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  • 91 Recomendacións 79 Confirmadas y positivas
  • Fluent in Czech, English, Slovak; learning German, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish
  • 29, Male
  • Miembro desde 2009
  • its changing to quickly, teacher, window-dresser, part ti...
  • highest educational attainment: Liberal Arts and Humaniti...
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a few random words about me seen in the quick search> Cheerful, thoughtful, crazy, dumpster diving, sailing, hiking, getting volunteerily totally lost in forests, mountains, literature, very good coffee, anything about music, passion, personal responsibility vegatarian and possible vagan, philosphy, nudist if possible, opportunist, sure I can enjoy almost any kind of person

I just came from 19 months long travells and I am sort of tired Surf with me only if you re interested in me or my topics , otherwise we wouldnt enjoy it. Emergency requests wellcome, but usually really just for friday - sunday

- - -

Who am I?
I am just me, the unique one. Come and check !! I am guy who likes beer, challenges, art, people. I also hate crowds, junk, my failures, beer. Depends on situation.

On CS - I am focuse on hosting. But I really love trevelling, actually be on the road. It doesnt necessarily mean travel. You can do that with your life. You can find that in your city. You can keep that point of view on anything. Anyway being somewhere else is pretty good. VŠUDE DOBŘE, DOMA NE
I dont prefer people (better: I dont understand them) who travell without take their whole mind with them.
I also think, that people are actually good.

Present for next surfer |
As a SURFER here in Prague READ THIS !!
You are expected to bring a present for next couchsurfer - and u ll be given a present by the previous one. Can be photo for example, or anything u create - picture (or not - really anything, better small - there have already been thinkgs like earrings, paints, photos...but it is really up to u - but when thinking, creating or buying sometihing think what u d like to get - when it is bigger, next surfers will also probably give bigger present, of course u can solve it during your stay here)
That is not for me but for u so please try to think about it and follow it


Omnia tempus suum habet et spatium suum sub sole tenet

In the long run we all are dead.

While thinking we make, let us note the fact to find our bliss

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing

Why? I love the simplicity of the idea. You like other humans? Have some space? Just be with them... Definitely need to be part of it

My old profile with a bit more of my old HTML stuff.


mostly positive Hosted as much people as it was possible since May till December 2009, then continued with the idea of present for next couchsurfer so there could be found a list of couchsurfers since that time till NOW...Hosted | just nice people of course
Dozens of people had surfed my couch befere I started the "present for next couchsurfer" with CHEPE in the end of December 2009 - than surfed my couch -Mark from Texas, Virag with Lemmit - couple from Hungary or more precisely Estonia,Jerome and Vogi - really free and pretty open minded guys from Germany, Loren and Wan Wan, Chloe and Aude, extremly warm a and polite Diana and Ersilia, young Manou and Hanna who showed us how to cook from pasta, potateous and apples, Ana with a friend, extremely enjoying life Rafael, Марко и Надежда and Tina, Hideki with a friend, Eva with boyfriend and unexpectedly norwegian guy - Henrik Udnesseter, Vera from China, Violette with Anne-Marie from Canada, Verena and Franzi from Germany and for last minute Kaur and cute friend - than a lot of people cancelled trip to Czech in April because of bad guy called Eyjafjallajökull, so I hosted another ones in May and June and the begining of July 2010Jola with Bartek and 2 more polish guys, Wanda and Tomek, Natasja and DanekDylan and very sober Thomas at the same timeincredible PatrickJovan with a girl from USHenAnton and Karl whose both I ve seen 5 minutesMoritzlittle comformal Alex and ambitious TaylorCatalina Villa with a friendSašenkaMiKevin with brotherOrenafter my trip since end of August 2010:Tim from GreeceVictor Tsakonas from Dijon with girlfriendBilly Reeves from Perthunexpectedly Peter from DresdenMagdelena with boyfriendIrini and GeorgeKatya with friendGiovanniSigne-LillHazal with friendSithaFelix with friend on bikesDaniel WangBojan with MilenaShivaji PeddetiMira Wiestner with her blond friendDankaPetar & Cizma and for one night alsoSeda from from Turkey at the same timeGavinsweet KarenSébastienFrederico and NelsonSissy wycisk and BINIELukasz Tarnowski with friendDorota ŚwiderskaEszter Zetelaki and her lazy picky boyfriendGauthier KochChristina KleinSusan YuVincent Beaudoin with friendAnya and AndrejAlexandra Brykalina with AlexandreRebecca Harrison with boyfriendPolina ChurilovaSašenka againSteliana Stefanescu with friendFilippa Nell and KonratVictoria Cornecho and whole Captian Tyfus ___ and many many moreYOU
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Surfed with my girlfriend on our trip in Latvia, Lithuania, Polland and Germany..Than surfed it in Armenia and Gorgia.Than in Eastern Europe.surfed | places of interesting people
I surfed concretelyJuly and August 2009:Paula and Kamil in Wroclav (PL), Jana in Riga (Latvia), Simona in Kaunas (Lithuania), Dara in Villnius (Lithuania), Marita in Frankfurt (GE) September 2009:Kolja in Yerevan (Armenia), Luka in Tbilisi (Georgia)July 2010:Hanka and Mirek in Olomouc, Jola in Siedlce, Dima in Baranovichi, Viktar in Minsk, Tasha and Vadim in Bobrujsk, Kate in GomelAugust 2010:Daniel in Kijev and Nova Kachovka, Jonathan and Elena in SimfermapolSeptember 2010:Honza in Ceska BudejoviceOctober 2010:Ola in KrakowDecember 2010:January 2011:Lilian in Cannes La BoccaMarco in MarseilleIssaim in FezRachid in TighsallineMehdi in SafiJuly 2011:Alexander in Novi SadAugust 2011:Panagiatos in Thessaloniki

Fall 2012:
Raphael in Marseiille (France)
Essaim in Fez (Marocco)
meeting some people for coffee in Mauritania

March 2013:
Jamie and guys in Auckland (New Zealand)


listening the best radio station on the world - czech radio one - for listening click here or once in area around prague tune 91.9 FM

Travelling, hiking, skiing, art, reading, enjoying life..

  • birds
  • arts
  • humanities
  • books
  • literature
  • concerts
  • cooking
  • cheese
  • beer
  • coffee
  • running
  • partying
  • drinking
  • pub crawls
  • reading
  • traveling
  • dumpster diving
  • music
  • hiking
  • camping
  • scuba diving
  • sailing
  • skiing
  • mathematics
  • science
  • hitchhiking
  • wwoof
  • mountains

Música, películas y libros


Jaques Drouin and for example his phenomenal Mindcape U have to see it

Great czech artists, Trnka studio...
Aurel Klimt - for example Fimfarum, 4 great stories originally by Jan Werich - Lets say Theme of alcoholism using puppets,
check it here!!

Panique au village incredible coexistence of cowboy horse and indian


Trainspotting, Roman holiday, American Beauty, Amores Perros, Hair, Forrest Gump, Brazil, Forrest Gump... as some of the very well known

The Case for the Rookie Hangman
try this link for feeling the great atmosphere of this movie..doesnt matter u wot understand

Lekce Faust - one of the best variation on the Faust theme

Orkrist, Death, King Crimson, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Antonin Dvorak, Timudej , Hm.., Goran Bregovic, Massive attack, Amon Tobin,
Liquid Tension, Pendragon, OSI, MYTHEMATICA


Algo increíble que he hecho

I finished my working day and went to visit few friends preparing party with concert on a yard for next day. Than I came to walls of medieval comlex and just run to celebrate the solstice. We run and run since midnight till sunrise. It was more than 30 kilometers. Then I slept a little and went to the place mentioned before. Party lasted for me around 40 hours, then I slept a little, went to work and continued. Finally rested with few people on a dark yard just drinking beer. amazing

I saw old lady sitting on the bench while she dropped banana slice(in error)..I ve picked it up and threw out into the bin. She smiled and told me - thanks.

I was sitting near the river watching birds.

I had drunk 15 beers and woke up and drunk 2 liters of water. So tasteful !

LIFE consits of small pieces which finally does make sence. I can see people smiling, can dreaming. I can drink good beer. I am healthy young person. I am enjoying every small piece of the being.

Enseña, aprende, comparte

there are a few usefull links, ussually about trevelling..

heaps of usefull links here:

Car relocation (how to rent a car for free and have sometimes the petrol paid - "luxury hitch-hiking")US, Aussie and NZ mostly ( )
Car share (and getting ride) Usa and Canada

LEARN - STUDY, ITS IN YOUR HANDS! Free courses and projects online From Math to Spanish..amazing site Online courses for couple of weeks run by British universities, different topics - basics for improving EN, science, humanities
IMprove your english, practise for tests and exams:
I like bets and challenges..My favourite form is doing things diferntly, surprise myself and keep on doing for exact period, at least month. I ve already tried
Month without buying (and preferably using) anything plastic
Month without public transport in Prague
Months without cell phone
Very often have a period of not drinking any alcohol
Two weeks without anything cooked (icluding bread, cheese, tofu, of course meet...)

The point it live my life in same way as before. If u dont drink, lets go to pub if u feel like to go, just dont drink. I always shows my how easy it is, to do things diferently, but how hard is thinking about it..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

101 books you really have to read before you die (not completed already, acording to me and my girlfriend)

1 - Axel Munthe - The Story of San Michele
2 - Jan de Hartog - The Captian
3 - John Updike - The Centaur
4 - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - The Little prince
5 - Jaroslav Foglar - The camp of ill luck
6 - Eduard

Países que he visitado

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Indonesia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritania, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara

Países en los que he vivido

Czech Republic, New Zealand

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