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Sobre mí


missionless... just following my path


Took me 31 years to realize my first overseas experience. Born Czech, came to New Zealand three years ago, traveled around, started working here, met a woman, conceived a child. Now infected with New Zealand spirit and being person above average friendly and optimistic. One could blame it on antidepressants, I would blame Pania (my partner). No complains though. In Prague I was city rat. Could never understand what people see on going to countryside when asphalt is so much more comfortable to walk on. And all these colors, so vivid, so hurtful for eyes, that does not happen to you with concrete, no way! Any development reaches it's happy end. Sooner or later. So has mine. Facing monotones of life and forecast without a change in next years I thought I could save myself a time and kill myself or maybe try something completely different. And being fan of Monty Pythons I tried something completely different. Now I'm in NZ and I enjoy anything and just see what happens. Cooking, karate, pottery, sailing, fishing, calligraphy, tramping, salsa, what else I've done recently? Each place has its own order. It is interesting to watch the differences and how they merge with my life path.

Here are other members of my triumvirate:

According to David I'm the walking, talking, human, antidepressant but don't let him fool you, I'm really a woman of STEEL and fortitude, and that happy hippy veneer is a mere illusion designed to lull you into a false sense of security so that when you're least expecting it ... aha!
So, I was born in a rural New Zealand dental clinic (which explains my above average pearly white chompers) and since that early extraction I have been extracting myself from all kinds of places and installing myself in other kinds of other places - with a lengthy stay in China and South Korea with smaller bursts of activity in Thailand, Vietnam, USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. I'm interested in pretty much EVERYTHING because, as you might have discovered for yourself already, the world is a truly beautiful and intriguing place full of all the ingredients for a fun and love-filled life. But I especially get a kick out of swimming in the sea, digging in the dirt, walking, conversation, books, yoga, food, learning, and my beautiful, absolutely delectable, family.

More, give me more, of that delicious yoghurt, and what about another banana-berry smoothie, mmmmm, oh! and check out that tin bucket! bang bang bang! dance, wriggle, shout! whoopee! ung ung ung wheeeee! and what's that? a stone! yum! oh, and look, here's some sand, wriggle, crawl, munch, crunch, delicious!

Jan 09, Quick Profile Update:
We are all year older now so some of the photos would have now more hair and some of them would have less hair and until I find a time to refresh them you will have to use your imagination. There is also one more face - little Izmae - which turned us into a quartet. On a more CS side: the futon mattress has proper bed frame now; there is white and rye flour everywhere in the house as I discovered yet another secret passion - bread baking; with fresh new baby we are thinking about joining Nanny-Surfing project so if you feel like being one COME and possibly stay longer.


Life is changing beast. It is enjoyable to watch it and chase it from time to time but it is quite difficult to stay focused and do not forget that I have expiry date too.

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing


I still have difficulties saying openly optimistic nice positive statements. I always thought only naive people do such things. Or lunatics. But I do think western society is caught in "your-on-space", "your-on-ego", "your-..." is the most important thing trap crap. I do own fridge, car, bed, and couple of other things and quite often they just laying around not being used. What a shame! Bad bad lazy things! You should be doing something useful. But then it is difficult to send your kettle to walk to town and just help somebody. Perhaps I could send cattle if I had some. So how do I participate in CS2? I let people to come to our place and use the kettle, bed, ...


  • books
  • dancing
  • dining
  • cooking
  • baking
  • yoga
  • walking
  • pottery
  • fishing
  • surfing
  • sailing
  • swimming
  • calligraphy

Música, películas y libros

I used to listen to music a lot. All sorts of experimental and weird stuff: industrial, post-industrial, dark, noise, electronic, ambient, modern classical, repetitive, minimal, ... I still do enjoy it but lot of this music is just not suitable for my new fresh happy new zealand spirit and surroundings. Perhaps next time I'm in Berlin or Prague I should dig deeper in my collection again.

I used to love art movies, seen hundreds of them. "used to"? Have not had time to watch movies recently. Last movie I've seen was....Master Of The Flying Guillotine! With all responsibility I would call this Art movie too. Just brilliant. :-)

Algo increíble que he hecho

I guess that depends on timing. I've seen birth of my child year a ago and it left huge impression on me. His head poking out, still blue, red, not breathing like a bust. Anticipation, exhaustion, euphoria, shock, ....

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