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About Me


I am on a mission to learn and share as much as I can with as many sources, people, places as possible. I am also on a mission to sample delicious fruit from ALL OVER the planet - whilst serenading everyone with my crazy gypsy musical sagas.


My parents are Jamaican, I was born an American, I was raised with Caucasians, I look like an African-American.


I think I'm hispanic....

I love exploring cultures and meeting people. Traveling has provided some of the coolest experiences and stories that I am sure will continue to enrich my life. Now that I'm kind of chilling out and sitting still in Austin, I'll have to abate my wanderlust by hosting until get feel like getting back in the air again.

My food preferences are closest to 80/10/10 raw foodist. Mangos, papayas, mangos, watermelon, mangos, mamey, mangos BANANAS!!! Oh bananas galore! It just makes me feel so... so... Delicious!!! Dont worry about feeding me if I come surf with you as I generally eat small forests at each meal. Just point me to your nearest fruit & veggie stand and I'll clear em out. If you are coming to stay with ME though, be prepared to find what you want to eat.


Let love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the Law demands. - Romans 13.8

Papa gave each of us unique gifts and purposes. If I'm not using and pursuing them, I'm really not living at all.

NObody knows me better than the One who made me, and He's unchanging. It does me no good to define myself by pop culture, funded by greedy advertisers and drug companies. I am who I AM says I am. And YOU are perfect because Papa made you that way.

CURRENT LIFE HAPPENINGS Lately I have been putting energy into music, art and ...well... food. Always food. DanDannDesigns.com and BeyondSalad.com

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOXtNdQxGw8 and http://EatTheView.org

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I pretty much tell every cool person I meet about Couchsurfing. I've inducted friends, my brother, some co-workers, and have even gotten my parents interested. I travel, a LOT and meet surfers around the world on my way - it's the only way to do it.

FACT OF (my) LIFE: You PROBABLY met or are meeting me through some haphazard last minute post/request or I just showed up somewhere. I am admitting it - HERE - I AM ADMITTING IT! 80% (aka 99%) of the things I do are last minute. If I find out that there's a super cool shop in your town or something, you'll probably get an email from me tonight asking if we can hang out tomorrow. It's a fact. Or you'll meet me at a potluck in Zimbabwe or something - note that I probably found out about the potluck the night before and CS requested someone, or slept in the airport cause my 'last minute surfing' is TOO last minute for most normal people.

On the other hand, I've had several super cool people drop me a line saying that they were already IN town - some of the coolest people I've hosted - maybe because we have so much in common....

SOMEtimes I plen things - see there, I cant even spell it right... p-l-a-n. maybe if i start using it in sentences i'll figure out how to do it. I suppose I dont really mind - it keeps my life interesting... and SUPER kudos to you if you dont mind either! Maybe I'll come visit you...

So um.. is 3 hours enough lead time?


Looking for excuses to travel!! Ideas?


Sam Atwood and Sean Mattison ~ Athens, OH ~ Hannah Jackson ~ Athens, OH ~ November 2008 Gwen West ~ Indianapolis, IN (hotel) ~ July 2009 Shayne Rochfort ~ Newport, KY ~ September 2009 Nolan Maloney and Dave Adams ~ Newport, KY ~ October 2009 Mark Such and friends ~ Newport, KY ~ November 2009 Christopher Wagner and Megan ~ May 2010 Chris Line ~ May 2010


Mandeep Gill ~ Columbus, OH ~ August 2007 Thom Johnson ~ Miami, FL ~ April 2008 Casey Myers ~ Boss/Biz/Work ~ Athens, OH ~ September 2008 Stephen Bloomingdale, Jared Embree, Meredith Cobb and the Co ~ Dayton, OH ~ September 2008 ...etc Danilo Cortes ~ Athens, OH ~ November 2008 Mustafa Hussain with Mimsy Sussman ~ Atlanta, GA ~ December 2008 Skeet Surrency, Tina Steiger and Cecilia Leal ~ Gainesville, FL ~ January 2009 Anastasia Stout ~ Gainesville, FL ~ January 2009 Kat Shaw ~ Athens, OH ~ January 2009 Brian with Sam Franklin and Eric ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ June 2009 Francisca ~ Iruña, Euskal Herria ~ July 2009 Gato Tribe with my MOMMY!! ~ August 2009 Nathan Andren with Josh Miller ~ Detroit, MI ~ October 2009 Steven Anderson and Stuart Scott ~ Honolulu, HI ~ February 2010 Jesika Honolulu, HI ~ February 2010 Derek Wallace ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ February 2010 Fernando Mattos, Zegen Rogers and Ashley ~ Honolulu, HI ~ March 2010 Peak, Ben Walther and Ivan Varvarsky with Bernadette Nisperos and all of the other amazing surfers who were simultaneously passing through ~ Bangkok, Thailand ~ April 2010 Christopher Wagner ~ 2010 Chris Line ~ May 2010 Alex Levin ~ August 2010 Xevi Arnau and Eva Mihm ~ November 2010 Victor & Fredo Ruilova and Kathi with Chris Kendall ~ February 2011 Elena Mimae ~ May 2011

Traveled With:

"GHOSTRIDER" ~ Palm Beach to Key West, FL ~ February 2008 Derek Wallace ~ Palm Beach to Juno, FL ~ March 2008 Dennis Crow ~ Orlando, FL ~ May 2008 David Lawrence ~ Kentucky to Alabama ~ December 2008 Mimsy Sussman ~ Alabama to Florida ~ December 2008 Bernadette Nisperos ~ from all over the place to Bangkok, Thailand ~ April 2010 Chris Kendall in San Jose, Costa Rica ~ February 2011 Alex Levin ~ March 2011 Victor and a bunch of other cool people on a crazy trip home from Tokyo ~ August 2011


Housemates Kat Yarbrough ~ Lake Worth, FL ~ surfed her ‘couch’ so many times she’s officially blood ACME Co-op ~ Athens, OH ~ to January 2009 Nick Shaver and Liz Hood ~ Cincinnati, OH ~ March to August 2009 Josh Miller ~ Newport, KY ~ August 2009 Rhys Harries the special one ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand ~ July 2011 Jerome Carrette and Katy Craine ~ March 2012

Other Bill and Patty Armfield ~ Music Recording ~ Loxahatchee, FL ~ May 2008 Casey Myers ~ Boss/Biz/Work ~ Athens, OH ~ September to December 2008 Danilo Cortes ~ Music Recording ~ Athens, OH ~ November 2008 Tracie Van Auken ~ Photo Shoot ~ Athens, OH ~ November 2008 The Great Unclaimed Baggage Road Trip 2008 ~ Scottsdale, AL ~ December 2008 Beeman ~ ComAir / Regional Elite ~ Indianapolis, IN & Cincinnati, OH ~ February/June 2009 to May 2010 Todd Chapman and Richard Romero ~ Good Ole ComAir Co-Workers ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ July 2009


I love to love things.

I heart Capoeira, Attachment Parenting, sudoku, backpacking, singing, fruit, traveling, getting overly excited about things, playing with Doug Graham, new cultures, wiping out produce stands, getting completely wasted in the Holy Spirit, doing handstands, photography, caimito, watching my brother's films, sudoku, Grant hugs, cuddling, talking about ANYTHING with my dad, large families, daikon radish, ROAD TRIPS, Farm Fresh Delivery and the like, mamey, nude beaching, making food with Mike, being in my brother's films, last minute travels, FSI language courses, fruit hunting, singing, canistel, playing monopoly over the phone for 3 months, Kendalltime, jackfruit, RVs, 811 raw foodism, finding fun things to do for free, digging, ecstatic worship, painting, muay thai, durian, AthensOhio, adoption, Theater, 80/10/10, kakuro, hippies pretending to be Haute Catoure and elegant (only on the occasion - it's a tiring game), babies, thrift shopping, mangoes, LiveMocha.com, sudoku...

Oh and writing music :D

My mission for this year is to cut my debut album and finish my websites - DanDann.me DanDannDesigns.com & BeyondSalad.com

Music, Movies & Books


La Belle Verte, Birth as We Know It, The Joneses, Across the Universe, Whip It (cause Poo made it), Earthlings, Fido, most things by Almodovar, Finding Neverland, Bella, Children of Men, The Darjeeling Limited, *The Fall*, Chicago, Big Fish, Amelie, The Royal Tenenbaums, Chocolate (the Thai one), I Heart Huckabees, Edward Scissorhands, My family and other animals, L'auberge Espagnole (Casa de Locos), Snatch, City of Lost Children, Amelie, Delicatessen, Girl on the Bridge, El Labrinto del Fauno, Little Miss Sunshine, The Jungle Book, What the Deaf Man Heard, Thirteen, ***La Belle Verte***, Evita, Dirty Rotten Schoundrels, Opening the Door West (cause Poo's in it), Chocolate Wars, Read My Lips, Say Anything, Dead Poets Society, The Road Virus Heads North (cause Poo made it), The Incredibles, *Josie and the Pussycats*, Frathouse Massacre (cause Poo's in it and made it), Girlfight, Two Brothers, **Forks Over Knives**-any and everything by Darell Day


Misty Edwards, Cocorosie, Anja Garbarek, Natalie Cole, Sad Kermit, Gabby LaLa, Mirah, Miles Davis, Thievery Corporation, Norah Jones, Audrey Assad, *MACACO*, Jeremy Riddle, *India.Arie*, Portishead, Bob Schneider, *Ella Fitzgerald*, Les Luthiers, Brian & Jenn Johnson, DanDann (she's pretty cool), **Takenobu**, Postal Service, Lamb of God (bet you didnt expect that between PS and Bjork...), Bjork, Outkast, The Phantods, Nichole Nordeman, Frank Sinatra, Julie Meyer, Lamb, Llorca, The Beetles, the Muppets, The Carpenters, Chris Tomlin, Showtunes, Lauryn Hill (unplugged n all), Opera Babes, Mute Math, **David Crowder**, Gotan Project, Cafe Tacuba, Balkan Beat Box (.com),


Bridge to Terebithia, *****The Continuum Concept*****, Raw in Ten Minutes, Lifestyle Evangelism by Joseph C. Alrich, Fast Food Nation, **Attachment Parenting by Katie Allison Granju**, ***If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I by Alvin Day***, **Learning All the Time by John Holt**, **The Ecstasy of Loving God by John Crowder**, The Vital Touch, **Touching: the Human Significance of the Skin by Ashley Montagu**, Blue Like Jazz, Touch by Tiffany Fields, Christian Unschooling, Infant Massage, SELAH, The Healing Gifts of the Spirit, 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham, The Complete Tightwad Gazette, **The Shack**, The Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Kevin Dedmon, **Mothering Magazine**, The Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson, The Compleat Mother-any and everything by John Holt, Dr. Douglas Graham, Ashly Montagu, Dr. Sears and Alvin Day

One Amazing Thing I've Done

* Attended an Unassisted Home Birth in 2015

* Did a one handed handstand in a one strap dress....

* Worked with Dr. Doug Graham

* Joined in the artistic revelry that is mealtime with other 811rvs

* Wiped out mango stands in Costa Rica

* Experienced 5 person massage piles in the woods

Teach, Learn, Share

Be sure to peruse the CS news

Able to teach: I can teach you a little bit about Natural Birthing, Breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting, Unschooling, Raw Foods, Natural Hygiene, Ecstatic Worship - aka Everything that has to do with living more closely with this earth that God has entrusted to us; the way things were supposed to work. It's kindof my soap box.

I can also help you with Spanish or English and travel ideas - or any ideas really. I am an idea generator.

Current Fascinations: 80/10/10 raw veganism history of miracles languages holistic birthing photography

Additional things I'd like to learn: muay thai capoeira japanese korean how to make/manage money/time

Willing to share: music massages platonic cuddles Lots of delicious fruit

Countries I've Visited

Canada, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mexico

Countries I've Lived In

Spain, Thailand, United States

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