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About Me

After the many CS updates my profile became a little bit a mess.
My legacy profile can be found still here:
Some more info can be found here:

I will update all soon.
Stay in touch!!!



Breathing Fresh Air: Exploring and enjoying life, people, cultures, the planet, aesthetics, knowledge, relaxation, excitement and freedom!


Some say that I'm an intelligent and humoristic man, and I'm stupid enough to believe them, but smart enough to keep up this illusion. So the 'truth' is definitely somewhere in between. I believe if you never do anything crazy, than you really must be crazy!!! Sometimes you simply have to rip loose, get rid of the lemming-like or herd mentality, and to choose your own way. Those who did do in the past crazy things in the eyes of other people, are the genies of today. Maybe you like to join me for a while on my journey through life, and I tell and show you about the life of the painter Vincent van Gogh, who worked and lived not far from my home, or other interesting stories that maybe make you think different afterwards. For me, one of the most important is to feel and enjoy the vibrations of life; laughing, happiness and friendship.While traveling through life, I like to cross paths with YOU; having nice conversation, exchange experiences, visit interesting places, laughing our ass off. It's wonderful to stay in contact with people where I shared memories and a good time with for a maybe future followup. In life I enjoy feeling the freedom, traveling around, breathing the excitement, experience the passion and emotions connected to life. Other times I just like to relax, feel the beauty of nature, warm sunlight on the skin, listening to the singing birds, enjoying good music, and the wind blowing through the hair. I like to cook together and enjoy tasty dishes, a good glass of wine or warm cup of tea. It are just the simple things and the variation that makes a life beautiful and interesting. And guess what? The best things in life are all for free!!! And CS is one of those!I learn from yesterday, live today, and don't worry about tomorrow. For me life is beautiful and enjoyable because I take it easy, and with humor and surprises. I live without to many expectations and plans, and every day turns in to a fairy tale without disappointments on illusions. I don't travel through life with a backpack full of heavy scrap. I collect and combine the best aspects in life. I can use what people and cultures have developed over centuries of history. But I always use my own brains! But sometimes; I just stop thinking. The best times of my life where when I stopped thinking and start feeling. Life is learning me a lot, and maybe on one day I may become wise. Maybe even such wise as you. Personal development and growth is my greatest hobby. I'm a life long learner, I like reading, especially audiobooks. I'm a generalist and like to know everything. I like to discover and experience all secrets from the world, the universe, the human being, the women, the spiritual ones, and the world of money and economics. And all mechanism behind those things. To much? No! I at least want to become a thousands years old; but in mean while staying young and healthy :-)I studied on the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on the faculty of Electrical Engineering, and my specialization is in the field theory, which is split up in three sections namely: electromagnetic fields, quantum fields, gravitation fields. For the exception of light, we can not see electromagnetic fields, gravitation and atoms, so understand that field theory is rather mathematical concept, largely based on tensor metric and functional analysis. For personal interest, I studied in 2007-2008 one year (CFA) on the Free University of Amsterdam to understand the minds today's financial experts. Since 2004, I closely follow the upcoming collapse of our financial system and capitalism as we know it today. We live in an exciting time, on the verge of one of the biggest events in history, that shall be taught at school in the future. This event shall not only financially wipe out an almost complete middle class of people, but also lead to the biggest opportunities in history, as real wealth never gets lost, but merely transferred. I'm preparing for that race, you too? Money is necessary to provide our basic needs and give us freedom, as our freedom to travel. In return debt gives us slavery. If you realize that debt is a claim on future money, and money is a claim on human labor, than debt is actually a claim on future labor.At the other side some people in this world focus to much on money and don't have a life at all. Remember your last coat has no pockets. Extremely much money doesn't provide you any happiness, but the lack of money does make you suffer on the other way.So take good care of yourself and don't get wipped out in the ongoing currency and information wars.I'm a self-confident and open-minded person, who lives alone. I'm a free man, financial independent, self-employed and solving the information technology problem for my clients, especially on network-infrastructure and web-enabled programming (PHP/MySQL). Beside, I'm continuously educating myself and looking for opportunities. I'm especially interested in trade and other business or investment opportunities. Regions like Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, China and Europe have my special interest.I like to integrated all important aspects of my life; traveling, business, making some money, pleasure and fun. When we walk on the same paths, just contact me and we spend some funny moments in this treasures life together.Technical Description
Length: 1.88meter, Weight: 78kg, Color: white (skin), blue (eyes), gold (heart), 50 shades of grey (mind). Blood: RH+ B, 100% heterosexual, 100% optimist, 100% funny, 100% recyclable.

After a monk died and arrived in heaven, he met with God. The Holy Father said, "Is there maybe something I can do for you". The monk said, "Yes, I know we humans are imperfect, we made all those ages errors while coping The Holy Bible. All my life I have asked myself where are those errors. Is it possible to read the original manuscript?". God said that it was no problem and could use his private library to see the original work.
Hours later, God went to the library to see how the monk was doing. But the monk was sad and crying. God asked, "What is wrong?". The monk replied, "The word is 'celebrate,' not 'celibate'!"

Think for yourself, don't let others think for you. Else you run the risk that your life is based on somebodies else mistakes!

You were born an original. Don't die a copy.
---John Mason ---

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing isn't just about a place to sleep. It's about exchange. Exchange of accommodation, exchange of knowledge and practical skills, exchange of fun and friendship. If you just search a place to sleep only to save some money, than better check in at some budgethotel, hostel or bed and breakfast, prices vary between €30 and €40, weekends are generally more expensive. If you also like to have some fun with nice company, message me. I try help to spread the spirit of couchsurfing. Couchsurfing gives you the real experiences of daily life, the countries and their people. Couchsurfing can result in unforgettable memories and friends for life. In the years that I'm part of this community I met a lot of interesting, friendly, beautiful, amazing, adventurous, 'crazy' and funny people. It seems that my life has split up in two parts. A time before couchsurfing, and I life after it! Visit me, and I show you that Holland is not only Amsterdam. Feel also free to invite me to your place, and show me the fun aspects of your life and environment. Couchsurfing makes traveling cheaper, so you not so quickly run out of money and can travel longer. And its good to combine with those budget airliners that also fly on Eindhoven Airport. Couchsurfing has all kinds of meetings, which are a great way to meet with interesting people from all over the world. I organized already several of them, such as "Cooking Parties", Music Parties and Lounge Parties and there shall follow more in the future. There are no strangers - only friends you haven't met yet.---Dalai Lama---

City Ambassador for Eindhoven CS

Eindhoven is a rather active and strong community with 540 members in Eindhoven and 185 members in a radius of 25km around. 52% of the people is member for less than one year. CouchSurfing is fast growing community, but this is absolutely not what makes CouchSurfing successful. CouchSurfing has no intention to grow, unless new members fit into the community. This is the reason that CouchSurfing doesn't widely advertise itself. Since 11 July 2011 I'm City Ambassador for Eindhoven. Our city ambassadors try to making the CouchSurfing community stronger, by organizing events, welcome new members, making the local travel guide, answer question from members.Every third Thursday of the month our community organize a monthly bar meeting in Cafe 't Mulderke in Eindhoven, sign up at the event page and join us.Every member has to respect the community guidelines and terms of use and other members. Before you start surfing take in account the those tips and the safety rules.CouchSurfing is not a dating site. A lot of people meet their partners through CouchSurfing or Couchsurfing Events, and that is absolutely fine. Love happens! But please don’t use the website itself with the intention of finding someone to date!


A short HistoryOnly two years ago I was not even aware of at all. Although I had hosted and surfed sometimes, even shortly before. Those people I generally met on other travel or social websites. During my six week travel to discover the secrets of the Ukraine in 2010, I met on the streets of Odessa with Greg who invited me for a CS-meetup that evening; which I joined. A week later we rented some place together in the Crimea and we became great buddies. When Greg went back his country Poland, I tried my first CS experience by Irina in the Crimean Capital Simferopol. She is an entertaining and 'crazy' girl and showed me the beauty and spirit of CS. The day after that returned to Holland, I already got my first CSer. The first three months (exactly 102days till December 4) I was never even one day without any CSer. Especially because Vladimir surfed my couch for more than two months, and thereby became the longest CSer I ever had. Surely we had a lot of fun together, they already called us brothers. Vladimir and I have first met on that same CS-party in Odessa. Back in Eindhoven at "Pim's Pancake Party, 3rd Edition" I discovered how great, funny and active the local CS community was. Till finally I had to kick out my last couchsurfers because I had to prepare my travel to Egypt. During my one month travel in Egypt I hosted, surfed, met with a lot of CSers and joined CS-events. There I also met with Vladimir again, we continued the fun and we rented together a nice hut for one week. In the spring I went with two local CSers Monique and Arina and a tent to Luxembourg. The week after I joined the CS meeting in Lille. In May I went for three weeks to the Baltics, where I joined the CS meeting 'Riga Good Times' and various others meetings in Riga and Tallinn. On 11 July 2011 I became CS Team Member and City Ambassador for Eindhoven. In the August 2011 I organised a meeting on KaZantip in Ukraine, after one in Moscow, Perm, Kharkiv and Kiev. In Kharkiv I also hosted 3 guests in my apartment that I had rented. In the spring of 2012 I organized with several local couchsurfers the Queen's Day Event in Eindhoven which was joined by many couchsurfers from abroad, furher I organized meetings in Lviv, Odessa, Chisinau and several the Crimea.

I prefer to host one person at the time. But but sometimes it's fun to host many at the same time and create some event out of it. Although hosting? This is more something like a camping event, where everybody has to search some comfortable place in the house. The most crowed nights where 10CSers, 8CSers, 7 CSers, 6 CSers and 6 times 5 CSers.

I love to meet with inexperienced couchsurfers who are interested in the community. I also love to meet with other experienced CSers. Today I'm nationally and internationally between the rankings of the top 100 of most experienced couchsurfers.
Of course CS is not about rankings, it's about life, it's about having nice experiences, and those I definitely had a lot, thanks to all great people in this community.


New experiences and variations are the driving force in my life. I like to discover, explore and experience all secrets that are hidden in the universe, in the world and maybe in you. I like to develop myself. My big passion is learning, this is not necessary by books. Anyway I like reading, books, audiobooks, documentaries and the Internet. A nice way of learning is meeting with interesting people, other cultures, traditions, religions, great ideas, collect tasty receipts form all over the world. I love traveling ✈, couchsurfing, walking, history, people, nature (mountains, lakes, seas, oceans, forests), architecture, statues, art, technology, photography, business and last but not least science.

  • birds
  • arts
  • books
  • singing
  • architecture
  • photography
  • documentaries
  • coloring
  • beauty
  • environment
  • cooking
  • breakfast
  • wine
  • running
  • walking
  • partying
  • flying
  • electronics
  • technology
  • reading
  • tv
  • traveling
  • magic
  • music
  • backpacking
  • camping
  • surfing
  • business
  • communications
  • economics
  • engineering
  • history
  • psychology
  • religion
  • science
  • tourism
  • lakes
  • mountains

Music, Movies, and Books

Music has to be in harmony with emotions and feelings. I like many different kinds of music depending on mood and situation. Sometimes I like to dance, sometimes to listen or to dream away. I can mention at least two favorite kinds of music, unplugged music and rock-ballads.

The truth is stranger than fiction. I have a passion for non-fiction and educative books, especially for audiobooks. I have library of thousands of books and audiobooks.

Honestly, when I'm alone at home I generally never look TV or movies. In a good company I like to watch a movie . I a large genre especially comedies. But I watch rather much documentaries, not those from Discovery or National Geographic, but the more intellectual once which I download from the Internet.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Unfortunately I have never done anything amazing, but will promise to inform you if I will ever do ;-) So some minor issues are:

•Surviving 4 days in the Russian mountains while -20°C at day and -40°C at night in a simple wooden hut without heating.

•Hosted couchsurfers during 102 days, without any interruption.

•Attended the local media several times with messages about illegal radio and tv-transmissions, with electronics that I had build.
•Created the worlds first broadband internet-TV station, with financial help from the Department of Economical Affairs.

•The first price in a government contest and beat some multinationals and local governments with my ideas. Although some people found my ideas strange they where later realized by government en commercial organisations.

•Champion checkers of the region.

•Getting a mega-order from our most important client for our 'Ingenieursbureau'. The day before I was almost fired because of that same report with my vision. That day I was asked to become the division leader.

•Predicted the banking crises four years before it happened.

Teach, Learn, Share

The world is too round to sit silently in the corner. I travel a lot at least 6 months a year. I can tell you about my experiences, about couchsurfing and about life!

My biggest passion is learning, which I do by reading books, audiobooks, traveling, or having great experiences with others. Most of my life I was concentrated around science and technology. Today my main interest are with psychology and life. I definitely want to hear all that drives you.

I also love cooking together, and learn to make new dishes, especially those from other countries.

I want to improve my Russian.

Albert Einstein said "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth. " I can tell about deceptions and contemporary history, as I studied a lot about it.

What I Can Share with Hosts

Valuable time! My views! Good vibes!

Countries I’ve Visited

Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

Countries I’ve Lived In


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