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About Me

Hello salut здравствуй Hola guten tag ciao.

Insta инста (write me that you are from Cs if you happear as weird profile and I don’t know you are from here sure I will block напиши мне что ты нашел меня от Кс если похоже что тебе странный контакт и не знаю что ты откуда я заблокирую вообще):


Update 08/2023 🚫
Recently i meet and guested various couchsurfers..
I payed them dinners, driven with/for them, guested at home giving a bed for free, prepered food by myself, been their guide, suggested and or showed top places and more else, also sended them positive reviews… and they are disappeared as ghosts without motivation and I didn’t nothing bad against them also, just I wrote them after meeting if all fine their travel and they are fine arrived at home etc, they also don’t read don’t answer anymore but ever online etc…
So I’m really deluded by Cs members that have also many positive reviews… so….. I DON’T guest anymore anyone… IF I wanna guest I WILL write you… NOT YOU that you PRETEND to be guested from me and also insist as a stalker. Publish your travel in the location that you wanna visit (example Florence) and I will find you and contact you…. if arrive to me messages asking me for be guested it mean also that you not read my profile so I will directly block you cause I’m tired of such many request that everyday arrive me and 99% of them are just opportunists and similars. I search only the 1% of good Cserfers. I left active the option: is guesting, cause 99% of people are not able to use this app they don’t know how to use filters in: wanna socialize, or: 10/20/30/50km far etc so many meets are not possible that way cause are not able to use the app correctly and find others.
No sociopathic no psychopaths and similar, stay away from me, thanks.
Update 10/2023🚫
This is couchsurfing, a cultural exchange, not the app called: ask and receive an hotel and a vacation for free without do nothing. People in general offer to guest back the person whom they ask to be guested in their travels, or they offer theirselves for cook, clean, teach anything they know (example yoga), to gift a simple bottle or a magnetic from their cities, to offer a coffe a drink etc, any is accepted in short, the important is to do something, so if in the request you just ask ask ask ask pretend pretend pretend and don’t offer nothing, sorry but I’m not searching for opportunists/gold diggers that wanna just gain from me. Stay away from me please.
Update 05/2024🚫
After many hangouts programmated with Cserfers in last two months, 90% of them really been not reliable disappearing at last minute before than meetings and more else, after days/weeks that we talked organized all etc, honestly I’m tired to waste time in chat, time in car traveling moving, and or reserving great places to people for make them have good experiences and memories in Italy, and after with bul***ts and excuses they disappear, or totally disappearing and going offline forever with any reply or text at moment of meetings, so if you don’t have minimum 20 reviews and all positive I’m not interested anymore also in hangouts, so please don’t desturbe me if you are that way, don’t make me waste my precious time, thanks. I’m tired of bad cserfers. Is full in Italy of them and have ever same characters as where they are from, how many people they are, how long they published the travel (bad organized), no reviews, profiles created the day before for find “an hotel for free” writing for know Italian culture and other bu***ts used as excuse and more else.
I changed status of my profile in: want to socialize. Thanks of god no one wrote me anymore same copy paste requests for find hotel for free and more else
🚫 after many people filtered with me I wanna just specify:
I respect lgbt+ community, I talk with everyone with respect etc, but I’m NOT gay bi trans trav, but I’M just straight etero monogame. So please if you write me just for ask informations etc as serious Cserfer okay, but if you must flirt with me I’m sorry but I don’t like it and you wronged person.
📨⏱️I’m a serious and educated person, I answer ever to everyone as before as possible, often untill 15 minutes, maximum 8 hours later if I’m sleeping or doing something important. So.. if you are the typical “vip” that answer one time for week or month I block you directly or the same for whom that ask to be guested or something urgently now for now and go offline for days with no answer back. So please don’t waste my time. From message sended by me or received from you I calculate two days/two times returned online with no answer from you, as you been online for your stuff you was able to find 10 seconds for a simple answer as: yes no maybe etc, if I don’t see any answer and text after such two days two times online I block in advance for don’t waste other time with no serious and no educated people that behave this way (typical on Cs)

🚶🏻‍♂️In general I travel alone and don’t ask you a place for sleep I take an hotel if need, just ask you some suggests, informations and maybe a coffe togheter two minutes or if you have pleasure to show me a little bit your city togheter I will appretiace and do the possible from my side in change in back to for you, just ask me what can I do for you and I will do my best.

✅I can help you by suggests and informations of places here in center and north Italy.
I can be your guide (for free)
Available for talk and/or organize in general about travels togheter somewhere in the world
Possible to visit places togheter during weekends when I’m free if you contact me earlier in advance before for reserve for meet (valid everywhere in center and north Italy)
Possible to preper you at home a good Italian aperitive or carbonara and drink a good Lavazza coffe togheter if I’m available or teach you how to preper them directly
Hangouts okay for a beer a cocktail etc just ask and let’s organize. NO last minutes things spontaneous etc with no organization in advance

🌍I been/saw one million times/not pleasant for me these places so I don’t wanna return/ hangout again in:
Florence, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Liguria region Genova 5terre, south Italy.
All other places are ok/fine for me.
Preferences for: Rome and Lazio, montecatini terme, Chianti, Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Torino and Piemonte

🛌I prefer less to guest cause I will not to ask to be guested back in other countries cause I take hotel for myself for don’t have problems during travel cause of bad Cserfers/hosts, I prefer more just hangouts and have travels togheter just and only
Better request sended minimum two weeks before and maximum two months before than arrival, consider that write me many people for day, plus personal life, so better if you contact me as earlier as possible for find me free.
As wrote in area about couch the house is for TWO guests (one divan couch and one bed 1+1=2), NO MORE. If you insist saying me you are 3 or more and that I must guest you the same I block you directly. There aren’t extra beds and space is it, we are not animals that sleep on floor and my home is not a zoo, so if you are this kind of person don’t write me, thanks.
🚫 you are typical “vip” that say: I do SPONTANEOUS travel? Don’t write me please or will block you, I need organization, I’m not as you a person that don’t work don’t do nothing in life and don’t know it’s plans in life, if you don’t have sure ideas 101% or you change ideas plans as the moon roteate don’t write me thanks. Same… if you are the typical traveler that visit million location for million months living on shoulder and money of other peoples/hosts for make their “dreams come true” their vacation forever etc please don’t write me or will block you, I’m tired of “cleaver” people that use others for their opportunities thanks.

📍I don’t live in Florence center, but little bit in south side of Florence’s district, I saved Florence city as residence for privacy anti stalking and can find and can be founded better, cause people from Cs know only 10 cities of italy and other places don’t exist for them unfortunately and are not able to use filters in research if i impost only as: wanna socialize or impost 50km of area from selection. + i had i try at home from thieves recently (thanks of god I made them escape) so I prefer to don’t show my position if possible (just for who I guest I say the various info)

❌ Black list, (some I published screenshots in album called bad couchsurfers so you can see by eyes who is right who is wrong etc) there are just one or more people that made various fake profiles thinking that I’m stu**d and I don’t see they have same photos, same name, new profile, 0 reviews etc, one for sure is this, also to you all that read my text suggest you to block directly everyone of his/her profiles:
Nhung Hoang (Vietnam)
-David stirling (Cambodia) 0 references originally from Australia write for be guested and have coffe and restaurant, answered him that I will work on such days so no able for it and blocked me cause not get the advantage that he searched
-Zhang shengkuy Nepal founded 3 different his profile with different names same photos everyone created in March 2024
-Isabel rojas Bolivia wrote me at 23:08 Italian time for be guested the day after writing text she wanna learn Italian culture but sending request for be guested I asked what she is searching for and that I don’t guests anymore also if she not read my profile and blocked me with no sense, cs send mail that they ban you after some blocks that you receive, and me to be banned cause of bad couchsurfers I’m tired, now I do an album for show about these bad csfers cause I’m tired of them. After some minutes she changed name of profile in Isabel Isabel (removed/changed: rojas). After one month her profile been deleted probably cause it she act this way with everyone many reported her profile to Cs and they blocked her profile forever.
Elena Bogdanova she published travel in Pisa, as you can read in photo in album: bad couchsurfers, I wrote her just suggests info for help her about the area and she blocked me with no reasons. So happear clear if she is not interested and don’t have gain from you she block you and bye bye

❌🚫 I think reviews talk by theirselves that I’m a good person, just for clarify I’m not a bad person but sure i want selection for don’t find around me disgusting people and similars, cause unfortunately just happened various times with Cs… so….Please:
No dirty people, no not educated polite people, no people that PRETEND, no people that waste food, no people that ask one minute ago for one minute after (last minutes) without organize, no texts copy paste with same words as philosophical dejavu that also you don’t believe in them, no people that write asks and also don’t write a simple hello Andrea, no people that write me without to read my profile’s text, no people ever online that don’t answer to messages for days, no fake profiles with 0 reviews 0 photos 0 friends 0% answer’s to messages created yesterday, no people that write me for desturb only, I’m a busy person don’t waste my time please. No prostitutes and similars. No fake people that say they escape from war but in reality they stay better than me that they come just for have a vacation for free with same old words and excuses that are not true, no animals and animal friendly around me, no vegan, no people that don’t drink don’t eat don’t smoke don’t live, no spiritual elf of forest and yoga masters, no people that wanna sleep on floor as animals, no Herbalife sellers and similars, no spammers of events and desturbers in general, no IT worker from remotely and similar that during a vacation are working, no people opportunist, no low budget travelers, no people that will never be present but just ask for a bed for free without to know each others etc as strangers. If I don’t receive review from you I don’t send back anymore cause if I received a review everytime that i sended to people that I guested or had time togheter from Cs now I had minimum the triple, but unlukily people are liars as snakes and they just want without to do nothing back after had pleasant vacation for free with me where they enjoyed all and more without to spend 1€.
We suppose that who i will guest we should have time togheter (1/10/100 days etc) so I wanna know who enter in my home talking a minimum before for can understand what person is (if educated etc etc), also not interested in a person that search just a bed that don’t apply a cultural exchange as Cs should be, no who want only to be guested as a king/queen for free and will not guest or do anything in back in future, this is called opportunism, no cultural exchange and is not Cs. Yes I have washing machine dry machine and all other else need for wash and clean dresses, but if you are a low budget traveler with no dresses with you cause you don’t wanna pay for baggages is your problem not mine, if you use them probably you will broke them cause you don’t know how they work and I can’t waste hours of my life for clean your dresses at home so please don’t ask me about it, just organize yourself. If you don’t know what you must to do in your life, what are your programs, if you use typical excuses as you are last minute decider that you decide at least etc and you change also idea every two minutes I’m not host for you and you are not guest for me, for me this is very not educated and just opportunism masked by excuses heard and re heard million times, so if I send you bad review and block you I’m sorry for you but you deserved this. I’m not interested in asking that I receive from low cost travelers about to come to my house for a shower for free and left, and not interested in be your free parking for your van or camper roulotte etc, so don’t send me such requests. Who have X reviews and any answer to them for me mean that you are the same old opportunist that used people and disappeared as a ghost also not educated cause not answered and not sended back to them a review in back as they did with you so for me you are just blocked, same for who have only reviews where been guested and any one where this person guested others for me mean that you only do vacation for free taking advantage on others for see the world and don’t spend.
If you are the typical traveler that publish one million travels and or have million reviews that go over for months from same area for me you are a typical opportunist that use people for stay months in vacation with their money so stay away from me.
If you are the typical traveler that write in text: spontaneously travel, I’m not interested in have contacts, just seen many as you and you are super bad organized make me only problems and stress changing every seconds your actions etc.
If you are the typical opportunist that is searching for stupid “chickens” for their vacation forever for free that write typical text like eh this is my dream etc I’m not interested in have contacts with you so please stay away from me.
If you are typical couchsurfer that write the fake text: I lost my old profile etc.. no is a typical bulls**t that I just seen million times from people that deserved and received million bad reviews and re made new profiles for new begin for don’t be judged, so please if you are this way don’t contact me.
Who send me friend request and never talked with me etc can consider his/herself just blocked, same for who is ever online and don’t answer never after days just by a simple yes no maybe etc and who publish a travel and go offline for months can be considered just blocked as not serious person and not educated that just waste time and don’t know in his/her life what must to do
Who have mental problems and similar I’m really sorry for him/her/they, but I don’t have time to waste, so please stay away from me if you are that way
I’m not an hotel 5* stars, I’m not a bank/not a sponsor/ no sugar daddy, so don’t search me for money and similar.
I’m not a baggage deposit service for people that I’m not guesting and I’m not a toilette or shower service at ask of whom is not guested by me.
I don’t wanna travel to: center and south America, Africa, Arabic’s medioriental nations, South Asia. So if you are from there will not be possible cultural exchange as couchsurfing want, cause I will never come there and i guest you here, so don’t have sense to meet each others, same for Erasmus students that can’t guest back please don’t ask me to be guested, if wanna just hangout for a coffe etc okay but don’t ask me to guest you cause you will never guest me back cause you don’t have space at home and other excuses as this, if you wanna just travel the world for free and don’t do nothing back to whom guested you is your problem so don’t ask me to gift you a vacation for free without nothing back.
When you enter in my bathroom, toilette is clean, so please when you use it left it clean after you as was before than your use, I’m not Cinderella that wanna clean your “souvenirs” in toilette, so please if you are such kind of dirty person go in the forest not in my toilette please.
Thanks for listening.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

For make friendships, know new people and maybe one day show each others best places of our nations.


Now I’m interested in travels in Italy, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, France and Russia сейчас интересно только отпуск в Италии, Польши Молдови Болгарии Франции, России.
Art, culture, museums, flowers, movies, moda, foods, party, events, work.

  • arts
  • cooking
  • desserts
  • music
  • mountains
  • travel
  • photo
  • food
  • nature
  • russian language
  • fun
  • dance
  • sea
  • disco
  • movie
  • france
  • italy
  • museums
  • love
  • russian
  • cakes
  • pictures
  • russia
  • monuments
  • russian culture
  • events
  • кино
  • танцы
  • готовить
  • model
  • moda
  • россия
  • любовь
  • люблю путешествовать
  • versace

Music, Movies, and Books

Books: The pictures of Dorian Gray. The great Gatsby. Lolita. Lao tse. Movies: Toy boy. The gladiator. Inception. Suicide squad. Autumn in New York.
Music: Лобода. Егор крид. Жа халиб. Rolling Stones. Antonello Venditti. Charles aznavour. Bach. Wagner. Sum41. Placebo. Max pezzali.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Helped people in earthquake’s area and refugees

Teach, Learn, Share

Can teach you: Italian dishes, martial arts and various sports, marketing, historical facts, show you places, make you photos and videos during tours, show you shopping places. Other by request.

What I Can Share with Hosts

Just ask me and if possible I will do. For all information and other write me one message and I will answer as before as possible. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, viber telegram and WhatsApp, write me and will give you my contacts there.

Countries I’ve Visited

Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Monaco, Russian Federation, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine

Countries I’ve Lived In


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