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  • Fluent in Dutch, English, French, Papiamento, Portuguese, Spanish; learning Afrikaans, Chinese, German, Greek (modern)
  • 46, Male
  • Member since 2006
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  • High School College in The Americas.
  • From Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch Caribbean
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About Me


" The message is perfectly simple, The meaning is clear; Dont ever stray too far, And dont disappear " ( BE NEAR ME lyrics from ABC )


Welcome and try to make the most of 2012, Year of the Water Dragon, I move between Den Haag to China, can not host quite yet, But Like to hang around and meet people.Well I had plenty of CS experience hosting and surfing, and what can I say? like life you have the good and the bad. I have many hobbies and interests so basically I am outgoing and a good listener. I'm an Aquarius and a Boar in the Chinese Zodiac and am from a Multi lingual Multi cultural small Caribbean island and Love to travel. My surfers I took good care of and informed them as much as possible about our heritage, culture and history. Well, who knows I hope to meet some of you, impossible to meet all of you, hah. So, that's it.


Philo-Sophos is a Greek word. I know some Greek.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I Joined CS back in 2006, I say like Life experience, CS experience has and is certainly interesting, I'm just updating some of the text here. I can not be bothered anymore adding/adjusting what has been said and done, it's part of the CS History for me, so, if you so like and have time, you can read about all the experiences and references, be my guest. Basically I a open minded and like to learn about culture, language and the person. It's not always easy to be in a foreign land, but I like to travel and so hope to meet some cs people and help out whenever where ever I or they can. That's all. =)


Respect and understanding, 2011 will be a hopefull and promising year of the Rabbit, moved to China to enrich my Life ( experience )and I have learned many things by hosting, so even though I am friendly, outgoing and tolerant please read my guidelines somewhat carefully so we won't run into misunderstandings or dissapointments. So the breakdown of my "Interests" is very LOGICAL and METHODICAL, you can skim down, scam down, and chose you're liking as to what you find important in a potential host, BE WARNED, I have MANY and BROAD interests, so chances are, that you request me =)

TRAVEL:travelling to many places meeting people hanging and chilling out with them. Talking and Listening to fellow cs-ers with some back ground music and drinks either at home or a neigborhood bar, throwing some darts, playing some pool.

INTERNET: I have 4 favorite websites which are of course GOOGLE, Wikipedia to know more about people, places and events, IMDB which is the International Movie Data Base to find out anything about your favorite movies, and lastly YouTUBE. One of the funniest videos of mine are called Most Pissed Off cat ever, her name is "Burger", the other one is called Stupid Dog, a dog attacking and snarling at its leg, and Pissed Off Catholic Mom who shouts at her son Michael.

OLYMPIC GAMES: Visited all of them since the 1996 ATLANTA Games. Love the spirit meeting people from all corners of the globe. Always wear Curacao colours and tell them about my island, which falls under the N.A.O.C. the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Commitee. How am I preparing for the 2008 Beijing Games? Learning Mandarin-Chinese and I found a wondeful way of learning the language through a cd-rom program called Rosetta Stone. Even here in Curacao some chinese take out restaurants "doggie-bags" have the 5 Olympic rings on them, I collect them =)

POLITICS: In Curacao, we have 14 colorful Political parties and go to all the speeches, collect all the stickers, t-shirts, flyers, programs that they have and follow the campaign Very Closely. Every 2 to 3 years we have elections, for the "country" of the Netherlands Antilles, and then for the island of Curacao. Also it is a lot of fun to watch the Presidential Debates of the Democratic and G.O.P. parties in the U.S.A. and the vice-presidential debates.

FOOD: Can't believe there isn't a separate topic on food so I will just have to put it under "Interests" =)
OK, so my favorite cuisine is Ethiopian (eating with hands), also Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, chicken tikka, chicken massala, chick peas, aloo naan, aloo paratha, chicken tandoori, Samosa, Japanese, Sushi, Korean, noodles, Chinese, Greek, greek salad, hummus, gyros, Turkish Delight, pistacho nuts, macademia nuts, Planters peanuts, boiled peanuts, celery, Italian, spaghetti,lasagna, macaroni & cheese, Authentic Mexican: enchilada, tamales, tortilla, fried red beans, guacamole. South African: Bobotie, Braai, Biltong, melktert.Brazilian feijoada, Spanish tapas, Rabbit, Venezuelan arepa's en ayakas (hallacas), Cuban papa rellena, arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), plantains, Jamaican such as spicy beef patty and escovitch sweet fish, curried goat, jerk chicken, Trinidadian/Guyanese/Surinamese Roti. Seafood: Lobster (@Red Lobster) Shrimp, curried shrimp (chinese) garlic shrimp, sauteed shrimp, mussels, oysters, conch, squid, fish, tuna, salmon, Alaskan snow crab legs, haring (herring a typical Dutch Treat/Snack..raw) American: Pizza, hot dogs, Hamburgers, spare ribs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, grits (Southern Dish),Fried Chicken,a juicy steak, barbeque beans, club sandwhich, Subway, KFC, BK, Olive Garden. Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins. Lover's Ice Cream--> a local Curacao Ice cream. Local Curacao cuisine such as goat and masbangu ( a small silver fish ) and funchi (corn-meal). Holland "snert" which is pea soup, kroket, bitterballen, oliebollen, appelflappen, pannekoeken (pancakes) (All typical Dutch foods), hot wings, buffalo wings. Many soups such as French Onion Soup, Tomato soup, Chinese Won Ton soup, Tom Yung Kung (Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup) I love simple and especially SPICY food, of course I have been invited to 5 star "nouvea cuisine" restaurants but for me that is not necessary. Delicatesse such as oysters and artichokes love the flavour of that. In Curacao I don't cook, either my mom or the cleaning lady does it, when I am in Holland I do cook for myself, it's fun and I have no problem with it. In fact I have some cook books myself, and enjoy Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares (Tv show), Jamie Oliver, the German TV Chef Tim Malzer, hilarious and a show called Mein Perfektes Dinner (My Perfect Dinner) it's in German, in Deutsch, but you can check it out on
Food and Meals is beautiful and sacred, no kidding!!!

ZODIAC/SPIRITUAL: In my (Curacaoan) part of the globe, Westeren Hemisphere I am an AQUARIUS---> The Water-Bearer. And in ancient Eastern Chinese I am a METALLIC PIG or METALLIC BOAR. This year, 2007, is the year of the FIRE PIG or FIRE BOAR and I started reading about it and it's quite interesting and inspiring. I try to take and make the best of the positive qualities of these signs and attributes. I adore the moon, the sun, the planets and the stars, however, I do NOT WORSHIP them, I like nature and animals. I can find myself in Spirituality.

FLAGS/VEXILLOLOGY: I, Curacao, have our own flag since 2 July 1984. A Flag represents your country wherever you might find yourself on the globe. Therefore, I love flags, and Vexillology is "the study of flags". You will find this at the Olympic Games and the World Cup. One of my favorite flags is that of Portugal with its intricate armillary sphere (a navigational instrument of the age of discovery) or the coat of arms of the flag of Croatia. The most interesting and colorful flag is that of "The Rainbow Nation" of the "new" South Africa. So Yes I love flags and they are my hobby.

NATIONAL ANTHEMS: Again, I am , or consider myself at least, as a "Worldly Person", So I have a book with all the National Anthems of the world. Too bad I can't play the piano or any other instruments but I can certainly sing the lyrics of many of them. I memorized the Portuguese National anthem last year for the World Cup. I also like the anthems of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Central African Republic and South Africa. Like Flags, a National Anthem is the Pride and Joy of any self-respecting nation. I gladly sing along any national anthem.

FOOTBALL: Well, who doesn't like it? I am convinced that the world watches it even more than the Olympic Games. Even though I don't play the game myself I love watching the World Cup and Euro Cup and sometimes also the Champions League. I dress up for the occasion, paint my face in national flag colors whichever team I happen to support that day, wear crazy hats and flags over my back. Next will be South Africa in 2010. And hope I can couch surf in Austria next year for the 2008 Euro Cup =) Ronaldinho from Brazil is absolutely hilarious and hysterical, I have a DVD on him, very clever tricks and always a smile and having fun, no matter if Brazil loses.

ROYALTY/MONARCHY: Of course the House of Orange, Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander, and Princess Maxima. I don't see them that often but I follow funerals, weddings, births and baptisms. I have seen Beatrix many times up close like on Prinsjesdag, the opening of the parliamentary year every 3rd Tuesday of the month September. And I actually met our future king Alex, shook his hand, at the Centennial Games of Atlanta in 1996 at the Holland Heineken House, "THE" Dutch meeting place during every Olympic Games. Plus I am the same age as Maxima, who will be our Queen one day, she is also a Metallic Pig/Boar. So, in a way I am a "royalty watcher" far more interesting than all the hollywood B.S. and crap. Plus our Queen unites us on Curacao and the islands with our former colonizer of the Netherlands. Beatrix is an Aquarius/Water-Bearer like me. She truly loves us here on Curacao. I took a picture of her which you can see on this website taken during the Kingdom Games, a type of Miniature Olympic Games of the "Kingdom of the Netherlands" for youngsters 14 to 17 years old.

AVIATION/AIRLINES: One can not love to Travel if one does not like Airplanes, Airlines and Aviation. I like the commercial jets from Airlines and bigger faster planes from the dc-9 and up, so no small propellor planes. I like the liveries and tail sections. Quite nostalgic where you don't see airlines anymore they way it used to be like Sabena, Pan Am, TWA, Eastern. And even in my region like VIASA from Venezuela, Dominicana de Aviacion from the Dominican Republic, BWIA from TNT, and our own ALM and DCA who all went bankrupt unfortunately. YES, Air Travel can be hectic, but be relaxed , get there on time, and don't overweigh your luggage. I look at O.T.P. (on Time Performance) I browse and save the inflight magazines and take pictures of the food that is being served on board, there is actually a website called, invented by a Dutch guy actually of people that take pictures of their airline meals, great fun. And of course, to save you air miles so 1 day you can catch a free flight =) Yes, Airplanes and Airlines is indeed a hobby, even as a kid!!!

MISCELLANEOUS: Photography, Digital Photography,one has to with all my travels and continues events taking place here on the island. I have a Sony Handy Cam which I record historical local Political Speeches and seminars @ the University (U.N.A.) here with at times fascinating guest speakers, also from abroad. Miss Universe, I told you I like anything that has to do with "competing nations", History, Geography, Maps..anything from metro subway maps, maps of countries and atlasses.Climbing the highest mountain here Sint Christophel, which is 375 meters high and takes me about an hour, In Atlanta I hike up Stone Mountain, a big monolith, so some hiking I do enjoy, is good for my health. Skyscrapers and architecture, tall buildings, John Hancock and Sears Tower Chicago, Space Needle Seattle, the Atlanta skyline. Candles and incense for a relaxed mood. FM Radiostations, we have 30 of them here in Curacao. Reading newspapers, beats reading on the Internet any ol time.Recently taken up on some painting again with acrylic paint. Laughing and joking. I swim some too, sea, ocean and swimming pools. I am also a runner (on my own pace of course) like small marathons on the island, 10 kilometers takes me about 1 hour. Been to several church services and hindu services also, have yet to go to a Mosque. Been to many many funerals here, and sometimes I get a cigar as a "Thank You" which you have to smoke that evening in honour of "the passed one". Just hanging out at a Chinese snack bar alongside the road and have a beer, the simple life, Usually I come accros interesting local people. I Don't gamble, I don't smoke, no tattoos and no piercings what so ever, Don't believe in them and never will, so in that sense I am "pure"=) I don't have a mobile cellular telephone, Don't believe in it, Don't NEED it, no golden teeth or golden necklaces or chains, nor a rolex watch. I wear some simple jewelry some times. Love driving my car around the island with my radio on, or a good cd. Well, I guess this about sums up all my hobbies and interest, such is my life on Curacao.

I have also listened to Islamic Scholars on You Tube and my absolute favorites are Abu Ameenah Dr. "Bilal" Philips, a Jamaican who became Muslim, and Yusuf Estes, a Texan from the Lone Star State, a jolyy Santa Clause looking figure who also is Muslim now, check them out on You Tube, absolutely wonderful, Peace and Blessings on all of you.

  • animals
  • cats
  • dogs
  • fish
  • culture
  • books
  • singing
  • performing arts
  • architecture
  • photography
  • tattoos
  • piercings
  • dining
  • seafood
  • cooking
  • cheese
  • beer
  • bbq
  • running
  • modeling
  • partying
  • drinking
  • clubbing
  • gardening
  • aviation
  • politics
  • movies
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  • traveling
  • billiards
  • socializing
  • painting
  • darts
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  • muslim
  • hinduism
  • rock climbing
  • soccer
  • olympics
  • swimming
  • world cup
  • cartography
  • geography
  • history

Music, Movies, and Books

MUSIC: Adele,Evanescence, Placebo, Human League, Eurythmics, Smashing Pumpkins, Selena, Air, Morcheeba, Skunk Anansie, Jane's Addiction, Mazzy Star, Shakira, Simple Minds, Bob Marley, Dido, Moby, The Pretenders.

80'S MUSIC: Videos and Music is by FAR SUPERIOR to the kind of "music" we hear nowadays, check for example BE NEAR ME from ABC or RIGHT ON TRACK from THE BREAKFAST CLUB. This is EXCELLENT stuff!!!
FOREIGN MUSIC: ETHIOPIAN MUSIC like Hebest Terunehe (check her out on you tube) and GREEK MUSIC.
CLASSICAL: Favorite is Antonio Vivaldi "The 4 Seasons"
AND: Bachata (Dominican) Reageaton (Puerto Rico)

KARAOKE: If you've come and read this far you know I sing along with National Anthems. Well, on a more "fun" side I love to sing KARAOKE too and encourage and applause other people to do so also. Especially songs like from the 80's that we haven't heard for a while. Or maybe a Britney Spears, I love to laughh at myself and people to laugh too =)

Favorite MOVIES: One Hour Photo, Swimming Pool, The Mother, Mean Creek, Bad Santa, Cruel Intentions, The Lost Boys, Festen (Danish Movie), Y tu mama tambien (Mexican Movie),LOTR, The Dark Crystal, STAR WARS,Persepolis,also Art house (SunDance) movies and Foreign Language movies, Documentaries are also very interesting, or just plane comedies of course. From the BBC: Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts,Walking with Cavemen, Space (presented by Sam Neill),The Planets (fascinating stuff, I really learn from these series, excellent),Rome, Colloseum, Pompeii the last day.

BOOKS: CWG series. The National Geographic WORLD ATLAS, The VISIONARY DICTIONARY (ask me about this one). World atlas of History, World atlas of Languages, Ethnologue, Atlas of Mythology and figures.
Telephone Books (Just Kidding)

TV: I just Love CANADIAN IDOL (Canada), AMERICAN IDOL (U.S.A.) IDOOL (Belgium), IDOLS (Holland), DEUTSCHLAND SUCHT DEN SUPERSTAR (Germany)POP IDOL (U.K.) all the IDOLS show around the globe =)

Also: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, HELL'S KITCHEN, in a nutshell those current competition shows, LOVE THEM, SO 2007 =)

I can spend hours in a bookstore. USA: BORDERS and Barnes & Noble. HOLLAND: PAAGMAN (in Den Haag/The Hague) and boekhandel (bookstore) De Slegte. I read Dutch and English books. And Novels, Literature, Cultural books about Curacao, former colony, slavery, west-indies, social demographic problems that concern my island.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Seen a total solar eclipse on Curacao. Received a wrist band from our Local hero runner Churandy Martina that he wore in the Bird's nest winning SILVER, only to be stripped of his medal. To me he is my role model.

Countries I’ve Visited

Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela

Countries I’ve Lived In

Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, United States

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