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  • Fluent in English; learning Sign Language - BSL, AUSLAN, NZS
  • 31, Male
  • Пользователь с 2006
  • Working for the corporate evil. Practitioner of reckless ...
  • That university thing mostly...
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Обо мне

WHAT. THE. HELL. How much do I like the new look of CS? Zero. If I don't reply in a timely manner it's because I find using this site so extremely frustrating now that my computer is likely to go flying out the window. At some point I will go and make this profile readable again. That times is not now.
You can see... well a version of the profile with correct links here: https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/256933/profile/legacy
Why did they have to go and make my life 4000% times more difficult?


"€œCommit the oldest sins, the newest kind of ways" - Good ol' Willy Shakespeare!


Welcome to the House of Sin v2.0
Ok, we've got a party coming up. Click here to go to the event page (or search events). Hope to see you all on the 22nd of November.

STOP! I'm going to make this REALLY easy for you. Just below this there are four steps. Read each of the steps, follow each of the steps, and everything will work out fine.
Cheers, Adam (or Baer, whatever is easiest).

Surfing here is really easy. You just need to follow a few simple steps: Step 1: New to couchsurfing? Click here & read this first. I happily host people who are new to couchsurfing - Many a first time surfer has cut their CS teeth in one of my households over the years. Step 2: You can view a calendar of when we're free - Click here :-) If you're using the CS app on your phone, go to www.tinyurl.com/cshouseofsincalendar to see our calendar or click on the 'My website' link at the top of the profile.Step 3: I'm not already hosting when you're coming this way? Excellent, now READ THE PROFILE - to make it even easier for you all, there are questions you must answer in the orange section below (the Personal Philosophy section).Step 4: Send a request to surf the couch - it's that easy.

It pains me deeply to be writing this, but after about six years of hosting I'm introducing my first requirement on potential surfers.
No one under the age of 24.Sorry, but everyone in the house is over playing 'parent'. We're tired of cleaning up after surfers. We're tired of surfers mistreating the house. We're tired of surfers who come out to party with us and then expect to be escorted back to the house when they get tired (while everyone else wants to kick on because it's only 3 in the morning). Adults live in this house, and we can look after ourselves. We expect the same of our surfers.
Do not despair if friends once met, I'm still in contact with the people who used to share this profile (Nikki, Casey, Steph, Shell), if you can't find them in the friends section shoot through a message and I'll give you their email/phone number.
Whilst there are times that I host more than one request at a time, I try to keep it to a minimum. Generally this only happens if someone I've have hosted previously comes back to Melbourne at a time I have already accepted to host another surfer. If the calendar already has someone listed for the dates you want, or it says 'pre-set break', I will not be able to host youThe calendar for the Melbourne Couchsurfing scene going ons - click here

So then, currently in the House of Sin:Lucy: 5 year old cat, thinks she owns the place, high chance she'll sleep on you.Kirby: The cat who ate too many mushrooms.Catface: The cat who ate too much of everything.
Yes that was just the pets, so now for the mere and somewhat near humans...
Adam: Oh shit, that's me. Aussie guy working for the corporate evil, major participant in anything reckless and irresponsible. Still floundering.

And my wonderful housemates:
Katie: Every house needs a self-opinionated vegan, Katie is ours. Actually that's a lie now, she has come back to the meat side *mwahahahahahahaha* and now she's become a vegetarian. Maybe she has pink hair now... it tends to change.
Steph: Irish lady, Fluent in German and organising plumbers. For some weird reason Steph became a vegan. click here to see her profile.
Liz and Dave: The newest additions to the household. They've ventured over form Canada to experience all that is awesome in Melbourne. click here to see Liz's profile.

NB: Keep reading.. yeah I know it's tasking. But important. You need to be sure you want to stay with us, and that you wouldn't clash in the house. So... questions to follow for requests that MUST be answered (HINT: the bit in ORANGE), hopefully in a humorous way for some light entertainment. Why send out a million and one copy and paste requests of impersonal rudeness, when a little further on I could state we like to chop up surfers and eat them.. mmm... -Nikki "meat is murder, murder tastes good"-Steph "you're going to write everything?"-Casey "goodnight"-Steph "oh for godsakes, you're not having any more (censored), for fuck's sake"-Nikki "I love how you have (censored) censored, but not..."-Adam "can I write fuck again? I felt kinda bad writing it the first time... oh..."-Nikki"...fuck. For fuck's sake stop typing"We don't normally talk in such a way, I just couldn't resist typing out the conversation as it happened. Apologies if such language offends. If you need help?! CLICK HERE!!!


"Down that path lies madness. On the other hand, the road to hell is paved with melting snowballs."The normal people are the boring ones.So if you wanna surf here, you must answer these questions two (-damn it Nikki, stop changing it to a 'too', it's supposed to be 'two', as in the number. I'm asking two questions) (in the request you send) (ha, just realised how confusing the continued parenthesis must be) (good luck!)However before I digress far too much:1) What kind of superpower would you pick? And I'm limiting your powers, eg: you can only fly as fast as you can run, you continue to age normally if you stop time, etc. Feel free to come up with the limitation yourself.2) If zombies attacked, and you could have one weapon, complete with unlimited ammo, what would you pick? Be creative, but practical.-if you fail to answer those questions, I'm sure someone else can offer you a couch, I only help those who help themselves. ( See these crazy questions show us which surfers want to stay with us lovely sinners or those who just want the free room ) -ARGH! People, love is not a superpower, unless you're an emotionless drone. Seriously, what the hell is that? "So these criminals have just stolen everything in the vault, when 'Love Man' shows up, and kisses them both. They pistol whipped him into submission." If you think love is some kind of special ability, then you probably need to reassess your life.-2nd ARGH! You cannot reason with zombies. No 'we'll all get along', 'everyone loves me' or 'I'll show them a mirror then we'll have ice cream.' Obviously if you feel compelled to give similar answers to these, you're the kind of person who has their brains eaten (or the rest of your body, depending on the type of zombie)-3rd argh (yeah, not going with capitals now, you guys are getting better). You're trying to kill zombies, remember? You're not trying to show me that you're non-violent. If you honestly think that a long stick, with a point, knife or fork on the end, a smile full of sunshine, or a catfood launcher, would best ensure your survival, then you probably have to reassess your answer. Killing zombies remember?4th argh (it's been a while since one was added in). No flower child answers. Yes zombies like free hugs, that's because they get to take a bite out of your neck. Let me be totally clear on this point: Things like 'love', 'peace', 'hugs' and 'flowers' are fine in the real world. In a zombie apocalypse scenario however they get you killed. Sorry but I'm not hosting someone with such a terrible sense of survival. You'd probably electrocute yourself with the toaster.

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing


I do that thing where people come into my house... oh yeah, host. I attempt to attend the weekly CS Zone meetings on Friday nights. If you're here on a Friday night you're most welcome to come with. Every now and then I'll appear at/organise various other CS events, including what has become an annual CS campsite at Rainbow Serpent Festival.


I've surfed in New York, Greece, Romania, Turkey, England, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, just to name a few places.-Whoa, why did I stick that last sentence there? I sound like arrogant twat. I think it's actually made worse by the fact that I'm writing this down, rather than just deleting the offending line. I think I'm becoming more twisted with age. And obviously I host quite ridiculously, I think it's been about six years of hosting now.


I play pool. I drink coffee. I drink beer. I plan attempts for world domination. I talk other people out of taking over the world. In 'interest' sections of online profiles I overuse the word 'I'.I'll usually go along with any half-baked idea, so long as the chance of death is less then 10%... oh alright, less then 20%.

  • pets
  • cats
  • writing
  • festivals
  • beer
  • coffee
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • running
  • working out
  • partying
  • drinking
  • flying
  • flowers
  • reading
  • billiards
  • coding
  • survival
  • surfing
  • boxing

Музыка, кино и книги

Baer: Catch-22, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, maybe some Chuck Palahniuk when the mood strikes, Bill Bryson, Wilbur Smith, music with a solid beat to dance to... actually why the hell am I filling this bit out? I have a stupidly large movie and TV show collection, I'm fairly apathetic about what music I listen to, I'll read almost anything.

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

One special adventure with Sarah from CS ending the night atop Acropolis. I swear the city was alive and breathing.I'm adding this bit in years later, but there have been so many wonderful, ridiculous, intriguing and insightful people that have graced my home with their presence. I could never attempt to successfully mention all of them. Ah fuck, that sounds way too soppy

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией

What I can teach:aussie slang... yeah that's about it.What I'd really love to learn to do:blow smoke rings. Yep, that's all I'd need to make my life complete - actually, a Greek couchsurfer taught me that many years ago, I'm just keeping it here for the sake of nostalgiaOK, so I'm sure I could offer more and could learn more, but I'm in the middle of packing here. - and now I'm just lazyOh I can teach you how to do these nifty box things! And by teach I mean copy and paste the HTML code that Nikki so kindly embedded for us :-)Aha! I think I've worked it all out (the HTML coding bit)Oh we have a pool table, if you can play, or would like to learn, I can teach that :-p

Где я побывал(-а)

Australia, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, United Kingdom, United States

Где я жил(-а)


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