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  • Fluent in English, Spanish; learning Arabic, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian
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  • Founder and Managing Director of MexicanDMN
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About Me

🚐💲 Our VW Van is on sale
text me for more information please👍🏼
Comfy bed, Solar panel, Wood interior, Heavy road wheels, accessories and help to mexican documents also.

Wubba lubba dub dub!
:(If you know what this means, do it!):


If you found me, our vibrations might resonate similar, or maybe our times matched perfectly for an instant, we have something to share/teach & vice versa
Tips what to do/see/explore/mexican cultural stuff:
Fb - Ig : @mexicodimension

***🏄Surfers who wants to know: the Real Mexican Culture, very cheap delicious typical food or vegan places, touristic places, not touristic places, roads to hitchhike, universities or flats to rent while you study, great spots to take photos, meditate and do sports, experience the Mexican Wrestling, CS meetings, dance, karaoke or parties(this depending my schedules) and more... I would be glad to help you🏂
The only thing you need is Ask! :)

⚡(I'm of the few surfers that reply ASAP)

*For now JUST helping with INFO because of covid nointin 😢 and possible hang out if its my day off🙃

👍 If you are a hitchhiker what are you waiting for? come to my home :)

📵 Messages limitations to find a host? text me and I can try to look for a host for you in some states. I can also search rides if you need it.

👔Host busy? let me know and I could be also a co-host and hangout to meet you and show you around.

🌐I couchsurfed some locals before, so I'm always down to learn a different view from the city with new friends, if you are local contact me and can share stories, cool places and CS situations

⏳When you travel you are timeless, so I don't mind delays in hours or days (I believe that all happens for a reason and all the times are perfect how they are, indeed this concept saved my life 3 times, remember always follow your intuition, instincts or spider sense, it really works 😉👍🏼) Just stay in touch or confirm that you will arrive (I don't like the no-show,no-calls,no-text surfers because they steal other surfers opportunities)

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️#travelersupport (no matter genre/age/culture)
🆘 #Travelersinhazardoussituations
If you experience any bad situation with your host or any other bad/emergency situation traveling, feel free to contact me, I'll try my best to help you, doesn't matter if it's at midnight, safety is number one priority!

♑+♏+🌙Philosophy: To be unique so this is how I roll...

(Sorry in advance to talk too much on I -first person-, is just for grammar and description purposes not narcissistic stuff, at least my psychologist have not diagnose me that😜 being honest, I'm ADHD innatentive person,that explains a lot 😉 if you are a mental awareness and advocate person Hi5👋🏻)

🐹 I consider myself in constant growth/learning, can't tell for good or bad(because we are both), change is eternal and there's always a road to improve. I'm trying to be as honest as I could with me and others (still learning how to don't hurt others or me because I said things straight) and being more empathetic with all beings. I like to learn about everything and try to experience as much as I can (even when I'm still fearful of things in life). As well, I always tried to learn how to manage feelings and emotions, but realized is not possible at all, and you have to experience them to grow, so I'm trying to open myself more in this lands, living like if there's no tomorrow, making my words speak through actions.

🐶 New skill developed!: Animal helper! Thanks to a beautiful soul with such big heart (pure-hearted-childhood-lovely-soul), reminds and calls to my old child spirit, and remembered me: that some beings requires help, so if I find an animal in need, I'll try to help as much as I can: from giving food, a shower and play around, to find a lovely home to belong (this depends on situations because I think nature beings should be free), even though is always heart breaking and I will always cry at the goodbyes, I'll be sure it was the correct thing to do, to share happiness and love at least for an instant, cuz life is sharing and every good act will worth it. Maybe this is a type of unconditional love : to give without expect receiving, who knows 🤔
*(When I was a kid I wanted to open a home-hospital for street dogs, now will be a goal for the future, thanks from bring it back special soul 😌).

⭐New power achieve!: Soul Hugs! If you don't know how to give a proper hug, I definitely have to teach you! (Learnt this from my tribe brother and sister from Canada with other people in Guatemala ;)

🌟I'm hypersocial I can speak easily with every kind of people or living being, but if I don't sleep or don't eat enough, I tend to be silent.

💮Sometimes I can reach the silent dimension (where we have been already talked a lot that we enjoy the silence together in a good walk, enjoying the meal or traveling) it's the closest feeling to telepathy.

👽Respectful and Open-minded: No matter what you've done you deserve respect even if you make mistakes, you lovable, and doesn't matter your look,skills or age or size or anything, you're worthwhile, no one could ever take that away from you.

👻Humans=souls : Fortune or unfortunately I was raised with a Mexican chivalry/gentleman gestures, so I tend to be walking on the side of the road, giving the hand while getting down on transport, giving my seat to people might deserved it, waiting for you before sitting on a table, carrying bags in equal measure, etc. I'm in favor of Human Equality, and I keep the gentleman actions which I consider respectful or useful to be supportive. If you have an opinion on this I would love to listen to your perspectives about the topic. Underneath your flesh and bones we all are souls.

🐺Loyal and Friendly: Every people's mind is a different dimension and I am a time-space traveler, so I want to understand your past, live with you your present and be your friend in the future :) If you share with me secrets I will take them to the grave, and hope the same from you if I shared mines cuz
I like to listen/talk about everything and if I said everything it is really everything 😈

⛺Adaptability: We are beings that can do everything when our mind, soul and feelings are focused and working together. Everything is changing so the perfect moment is now, and we can mold ourselves to adapt or worst case scenario perish in the try. Don't complain and focus in the change. And never give up cuz the minimum movement will become a huge change. (If you consider yourself picky or whining, I can show you a new perspective of life in order to learn the opposite: gratefulness and adaptation, it'll be up to you to take it or leave it)
Just live the moment, Now! ⏰
*New rule: It's good to adapt but is better when you adapt and you don't lost yourself on the try.

🍓Food: All the food is sacred, don't waste it, Share It!!! I have met guys who didn't eat or have a proper meal, in honor to them I value the food a lot! If I offer you food please be honest! if you don't want too much or if you don't like it tell me but don't waste it, I hate that.

💙🍴I'm love-eatarian: I prefer fruits and vegetables than meat and diary, but if someone offers me food made with love, and willing to share with heart, (knowing the effort of economic facts or the hard work of elaboration) I accept it respectfully with honour and love, changing the energy of the food into a positive one (in case it involves animal deaths). If you meet me on my training days you will realize that I eat like a Sayan/Sayayin XD.
I'm training hard to be breatharian in the future.

🐬Honest: I believe that communication and understanding are the best gifts of the human kind, so the truth in it makes it a superpower. For me honesty doesn't hurt or offend, this saves time and feelings,making deeper and stronger connections.(honestly honesty hurt but not as much as lies, don't worry about being your true self with me, I'll understand some situations and how to deal with shadows even making them friends. For me words never hurt cuz you decide what to take and not (coming from random people), nevertheless by experience sometimes people you care/love can hurt the most, specially when they are not true to themselves and then affect you in a particular way :'( but it's part of life, everyone hurt others at least once :( hey! No worries, we are humans, we get recover after a.k.a. forgiveness and love ;)

👂Trustful and Listener: Personally I think there is no one universal truth and that's why everyone should be heard, that's why everyone have their own truth. *If you need proves of what people say, you should prove yourself to you first, are this thoughts yours? or these are imposed? Is your font reliable to you? Or is it fake? Learn to trust yourself first and you will notice that you can trust others -Everything is useful no matter source!(of course sometimes faster\straight, sometimes slow\confusing ) Knowledge will arrive to you at perfect moment!!! And we all humans are based in the search of Truth. I respect all ideas and the fact I don't agree in something doesn't mean i don't respect your idea. Freedom of speech is risking hurting others with your ideas and being open to listen and also change your own ideas.
* If you need something from me Speak! sometimes my telepathy is low ;)

🌗Balance and Love: Too much light makes you blind and too much darkness makes you unkind, reaching balance is the hardest, just take time in your life, to an inner fully glance. It's easier when you realize, all happens for a reason, mold your thoughts as the inner magic puzzle, which with Love you'll become all-in one with the universe, enlightened by the wisdom. Thus, the good and bad, shapes perspectives of real life in the vastly world of experience, the way of certain hedonism.

🍃Expectations and Reality: My best plan is to have no plan, just wing it, a lot of amazing things happen doing this. Or you can have an idea of a plan and accept what it will come watching the opportunities and going for it, that works as well. Everything happen for a reason. I try hard to don't make expectations, because doing it is judging and when you judge you are not one with the universe because you put limitations to everything, everyone and most important to yourself.

📒Knowledge: It's incredible how infinite the knowledge is, because each idea is unique with time-space limits. If you try to learn everything, life won't be enough for you. For example: if someone told you something it might be true just in that precise moment, in the next day you can live another things that change your perspective and the idea environment can change too. So I always try to learn the most important and useful knowledge that goes beyond time-space boundaries. I'm not against constant learning meanwhile you know how to do it, otherwise it will confuse you and lose your ground a bit.

🙉I'm more like listener, if I'm quiet is not because I’m bored or sad, or anything like this, I do love concerts of silence. And sometimes I have my energy days where i can be talking a lot, making jokes or being party soul.

🚷⚠Decadence "THE END IS NEAR": At this moment this app is getting so popular that not real humble travelers are using it.
💔Where is the love couchsurfers, where is the love?
I don't understand those surfers who says: he/she has a nice house,or closer to this/that place, or took me everywhere in his/her car. That means they don't know the Real Meaning of CS: to get involved with people learning the culture with pure energy and open heart. If you are like this gold-diggers-surfers please open your eyes and change in order to be more humble, and learn to appreciate the time, effort, laughs, knowledge, food, special places and fun moments between couchsurfers, this will make you grow eternally :) otherwise you will bury CS with a materialistic mindset.

Magik Chi!!!

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

🙌I like to make friends, help people, share and acquire different experiences and ideas to make a better reality of this dimension.
♾Change the world and keep the chain.


🎉Learning life making a lot of friends🎊
🎶Music: if you are musician I would love to hear your soul.
🌿Nature, arts, knowledge of exceptional​ dimensions: their culture, food, people, languages, sports.
🛀Meditation: All of them, Vipassana,Budism,Qi and Chakra Knowledge.
💡Science of:
Engenieering/Renewable energy/Ambiental
Dreams(Jung and new perspectives)
✳Sacred and secret topics and knowledge.
🖼Photo styles and video editing.
💥Mind-blowing marketing.

📷Photos,📹Video recording,⚽Soccer,🌠Handball,🎸Guitar,🎻Violin/Fiddle,🎼Harmonica🎶

  • arts
  • performing arts
  • meditation
  • minimalism
  • music
  • rock music
  • guitar
  • violin
  • soccer
  • rugby
  • handball
  • hitchhiking
  • food
  • nature
  • football
  • tea
  • musica
  • harmonica
  • mindfulness
  • healthy food
  • fútbol
  • busking
  • love
  • vipassana
  • long walks
  • souls
  • enjoying life
  • videomaking
  • kundalini yoga
  • human mind
  • reality
  • secret places
  • hitchhike
  • vinyasa yoga
  • photoshoot
  • easy life
  • secret knowledge
  • secret arts
  • secrets of the universe
  • theories of time

Music, Movies, and Books

Emotions determine mood so all kind of music from classic to hard rock. Everything with guitar, fiddle, classic violin, bass and a catchy drum rhythm or a unique voice is excellent. Some buskers are brilliants too.
My top: Niccolo Paganini, J.S. Bach, Estas Tonne, RHCP, Nirvana,Esmé Patterson,Shakey Graves, John Butler Trio, Nakho bear and medicine for the people, Xavier Rudd, The Kooks, The Distillers, Yann Tiersen, Air, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Radiohead, The Lumineers, The Teskey Brothers, Carla Bruni, Soko, Mac Demarco, Carlos Sadness, Surf Curse, Anoushka Shankar, Norah Jones, Ironandwine, Angus And Julia Stone, Lord Huron, Bon Iver, Hozier, Jack Johnson​, Crystal Fighters, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, The Skallywags, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Jack White, The Raconteurs, Stone Temple Pilots, SOAD, Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182, David Bowie, Avicii, Pharrell, Noname, Sia, Eminem, XXXtentacion, A$ap Rocky, 50 cent, Polyphia, Die Antwoord, Megadeth, Mayhem.

Mexican musicians: Natalia Lafourcade, Café Tacuba, Ximena Sariñana, Fobia, Zoé, Jaguares/Caifanes, Mana, Ed Maverick, Panteon Rococó, Juan Gabriel, José José, Pedro infante.

I'm fan of my teachers musician friends surfers: Sinnk, OnyVa, SanJams, Raúl Carlin and Jos

Books: Rich without money by my hero the hitchhiker Tomi Astikainen. Bhagavad-gītã. Moral and Dogma by Albert Pike. Soul Sex. The Innocent Anthropologist by Nigel Barley. Magick, Liber al vel legis and the Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. Come together by Josie Lloyd. El psicoanalista by John Katzenbach. Animal Farm a fairy story by George Orwell. Memorias de mis p...tristes by G. Garcia Marquez. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry . The Time Machine by H. George Wells. Caballo de troya by J.J. Benitez. La ciudad de las bestias by Isabel Allende. Batallas en el desierto by J. E. Pacheco. Padre rico,padre pobre by Kiyosaki. Soul Sex. Harry Potter series. Jordan Peterson about psychology haha. I have red more but I have also a bad memory about authors I just focused on the meaning of the book and how to apply this in life.

Movies: All kind, from love, comedy, action and the ones that let you thinking for a while. My top: El Planeta Libre, Flipped, Limitless, Lucy, OXV:The Manual, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, ирония судьбы или с легким паром, The Giver, High Strung, A street Cat named Bob, One Day, Serendipity, Back to the future, About Time, The Butterfly effect, The Time Machine, La Reliquia del Futuro, Barefoot, Across the Universe, In your eyes, If only, The Notebook, What if, The Host, Joy, The art of getting by, Soul Surfer, Baked in Brooklyn, The Virgin Suicides, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Amelie, Ace Ventura, Whiplash, August Rush, Paréntesis, Interstella 5555, Más allá del jardín/ Over the garden wall, Grave of the fireflies, Lain, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Eyes wide shut, They live, Astronaut's wife, Straight outta compton, 8 mile, Sangre por sangre, Gran Torino, Shaolin Soccer, Charles Chaplin: The Great Dictator. Directors: Stanley Kubrick, Tinto and Quentin Tarantino.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

👋😻Found amazing people just saying hi ;)
👊😸🐯Babysit a baby Lion,a baby Kangaroo and a marvelous Kitty.
👍👽Learned how to hitchhike cuz I'm still an amateur.
👍👽🌜Hitchhiking at night until 1am.
💸👽⌛Traveled moneyless and timeless in Mexico.
👍🇮🇹Organized a hitchhiking race, Polish and Ucranian CS friends vs a friend of Puebla and me, of course Mexican team won :)
💧 Camped on the side of a lonely waterfall
👱👦👸🌊Did nudism in a beach with friends
🌀🔥💧⚡Still learning new meditation technics and feeling the energy of all.
🗻🇷🇺❄⛄Climbed: Malinche with Russian Cs friends (playing with snow for the very first time)
🗻🇮🇹😎 and Nevado de Toluca with Mexicans friends, both mountains helped to overcome some inner situations :)
🎉🎊Organised some CS meeting of Puebla
🏆 Won 1st place of all the tournaments of Football/Soccer in high school
🏀🏆 Won 1st place in a Basketball tournament with 10 years old
🎼🎶🎸 Busking in the city of Puebla
🚐 Quit my job and traveled 3 countries in a van with amazing Canadians and Denmark friends,
our nomad family :)
🎼🎶🎻🎸 Starting a band in 5 minutes jamming with 2 great Canadians musicians, we were called the Untuned Travelers xD
🚐 🌵🌮 Leave comfort lifestyle and started Van life entrepreneur thing in south Mexico with my business partner and surviving all kind of weathers, roads, sicknesses, feelings and situations ⛱

Teach, Learn, Share

🎼🎶 I love all sounds if you want to learn/share how to play different styles of music let me know.🎵

📷 I love to create memories! that's why I take photos/video of food, places, portraits, people, cultural and all sexy stuff. So if you like photo shoots or if you are an instagram lover, I can help you to make it cool :D 📸
*(As funny as it sounds, I don't like to show up in my work all the time haha so if you don't like pictures I totally understand xD.)

🎥As well you can see me video recording myself from time to time, this is for my work/projects, if you want to show up as well there's no problem, maybe I can get you more followers for your social media if you want :D
*(And don't get me wrong I know how to behave and enjoy life, I'm not recording all the time while traveling, I know how to be enjoying in the present moments.)

In general:

Teach: *Mexican society and mind. *Spanish and helpful tricks.

Learn: *Knowledge of everything.

Share: *The great helping and solidarity spirit that most Mexicans have. *Experiences and perspectives of life.

What I Can Share with Hosts

First of all I want to make an impact in your soul and if posible share with you a new vision of life through my eyes, in order to make a positive change in your life, so both could reach immortality on each other memories expressed in "soulship" for life.

Second: Don't have Expectations!!! My best advice for you while traveling.
My times and psyche varies so don't know in which energy-mood you find me but in general cool ;)

I'm like the Christmas spirit you will never noticed I was there physically but made a huge change inside.

Beyond good and bad there is a place I meet you there ;)

One great experience in CS and almost anything you might ask, fun with a good walk, tea, coffe or natural juicie, sing, busk, hike and chat. I can help you in home duties or au pair for the kids.
And share a lot of knowledge and experiences and make new ones :)

Countries I’ve Visited

Belize, Guatemala

Countries I’ve Lived In

Mexico, United States

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