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  • 395 Referenzs 167 Bestätigt & positiv
  • Botschafter
  • Fluent in English, Italian, Sicilian; learning Estonian, Lithuanian, Spanish
  • 32, Male
  • Mitglied seit 2006
  • I work in the Real Estate field; I am involved in organiz...
  • well educated! :-) I graduated in Economics
  • Aus Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • Profil zu 100 % vollständig

Über mich


Enjoy life and appreciate its beauty wherever you are




please, visit my personal website:
to get a lot of useful info about Sicily

I'm a 32 years old man from Palermo, I work in the Real Estate field and event organizations.
I'm a very dinamic person, busy with different stuff, very active into the international life of my city.
I had a lot of experience as "tutor" of the Erasmus students and I organize parties, events and tours in my city and around Sicily.
I'm really pleased to be a city's ambassador for Palermo, because I love my city and I like working to make it better! :-)

I'm very easy going, communicative, outgoing and friendly. I'm extrovert and hearty and I love hanging out with people from abroad. I enjoy being in good company and I try to be always delighted about my life.
I'm always peaceful and I hardly get angry.
I try to be always hospitable and never unkind!
My main passions: traveling, learning languages, challenging myself, playing guitar, internet, building websites and doing sport (my favourites football and tennis)!

I can offer you a nice journey in my city, a very central location, a comfortable bed, getting to know local and international people living in Palermo.
I enjoy meeting all kind of people, the difference is very important to grow up as a human being, so don't hesitate to contact me even though you think you are a different person ;-)
I always reply to my requests even when I'm really busy, so you can write me whatever and whenever you want, even asking me simple advice about my city.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the coolest places in the world...SICILY!!!


I try to enjoy every moment of my life and my youth!
At the same time I know which are my main goals right now, and I try as much as I can to achieve them.

Warum ich bei Couchsurfing bin

I would like to help loads of people, introducing them to my city or, when I can, offering them accomodation!
I would like to travel as much as I can and meeting many nice people from other countries.
I really like organizing and partecipating to Couchsurfing meeting everywhere (I've already been into Couchsurfing meetings in different countries).


I met many couch-surfers in my city, I hosted around 400 people and I was hosted several times.

(397 people from 54 different countries):
I had guests from:
MAY 2006: Christopher from Germany.
MAY 2007: Andrea from Italy in Tallinn.
JUL 2007: Cristina from Estonia.
JUL 2007: Outi from Finland.
AUG 2007: Ignacio from Argentina.
SEP 2007: Eva from Austria.
OCT 2007: Marit from Estonia.
NOV 2007: Sonja from Germany.
FEB 2008: Annika from Estonia.
APR 2008: Laurel from USA.
MAY 2008: Nath, CJ, Lloyd from USA.
JUN 2008: Susanna from Finland.
JUL 2008: Anna, Agate and Anita from Latvia.
AUG 2008: Maarja and Kaire from Estonia.
DIC 2008: Migle from Lithuania.
DIC 2008: Kaire and Kaisa from Estonia.
MAR 2009: Liina from Estonia.
MAR 2009: Tena from Croatia.
APR 2009: Kalen and Avery from US.
JUL 2009: Pedro from Mexico; Diego from Brasil; Liine from Denmark; Laure, Annaelle and Melina from France; Holly from US.
AUG 2009: Noemi from Italy; Laura from US; Basha from Poland; Martin from Poland.
OCT 2009: Christian from Germany.
FEB 2010: Danielle from US; Lubov from Russia; Lola and Fayda from France.
MAR 2010: Aga and Kasha from Poland; Vladimir from Italy.
APR 2010: Tiffany and Julia from US.
JUN 2010: Anaya from US.
JUL 2010: Alexis from US. Ausra from Lithuania. Emma from Finland; Samuele from Italy
AUG 2010: Asa and Linn from Sweden.
SEP 2010: Jesus from Spain.
OCT 2010: Melinda from Australia; Elizabeth and Trude from Norway; Sarah from USA; Clara and her friend from Spain; Olga from Russia.
NOV 2010: Lucia from Slovakia; Salvo from Italy; Anna from Italy; Sarah and Tania from USA; Ewa and Joanna from Poland; Christian from Germany.
DIC 2010: Olga from Bielorus; Carolin and Marthe from Germany; Bonnie and Scott from USA.
JAN 2011: Ilze from Latvia; Sanna, Nina and Anna from Sweden; Thomas from France; Milica from Serbia
FEB 2011: Gabriele from Italy; Agne, Erika and Kamile from Lithuania; Angela from Scotland; Mirei from Mexico; Ania from Poland.
MAR 2011: Hanna from Germany; Tugce and Tugce from Turkey, Gabriele from Italy.
APR 2011: Santa and Marija from Latvia; Gabriele from Italy; Sara from England; Maria and Kinga from Romania; Goska from Poland; Disa and Klara from Iceland; Julia from Germany; Debora from Italy (guest number 100!!!); Holly from England; Catrina, Molly and her friend from USA; Laima from Latvia; Leo from Israel; Geke and her friend from Netherlands.
MAY 2011: Gianfranco from Chile; Nuur from Tunisia; Dominique from Chile; Ieva from Lithuania; Hannah and Kristen from USA; Margit from Estonia; Zusana from Slovakia; Undine from Latvia; Elena from Macedonia; Annie from Estonia; Lucie from France.
JUN 2011: Jenny from England; G.m. from USA; Patricia from Spain; Ewa and Veronika from Poland; Ewa from Poland; Liudas from Lithuania; Ida and Elin from Sweden; Leah from USA; Hollie and Christy from USA.
JUL 2011: Anna and Sofi from Sweden; Peter from Hungary; Iris from Iceland; Mireille and Liza from France; Ieva, Sandra and Migla from Lithuania; Corina and Jenny from Switzerland; Jessica from France.
AUG 2011: Diana from Colombia; Yana from Russia; Aleksandr and Elena from Russia; Ahmed and Salma from Egypt; Abigail from US.
SEP 2011: Lilly and her friend from France.
OCT 2011: Celine from Egypt.
JAN 2012: Diana and Egle from Lithuania.
JUN 2012: Petras and Inga from Lithuania.
SEP 2012: Iza and Edyta from Poland; Sabrina and Nichi from Germany; Dawn from England.
OCT 2012: Rafaela from Portugal; Anna from Russia.
DIC 2012: Amanda from France, Jana and her friend from Germany.
MAR 2013: Giuseppe from Italy; Soeren from Germany.
APR 2013: Brigita and Eleonora from Lithuania; Ruta from Lithuania; Estelle from France; Matthew from Australia, Paulina from Poland.
MAY 2013:Julia from Finland; Alexandra from Russia.
JUN 2013:Sinead from Ireland
JUL 2013:Ieva from Lithuania
AUG 2013:Adele from Russia; Ula from Poland
SEP 2013:Anara from Kazakistan; Paulina, Kuba and Marta from Poland
DEC 2013:Vincenzo and Salvo from Italy; Jana and Maria from Ukraina.
FEB 2014:Lucia from Austria; Anna from Hungary.
MAR 2014:Heidi from Finland.
APR 2014:Kristina and Jana from Czech republic; Anaya from USA; Vaida and Erika from Lithuania; Joohee from Switzerland.
JUN 2014:Steve from USA, Sami from Finland, Cristina from England, Anfisa from Ukrain, Anna from Austria, Mariana from Estonia, Melania from Venezuela, French couple.
AUG 2014: Hilja from Finland, Ausra from Lithuania, Martyna from Poland
SEP 2014: Magda from Poland; Matthew and Anna from Poland.
OCT 2014: David from France.
DIC 2015: Lovisa from Iceland; Julia from Poland; Adriana from Poland; Jessica from France.
FEB 2015: Martin from France, Mathilde from France; Seoyoung from South Korea, Katharina and Kristina from Croatia; Alaina from USA.
MAR 2015: Sandrine, Mude +1 friend from Canada, Piergiorgio and Francesco from Italy, Victoria and her boyfriend from Germany.
APR 2015: Ania and Agata from Poland, Judith from Andorra, Katrin from Germany, Kelly and Kristine from USA, Ania from Poland, Szemec and Paulina from Poland.
MAY 2015: Dina and Anna from Russia, Lenka from Czech republic, Kristian and Petra from Hungary, Mariama from Germany.
JUN 2015: Mychelle and Rio from USA.
elia and Charlotte
JUL 2015: Carolina from Colombia, Ruta and her friend from Lithuania, Irene from Venezuela.
AUG 2015: Dominga and her sister from Chile, Margarita from Bulgaria, Alexandra from Kazhakistan, Martina from Austria, Agata from Poland, Katia from Russia, Celia and Charlotte from France, Elisa from France, Cathleen from Germany, Juste from Lithuania.
SEP 2015: Donovan from Usa, Zuzana from Czech republic, Debora from Italy, Annie, Eva and Sharo from Germany, Viola and Laura from Germany, Juliann from Germany, Alina from Russia, Daniel from Mexico, Paulina and Julita from Poland, Gabija and Laimonas from Lithuania.
OCT 2015: Simona and Katia from Slovenia, Margarita from Bielorussia
NOV 2015: Erika from France, Marta and Sylwia from Poland
DEC 2015: Julie and Diarra from USA
JAN 2016: Kristina and Lena from Sweden, Tatany and Natalia from Russia, Natalia from Poland, Olivia from England, Max from Germany, Karl from Sweden.
APR 2016: Dominika from Poland, Dovydo and Modesta from Lithuania.
MAY 2016: Petras and Devidas from Lithuania, Pauline from France, Juliette and David from France, Kasia from Poland, Aura from Romania, Kasper from Denmark
JUNE 2016: Sonia from France, Jomante from Lithuania, Creea from India.
JULY 2016: Eva from Germany, Dasha, Katarina and Alina from Russia, Tugba from Turkey, Aga from Poland, Talara and her friend from Australia, and her 3 friends from Czech republic
AUG 2016: Sible from USA, Lina and her 2 friends from Lithuania, Agata from Poland, Tiphaine and her friend from France
SEP 2016: Rachel from USA, Izabela and Joanna from Poland, Isabel from Germany
OCT 2016: Klaudia from Hungary, Lana from UK
NOV 2016: Yulia from Russia, Daniela from Bulgaria
DIC 2016: Laya from Austria, Isabel from Germany, Anni from Estonia
JAN 2016: Layal from Lebano, Gaelle and Francoise from France
FEB 2017: Megane and 2 friends from France, Maman from Senegal
MAR 2017: Marie and Johanna from Germany, Van from Vietnam, Kata and Vivian from Hungary, Fabio from Italy, Marta and Judita from Lithuania, Victoria from USA
APR 2017: Claire and her friend from USA, Florencia from Argentina
MAY 2017: Jane and her friend from Moldova, Ricarda and her friend from Germany, Evita from Latvia.
JUN 2017: Katerina and Katerina from Czech republic
JUL 2017: Hosted Carolina and her friend from Argentina, Sara and Mariya from Japan, Ainara and her friend from Spain, Nathalie and Gwen from Netherland
AUG 2017: Hosted Ruta and Alina from Lithuania
SEP 2017: Hosted Anna and Eloise from France, Chiara from Italy, Dorina from Romania, Clara from Germany, Asia from Poland
OCT 2017: Marga from Argentina, Marielle from England, Richard from USA
NOV 2017: Gloria from Spain, Jamie from Canada, Laura from Australia

APR 2006: Martin from Poland; JUL 2006: Ece from Turkey; SEP 2006: Halszi from Hungary; NOV 2006: Sarmite from Latvia; DEC 2006: Christian from Germany; SEP 2007: Miujia from Finland; OCT 2007: Annika from Estonia; NOV 2007: Luiza from Romania; DEC 2008: Ania from Poland; Brigitte from Austria; JEN 2008: Demetrio from USA; Karin from Estonia; Anna, Agate and Anita from Latvia in Palermo; FEB 2008: Kamila from Poland; Sabine from Austria; MAR 2008: Marie from Sweden; APR 2008: Mark from USA, Tabitha from Indonesia; MAY 2008: Juan and Ognen from USA; Anna from Germany; JUNE 2008: Elizaveta from Russia; JUL 2008: Dua from Egypt; Maina from Russia; AUG 2008: Barbara from Italy; SEP 2008: James and Ann from New Zealand; SEP 2008: Job from Holland; NOV 2008: Eva from Belgium; Esther from Australia; Danielle and Lisa from US; JAN 2009: May from Japan; Gijsbert from Holland; FEB 2009: Apolline from France; Joeline from US; MAR 2009: Raya from US; Tao from Canada; Shruty and Jenna from US; Ellen from US; APR 2009: Laura from Austria; Andrea from Rome; Caroline from Germany; Taylor from US; Kasia and Ola from Poland. Organized 2 couchsurfing meetings in Palermo. MAY 2009: Met Ingrid from Mexico; Met Jeson from USA; Met John from US and Adrian from Australia; JUL 2009: Met Emma from US and Aga from Poland
OCT 2009: Met Aga and Ola from Poland. JAN 2010: Nick from Canada; Eileen from Venezuela; MAR 2010: Helen from Estonia; JUN 2010: Olenka from Russia.

MAR 2007: CS meeting in Tallinn.
MAR 2007: CS Meeting in Riga.
MAR 2008: CS meeting in Ljubliana.
AUG 2008: CS meeting in Berlin.
OCT 2008: CS meeting in Barcelona.
NOV 2008: CS Meeting in Venice.
MAY 2008: CS meeting in Bologna.
DIC 2009: CS meeting in London.
MAY 2010: CS meeting in Malta.
JUL 2010: CS meeting in Rome.
NOV 2010: CS meeting in London.
MAY 2011: CS camp in Palermo (organizer) Prague invades Palermo.
JUN 2011: CS camp in San Vito Lo Capo.
NOV 2011: CS Meeting in Milano.
OCT 2012: CS Meeting in Warsaw.
OCT 2013: CS Meeting in London.
MAR 2014: CS Meeting in Berlin, CS Meeting in Vilnius.
JUN 2014-JUN 2015: CS ciuffi ciuffi fest in San Vito

FEB 2007: Surfed Milka's couch in Helsinki.
MAY 2007: Surfed Aristzka's couch in Riga.
MAR 2008: Surfed Tommaso's couch in Venezia.
MAR 2008: Surfed Nejc's couch in Ljubliana.
JUL 2008: Surfed Steven's couch in London.
JUL 2008: Surfed Anna's couch in Riga.
AUG 2008: Surfed Karin's couch in Tallinn.
AUG 2008: Surfed Angelika's couch in Berlin.
AUG 2008: Surfed Irmela's couch in Berlin.
NOV 2008: Surfed Tom's couch in Venice.
MAY 2009: Surfed Salvo's couch in Bologna.
AUG 2009: Surfed Ann Sophie's couch in Malta.
DIC 2009: Surfed Mirko's couch in London.
JUL 2010: Surfed Vincenzo's couch in Roma.
NOV 2010: Surfed Alberto's couch in London.
MAY 2011: Surfed Ilze's couch in Riga; Surfed Maarja's couch in Tartu
OCT 2011: Surfed Aurora's couch in Milano.
OCT 2012: Surfed Alicia's couch in Warsaw, Eveli's couch in Munich, Maria's couch in Zurich
MAY 2013: Surfed Natalia's couch in Warsaw
OCT 2013: Surfed Alberto's couch in London
FEB 2014: Surfed Salvo's couch in Bruxelles
MAR 2014: Surfed Alessio's couch in Milano
MAY 2014: Surfed Chiara's couch in Milano, Giovanni's couch in Bratislava
NOV 2014: Surfed Vaida's couch in Lisbon
JAN 2015: Surfed Sasha's couch in Rome
MAR 2015: Surfed Tugce's couch in Milan
SEP 2015: Surfed Severine's couch in Lyon, Audrey's couch in Paris


Organizing parties, Playing sport, Watching sports, Drawing, Cinema, Languages, Going out with my friends, Drinking and Chilling, Dancing, Chatting and Surfing the web, Building websites.

I love music and I like playing guitar!!!
I enjoy to play and sing with my friends! if you come here you are more than welcome to sing a song with me!

Musik, Filme und Bücher

MUSIC: I like everything I can play with my guitar.
Favourite bands: Aerosmith, Beatles, Eagles, Guns'n roses, Green day, Led zeppelin, Metallica, Oasis, Pink floyd, Queen, Red hot chili peppers, The offspring

To dance I like Latino music, reggeton, bachata

MOVIES: Action movies, Commedies, History

Eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich gemacht habe

JAN-JUN 2007: ERASMUS in TALLINN, more than amazing!!!
MAR 2007: SAUNA and swimming in the lake with -10 degrees outside!
JUL 2008: 21 days couchsurfing around Europe (London, Berlin, Riga, Tallinn, Naples), RYANAIR trip with a little 10 kg luggage.
MAR 2010: 6 guests in the same night in one room and me sleeping on the floor SEP 2010: Bacardi-video with famous Spanish actors during a big party organized by me at the beach
APR 2011: 19 guests in a month, not a single day alone in my place! you can say..are you crazy?? NO, I JUST LOVE COUCHSURFING ;-)
OCT 2012: Road trip Vilnius-Palermo by car passing by 7 countries!
MAY 2014: Road trip Palermo-Vilnius by car passing 5 countries!

Lehren, lernen, teilen

I'd be pleased to teach italian to my guests, I have some experience as a private italian teacher! =)
I want to learn how to speak English avoiding my fuc*ing Italian accent, but my English is above the average in Palermo! :-D
I'd like to share my whole knowledge about my city and Sicilian culture, telling you the stories I know about my city and my region! =)

Länder, die ich besucht habe

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Länder, in denen ich gelebt habe

Estonia, Italy, Lithuania

Old School Badges

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    32 Bürgens
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