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Über mich


My mission is to never stop learning-to continually evolve-to become more of myself everyday!


I try to to do the best job I can at being myself, who ever that is. Like Alice in Wonderland say's "I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then". I think we are all constantly evolving and should allow that process unfold in delightful expectation! I don't like judging and I make an effort to see every person in their best light- and do! I encounter every situation as an opportunity and lesson to use to move us on the way towards our destiny!


We all must do what we feel we all must do. I feel everyone in life does the best job they can, that everyone is enheritently good-but because of whatever life has dealt us we have different ways of coping/understanding/believing/feeling/ knowing/trusting- I could go on all day. I think we are all trying to get back to the same place. One of wholeness, acceptance, love, one we were once a part of. I really believe this to be true of everyone. I think its important to put being who you are as a priority. That you must keep yourself in check, live with intentions, and with bravery to not compromise the person you must be. I dont think the world gives us enough opportunities to grow into our individuality. I actually think it gives us to many opportunities to "grow out" of it. Always keep perservering.


Oh boy, I accumulate these like lint in the dryer! That might be a bad metaphor? I have to be careful before I get completely overloaded and have no direction. I want to learn everything! Currently I am consistently into Swing dancing, photography, yoga, cooking, health related things, growing in my spirituality, hot beverages involving coffee, cafe's, cute little shops, writing, learning about people, exploring, going on walks and bike rides with good music! Really doing anything to good music.

  • writing
  • photography
  • dancing
  • swing dancing
  • dining
  • cooking
  • coffee
  • yoga
  • partying
  • music
  • cycling

Musik, Filme und Bücher

I love watching films, love being taken out of the real world! Books and films are such an excellent portal. I'm a girl when it comes to books and movies. I love rom. com's, any movie that leaves you feeling like your life is going to be lived a little differently or makes you stop and think how fortunate you are etc... Life lessons. My favourite movie is The holiday, you know the christmas one, Kate Winslett, Jack Black, Jude Law?
Books, same thing goes. I always like to learn valuable things so I try not to just read garbage that isn't going to change me (Twilight? I did that- it does happen). I like self help books, or books encouraging you to discover more about making the most of our short experience here on earth. I don't read as much as I'd like to.

Eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich gemacht habe

You'll have to ask!

Lehren, lernen, teilen

I like helping people discover who they are and hopefully giving them courage to embark on that journey where ever they are in life. I listen, encourage and try to bring out everyones seeds of greatness which all of us I believe are born with. I love taking pictures and love the opportunity of having new subjects, so if you'd like to get some photo's done I'm your girl!! I can teach you a couple of camera basics as well! Cooking is twice as fun with a buddy!! We could have a cooking party! I really enjoy yummy/healthy/convenient food- I can give you some healthy pointers and advice to living a lifestyle that have all these things! I can show you some yoga moves? Hmmm...I'm sure I'll think of more-
What you can teach me? So much! Anything! I'll fill this out more thoroughly soon!

As for what I want to learn- there is so much! Anything! I always enjoying learning more about the things I allready like but I appreciate all learning opportunities, especially sharing experiences.

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