track if your answer to the question: "Why do I want to stay with this host?" is more like, "He loves cooking and so do I," "I bet they have some interesting thoughts about music theory," or "We could have a crazy night out together." Know why you're interested in meeting him/her as a host, and let them know about it! After all, which sounds friendlier to you: "I need a place to crash," or "I'm really interested in hearing about your trip to China last year"?
3 - Write a decent couchrequest. Things like "Hey, can you host me" are considered a bit rough and unkind for a person who is giving you time, accommodation and care. There's no couchsurfer around who is happy to be used a "sleeping place stranger", so give the host a reason to host you. A plus is when in your requests you specify something we could do together to convince your host in order to be accepted. It's very rare that you can be accepted among hundreds of people who try to have a place, if you don't mention anything "more" than a simple sentence like "hey can you host me and my friend?"
4 - Mark Twain said "If we were meant to talk more than listen, we would have two mouths and one ear"
Basically you can apply the same rule before you write couchrequests: "Read more, write less" so reading well the profiles of your possible hosts, will give you the chance to write just to few of them, but in a better way. For my experience, when I copied and paste a couchrequest, it never worked. So quality not quantity will lead to have a nice feedback. If you don't believe me, just test it! :-D
5 - Fill your profile completely. If I don't know anything about you, how can I host you? In this case, it does matter to write a lot, but you need to do it just once, and you will see the results. The more you write on your profile, the more reliable you are.
6 - Upload pictures which describes your life style and how is world seen by your eyes. More than couple of pictures of you are also welcome
7 - References - Friends - Verification - are all things that make you a reliable user. If you have none or few of them, you'll hardly get a host, so you need to work on your profile sections and your couchrequest.
8 - Write things that make your host understand that you are already prepared about her/him. Making references about the profile you just read is always a good idea. Also, if you read something about my profile (for ex.), you can understand better which kind of host I am, and maybe formulate the best request (once I read in a guy profile that he was used to be naked at home and watching porn movies in front of his guests. If I didn't read it, I might have sent him a request). Read the languages I speak. If you speak to me in english instead of your mother tongue, (if I speak that language) you're just doing wrong, cause you make me understand that you wrote your request in english for saving time. "COUCHSURFING IS NOT A "SAVE-TIME WEBSITE"
9 - If you travel more than one person, copy the profile link of those who travel with you (I don't accept people with no profile, so don't tell me "my friend has no profile" cause I will say "you better convince him/her to make one")
10. I don't know what to write here, but 9 tips for newbies looked odd, so I made 10 ;-)


FEMALE TRAVELERS - When you’re surfing, consider staying with other women or with families, especially if you’re traveling solo.
Be clear about your boundaries and don’t be shy about stating them.
Educate yourself about the cultural and religious differences in the places you visit. Gender roles and expectations differ widely.
COUPLES. For my personal consideration, couples might send requests to other couples. I don't want to say that singles won't accept you, but I see easier to share things when conditions are similar, so it's just a tip you're free to follow up or not.


1 - Read carefully the section (on the cs menù) MY HOME
2 - It can be annoying to write all these informations for you, telling you to read them, and getting calls once you're in my town/city, for being asked things that you could read before. I do that because it's better for you not to spend money in international calls, and for me for not repeating always the same things.
3 - NEVER EVER expect from me to reply to your sms. My phone contract doesn't allow me to reply to your sms, so the best connection is to have a internet communication. I am able to receive calls, in case you're not in a wifi area or you cannot use your 4G Internet. SMS can be fine just to advice me about something, but you won't have a feedback, so always better to have a internet connection.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I try to help people make their travels better, and I like to make my travels better, by other people...
It's an easy philosophy...:-)


I had a profile since the 2008. Initially alone, in a second moment I shared my profile with a person, so I created this since February 2013., so I'm now 7 years experienced.
I used to partecipate in CS weekly events in Florence, Rome, London, Paris, Lisbon, Valencia, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
Known more than hundreds people in CS.


There's a specific section for books, music and movies.
Please say something different here, something different to show your personality. Don't be scared to be detailed. Somebody won't understand your sense of humour or your spirit, but some will love it.

Danser tres mal avec des gens qui dansent tres bien, cucinare cose che non esistono e anche se non sono buone sentirsi soddisfatti per averle inventate, mirar pelìculas aburridas y llegar hasta el final si dormirse, walking with a map but not looking at it, salir de fiesta con calimocho, andare in bicicletta in discesa, voyager avec des inconnus, cantare a voce alta canzoni che parlano di liberta , drawing very bad pictures as a young child, manger les flans de toutes les boulangeries de Paris, scoprire tutti i modi di dire di fare sega, forca, sale, bigiare in Italiano, programar el camino de Santiago y nunca hacerlo para que se quede un sueno para toda la vida, cooking english dishes better than english people, prendre le vélib pendant la nuit quand il pleut qui est encore mieux qu'attendre le noctilien a Chatelet, mangiare tanta pizza in Italia perché all'estero non è mai così buona, regarder comment les parisiennes s'habillent et elles jouent a faire les belles, encontrar ideas maravillosas y tener algo para apuntarlas antes de que se te olviden, looking at the sky and thinking that is a real way for feeling in a fantastic world, regarder des films que t'inspirent quelque chose sur l'amour meme si t'as pas d'envie de être amoureux avec quelqu'un, leggere libri già letti e trovarci dentro migliaia di altri libri che non ci avevi ancora trovato.

Music, Movies, and Books

Jean Vigo, Sergio Leone, Krzysztof Kievslowski, Francois Truffaut, Bernardo Bertolucci, Michel Gondry, Takeshi Kitano, Jean-Luc Godard, Aki Kaurismaki, Stanley Kubrick, Micheal Mann, Michelangelo Antonioni, Witold Rybczynski, Mario Monicelli, Francis Veber, Wong Kar-Wai, Dino Risi, Roberto Rossellini, Jean Renoir, Jean Rouch, Man Ray, Alain Resnais, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, Giuseppe Tornatore, Robert Bresson, Frères Dardenne, Abbas Kiarostami.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Fabrizio De Andre, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldifield, Francesco Guccini, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Supertramp, The cult, Deep Purple, Genesis, Marillion, Johann Sebastian Bach, Renato Zero, Lucio Battisti, Queen, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The cure, Toto, The Pogues, Modena City ramblers, Afterhours, Amy Winehouse, Chick Corea, Nico Pistolesi.

Jack Kerouac, George Simmel, Fedor Dostoevsky, Stefano Benni, William Shakspeare, Daniel Pennac, Carlo Goldoni, Valentina Santini, Eschilo, Sofocle, Euripide, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Honore de Balzac, Milan Kundera, Percival Everett, Aristotele, Oscar Wilde, Mordecai Richler, Javier Cercas, Walter Benjamin, Andrea De Carlo.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I decided to change everything I built for 27 years. I left my city, my job, my car, my girlfriend, my flat, my country, and I moved abroad. I decided then to undertake again my studies at University in Film Studies, something that everybody told me won't give me chances to work after degree. This is maybe the craziest thing I ever done.

I got money for dancing very bad, drunk, in a square in Pamplona, after staying around the city for 12h alone, with no documents, no mobile, no t-shirt, no money, lost from my friends, when I couldn't speak any spanish nor english in my first travel abroad, which is good for getting started (and a Philipino guy wanted to make me a blowjob for 20 euros...what? Do I worth so little money??I'm not kidding, it's a true story)
I learnt how to squat a flat in London, I taught people how to squat a flat in London, I formed a group for squatting a flat in London, but I've been scared about squatting a flat in London myself. Then I squatted a flat in London, already kept by other people (I promise one day I will squat myself)
I get arrested in Brussels, for taking picture of Belgian Police during a real capture
I slept under the stars, but on the stairs of the main church of Carcassonne in one of the beautiful nights of August 2011
I got money for singing “Alleluya” from the only person who was walking in the city centre of Dublin at 3 am during my trip in 2008
I deeply loved a woman
I crashed and loved to crash parties
I remained awake for a maximum of 75 hours without sleeping
I lost 12 wallets, 15 mobiles, 5 set of keys, 9 times my driving license. All that before 2007. I still lose random money because I don’t wear wallets anymore. Update: I Lost two credit cards during a trip in between 4 days, in two different moments. How can I can do that???? :-(
I found 6 mobiles, 1 wallet and once 5 pounds in Glasgow.
I read 100 books from which I remember ehm, not even the title.
I found an independent western community lost in the dominican forest, which lives with solar energy and have no sewer system during 2018 christmas holydays.
I played Seek and wine, do you know this?
I took autoflash pictures with strangers on the metro of Warsaw during my kickscooter trip in summer 2014
I learnt how to prepare Czech alcol Slivovice.
I sang with the loudest voice the Italian song "Ahi Maria", in the streets of Manchester
I arrived at the train station of Rome 6 hours before my flight in Pisa, then I arrived at the WRONG station of Florence 1 hour 30 minutes before my flight, then I arrived at the RIGHT station of Florence 1 hour and 15 minutes before my flight, then I arrived at the train station of Pisa, 9 minutes before my flight. I arrived at the airport 3 minutes before my flight. I got the flight. :-D
I trusted in humans before Couchsurfing existed.
I trust people even more since I’m on Couchsurfing.

Teach, Learn, Share

You can teach me original recepes of your country.
You can teach me how to fix a car.
You can teach me how to sew a pullover.
You can teach me how to solve a Rubik's cube.
You can teach some math basic systems.
You can teach me how to play your instrument.
You can teach me how to design a house no budget.
You can teach me how to be patient with rude people.
You can teach me how to draw.
You can teach me how to walk on high heels.
You can teach me the song Happy birthday in your language (not seriously).
You can teach me some Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, or the language of the monkeys.
I can teach you the language of the monkeys.
I can teach you How to forget where you store Your documents or credit cards,
and How to lose them definitely, when you Travel alone and abroad. It s not a joke,
Im a master in this, I could open a University and give classes about that.;)
I can teach you how to make professional massages.
I can teach you how to live in London almost for free.
I can teach you how to travel for free for large trips.
I can teach you how to make tiramisù, pesto, sugo alla bolognese, purée, pizza, bread, and the cooking point of pasta "al dente".
I can teach you how to take a good photo or to make a good video.
I can teach how to fix a furniture or an electric device in your home.
I can teach you how to treat children.
I can teach you how to make hand made stuff with wood, plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc.
I can teach you how to make diy dish and laundry soap .
I can teach you how to hitch hike :-)
I can teach you how to find the cheapest flights with Ryanair.
I can teach you how to kiss someone with the eyes.

What I Can Share with Hosts

For travellers: Some guide tours around the city or drinks/aperitivo or night out.

For guests: at the least a ground and a roof. then I always have some foods in my fridge (almost always)

For hosts: My skills in kitchen and my willing to cook something for thank my host, some classes of the languages i speak fluently, some photography classes are also available, haha.

For everybody: my attitude, my smile, my stories, my ears for your stories, my help in any kind of situation

Countries I’ve Visited

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saint Lucia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Countries I’ve Lived In

France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

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