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Über mich

I started my travel journey July of 2017 and have not stopped since. I am now a full time traveler with no intention of stopping any time soon. I travel because it helps me grow in ways not possible while at home. The diversity of experiences, people, locations and lessons have made me stronger, more compassionate and more aware. Festival and community life is where it's at for me. Learning about how to live harmoniously with like minded humans keeps me on the hunt for co-creative experiences. I have a passion for movement and music as well.

Warum ich bei Couchsurfing bin

I'm couchsurfing as a way to really meet the locals of wherever I go to be able to get as genuine of an experience as I can while also having an opportunity to share my knowledge and love. What an amazing way to exchange energy and empower each other! I love the idea and see it as a powerful tool to open up opportunities of connection and experience.


  • music festivals
  • movies
  • traveling
  • music
  • electronic music
  • hiking
  • backpacking
  • dance
  • mountain hiking
  • long distance hiking
  • hiking in the mountains

Musik, Filme und Bücher

I love all kinds of music but have a passion for psychedelic electronic music and live music. If I can dance to it then its ok with me. Movies are a rarity while I travel but love to watch the odd Netflix so when I have the luxury of a good internet connection. As for books I like to finish reading something then find a fellow traveler to trade books with. This is an age old tradition and I feel like it brings me books I was meant to read.

Eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich gemacht habe

The experience that comes to mind is when I traveled in a van from BC, Canada to Oregon for the Oregon Eclipse Festival with a crew of dear friends. The highlight of this experience was the actual total solar eclipse I was able to witness. Alongside 70,000 other festival goers I watch through special dark glasses the moon completely shade out the sun. While this was happening the temperature dropped 10 degrees and it became so dark that I could now see the stars. The moon had a ring of fire around it which burnt an image into my heart I will never forget.

Lehren, lernen, teilen

I am going to use this space to share things I have written down that I find inspiring:

"Do you want to do something to help the world situations? Then look within. As you change you consciousness to love, peace, harmony and unity, the consciousness of the whole world will change. "

"Do what you love and the money will come."

"Feel the fear and do it anyways."

Was ich mit Gastgebern teilen kann

Stories, good vibes and knowledge. :)

Länder, die ich besucht habe

Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, United States

Länder, in denen ich gelebt habe

Canada, United States

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