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  • Fluent in English; learning German
  • 99, Male
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  • Chemical Engineer/Photographer
  • Bachelors/Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering @ Manhat...
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Life is all about experiences...traveling, partying, taking pictures, meeting new people is what I love to do....These experiences along with my family have made me the person I am today!


Okay so about me! I'm a Chemical Engineer who should have been a photographer but anyway...Im originally from New York and my international traveling bonanza started in Jena & Saarbrucken during a year-long exchange program sponsered by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag to promote cultural awareness between the two countries....I haven't wanted to leave Europe since and work now as a chemical engineer for Wella developing hair care & coloring products....

I joined the site because I just heard about it and figured it would be an even better and cost efficient way to continue to travel and meet new people! After all what better way to see a city than with someone who has grown up or lived there for an extended period of time!


"I only try to capture the beauty that I see if front of me so that others can appreciate the things I've seen as much as I do"

Quotes from Movies and Friends which I find myself frequently repeating!

A genius is a talented person who does their homework!

The Best Memories are the Ones You Cant remember With the People youll never Forget~!

Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.
~Ansel Adams~

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony.
~William Henry Channing~

Nothing lasts forever so live it up, drink it down, avoid the bs, laugh it off, take chances, & never have regrets--because at one point what you did was what you wanted

我为什么加入 Couchsurfing


Its simple....I know how it is when you have a passion to want to see the world and you don't have the cash...I've been in those situations and would like to help others!


Well I spent four years of college sleeping on my friends couches after long nights in the library to avoid the high costs of dorming at my college. It went something like this....get done at the library around 1:00am walk back to the dorms to see my buddies walk in the door and the party would start...around 4:0 am Id hit the sack only to wake up at 7:30 and the cycle would then repeat than that so far I have couch surfed with people I have met at least once before so this should be an interesting adventure!


SKIING, Weight lifting, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Traveling, Photography, Cooking, Shopping, Dancing!!!!

  • birds
  • fashion
  • photography
  • coloring
  • beauty
  • hair care
  • dancing
  • cooking
  • partying
  • drinking
  • shopping
  • movies
  • traveling
  • cycling
  • hiking
  • camping
  • skiing
  • engineering


The TOADIES, Incubus, 311, Rage, Ben Folds, Van Halen, The Doors, Secret Machines, The Hives, The Police, Mr. Lovejoy, Rap, Hip-Hop and ya dont stop!

Wedding Crashers, The Great Escape, AnchorMan, Best Laid Plans, Pirates of the Caribbean, DodgeBall


Meet me and find out....I like to be spontaneous....


I am constantly learning.....


Australia, Austria, Fiji, France, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland


Germany, United States


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