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About Me


not waste life away


I am a inviting type of person any stranger walking down the road is welcome Over ,

Most of my friends sit, around, and crack jokes, we like to go on some adventures like canoeing or just being jackasses, and a lot of my friends are musicians or fun people or of coarse Imaginary Friends It's Ok I'm A Kid At Heart. I'm not the best explaining Who I am

So Instead I decided to paint a picture of some of the things I do, and how I go about it.

I like to be out, and about, I also Ride my bicycle a lot going from town to town with a guitar, camera, cassette tape player for recording guitar riffs eerie forest preserves evokes different emotions that influence my playing .... I cook, along the way picking wild edible plants / mushrooms talking with anyone , but rather then being invited over, by someone, and have to go by someone else's rules camp in the woods play my guitar when I feel drink, stay awake as long as I want, and leave anytime I want.. I still stay with people, sometimes I need solitude...

I Can find myself relaxing talking with someone on the front porch with a cup of tea, but I also like doing something productive while communicating you only live once.. It's all about atmosphere If I'm at a concert, I'd want to go in the Mosh Pit, or Concentrate on what the guitar player is playing , but then again I can be in Dramatic situation, and remain calm.

I have yet to go across country on bicycle. IF YOU ARE In the USA, and want to meet let me know I plan on Traveling all over the USA By bike/bus/train hitch hike So maybe I will be in your town. I also US The MEGA Bus a lot So If one stops In your town I might have been there, and back.


I hope some people are similar, Just because, I do find places to sleep, and settle , I am a very social person, and I Like to spend time with different people, and make friends along the way.


The harder a Man works the greater the reward is, he is finished the man that doesn't do anything has no reward. he did nothing.

Something I wrote at a difficult slump of a time in my life I think It had a impact at the time to motivate me, but I shouldn't forget it.

There is alot of things I live my life by, alot of times I need a reminder, and alot of things I need to work on.

Do not take the time with Friends, and family, for granted it could be the last time you see them.

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I've offered people advice on recreational activities

I am open to hosting In Aurora In the Summer Aurora has Blues on the Fox, down town alive (etc.) (some bands that played for 5 bucks Are) Charlie Daniels , Kenny Wayne Shepard Buddy Guy UFO, BOC etc.

If someone wanted to bike ride or canoe I'd be down.


People have wasted my time planning to meet so I prefer to use the phone if we plan to meet

So I have had better luck in real life meeting people, and making friends, and even sleeping at complete strangers homes. as a matter of fact when I used to work 11 hours a day a few times I'd even hang out with 30 strangers a day on bicycle rides So I like to see what different people are about.

I did however recently (2012) Go to some great couch surfing events in Chicago. I have found out New places in different cities


Bicycling , making Music, writing (lyrics) poetry, parody medicinal / edible plants /mushrooms native plants, cross breeding plants gardening, canning, being self sufficient vinification, (is wine making I age it) dumpster diving, (Old stuff Antiques) Offering free things Craigslist /freecycle

I have a slew of interests that I haven't tried sometimes buying the equipment is a factor or being shown how to like primitive skills for instance (flint knapping etc.) I also have many other interests A Interest In Interests. (I am not a expert at all of these things I try to find woman that will do it for me.)

If I'm growing NON native plants they are Not invasive (Unless I put a net over them) I Do remove invasive trees in "select area's" for the view or path where I try to write new Guitar riffs , but I DO NOT dedicate all my time doing it, I reestablish native plants also.. (pawpaw, Bog blue berry, magnolia, etc. annuals/perennials )

(about the music that web site has only one good song up other then demo's I just recorded it in a day yeah I am no good with Computers, and files .)

Music, Movies & Books

(My myspace has ONLY BANDS with music I enjoy) Heavy metal, classic rock, Oldies, Funk, Grunge, Folk, blues , Jazz, Motown and a lot of other types of music as well. (just NO TECHNO <--> I will go to a club with head phones in seriously)

heavy metal /rock(older stuff ) like Pantera /damage plan, King Diamond /Mercyful fate, Snot,/Straight up, OZZY/ Black Sabbath/ IOMMI /DIO , Tool / Perfect circle /puscifer Alice in Chains,/mad season / Jerry Cantrell, Temple of the Dog/ sound garden / Audio slave / Rage Against the Machine, STP,/ velevet revolver, Judas Priest, Corrosion of conformity, Faith No More / Mike Patton ,sliver chair, Soulfly / (old) Sepultura (with Max Cavalera) / nail Bomb, Otep, maching head, mastodon, Iron madian, Snopp Dog (Doggy style) The breeders, (last Splash) Luscious Jackson (Fever in Fever out)

Of coarse tons of classic rock

I always Like to talk about music , learn more , and turn people on to new stuff ..

did you know Jimi Hendrix Had a album with Curtis Knight.

books I like Biographies, and books I can learn stuff from. comedy movies Are my favorite. Actions good some tripped out movies like Fritz the cat, Pink Floyd the wall , rainbow bridge (with Jimi Hendrix)(Ryan Larkins)Animation

(see walking etc)(scroll down) http://www.nfb.ca/film/alter_egos (I found this searchin the documentary Ryan Alter ego's

I'd rather Be outside then watch TV But I Like FSTV (freedom of speech TV) 9415 Link TV (9410) Vera (218) The history , and science channel.

or old cartoons when those writers had a imagination.

I'd watch TV Fixing a bicycle on a cold Chicago winter, other wise In the Summer I'd rater work out side with a radio on.

One Amazing Thing I've Done

Being Born.

I "accidentally" Had a spiritual experience of birch flower tea that I made really strong.

I was making some bad decisions, after drinking the tea just once I felt humbled, and quit making those choices. I felt euphoria at first, but made me feel sad later, and open my eyes I felt Like there was a fork in the road, and I could make two choices.

(If you must criticize this, it can be explained scientifically) (Birch( betula ) brought me down (or humbled me) made me reevaluate my life.)

I'm not super knowledgeable about medicinal plants, As a ordinary person cured blood poisoning, & bacterial bronchitis , (some people think antibiotics are the only way so for them it is amazing not for me .)

There was a sad person begging for money I had to practice guitar anyways so I gave him company I didn't realize how lonely , but grateful he was until he asked If I wanted to follow him to his next spot.

I wonder why more artist do not expose themselves to dreary places, and capture it in their art. (not that I'm judging anyone as long as they Put feeling into their heart when creating)

Teach, Learn, Share

WHAT AURORA HAS TO OFFER FROM MY COUCH DESCRIPTION scroll down for Chicago (, and if you need to borrow a bike AuroraEric) http://www.borrowmybike.org/results?search=chicago

AURORA Has downtown alive/blues on the fox throughout the summer

http://www.auroradowntown.org/downtown-alive/ (this year for 5 bucks) Charlie Daniels , Kennny wayne Shepard etc

We also have other festivals (like puerto rican fest) https://www.aurora-il.org/

the Grand Illinois trail ) Which IS a 535 mile bike trail linked up with other trails. See MAP http://janeaddamstrail.com/the-grand-illinois-trail-map

Aurora To chicago trail map (it is pure trail no street intersections ) http://www.ipp.org/g-i-t.html


Here are some good forest preserves throughout Illinois DNR http://dnr.state.il.us/inpc/NPdir.htm

In Chicago Check out the bar B.l.u.e.s - lincoln park a band every single day...

Address: 2519 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657 http://www.chicagobluesbar.com/

Kingston mines (next to BLUES) 2548 N halsted http://kingstonmines.com/events-tickets/ 2 Bands, 6 hours of live blues every night.

Reggie's Rock Club 2105 S State St, Chicago, IL 1 block from China Town ( CTA red line)


and In humbolt park The empty Bottle for bands as well. 1035 N. Western Ave Chicago, IL 60622


also a nice atmosphere with a strip of bars.

A open Heavy Metal MEET UP Group (must join to post not look) They send me updates all the time

Meetup group http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Heavy-Metal-Group/ Another list of Shows around the City http://thecmf.com/

I also have a list of comedy clubs That I copied from some body else (with the links edited in , because I'd like to check out these locations myself sometime.)

I did check out IO Which is in Wrigley ville which was great

http://ioimprov.com/chicago/ 1501 N Kingsbury St (North/Clybourn Red Line). Ph: 312-929-2401 Zanies in Old-Town (North and Wells, )

1548 North Wells Street --->(A mile East Of IO 1 1/2 mile N is BLUES) Chicago, Illinois 60610 312-337-4027 (check out the calendar) http://www.chicago.zanies.com/

(right next to) Second City

1616 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 337-3992

(calendar) http://www.secondcity.com/performances/chicago/calendarandtickets/

http://victorygardens.org/ (right by BLUES 0.03 miles 2 minute walk) 2433 North Lincoln Avenue | Chicago, IL 60614 There's the Laugh Factory, ( Chicago events) http://prod3.agileticketing.net/websales/pages/VerboseEventList.aspx?epguid=c3d769a4-1a3c-4eac-a63d-073a36f6b6c5& 3175 Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 327-3175 http://www.laughfactory.com

and I think the Chicago Underground Comedy stuff all happens at the Beat Kitchen (Western and Belmont) 2100 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60618 http://www.beatkitchen.com/ The book Cellar is a cafe with coffee, food, and has Multiple events check the calendar The KATES play every second Friday At 8:00 PM

Lincoln Square neighborhood.

4736 N Lincoln Ave #1 Chicago, IL 60625 (773) 293-2665 http://www.bookcellarinc.com/event

(just added November 26 ) Starved rock A State park http://www.starvedrockstatepark.org/ the Amtrak MDT train http://www.amtrak.com/home COULD be $11 to 30 to Mendota On the train A Bike cost $10 Mendota to Starved rock is 11 miles away I'm not sure of Public transportation you can take a cab... By car Starved rock is 90 miles from Chicago ( Lasalle is 10 miles farther I know a good open Mike on Mondays) Matthiessen State Park is 4 miles farther then starved rock http://www.stateparks.com/matthiessen.html A 60 mile bike trail I&M Canal goes past starved rock also [Note] the camp site In Starved rock is a Far walk They may offer transportation.. You can also camp by the Illinois river legally .

The casino in Aurora is listed in my couch profile If your a Hiker, train hopper etc. I can teach you that taking vegetable oil a container such as a "STEEL" lid to a jar, and a paper towel for a wick can burn for a hour , you can also get oil behind restaurants grease traps In emergencies solidify hamburger oil to pour out water with ice from a gas station. (as well as Vaseline ) I have boiled water for a lot of pasta this way. Pine Sap can be found on wounds of pine trees all you need is a M&M size to start a fire lazy (NOTE MAKING TORCHES WITH Veggie OIL CAN START FOREST FIRE's it also burns cooks hotter than Sternol , is less Bulky) I learned this at paleoplanet) http://paleoplanet69529.yuku.com/

I can tell you how to make sumac berry juice, Rhus typhina or others) Take "RED" new fresh berries that have not been rained on.. submerge in water for 15 minutes -- white Sumac IS poison http://www.pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Rhus+typhina pfaf has 1000's of medicinal plant links,)

I could show you some guitar stuff easy to identify Mushrooms with no look a likes easy plants you could peal,(or dig), and eat growing wild, common yard weed herbs all over the Midwest (country) Like plantain not a banana but a small weed you can crush with fingers, and apply to mosquito bites brown recluse spider bites (or freeze or cook or dry, or make a balm or crush by chewing to extract it's juice.)

if you get sick you could guess, and grab random herbs /spices from your cabinet do not use rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon in quantity or you could use Raintree Raintree medicinal product plant links ( http://www.rain-tree.com/ ) (helps support People living in rain forests, by harvesting plants instead of selling the land to loggers. )

My link for couch surfing was only Music/ riff's I wrote, in a day to meet musicians since I do not know computers I haven't updated one demo it is only bands... and only ones I enjoy

I do like sharing the bands that I like since It bring me a lot of joy hearing or discovering something completely new I enjoy. I mean Even Jimi Hendrix has Music that isn't popular That a lot of people do not know about Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight, and the Squires Like Get that feeling, / Flashing /The Summer of Love Sessions

But I'm not a music historian far from it actually. samples or full songs check out --> Get that feeling http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,1583550,00.html

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