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  • 93 Recomendacións 47 Confirmadas y positivas
  • Fluent in English, Indonesian; learning French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • 31, Male
  • Miembro desde 2011
  • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher & SUP Yoga Teacher
  • International Relations(BA),University of Pembangunan Nas...
  • De East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
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Sobre mí

Welcome to the world of DREAMERS! :)))

I have been active to CouchSurfing for many years! Of course, i knew and understand what CS is! You have no idea how amazing this website is that already changed my perspectives & thought about giving and sharing to new friend like you. For those reasons, why i keep hosting and sharing things in my life, especially my dreams!
I am really into dreams stuff and always go for reaching it! #nevergiveup
Connect with me and get inspired my insta @marianobryan
(ps. For some reasons, I need to tell you "I m not a gay"! But at I respect gay friends) thank you!

Guys, let me introduce myself;
I am certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher!I teach around Bali (Canggu, Uluwatu and Sanur)!
My yoga style is great for lengthening your spine, realizing stressful at issues, antigravity helps for blood circulation, stretching your lower back pain and make some funs on the belt! TRUST me people love to join my class and you are welcome!
I also offer a private yoga class at empty beach at South of Bali! :)
PS. I am looking for a model (girl) for my yoga class at the beach, any VOLUNTEER?


I have been living and working in Bali since 2 years (originally, i grew up in small island of the eastern part of Indonesia, FLORES) I started my yoga journey in Canggu, Bali. The way i found Yoga was also strange because i HATE yoga before seriously because i still can not believe today, I am a yoga teacher, what a life? lol....I can share more if you are interested to hear my philosophy, my travel experience and experience that brings me to be myself and love myself deep and down.

I have been traveling the world, Europe, South east Asia and the plan is on JANUARY to MARCH, i will be traveling in Austria for taking a German Course! If you are from AUSTRIA, please come and lets have a talk! :)

Wherever you go and meet new people, always bring your values! Spread the world with Love with you! Coz at the end of the day, all is just your memory and that is way you will see how worth you are! Coz life is short so then don't waste your time!

I am a Crazy Dreamer!
I am a traveler addicted,
IPhone Photographer,
Writer Of my Life!
I follow my dreams all the time bcoz i am not afraid to go out my comfort zone!

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing

I am here for one big REASON, becoz I wanna meet you and to have the best experience with you.

"Life is short. Live your dream and share your Passion."

COUCHSURFING is a small world to find and meet new amazing friends and get to know them, learn something from them and love them as a best friend. Maybe you have different opinion about this, it's okey but now by still keep accepting people coming, i prefer to find worth friend and to get new experience.

"If you're white and you're wrong, then you're wrong; if you're black and you're wrong, you're wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green - God make no rules about color; only society make rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now. "
- Bob Marley -

" Everything is political. I will never be a politician or even think political. Me just deal with life and nature. That is the greatest thing to me. "
- Bob Marley -

I love to talk also about my political view about whats happening today in our world but i am not really interested to be a politician, because if i become a politician, i can not go far away to learn people's culture and share love with them, i can not have a good time with you to see your city and eat your local food.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –
- Mark Twain -

This quote inspired me a lot, i don't wanna waste my time! I will do always follow my dreams!

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
- Lao Tzu -

Yes, i am doing it now!

######I am happy if you can leave me a reference and i will write yours too#####

I always believe with the QUALITY of Friendship. I have believed that i'll meet *AMAZING N UNFORGETTABLE PEOPLE* on couchsurfing and through couchsurfing i will have thousand of friends from different country and language. I will so get excited to meet new people, add new experience and learn new things from them.
I had some experiences with these CSer ;

---I have hosted---

1. Ben Tidy from England July 2012
2. Scarlet from China July 2012
3. Ben Pernia and Jenny from USA August 2012
4. Maria Fernanda Galvan Flores from Mexico September 2012
5. Claudia from Italy September 2012
6. Morse Flores from Philipina December 2012
7. Joris Pluijmen from Netherland January 2013
8. Sven Berg Ryen from Norway January 2013
9. Olga Kusmina from Ukraine June 2013
10. Veronika Soltinska from Slovakia June 2014
11. Audrey from France November 2014
12. Franck from France November 2014
13. Nalika from Germany November 2014
14. Marine Richard from Canada December 2014
15. Lukas from Germany February 2015
16. Natasha from Rusia February 2015
17. Marta from Poland May 2015
18. Mirjam from Swiss May 2015
19. Maria from Spain May 2015
20. Lucia and Stanis from Slovakia July 2015
21. Juliet from France August 2015
22. Stephanie from Belgium August 2015
23. Amber and Nina from Belgium October 2015
24. Jennifer from Austria October 2015
25. Sherly from Singapore October 2015
26. Alina from Rusia October 2015
27. Kinga from Hungary & Luci from Brazil November 2015
28. Lea from Germany December 2015
29. Marcela from Cuba January 2016
30. Verena from Germany January 2016
31. Patrick from Austria April 2016
32. Esme De from Albania June 2016
33. Erin Hunt from Canada July 2016
34. Karina from Russia July 2016
35. Yeliz from Germany August 2016
36. Lisa from Germany August 2016
37. Sabrina Wegner from Germany September 2016
38. Iris from Netherland October 2016
39. Rubiana from Brazil October 2016
40. Monika from France October 2016
41. Anastasia from Russia October 2016
42. Magda from Poland October 2016
43. Daphne from Canada November 2016
44. Esther from Germany December 2017

---Being hosted by---

1. Parisa from Iran in Malaysia January 2013
2. RC in Malaysia January 2013
3. Sven Berg Ryen from Norway in Singapore January 2013
4. Gardina Bayer from Indonesia in Vienna September 2013
5. Martina from Austria in Vienna September 2013
6. Chris from Austria in Vienna September 2013
7. Julia from Austria in Vienna October 2013
8. Mirjam Berger from Swiss in Vienna November 2013
9. Dominik from Austria in Vienna November 2013


1. The purpose of life,
2. Places in the world i never been before,
3. My travel plan, and countries that i had ever been and i loved to come back,
4. Language, history and local dance,
5. Philosophy & Philosopher, Inspiration & Inspitator,
6. Yoga and healthy life :)

  • arts
  • culture
  • writing
  • books
  • documentaries
  • dancing
  • capoeira
  • yoga
  • traveling
  • backpacking
  • boxing
  • history
  • philosophy
  • science
  • beaches

Música, películas y libros


Without musics, i don't know how can i stand lol.
Well, i love hearing many many musics; Classical,Pop,Reggae and Hip-hop.
Ps. My fav song is Latin & Portuguise song
If you make a request,tell me your fav song aswell :)


Sometimes watching movies is like you reading a book in speed way! So that's way i love watching all kinda movies but here are some good movies you must consider to watch, trust me!

The characters in these inspiring films teach audiences about hardships, overcoming boundaries, and being brave and fearless. They also teach us the importance of hard work and never giving up. If you want to achieve a goal, set out a plan for it. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. T

These movies teach us about the simple victories in life :
The Passion Of Christ, Gandhi, The Life PI, Forest Gump, Letter to GOD, Braveheart, Into the Wild, Freedom Writers, The Notebook, Love Actually, Titanic, The lucky one, To save a life, The pursuit of Happyness, The blind site, Hotel Rwandra...

Other is mix ;
Twilight Serial, Charlie Chaplin all Chapter, Mr. Bean (Holiday & Johny English), Rambo I-V, Terminator I-V, and many many more!

Inspirational books, International Politics and History & Philosophy.

Algo increíble que he hecho

From traveling, i learn a lesson of LIFE :)

I had some unforgettable experiences when i was in travelling. It was like a Miracle sometime...
1. First time backpacking and got lost in small country, Singapore.
i lost also my last flight return to Jakarta but i met a stranger friend at hostel and he helped me by giving some Dollars so eventualy i can go back home safely. I got one thing to learn, it is about be on time everywhere especially when in travelling...
Now i always be on time ;)
2. First time see the snow coming in Vienna
3. At my birthday was in Vienna, we walked around street #mariahilfestrasse, made crazy stuff, and i was very drunk haha...

Enseña, aprende, comparte

Reason why i am addicted to travel because i wanna challenge myself how far i can go out from my comfort zone and to learn my own life. Life is learning process and to achieve it, you must go into go for it!

to Learn :
-first, love cooking so much N i heard that girls love a man who can prepare for her a magic dishes lol. I love Spanish and Italian dish...:P
-second, learn Spanish, Portuguise, Italian n my amazing German skill...
-third, learn Capoeira and SALSA dance...
-fourth, Thailand BOXING n KungFu....

Teach n Share : maybe i will teach you art of my culture and my language and i also will share you my inspirational stories....
Ps. I need new experience guys :)

My "Crazy idea and Crazy plan from 2015-2020;

1. CONQUER the whole world ; Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Middle East and Antartica and Canada.
2. Write a book about my journey of life, make a video documentary about art of culture and humans (based on true story and including some topics like History, Politic and Science)
3. My Institute/Free private School
4. Stay Couples months in Thailand to Thai Boxing, in Brazil to learn Capoiera, in China to learn Kungfu(Bruce Lee)
5. City to see in Europe before I die ; Prague, Budapest, Paris, Milan, Vatican City, Barcelona, Greece, Cologne, Munich, Monaco, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Venice, Santorini, Brussel, Porto, Rabac etc.

Qué puedo ofrecer a los anfitriones

a) Whether i can host you or not, i will simply do these things for you;
- Show you around my city (temples, beach, market n the local stuff) from up to down with my motorbike or my scooter.
- Tell you some Jokes a bit?
- Share you my secrets of my life? :D
- Bring you to 'local place', to have a dinner or hang out there...
- Maybe we can join CS Gathering, and will introduce you to my friends..
- Whatever, have FUN!
b) When i will be hosted my friend;
- I don't usually expect too much at least you give me sleeping bed and your pillow, that's enough please! :P
- Have a nice conversation and get to know you depply...
- I hope, you can show me a bit your city, or if you are busy person, i will explore alone, dont worry ;)

Wait youuuuuu.....

Países que he visitado

Austria, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam

Países en los que he vivido

Austria, Indonesia

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