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About Me

single - wanna be in love make love often go places do things together often make love along the way n my woman's girlfriend with us as 3somefamily- travel lots on pedal bike,,,do not use couchsurfing at others place but looking for others to camp with for a little -maybe 2 woman often-permanatly n get apartment job car,,i am in rockland maine summers portsmouth nh spring n fall n N myrtle beach n south carolina n pleasantville south carolina winters

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

little company hear others storys


like lots musics lots tv shows n movies write lines for songs n poetry many improve ideas for tv songs n movies fix n run the world better then ever has been done for most

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One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

road pedal bike acrosss usa a few times got gymnastics scholorship to ucla did flips on snow skiis twisting n double even multiple flips n multi twisting flips on diving boards told the leaders n god players n many others many times on many web sights n out loud how to fix n run the world better many ways many times

Teach, Learn, Share

DAVID CORBETT- min wage should be 6$ hr now in 3rd world countrys n going up each yr with cost of living or going up more then cost of living to get more equal to most developed countrys wages , n so $2.50 a day or hr is not enough n is still extreme poverty big time still so over half the world is still in extreme poverty idiot god play idiot united nations idiot unicef n many other foundations-charities ,,, n 16 $hr should be in usa now n going up each yr with cost of living ,,,, David Corbett wake up leaders n god players devil player rich people united nations - it is not me that needs to wake up n come to other side = u on other side have not fixed the world for most n in fact done the apposite = u on other side broken
David Corbett got a problem - good basics common sense fairness for most will fix it n i am good at it so ask me ,,,, david corbett government aid should be given in supplys for the poor mostly
David Corbett presidents n generals around the world are also guilty of murder n manslaughter = we could have had all wars in last 100 yrs with sleep dart guns n sleep gas n still had a winner with almost no deaths
David Corbett all leaders god play n rich are failing n always have so far n i am right n have been right since a young child n will always be right about what has been so far n if they do not fix it for the masses i will continue to be right about the world needing to be way more fair for most n them attacking me will not change me being right
David Corbett if it is too dark to see ya better put me in charge n do what i tell u then
David Corbett fix this too idiots =respect be fair to n love all = put min n max wage in place that gos up with cost of living n max co. profit per amount off biz they do in proportion with # of employees n necessary expenses follow n enforce the rules = no man above another we the people for the people by the people justice n liberty for all all men created equal - so treat all about equal in life-land $ materialism too ,,,,decent education up to 9th grade in the world so all can do ok job at job 9 months yr n get paid ok- 6 to 9 hr days so time for self n partner n kids friends family 2 days off week 2 to 3 months off yr,,,, the rich do not respect the masses -took more then their turn share they took others turn share they overcharge us raised cost of living underpaid us over paid themselves hoarding gauging selfish greedy vein egotistical sociopaths who do not care about most but want tons for self self self self,,no 1 is doing 12 times more better or more important work then the rest of us n not smart to be selfish greedy hoarding underpaying many overcharging many to overpay self take far more then anyone needs leave people in poverty wage =slave wage etc,,,,n put in 1st 2nd 3rd degree for all driving n pedal bike laws n less fine for pedal bikes=do way less damage n less of a danger most of the time , take out the worst criminals
David Corbett fix this too idiots= parents should have been taught the basics n taught em to their kids n schools teaching it too n then the kids would not be so screwed up = communication ,anger, problem solving, relationships, parenting, manage land $ materialism ,drug addiction,learn basic laws n how to improve them, partying safe n non destructive ,job training,stop the rich from stealing so much from us all,stop war mongers,stand up to god n devil player criminals,equal rights for all n how to stand up for self n all , we all pay taxes for schooling so should get most of what we use n need not tons trivia that is not used-needed
David Corbett fix this too idiots = lame usa = should be sleep dart guns only for citizens = fits mellow healthy side of right to bear arms = can protect n can hunt , even sleep dart gun as main gun for cops =kill no one even as mistake or minor or med offense ,along with rubber bullet guns tear gas sleep gas n 3 setting taser n have to prove u needed to use high setting to ever use it , n kill gun locked in car n use only under extreme conditions ,n assault weapons for swat team fbi fed marshals n military only n military trained to step in n help cops if needed , n all trained with same proticall = surround n contain area n move in as soon as possible n on same radio-communication station,,, assault rifles allowed is crazy man devil play usa ,if the retards will not get rid of guns insist on every gun having a gps on at all times n track record of where it is n was at all times = catching way more killers n the gun used to check prints n dna on it to catch shooter David Corbett fix this too idiots =should be 1/4 of income on rent not half like is in usa now = leaders letting semi rich n rich screw most of us over n min wage should be doubled n going up each yr with the cost of living = it is a poverty wage n any poverty wage is a slave wage n even 10 hr is poverty=slave wage = our parents generation has left us in a pile of shit n then they say we want too many things free = no they have taken our turn share with overcharging n underpaying us = them wanting our share for free
David Corbett fix this too idiots= abortion should be allowed but try to talk em out of it with ok job ok pay ok cost of living 2 days off week 2 to 3 months off yr , n not judge point condemning them if they keep out of marriage or give for adoption or abort
David Corbett drugs should be legal =drink prescription street , but with conditions for all drugs n all people n fair n protecting of most n rules n laws this n other side = register like prescription drugs with doc n get 2 weeks amount n dry out for days 2 times each month n have to take a class for this n other side think n do n a small bond for 3 days dry out shelter for misbehaving people this or other side n criminal punishment this n other side for criminal behavior being greedy should be criminal drugs or no drugs both sides ,,,,
david corbett- foundations n charities do not fix poverty = they sustain poor in poverty with minor help = poor need fast ok job training fast ok job placement help n ok pay that gos up each yr with the cost of living,,,, David Corbett all over $100,000 yr or having 5 million or more total land $ materialism should not be able to collect social security= will fill lots of the shortage = so we keep it going ,,, david corbett -spend 90% less on military be smarter n team up with 20 other countrys to take down the worst criminals or worst leaders= save some fix poverty some n help social security some go to n live on mars n venus with 20 countrys with some ,,,,,,, david corbett should be ok with 60% of same music n 60% of same lyrics = most things we have -can buy are 60% or more similar to other brands david corbett girls scout cookies should be cheap for the girls to sell lots = they are already low budget quality n overpriced-leaving girls at harder job n they should be compensated decent ,,,, david corbett - make sports stuffs proportionate for kids = fair fare smaller lighter lower etc ,,, david corbett - treat animals n nature in humane ways ,,,, david corbett - keep people biz with ok life not in jail cause they left poor n desperate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
david corbett - leave people biz with ok life not in jail cause left poor n desperate ,,, david corbett truckers are ripped off having to baby sit the truck n cargo all eve night with no pay n have to pay own tickets even when boss gives em too little time to make some delivery n many truckers have second book = illegal just to make some deliverys on time ,,,,, david corbett - internship should be illegal that is suppose to be why a min wage in place ,,,, david corbett monopolies are suppose to be illegal yet some have bought most of the companys n hide behind various names ,,, david corbett do things to make $ values around the world more similar in value-use this n other side positive constructive mostly to get it done like all things the world is part other side ,,, david corbett immigration should be reasonably easy fast n cheap but make sure poor countrys have all needed basics fair laws equal rights for the people n improving reg n they will not run to better countrys desperate ,but limit numbers per yr so not to flood any one country to fast of any one different type of think n do different peoples ,,,,, david corbett being gay or marrying gay is ok but do not be abusive to others with the play = think n do on this or other side -do not cram it down others throats-into their life- specially when in big gay groups at clubs or gatherings ,,,, david corbett get the zoos bigger for animals ,,,,,
David Corbett should be a min but low n max for all crimes n explain what is min med n serious=1st 2n 3rd degree rape or any crime like driving n pedal bike laws n less for pedal bikes n then a min med serious in each of those categories for judge or jury in case it was sorta the crime not completely crime -pushed-dragged into it mistake thought otherwise not intended tried not to tried to do something close but other misunderstood other like both drinking n she going along with it n look like resting a few minute into it n he not noticing much then next day not drunk she saying no i did not think it ok n thinking she said no n for sure n for real n not stopping it all ,,but if he is with it-not drunk at all n she out cold n they not lovers already n she did not say lets go fuck in car or your place etc it rape n if he showing friends n doing in front of them even worse n if he saying fuck her to others it even worse yet or if he just bully holding her n she saying stop get off repeatedly then it full rape ,, ,exception could be something like she said several times recently she wanted to get fucked by him n his friends gang bang several times n he would not let it but then he drunk n it ok n he encourages it =she gets what she wants-not rape ,,,,,n pedifile should have 1st 2nd 3rd degree versions n then min med serious punishment with in those with min n max in each of 1st 2nd 3rd degree doing=guilt ,,,,,,
David Corbett - kill gun n specially assault rifle is just a crazy mans devil play persons toy = cause even if most can control self the devil players n rich players puppet n push n step in others from time to time n get em to do things n even kill for dark pay power n all the rest of us suffer for it- mentally emotionally financially laws getting jerked back n for the politicians wasting time on things that should have been decided long ago n politicians doing things for the masses now like ok min wage that gos up each yr with cost of living= so do not let devil play have killing toys in many millions of hands around the world be sane be reasonable be respectful of the many be protecting of the many, a sleep dart pistol 6 ish shot will protect n can hunt, the desperate person will take your gun from u often n use it on u n or others also if the desperate person sees u have a gun they likely to shoot at u when they gonna just use the gun to scare u back away from them, the desperate will be burglarizing u n find your gun n leave with a kill gun n yet another kill toy is on the street for desperate angry bitter person left in poverty n a always tracking n recording gps on all guns would help after the fact catching criminals n sometimes beforehand n u can be sued or in jail if u used shot someone n deadly force was not needed

What I Can Share with Hosts

decent free camping area n a pedal bike

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