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  • Fluent in English; learning French, Spanish
  • 46, Female
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  • South West Texas University in San Marcos, Texas
  • From Atlanta, GA, USA
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About Me

Ukrainian people you are welcome 🙏
Ukrainian people find a place to rest here. 🇬🇧 Ukrainian children and families and babies and puppies 🐶. Please elaborate on why you may nor have references if you don’t. Maybe you work for an American family. and care for kids. I understand.

I really prefer to have Couch Surfer‘s who Are female or are a couple or who have already surd with me in the past.
1.). I really prefer Couch Surfer to Have a lot, at least 10 to 12, photos of themselves on their page. Who doesn’t have 10 to 12 pictures?
2,) really authentically fill out the questions asked by the Couchsurfing where it asks the Couch Surfer questions about themselves on the Couchsurfing site
3.) I prefer to host somebody who already has hosted other Couch Surfer‘s so that they already know what it’s like to host other people. Is somebody who’s going to be using Couchsurfing for the culture of Couchsurfing it’s already involved with Couchsurfing and isn’t doing it for just a one time thing.
4.) I prefer to host Couch Surfer‘s who I’ve also been Couch Surfer‘s themselves.
5.) I prefer the Couch Surfer‘s offer someway that they can give back at the time of their couch surfers. Maybe they can do the dishes maybe they can vacuum the floor maybe they can help neaten up the house perhaps there’s someway that they can give back and they’re ready to give back and show gratitude for me hosting them.
6.) it is imperative for a Couch Surfer to have read my whole entire Novalea of a profile. If someone has not read my profile there is guarantee that they will not have a place to stay. Profile is something I work on continuously. I’ve had at least 70 parties staying at my places of living. I used to work really hard and Couchsurfing and making it a great place for people to come to. I am in a brand new apartment right now. It is all boxes now and I’m trying to get it sorted out.
7.). I prefer for my Couch Surfer‘s to bring their own towels and to bring their own toothpaste and to bring their own shampoo and bring their own food.
There are several places to eat across the street and up the hill from where I live. There’s a Publix down the road.

8.). The Marta bus comes right up the hill from me. The station 🚉 the midtowMidtownn station 🚉 the midtown arts Center station is the closest the art center station is probably the closest Marta station To the Colonial Homes Apartments where I live in ZIP Code 30309.

9.)You have to have patience if you’re gonna stay with me. Just to let you know. I precious I process things kind of slowly..
I have a brand new apartment. It’s small. It’s two bedroom. It’s brand new. I haven’t had time to write about it. It’s called Co Ho. Colonial Homes apartments. ZIP Code 30309.

10.). If you have been accepted to stay with me and you have dates arranged and you are on the way to stay with me, please ask for my phone number. Please call me and text me to tell me that you are in your journey to Atlanta if we have already set your 1-4 day visit up. Please make sure to make yourself important and. contact me the day before you arrive. Call me. Text me. Please make me aware that you will be staying with me. This helps me remember that someone will be staying at my place. It helps me stay aware. I really appreciate it in advance. Namaste.

Why are so few people asking to stay these days? This is totally strange. It’s so not usual.

Please make sure you tell me that you have your booster shot and you have your card to show you have your COVID shots. This is imperative.


Otherwise , Please have already hosted couchsurfers before and/or please be an awesome couchsurfing role model.
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸. Also, read this entire profile.
If someone has already stayed with me and if that person has been really safe around COVID-19, I can consider hosting them again. I’m in a brand née apartment now. Love, My heaven sent dog, s no longer with me.

IF YOU HAVE BOTH OF YOUR COVID SHOTS & you can bring your card saying that you have both of your COVID shots, I’ll have a much easier time having you.🦎🦎🦎🦎
Only request to stay a maximum of three nights, please. We can talk about more.

As of November , 2021 I just re-wrote this whole novel of a profile. I have had both of my Phizer Covid shots and my booster . Please show me your COVID 19 card and tell me right away that you have your covid-19 shots when asking to stay here.

🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙Please read this ENTIRE profile.
Each detail in it is here to help you have the best experience possible. I’m very open to feedback if you have any ideas about this profile. I would like my guests to feel that they can trust me. Please let me know what or how I can make myself trustworthy for you.

Please let me know any thoughts/comments/requests/observations/ideas/questions feedback you might have about my profile, too. I strive to be the as benefits a Couchsurfing participating member as I possible

I was raised to do unto others as I would have them do unto me & to love my neighbor as myself. I don’t mean to bother people with biblical stuff & promise not to say any Biblical stuff or recite verses to you. I’m just trying to explain what keeps me opening my doors today. .

Please be prepared to bring the following with you to the apartment space:

1. Hand sanitizer
2. A willingness to know that I’m doing the best I can & please ask me any questions about anything you have questions about
3. An open mind
4. Patience
5. Kindness

7. Make sure you have had the flu 😷 shot before you arrive here and have zero symptoms of the carnivores . Please just show me your Covid 19 card when we meet or text it to me.
8. A COVID CARD saying you have had 2 COVID shots
9. Willingness to help out in the apartment- I’d love help putting my place back into shape. I just don’t have the motivation to do it on my own. .
10. Any possible bits of positive light you can shine through the apartment 🌈


🐥No hitch hikers or anyone who only set this account up only to stay at people’s homes. If you need emergency 🦖help, I hope to find are some contact numbers to list below, soon:

Also, Hosting hitch hikers just hasn’t worked out for me. Too much anxiety for me last time. i’m sorry. Big mistake. Unless you are an au pair or have a real good reason you don’t host right now, I need you to be active in the community for couchSurfing already.

Speaking of cars 🚙 🚖🛻🚗 . If you are driving to my place. Please will you let me know the color of your car and your cars license plate number and your drivers license number. This is for safety reasons And also so I can get you a parking pass. And let me know the model of your car please.

🏡 🏠 🏡 Also, wherever you stay, it’s always, always, good to cover your back and do all you can to arrange a back-up place to stay, just for yourself. I write this for anyone Couchsurfing, anytime and anyplace and anywhere. Just so you have a 100% success rate.

I know I use many words, I’m just very unskilled at being a minimalist. I’ve added the bottom paragraph about cleaning and organizing after thinking about how this place can be made better. Thank you for your efforts and your reading time, in advance. 🙏


Maybe the video will help people understand Couchsurfing.

My questions: have you hosted before? If you are an Au Pair I understand your situation and don’t worry about the rest of this paragraph. If you are not an Au Pair, please think 🤔 about my perspective. . . If you have hosted people before. what did you learn about hosting, from your experience? Can I add your information to my profile? If you are not opening your space to host others & you are asking to stay with me, Thank you.

Unless you are an Au Pair, With a few exceptions, people need to have already hosted at least a few times before I can consider hosting them. They need to be open to hosting and accepting guests and giving back to the CS community before I’m even going to consider being a host.

It’s also imperative that a person read the entire profile and look at photos and show me that they have really read and absorbed the information on this profile. I’ve worked way too long at hosting to not have someone already invested in their stay. You really need to be, unless you are an Au Pair, receiving guests, to show that you are going to give back ; as well as to take, with only a few instances as exceptions. This is what CS community is about, to me.

If I am able to accept you and to host you, please will you send me a text with your full name on it and your photo & the dates you’d like to be at my place, as well as requesting through the Couchsurfing app.. It just really helps if you have a text with exactly who is coming, when you will be here, how old you are, eccetera. No need for your zodiac lol 🤣. There’s a lot of security at this building. Thank you for understanding.

I have put a lot of time and effort into addressing just about any question a guest may have based upon my extensive experience as an admired and respected host. Please read this ENTIRE thing before you ask questions: the better someone communicates with me clearly, the easier it is for me; open communication and respect is essential. You can still ask any questions anytime when you are at my place. Please know that. Even now, you can ask any questions..

I do everything I can to make OUR Couchsurfing experience the best it can be. I will give you my WhatsApp number so we can communicate before your arrival and so you can remind me, please, of your arrival AT LEAST one day in advance. If I’m not here when you arrive, I’ll leave a key or the concierge will call me to let you in. Also, while you are staying with me, please give me a general idea of your daily schedule so I can plan accordingly, be aware of how to help you, & do I know that you are safe. Your safety is very important to me.

I have one big couch — only ONE — but people also sleep on the soft carpeted floor. Please, be sure and place a sheet over the couch before you lie down to go to sleep. This helps keep the couch neat and clean for the next person. Please be sure to leave the couch nice and beat each morning.

I’ve slowed down a LOT in inviting people to stay at my place. If people help me clean up, tidy and organize . . I REALLY appreciate it, because tidy, organized, neat mindful role models help me with my living better.
Please be sure & ask for a clean bedsheet to place on the couch or mattress, in order to keep it clean for the next CS.

My dear dog, Love (see in photos), is no longer with us; sometimes I now pet sit other dogs. For example: one time I was taking care of a dog and it was over-protective of me, so I hired a professional trainer to assess the dog and then used the trainer's advice to find a new home for the dog.

That is the type of responsibility I assume and action I take.

My apartment is not to organized, it’s pretty big and it’s a two bedroom apartment now. I apologize in advance if my places a bit messy when you arrive; it’s a constant work in progress.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️HOUSE 🏡 RULES⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
If I am able to host you, please can you ask me for my e-mail address so that you can e-mail me a few photos of you along with your complete name and the dates you will be staying with me and any other information you would like to share with me.

No in/out of my apartment after 9:30pm / 21:00. This is VERY important. Though my self discipline is limited, I do not function well when I go to sleep much after 10pm. If you need to come in later, communicate by calling me, texting me, e-mailing beforehand AND being sure to get a response from me, first. I may not be able to bring you in after 9:30. As of March 01, 2020 I’m in a brand new apartment.

Please show you and me respect about time. I really appreciate when people respect my boundaries and understand that I’m giving my apartment up as a service to help them. Talk to me about any time after 9:30 🕤 that you will be at the apartment. It’s a matter of simple courtesy, accountability, and respect. I don’t believe I’m asking too much.

You need to be clean 🧼 and to be taking care of yourself. No longer can I promise to provide soap, shampoo, bath 🛀 supplies. . . I used to supply many items. Please bring your own towels, shampoo, soap, hair dryer, wash cloth, razor, shaving 🪒 cream , sanitary napkins, toothpaste, toothbrush…

please DO NOT change the temperature in the apartment, please make sure you talk to me about it. Usually it’s not a big deal, it’s just that communication is a big deal. I just talk to me about the temperature of the apartment. I’ll probably want to change it just talk to me about it. One time someone really change the temperature and it really wasn’t right it was totally inconsiderate the way they did it. That’s why I have to

Publix grocery store is basically across the street, a four minute walk, away. I actually work at Publix at this time. If you want a job at a Publix, I’ll be more than happy to be honest with you about the reality of the work culture before you apply.

DO text & call me at least 2 days ahead of time to me know and remind that you are still coming. We can set up a meeting place ahead of Time.

DO make sure to clean up after yourself.

DO. bring your own food and bathing and hygiene essentials & any self-care items as well as laundry supplies you may use. I’ll have to charge you to use my washer & dryer. Please do not use them and just leave your clothes in the washer it dryer. DO be sure to remove each once they are done. DO be sure to ask to use them before you put your clothes in the washer., Publix and Kroger are nearby.

DO put the toilet seat down after you use the toilet, make sure your hair is not in the shower 🚿 when you leave & DO leave the couch neatly and carefully put back together in the morning.

In exchange for my hosting you, I do ask that you initiate asking how you can also help me get this place cleaner🧽 and/or more organized, by vacuuming the rug & 🧹 sweeping the floors, by organizing the common area with me, for example .

There is always something you can do to give back & help improve the environment. (I used to live in a larger condo with lots of space & now I live here. . .) I really appreciate when people are willing to give back by helping out. If you don’t want to help out, if you are unwilling to give back, I kindly ask that you choose another place to stay instead of my place.

Please even if I don’t see you, Please can you help out making this place look more together. More organized, cleaner. It’s a daily task for me. I wish I had the strength to just throw it all away. But I can’t. I’ve got to figure out what to do each day.

NO smoking in the building, in my apartment, or on my balcony. I do not smoke (anything) and I do not tolerate second hand smoke.

Keep the couch put together nice and neat during-the day and your belongings in the space I provide, NOT left out on the couch and spread out the floor or around the apartment.

NO long showers (I’m environmentally conscious) and please check in with me first if I am home; I can not be late for work, doctor’s appointments, etc. because the only bathroom is occupied. Also, please try to keep the bathroom and shower neat and tidy after you use it (i.e. hair in the tub / sink drain.)

(It’s also greatly appreciated if/when a Couchsurfer surprises me with a pack of Charmin toilet paper 🧻 and/or puts effort into helping me organize some aspect of the apartment, I really appreciate help cleaning 🧼 this place, also🧹 & if I have a dog 🐕 Who I’m caring for, help walking the dog and taking it to go P.)

I am held responsible by the building management and my neighbors for the actions and behavior of my guests. I also care about others who live and work in my building. It’s important to be kind and respectful and considerate to the concierge. FYI, there are security cameras in and all around the building.

Wash your solve & dishes, of course.

Be aware that I do my own house cleaning before and after you leave. I’m not at all the most organized person, though I do honestly try.

I love it when people help me out with my house cleaning. That really really helps me.. You can really add to the environment by doing some cleaning or organizing... sometimes my home is super clean.. Most of the time it’s not organized real well. If you would feel better, you are more than welcome to help with maintenance in the apartment. You can really help me this way. I happily welcome your help in exchange for staying at my apartment for free. You are welcome to also look under my sinks & in the hall closet for cleaning 🧼 supplies that I already own & to use them, even if I’m not home. If you see some way that you believe you can make the apartment look better, by all means, cleaning 🧽 any extra dishes, dusting, being sure the tub is extra clean after you shower, polishing the wood table with furniture polish, using 409 to clean,.. . organize and/or straighten up any areas that you think 💭 need help. You can also be real helpful by extra vacuuming of the thick rug and or sweeping in 🧹 the apartment and on the porch. I really appreciate your help. Please write “Love was an incredible, priceless, amazing dog” in your request to stay with me so i know you’ve read my entire profile. . Your writing that will show me that you have actually read this short novella of a profile.

I’m about an hour from the Atlanta airport via MARTA public transportation.

I live in Buckhead )
Publix grocery is just across the street for you. Fresh Market is down the street about a quarter mile. Starbucks is very close. The address here is the Haynes House. 2420 Peachtree Rd. NEAtlanta, GA 30305. Fellini‘s pizza down the street Willys Mexican down the street Jalisco‘s Mexican hop skip and a jump down the street a French restaurant a hop skip and a jump. A French restaurant a hop skip and a jump away.


Last but not least, please will you be sure and also write a personal reference after you leave, if you feel you know me as a person by the end of your stay? All you do is go to the personal part of my Couchsurfing page and write a little bit there. I really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you! Have an amazing stay!

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

My friend in my apartment building introduced me to couch surfing and my older brother in San Francisco loves couch 🌊 surf 🏄 ing. I truly love ❤️ meeting positive people and animals. I like to give to people in Society. I like making new friends and spending time with new people and learning to cook new dishes and showing people around Atlanta and sharing my Atlanta knowledge of 44 years living in Atlanta.


. The end. Now this novel is over🙂🙃😉...
🌼be sure and write “Love was an incredible and amazing dog.” So I know you read my profile, can you please write “Love was an incredibly awesome dog..“ When you write me and request to stay with me. Thank you ever so much. Thank you. Please please also tell me that you have a COVID-19 card to show me when you get here. I really appreciate that.

Please plan to spend time contributing to cleaning 🧽 🧹hair out of the apartment & bathroom if you shed hair when in your shower, cleaning your wet towels, putting up sheets, 🧹 sweeping a little , cleaning the 🛀 bathroom 🚽you used a little, doing your dishes throughout the visit, taking out your trash 🗑 the last day, putting the couch back together neatly, ….just pitching in to clean after yourself a little.


  • animals
  • dogs
  • arts
  • documentaries
  • civil rights
  • education
  • childrens rights
  • womens rights
  • farmers' market
  • organic food
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • massage therapy
  • working out
  • movies
  • garage sales
  • painting
  • music
  • psychology
  • volunteering
  • english
  • fun
  • friendship
  • social justice
  • sleep
  • activism
  • feminism
  • self improvement
  • france
  • recycling
  • jokes
  • driving
  • paris
  • family
  • children
  • meeting new people
  • organic gardening
  • self-development
  • snakes
  • healthy lifestyle
  • simple living
  • research
  • making friends
  • relationships
  • solar energy
  • england
  • brain
  • alternative lifestyles
  • organic farming
  • organizing

Music, Movies, and Books

🎶 I’m especially fond of hearing Queen, REM U2 Indigo Girls 💜Billy Joel 💜 John Denver Paul Mc Cartney I like almost all music from the 80’s on back, along with Flight of the Concords and some newer stuff. Please, feel free to educate and share your taste of music with me..

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I’ve had the honor of living and being bonded , for 15 years, with an incredibly amazing soul in the form of a Black Labrador from a shelter in Texas who I named “Love.” I miss her dearly each night and day.

Teach, Learn, Share

I can teach you that there is always hope.

I can share my time with you sometimes, sometimes I can just share a couch and a space to sleep. It really depends on the day and the time, because sometimes I have time and sometimes I just don't.

What I Can Share with Hosts

Ample information about Atlanta. i’ve lived here off & on for 46 years.

Countries I’ve Visited

Central African Republic, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland

Countries I’ve Lived In

Spain, United States

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