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About Me

Terms of stay begins here.
Don't buy any animal foods/products prior to coming to my place and while staying here. Recycled is OK, otherwise only vegan. You agree to eat only recycled and/or vegan food during your entire stay (including your eating out). I refuse to support people who insist on being a part of the problem.

You agree to be briefly informed about some of the big lies they told you. Folks that don't wish to discuss even such a massive controversy as 9/11 don't need to write a request.
Terms of stay ends here.

Please mention in CS request that you will respect the "terms of stay" and PLEASE include your e-mail address so I can respond directly to your inbox, otherwise I'm forced to delay the process by asking you to. (Hate CS almost as much as facebook, but as long as it facilitates meeting cool people, I'll bear with the bs.)

"There are no signs on the crossroads of life." Roman Tyka

"Gott gebe mir die Gelassenheit, Dinge hinzunehmen, die ich nicht ändern kann, den Mut, Dinge zu ändern, die ich ändern kann, und die Weisheit, das eine vom anderen zu unterscheiden." Reinhold Niebuhr

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


Attended CSparty Aachen 2009, surfed Burak's couch (2) and joined the CS project right after this.
Surfed Algus' floor (1) and Kwaize's couch (2) in Paris, thank you guys :)
Surfed Davids couch (1) in Prague, thanks Dave :)
Did Vienna with Tarcya, Leticia and Franto. Thank you Tarcya :)
Hosted Halil (3). Thank you for visiting me :)
Hosted Laura (3). Keep studying and solving your puzzle ;)
Surfed Michael's couch in Vienna (1). Metalab rocks!
Hosted Ulku (1). Shortest hosting, best talk :)
Hosted Luis (2). Time was short.
Surfed Eszti's couch in Budapest (1). Relaxing :)
Surfed Dan's couch in Brno (1). Great deal of trust, man!
Hosted Ferdy (2). Nearly identical spiritual wavelength :)
Hosted Owen (3). Gotta learn more about my own town :))
Hosted Canan (1). Pleasant evening.
Hosted Shuja (1). Popped the cherry :P
Hosted Gabe (4). Three days of consonance.
Hosted Christiane (4).
Surfed Eliska's couch in Trenchtown (1) :D just beautiful.
Hosted Eva (1). Meeting of minds.
Hosted Iva (1). Lovely.
Hosted Patryk (3). Great three days.
Hosted Anders (3). Good talks.
Hosted Lagi (7). Extraordinary gentleman.
Hosted David. Very eventful weekend (2).
Hosted Klaus (3). Inspiring.
Hosted Yoji (2). Fun!
Hosted Marie-Michele (2). Wonderful.
Surfed with the Zmorges in Wien (3). 2010 Vienna Calling!
Hosted Alex (2). Surprise! :D
Hosted Pilar (1). Great day.
Surfed Marci's couch in Nitra (2). Thanks a lot!
Surfed Sekier with Juls, Steffi, Alban, Honza, Misa, Radu and all the beautiful beings.
Visited Marcin in Kosice. Great timing :)
Surfed Tamas' couch in Miskolc (2). Words can hardly describe.
Surfed Mihaly's couch (1) in Budapest for one night. Too short.
Surfed Petulka's crashmats in Bratislava. Luxurious :)
Surfed with the Zmorges in Vienna *again* (3) and again fabulous.
Surfed Sarah's couch (2) in Vienna. Viva la revolucion!
Surfed Alex's couch (2) in Graz. Mission: Be yourself. Good luck ;)
Surfed with Matic in Maribor (3). Anarchistic :)
Surfed Ziga's couch in Ptuj (2). Winemaking! :D
Surfed Davor's place in Zagreb (3). Deep.
Surfed with Riki and Bryan in Buzeta (6). Organic :)
Surfed with Tijana and Dejan in Dvor (3). Amazing time!
Surfed with Berengere and Daniel in Banja Luka (3). Relaxed.
Surfed with Atila in Sarajevo (4). Great!
Visited Micky in Kotor. Made up :)
Surfed with Martina in Shkoder (24). Like home :)
Surfed with Joe the pro in Lac (2). Good laughs :D
Surfed Eri's double bed in Tirana (3). Comfy :)
Let down by Molly in Vlore :(
Surfed the squat in Kerkyra, loved it!
Surfed Nikos' couch in Roda (6), Corfu. Exploratory & lazy :)
Surfed with Nikos in Katouna (8), Lefkada. Pure joy :)
Surfed Manos' couch in Messologi (4). Popped the cherry :D
Surfed with Thalia in Rio (3). Happy days :)
Surfed Yorgo's couch in Patra (6). A blast!
Surfed with Konstantinos (3) and Craig (2) in Athina. Great time!
Surfed with Maria in Psachna (2). Relaxing :)
Surfed with Marios in Chalkida (5). Great days.
Surfed with Caroline in Istiaia (4). Easy :)
Surfed Vasilis' couch in Almyros (3). Inspiring!
Surfed with Vangelis in Volos (2). Comfy.
Surfed Olga's couch in Volos (4). Lovely.
Surfed with Filip, Marina and Myrto in Volos (14). Awesome!
Surfed Zily and Soc's couch in Thessaloniki (6). Nice.
Surfed with Maria and Vaggelis in Th-niki (3). Relaxing.
Surfed with Marina and Marinos in Th-niki (3). Meeting of minds:)
Surfed Christos' couch in Th-niki (3). Homy:)
Surfed with Irini and Yorgos in Th-niki (3). Niiice :)
Surfed with Yorgos in Xanthi (3). Luxuriously relaxing.
Surfed with Tasos in Xanthi (2). Great time!
Surfed Stathis' couch in Xanthi (2). Merry:)
Surfed with Beylem in Silivri (2). Lucky, escaped rain :)
Surfed with Sava in Sofia (3). Lotsa apples :)
Surfed Mitko's couches in Sofia (3). Easy :)
Surfed Pepka's couch in Sofia (2). Niiice :)
Surfed with Marko in Nis (2). Go Yugoslavija :)
Surfed with Jordan in Beograd (7). AWEsome!
Surfed with Maja and Dunja in Novi Sad (2).
Surfed Betka's and Kristyna's couch in Novi Sad (3). Great :D
Surfed with Hajni and Zoli in Subotica (2).
Surfed with Peter and his family in Szeged (3). Easy :)
Surfed Hris' couch in Szeged (3). Fantastic.
Surfed with Viktor in Pest (1). Great evening.
Surfed with Daniel in Buda (3). Easy.
Surfed with Kristof in Buda (4). Excellent :D
Surfed Otto's dorm in Gyor (3). Respect.
Hosted Allen (2). Bikes!
Hosted Kursad (2).
Hosted Oliva (2). Wooonderful :)
Hosted Nastenka (2). Talkative ;)
Hosted Alejandro (1).
Hosted Arun (3).
Hosted Tatu (4).
Hosted Alex (3).
Hosted Stephan (2).
Hosted Matt (16).
Hosted Aurelie (2).
Hosted Ben (2).
Hosted Chris (6).
Hosted Ats (3).
Hosted Burak (3).
Surfed Stephan's couch in Wien (3).
Hosted Phil (3).
Hosted Jose (2).
Hosted Natasha (2).
Hosted Gabi (2).
Hosted Marian (2).
Hosted Haomin (3).
Hosted Harjinder (3).
Hosted Oliva *again* :D (2).
Hosted Betty (2)
Surfed Katka's couch in Brno (2).
Surfed with Maya in Praha (3).
Hosted Eimantas (3)
Hosted Leo (2)
Hosted Pascal (1)
Hosted Teppei (2)
Hosted Ali (12)
Hosted Monika and Iwona (4)
Hosted Rob and Will (3)
Hosted Mary-Claire (1)
Hosted Sarah and Sarita (2)
Hosted Lisa (2)
Hosted Anja (2) How lovely :)
Hosted Mirjam (2)
Hosted Chris (1)
Hosted Palma (2)
Hosted Rafa (2)
Hosted Ally (3)
Hosted Philip (3)
Hosted Hanka (2)
Hosted Katarina, Ilmari and Gabriel (2)
Hosted Madalena and Kristina (2)
Hosted Jesiel (2)
Hosted Constanze (2)
Hosted Vlad and Alex (2)
Hosted Guillermo (2)
Hosted Thibault (1)
Hosted Kasia and Michal (3)
Hosted Johanna, Kai, Matti and Bjorn (1)
Hosted Alice (4)
Hosted Hannah and Lina (2)
Hosted Amelie (1)
Hosted Beatrise (5)
Hosted Julia (1)
Hosted Ryosuke (2)
Hosted Mert (1)
Hosted Pia and Philipp (2)
Hosted Julen (2)
Hosted Bram (2)
Hosted Max (29)
Hosted Tejaswi (3)
Hosted Franz Peter (2)
Hosted Mable (2)
Hosted Moh (1)
Hosted Wojtek (3)
Hosted Onder (1)
Hosted Magda and Ania (1)
Hosted Tom and Leo (5)
Hosted Anna and Annelise (3)
Hosted Josh (1)
Hosted Martin and Andy (2)
Hosted Eimo again (2)
Surfed with Daniel in Sopron (1)
Surfed with Karina in Rechnitz (2)
Surfed with Peter in Rudersdorf (1)
Surfed with Tone in Oberschwarza (1)
Surfed with Karmen in Maribor (2)
Surfed with Jan in Slovenske Konjice (1)
Surfed with Ivo in Locica (2)
Surfed with Feri in Ljubljana (2)
Surfed with Zhian in Trieste (2)
Surfed with Ivo in Locica again! (2)
Surfed with Borut in Maribor (2)
Surfed with Tone and Anna in Oberschwarza again! (2)
Surfed with Christine in Trautmannsdorf (1)
Surfed with Christian in Stang (1)
Surfed with Peter in Rudersdorf again! (1)
Surfed with Eva in Szombathely (1)
Hosted Chi Wing (2)
Hosted Andrew (3)
Hosted Arne and Felix (1)
Hosted Jingyu (3)
Hosted Stevo (1)
Hosted Michael (2)
Surfed Vince's couch in Wien (2)
Surfed with Steffi in Dresden (3)
Surfed Tim's couch in Berlin (3)
Surfed with Daniel in Berlin (2)
Surfed with Radu in Berlin (1)
Surfed with Yasir in Hamburg (3)
Surfed with Magnus and Emil in Kobenhavn (3)
Surfed with Toni in Goteborg (3)
Surfed Ahmed's couch in Oslo (3)
Surfed with Martin in Kongsberg (4)
Surfed with Jenny in Vinje (3)
Surfed with Danka and Olav in Odda (3)
Surfed with *and without* Vlado in Geilo (4)
Surfed with Andreas in Aurland (4)
Surfed with Toni in Goteborg again! (2)
Surfed with Constanze in Frankfurt (3)
Surfed with Hannes in Karlsruhe (2)
Surfed with Sandra in Stuttgart (3)
Surfed with Gudrun in Geislingen (3)
Surfed with Max in München (4)
Surfed with Katrin in Salzburg (3)
Surfed with Berna in St. Valentin (2)
Surfed with Vera in Straß (2)
Surfed with Yulia in Wien (3)
Surfed with Julia in Wien (2)
Hosted Parham (3)
Hosted Benji (3)
Hosted Rodrigo (3)
Hosted Nur and Oguzhan (2)
Surfed with Steffi in Dresden (2).
Surfed with Radu in Berlin (2).
Surfed with Binka in Rostock (3).
Surfed with Elias in Copenhagen (4).
Surfed with Sophie in Copenhagen (6).
Surfed with Jeppe in Copenhagen (4).
Surfed with Lukasz and Katja in Sarpsborg (5).
Surfed with Tom in Moss (3).
Surfed with Reidun and Jørdi in Oslo-Lambertseter (4).
Surfed with Espen in Kristiansand (2).
Surfed with Zhivko and Alyssa in Kristiansand (3).
Hosted Tristan (1).
Hosted Lukasz (1).
Hosted Louis +3 friends (2).
Hosted Zhivko and Alyssa (2).
Hosted Ivan and Pete (1).
Hosted Myriam and Julien (1).
Hosted Louis and Petrian (1).
Hosted Yann and Clementine (1).
Hosted Aurelie, Christophe and Tessa (1).
Hosted Tim (2).
Hosted Simon (2).
Surfed with Tobias on a boat! (2).
Surfed with Jonas on Snarøya (7) totally unforgettable.

Total surfers:145 hosts:114 | days I hosted:302 surfed:364


social evolution/transformation

  • chess
  • swimming
  • internet
  • hugs
  • bicycle
  • go
  • standup
  • social transformation
  • water rescue

Music, Movies, and Books

Stand-up: George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Louis CK
Books: Ken Kesey: One flew over cuckoo's nest, read twice
Dan Millman: Way of the peaceful warrior
Daniel Quinn: Ishmael
Steal This Wiki

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Biked around the Balkan Peninsula in 10 amazing months. Dubrovnik-Kotor-Shkoder-Tirana-Saranda-Igoumenitsa-Kerkyra-Messologi-Patra-Pylos-Sparti, then Athina-Chalkida-Istiaia-Volos-Thessaloniki-Kavala-Alexandroupoli-Samothraki-Kesan-Tekirdag-Istanbul. Peaked with the naked bikeride on the way to Ancient Olympia on the Peloponnese. Busted by greek police for this illegal behavior of wearing nothing but the ugly body I was born with.

Teach, Learn, Share

Can teach you to:
- speed up your computer
- improve your chessgame
- find some constellations in the night sky
- swim
- bake bread and chapati
- fix a bicycle
- introduce you to the world of Linux

I offer:
- free haircut (buzz or mohawk)
- free education about the world of lies we are expected to accept

I want to learn to ride a motorbike and surf the waves!

Countries I’ve Visited

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey

Countries I’ve Lived In

Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, United States

Old School Badges

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    35 Vouches

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