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Salo, Lombardia, Italy

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About Me


Happiness is not a goal. It's a lifestyle (Burton Hills)


Hi there!

This is Guido from Salo', very nice town in the west coast of Lake of Garda, between Milan and Venice, in the north of Italy.

I'm happy, open-minded, curious and eager to know other people and spend my time with them.

I'm working in social services, but I would like travel as soon is possible (at now I visited 64 country on the world in 156 trips) and I like very much to meet people living in different countries.

If you are planning a trip in my area, write my and I'll be happy to host you!




If you are so kind and decide to host me know that:

- I will read in advance your profile many times and so will know what bothers you and what doesn't, so I will do my best to avoid the things that you dislike.
- I will adapt myself to your lifestyle.
- I will leave home with you if you ask me to and come back at the time you want to.
- I can help you to do anything (work home, cleaning home, helping in something).
- I will be glad to cook for you some italian kind of pasta (always if you want to).
- I will clean bathroom after use and respect any rule you may have.
- And of course i will thank you!


Happiness is not a goal. It's a lifestyle!


Xenia (ξενία), hospitality, was an extremely important practice in Ancient Greece.
It was an almost ritualized friendship formed between a host and his guest, who could previously have been strangers.
The host fed and provided quarters for the guest, who was expected to repay only with gratitude.
The importance of this can be seen throughout Greek mythology, in particular Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.
For Jacques Derrida (French philosopher died in 2004), the foundation of ethics is hospitality, the readiness and the inclination to welcome the Other into one's home.
Ethics, he claims, is hospitality.
Pure, unconditional hospitality is a desire that underscores the conditional hospitality necessary in our relationships with others.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I discovered Hospitality Club in 2007 (I'm a member with name guidoit), then some friends show me Couch Surfing in august 2007.
From there I'm speaking to all my friends (and to many people that I meet) about this fantastic project.
Now some of them are members of Couch Surfing.

Guido Bertelli


All positive!
I hosted many people and travelled like guest around the world, meeting a lot of interesting people of this great community!

39 people that hosted me (ordered by country):

- Austria (3): Juergen Markus Donko in Linz, Dominik Pernat and Philipp in Wien
- Croazia (2): Alan Zic in Rijeka, Vladimir Adamček in Zagreb
- Francia (7): Branka, Stephane and Brian in Paris, Wolfgang Hasne in Lyon, Anaëlle Bensoussan in Paris, Franck Genestoux e Gérard Brimont in Paris, Norman E. Acosta Fonseca in Marseille
- Germania (3): Karsten Klaege in Bremen, Martin Sölle in Bremen, Hilmar in Bremen
- Irlanda (4): Frank Samms and Lisa in Westport, Ray McGroarty and Colm Green in Galway
- Israele (6): Shimon Zafrany in Tel Aviv, Itay Yelin and Dana in Tel Aviv, Ida Eyal in Haifa, Ethan Nehemia in Nahariya, Yotam Hacohen in Jerusalem
- Italia (3): Mauro Carbonari in Foligno, Gianluca Sparacello and Patrizia in Torino
- Lettonia (3): Rebecca and Kris Kasens in Riga, Victor Viktors Freimanis in Riga
- Macedonia (1): Borjan Zafirovski in Skopje
- Paesi Bassi (1): Joost van Gestel in Eindhoven
- Polonia (4): Przemek and Daniel in Krakow, Robert in Krakow, Tomek in Krakow
- Portogallo (2): Pedro Antunes e Nuno in Porto

Korin in Praga
Robert in Praga
Benedetto Pignoli in Bratislava
Dragana Spasojevic and Lazar in Belgrad
Miguel Ángel Ortega Ruiz in Valladolid
Denis Rema Luibal and Antonella in Santiago de Compostela
Manuel Arias and Belen Mendiguchia in Santander
Herbert Tolosa Pino in Bilbao
Marc Lafuente and Ana in Xixona and Penàguila
Krystal Phoenix and Lauren in Madrid
Kenneth and Dominic Campbell-Harris in Madrid
José Rodriguez Trocoli in Madrid
Serge Scevenels in Madrid
Mélanie Romat in Madrid
Dani Correa and Jon in Lugones (Oviedo)
Erik Mortenson in Istanbul
Nick Skelton in Bristol
Santiago and Diego Donoso in Kiev

152 people that I hosted (ordered by country):

- Argentina (8): Luciano Fabbri from Rosario, Leonardo Blanc from Villa Allende, Diego Santoni from Neuquen, Facundo Grondona from Viedma (Rio Negro), Virginia Fantini and Bernabè F.A. Della Mattia from Buenos Aires, Joan e Florencia from Buenos Aires.
- Australia (6) : Mark Burban from Melbourne, James Williams from Mullumbimby, Michael Tucak and Hanny from Victoria, Benson Harris Wallace from Melbourne, Kally Stewart from Melbourne
- Austria (1): Markus Ahrens and his girfriend from Kremsmunster
- Brasil (3): Marcel Ramalho and Patricia from Campina Grande, Tiago Silva from Sao Paulo
- Bulgaria (1): Angel Dandov from Stara Zagora
- Canada (4): Don MacDonald and his girfriend from Victoria, Jason Dyck from Calgary, Thomas Fox from Lethbridge (Alberta)
- Cina (2): Nan Zhang from Beijing, Phoebe Yeung from Hong Kong
- Danimarca (1): Silas Johansen from Copenhagen
- Estonia (1): Madis Partel from Tallinn
- Finlandia (7): Jaakko Kalsi from Helsinki, Paavo Juntunen from Ylojorvi, Päivi e Santeri from Helsinki, Janne and Minna Porkola from Juopio, Joni Selinheimo from Helsinki
- Francia (14): Alain Apvrille and Delphine Decourcelle from Rumilly, Brice Dufresnois from Paris, Antoine Gliksohn from Tours, Jean Noel et Lydie Montane from Elne, Jasmine e Jerome from Lyon, Anaëlle Bensoussan from Paris, Caroline and Thomas from Besançon, Alex Landreau from Lyon, Nicolas Droger from Strasbourg, Sebastien Ibarrart from Bordeaux
- Germania (20): Markus Wagner from Gengenbach, Tobias Lenz and Steffen from Reichenbach, Martin Schirmer and Mathias from Hafenpreppach, Jens and Anna from Buehl, Stefan Schuerle from Karlsruhe, Falk Benjamin Grupp from Ulm, Patrick Frank from Heroldsbach, Ruben Haas and Alexander from Muenster, Josef Eisenberger from Traunstein, Susanne Schmid from Olching, Michael Straußwald from Groebenzell, Steffen Brunner from Berlin, Michael Jakob from Potsdam, Michael Falk from Oldenburg, Oli e Isabel
from Bavaria
- Indonesia (3): Mohd. Nurzaman (Zam) from Bandung (Java), Idfi Pancani from Banten (Java), Dea Putri from Jakarta
- Iran (1): Shabir Barzanjeh from Sannadaj
- Irlanda (4): Brendan Gaffney from Drogheda, Ray McGroarty and Colm Green from Galway, Seaghan from Limerick
- Israele (14): Shimon Zafrany from Tel Aviv, Lior Gibor from Hadera, Rachael and Asaf Ben Yehuda from Tel Aviv, Omer Ginzburg from Jerusalem, Bernadette Bouwer from Jerusalem, Itay Yelin from Tel Aviv, Eshel Lipman from Ramot Ha Shavim, Danny Stryian and Oshrat from Haifa, Efrat and Pablo from Jerusalem, Esty
- Italia (21): Francesco Baldini from Bologna, Thomas Mariotti from Malonno, Mauro Carbonari and his mother from Foligno, Mirko Zanardelli from Edolo, Federico Finotti from Verona, Chiara Gandolfi from Bergamo, Peppe Todaro from Brescia, Fabio Brentel from Padova, Cristina Pedrini from Gardone Valtrompia, Stefano Silvestri and Riccardo Querciagrossa from Modena, Gilberto Della Lunga from Codogno, Maurizio Galassi from Recanati, Giorgia Demaria e Andrea from Cuneo, Marco Marcellino e Viviana from Brescia, Domenico Trombetti from Bologna, Laura Ruscillo from Prato, Rodolfo Salvi from Sansepolcro, Rafael Grigoletto from Venezia
- Lettonia (10): Ilona Narusberg from Riga, Victor Skoks from Riga, Victor Freimanis and Peteris from Riga, Alona Belova Svaikova and Olga from Riga, Ieva Garjane e Maris from Gulbene, Elina Ciekure and boyfriend from Riga
- Lituania (10): Robertas Stancikas from Vilnius, Justas Gumbrevicius from Vilnius, Donatas Puzaras from Kaunas, Julius Kontrimavičius from Anyksciai, Mindaugas Norvaisas and Asta from Vilnius, Marius Pleskys from Vilnius, Rūta Abramavičiūtė from Vilnius, Ieva Bukelskyte from Vilnius, Eimantas Kadzys from Vilnius
- Messico (1): Francisco Gonzalez from Xalapa
- Paesi Bassi (5): Jordi Vredenbregt from Amsterdam, Bianca from Dordrecht, Harry Drok e Sofia from Groningen, Jacob Zwager from Drachten
- Polonia (17): Arkadiusz Tyda and Basia from Zielona Góra, Marcin Cikorski and Violetta from Bydgoszcz, Luka Zalewski and Asia from Opole, Kuba Nowotarski from Wroclaw, Michal Lawniczak from Wroclaw, Michal Ciolek from Lomza, Marcin Ciolek from Gdansk, Karol Matuszak from Lowicz, Michalina from Warsaw, Agnes Wojtysiak and Dmitri from Opole, Dmitri Murawicki e Agnes from Opole, Filip Kaszubowski from Gdansk
- Portogallo (4): Pedro Antunes e Nuno from Porto, Carol Albuquerque and Ninina from Lamego

Petr Kubín from Prague
Michal Jánošík from Trnava
Dima Orlovskiy from Vladimir
Robi Kelc and Janja from Maribor
Ana Kunaver and Nina from Ljubljana
Marc Lafuente, Ana and Juani from Penàguila
Manuel Arias and Belen Mendiguchia from Santander
Eva Saez from Zaragoza
Juanma Gil from Valencia
Serge Scevenels from Madrid
Mélanie Romat from Madrid
Mark Müller from Hartbeespoort
John Sonerud from Uppsala
Lasse Edfast from Gothenburg
Nour Khadam-al-Jamé from Geneve
Abdullah Kahraman from Istanbul
Murat Cetinkaya from Ankara
Sam Martin from Newbury
Roy Duffield and Ruth from Bath
Ruth Walter from Bath
Tom Vercauteren from London
Tim Harford-Cross from Ripon (Yorkshire)
German Olmedo from Montevideo and Magda from Poland
Sergio Melazzi from Tarariras (Colonia)
Laci and Nóri from Szeged
Ágnes Ambrózy from Budapest
Gabor Timar from Se
Csenge Huszar from Budapest
György Czakó from Eger
Nóra Kovácsvölgyi from Nyíregyháza and Krisztián
Laura Tóth from Budapest
Dave Lammermeier from Fort Lauderdale and Sindy from Germany
Jacolby Short from Grove City (PA)
Brad Brubaker from Hampton (VA)
Jonathan MacMillan from Los Angeles (CA)
Tristan Bennett from Indianapolis (IN)
Andrew Joyce from Kalamazoo (MI)
Jourdan Velardi from Pensacola (FL)
Brandon Butcher from Dallas (TX)
Joe Parrinello from Saint George (CA)

56 people that I met around the world (ordered by country):

- Australia (2): Andrew and Andrea from Brisbane
- Austria (2): Guido Klinger from Linz, Alexander Lehner from Pierbach (Linz)
- Azerbaijan (4): Jamil Gasimov from Baku, Abbas Zahidi from Baku, Elshan Guliyev from Baku, Fazli Mammadov from Baku
- Belgio (1): Annemie
- Brasil (2): Leonardo Lepsch from Rio de Janeiro, Awen from Sao Paulo, Daniel from Sao Paulo
- Bulgaria (1): Kristian Antonov from Sofia
- Cile (2): Ricardo Escobar from Santiago, Marcelo Castañeda from Valparaiso
- Cina (1): Supreeti Ansvananda from Hong Kong
- Croazia (1): Petra Bosnjak from Samobor
- Filippine (1): Adrian Marcel Frondoso from Manila
- Finlandia (2): Arho Toikka from Helsinki, Heli Niittumaa from Helsinki
- Francia (6): Franck and David from Paris, Gauthier Duprez from Laon, Romain Galati e Nicolas from Valence, Clement Brutti-Mairesse from Domene
- Georgia (2): David Lomidze from Tbilisi, Andrew Atoev from Tbilisi
- Germania (10): Sandra Hampel from Dietzenbach, Wladimir from Stuttgart, Sebastian Avenarius from Freiburg im Breisgau, Juliane Heydenreich from Berlin, Lorenzo De Zanet from Berlin, Eva Poetzinger from Kitzingen, Uwe Luengen from Moenchengladbach, Petra Winkler from Koblenz, Juan Carlos from Koln, Martina from Nurnberg
- Germania (7): John Zopyros from Thessaloniki, Yiannis Karageorgos from Thessaloniki, Anastasia from Thessaloniki, Evelina from Thessaloniki, Nasta from Thessaloniki, Babis from Thessaloniki, Vangelis Kamanatzis from Thessaloniki
- Israele (2): Arava from Jerusalem, Saar James Gershuni from Jerusalem
- Lituania (1): Laurynas Urbsys from Panevezys
- Malesia (2): Yin Long Lim from Johor Bahru, Ari Yeo from Kuala Lumpur
- Messico (1): Arturo Gib from Yautepec (Morelos)
- Paesi Bassi (4): Mathew Crick from Eindhoven, Henri Geerman from Arnhem, Ronald Plak from Eindhoven, Peter Jansen from Groningen
- Polonia (5): Tomasz Kowalski Tomasz Kowalski from Zachodniopomorskie, Ovidiu Oancia from Krakow, Konrad from Krakow, Piotrek Oczkowski from Krakow, Malgorzata Adamowska from Warsaw
- Portogallo (2): Antero Castro Paiva from Porto, Ludovina from Lisbona

Ovidiu Oancia from Focsani
Slimuś Gwe (Slim) from Cluj Napoca
Luijz Andre Dos Santos from Salamanca
Francesc from Bilbao
Alejandro Murillo from Valencia
Hector and Eva from Madrid
Javier Guillén from Sevilla
Albert Morales from Barcelona
Jordi from Barcelona
Llogari Antúnez from Moià (Barcelona)
Daniel Ghedina from Barcelona
Martin Willers from Umea
Thomas von Niederhäusern from Brugg
Fatih Isik from Istanbul
Birkan from Istanbul
David Beck from Budapest
Krisztina Zadravec from Budapest
Dan Towie from Bristol
Paul Stanley from London
Andrew Bridges from San Francisco and Isaac from Bristol
Josh Goldsmith from Sarasota, FL
Jeff Barone from Northampton, MA

145 italian members that I met (ordered by name):

Adriano Prati from Roè Volciano (BS), Alessandra Gregorini from Brescia, Agostino Vecere from Salo’ (BS), Alessandro Sahebi from Desenzano del Garda, Alessandro from Brescia, Alessandro Fedele from Brescia, Alessandro Tommolini from Brescia,Alessandro Valli from Desenzano,Alex Rossi from Passirano, Alicia Camino Gómez from Brescia, Alisa Cabassi from Brescia, Amedeo Bressanelli from Coccaglio (BS), Andrea from Arzignano, Andrea from Rezzato, Andrea Restieri from Roncadelle (BS), Angelo Carollo from Roncadelle (BS), Antonio Furlan from Milano,Bruno Braz from San Bonifacio, Carlo Bertoldi from Brescia, Carlo Turla from Iseo (BS), Carlotta from Brescia, Caroline Mac Donald from Desenzano (BS), Cesare Molinari from Brescia, Christian Cippis from Brescia, Christian Spadaro from Trento, Cosimo Concilio from Brescia, Cristina Pedrini from Brescia, Cristina Tosoni from Calcinato (BS), Damiano Tambara e Stefano from Verona, Damir Tanic from Clusane d'Iseo (BS), Daniel Poli from Castenedolo, Daniele Ferro from Verona, Daniele Rizzo from Tradate (VA), Dario Foresti from Mocasina (BS), David Peter from Brescia, Davide Beschi from Rezzato (BS), Davide Bignami from Paitone (BS), Davide Cornacchini from San Felice del Benaco (BS), Davide Pasini from Casto (BS), Davide Ronchi from Brescia, Diego from Fasano di Gardone Riviera (BS), Diego Giardinetto from San Martino della Battaglia (MN), Dile Boscolo from Chioggia (VE), Dolores from Brescia, Donato Morena from Brescia, Doriano Foggiato from Sirmione (BS), Edoardo from Comun Nuovo (BG), Elvio Salvetti from Collebeato (BS), Emanuele Garletti from Prevalle (BS), Erika Ruggeri from Paitone (BS), Fabio from Venezia, Fabio from Perugia, Fabrizio Piva from Cortefranca (BS), Federica Arnolfo from Bologna, Federico Pistono from Verona, Federico Signoretti from Verona, Fergus Incoronato from Napoli, Flavio Cossalter from Venezia, Francesco Moggia from Roncadelle (BS), Francesco Vezzola from San Felice del Benaco (BS), Francesco Lancini from Gardone Valtrompia (BS), Francesco Paganardo from Trenzano (BS), Francesco Stingi from Brescia, Gastón Regal from Verona, Gianluca from Roma, Giuliano Turello from Verona, Giuseppe Cillepi from Sicily, Giuseppe Zerbini from Costermano (VR), Giuseppe from Padova, Guido from Passirano (BS), Helge Kallevik and Elga from Mira (VE), Irene from Bisceglie (BT), Jemica Perera from Brescia, Karina Vernizzi from Bologna, Laura from Brescia, Leo Kahler from Bologna, Lorenzo Schioppetti from Poncarale (BS), Lorenzo Passini e Mark Barclay from Sale Marasino (BS), Luciano and Sandra from Roncadelle (BS), Marco Buzzoni from Lecco, Marco Aguzzi from Treviglio (BG), Marco Russo from Como, Marco Staurenghi from Valcamonica (BS), Marco Capobianco from Castenedolo (BS), Marco Marcellino from Brescia, Marilena Merigo from Salo', Mario Conti from Cremona, Marta Ariazzi from Brescia, Marta Abeni from Provaglio d’Iseo (BS), Marwan Alani from Brescia, Marzio Beschi from Rezzato (BS), Marzio Giacomini from Salo' (BS), Massimiliano from Brescia, Massimo from Vicenza, Massimo Imbesi from Milazzo (ME), Matias Combina from Montichiari (BS), Mattia Mabellini from Brescia, Michele Scarpato from Castellammare di Stabia (NA), Michele Calvi from Santa Giuletta (PV), Milena Corbelli from Brescia, Mimosa Zoppetti from Bergamo, Maura Pettenuzzo from Vicenza, Nello from Roncadelle (BS), Nicola Faliva from Monticelli Brusati (BS), Noemi Albertini from Vobarno (BS), Paolo Frigo from Verona, Paolo Magnabosco from Venezia, Paolo Chieregati from Bergamo, Paolo Maffei from Cazzago San Martino (BS), Pierantonio Paissoni from Bergamo, Raffaele Vizioli from Brescia, Raffaele Guatta from Gavardo (BS), Raffaello Fasoli from Verona, Razija Dzajic (Raska)from Clusane d'Iseo (BS), Roberta Tes from Sulzano (BS), Roberta Zanetti e Giorgio from Bovezzo (BS), Roberto from Roma, Roberto Corvi from Martinengo (BG), Sara Romani from Verona, Sarah Dominguez Gossetti from Como, Silvia Serina from Nuvolera (BS), Simona Ricci from Salo’ (BS), Simone Somensini from Bovezzo (BS), Simone Tinelli from Brescia, Stefano Bennati from Brescia, Stefano Dagnoli from Trento, Stefano Lamberti from Castenedolo (BS), Stefano Rizzi from Bergamo, Tiziano D'Angelo from Padova


The first: travelling around the world!!
After this, I like to do a lot of things, but i don't have enough time.

I like my job a lot: I'm working in the same social cooperative from 1983. You can see the website of Cooperativa di Bessimo ONLUS (only in italian) at

I love to eat with friends all kind of food: italian (of course the best!), chinese, japanese, other asian food, turkish, south american, and more.

I love stay with my friend and cook for them.

I like read and go to the cinema.

I like art, architecture, old civilization.

I love Italy and the best city in the world: Venice!

I always like to know other people from the worlds and get to discover other cultures.

Music, Movies, and Books

My favourite writers:
From Italy: Alessandro Baricco, Aldo Busi, Umberto Eco, Wu Ming, Antonio Tabucchi, Valerio Evangelisti
From Austria / Germany: Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Arthur Schnitzler
From France: Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Marguerite Yourcenar
From United Kingdom: Bruce Chatwin, Jonathan Coe, George Orwell
From Czech Republic: Milan Kundera
From Poland: Isaac Bashevis Singer
From Russia: Anton Cechov, Michail Bulgakov, Feodor Michajlovic Dostoevskij, Nikolaj Vasil'evic Gogol', Lev Nikolaevi Tolstoj
From India: Arundhati Roy
From Japan: Banana Yoshimoto
From USA: Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, David Leavitt, Jerome David Salinger
From South America: Isabel Allende, Jorge Amado, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marques

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Many friends ask me about the most interesting country that I visited in my travels out of Italy.
All countries are really amazing to visit, but in my opinion the most interesting is Peru’.
In Peru' the nature is wonderful: see, deserts, high mountains, Titicaca lake.
There are 10 places of the UNESCO World Heritage List, many great archeological places (not only Machu Picchu), historical cities, friendly people, tipical music and good food.
So after visited Italy (absolutly the best country in the world) go to discover Peru’!

Teach, Learn, Share

If you think to know enough about italian pasta you have to know that there are 128 different kind of pasta!
But many kind (like the famous spaghetti) can have different dimension, so the number is higher...
Surprised?! You can check it, between the different families of pasta: lunga, corta, minuta, nidi, fantasia, ripiene...

What I Can Share with Hosts

Here the wonderful Lake of Garda

Countries I’ve Visited

Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State, Viet Nam, Yemen

Countries I’ve Lived In


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