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About Me

Please go through the detailed information below. We also have a home in dehradun which is 45 minutes away from rishikesh and where we also have a book cafe- a great place for like minded people to connect and feel a part of our beautiful home. You can experience life here for a couple of days or more and also share things with us that you know. So if u are looking for a happy and healing experience and to be a part of our home away from home then do let me know.

Running and working on these 2 projects and supremely blessed by being a part of it.



This is our beautiful retreat home in the mountains , 2 hours drive from Rishikesh. An absolutely stunning place with wonderful energy. That's where we grow and live together and experience the feeling of true brotherhood and know what love is all about. For those that have been at this place know . It's here where you can take all the past baggages out and get a new life. A new life-- well exactly what it means. It's a spiritual retreat where you get closer to your soul..start listening to it and start living a life that serves your soul's purpose. I have said it often..you can do what you want, can think what you want but unless you can begin to listen to your soul you are always struggling.. i wish fellow souls would realise how important this is. This is life..your life. So ina very laidback space and a healing environment with no strict rules or such you come to be a part of this home, your home. Where you can slowly take the cobwebs of the past away and learn to live and truly love yourself.
There are a lot of aspects that we work on but the result that we are tugging at is your true happiness and working on removing the real causes, reasons of your pain. You must have heard these lines so many times but again this is exactly what we aim to do in a environment where you can be yourself...where you can free yourself from those chains.. where all of us are like each other.. you are with no strangers.. you're home..finally and in the true sense of the word.
There are other things we walk into slowly but this above in a summary is the epicentre of it all. There are things that you can move into slowly once you get your bearings right and are on your way.. pranic healing, ayurveda, panchkarma and there are others that may help a certain soul. but right at the start it's about getting ready because if you are not then everything else is so far away.
So don't run away but face up to the realities and especially of your truth with love. And once you can do that the light at the end of the tunnel is not far away.
The below few paras would guide you a little bit more about the way i think and what we are about.We aim-
To Create more love and happiness on this earth and to give something back in return of the abundance we have got from Mother earth. To live in harmony with our universe and to love everything and everyone without any exceptions. Working on building a community here close to Rishikesh in a most beautiful part of space in the himalayas. A community for all like-minded , forward thinking and loving souls. We have regular retreats at our Retreat Centre- Spiritual, meditational and Yoga Retreats and we try to heal souls. I am a healer but people who come here not just get healed but heal others too. We work on the soul and tread the path of love and work on opening the soul which is the only way towards your true happiness. We break down the doors that have stopped you from allowing that light to enter you. And we do all this with love and compassion and without allowing our purpose to become commercial. Because when something gets truly commercial it also in a way loses it's power. We are here to guide you towards your rightful path irrespective of any larger gains we may or may not have. It is not about us or our work - it is about all of us together. And this is the sentiment that we want to create and i think being able to do that. We don't have anything bad to say about anyone but we have our own differrent way of doing things and that stems from our desire to do good and be honest with our purpose. It does not matter where you go or what you do but what matters is that you get to where you are meant to be. It is about YOU AND US TOGETHER.

This above is our workaway page which all of you could look into, all those who are interested. And reach out, all those who want to reach out. We are already on our way and perhaps you also may have something to gain. So have a look at the above link which also has sharing and feedbacks from people who have been here. This is about love and life and about something that that has the power to absolutely change your life. The power to heal and the power to reach out to your soul. This is not just about me but all of us and we have to do it together. I would love to hear from people, anyone wanting to join hands- with suggestions, questions, any which way they feel they can be a part of this . Let's keep the fire going, let's come together and touch lives and create a more beautiful, loving life. We don't just need hands but souls and all of you have it. It's time to look within .

Love is a word used a lot of times loosely. But perhaps if we could really understand the absolute true meaning of this word our life would completely change. It has the power to heal and you have the power to heal yourself. And i just help you to use this power to help yourself. And then go on to help others. I'm just a little cog in the wheel. A little push , a little awareness and little tools to make use of what you already have. And the larger work that i do is exactly that. Heal with love. And once you are already on your way or if you are already there and with faith i'm happy to share the knowledge of what i have with all of you. My knowledge of
differrent forms of energy healing,psychic healing, reiki, shamanism. But only you can reach out for it with faith and sincereity and if i feel you come here with that absolute honest desire then there is no one who would be more happier than me. I would also like to make it clear that this is not commercial. Money i feel cuts off my energy and my power to heal. And so i don't want to work along these lines. I want to be there for those who need me and for those who believe and those that have the faith will be rewarded. If you have the will to seek and turn it around then turn it around you will and i will make sure that you have what you are seeking.


I've just come back to India to try to work on a project with is very close to my heart.There is this piece of land in the mountains in north India which I have and i'm trying to develop it into something very special. A place which would be a home for anyone who comes here, a spiritual , healing retreat, a place to connect with your soul, a place for everything beautiful. I'm trying to do the best I can but I need people to connect with me, join hands with me even if it is for sometime as that would really mean a lot .Small help here and there and a little support would go a long-long way into making this thing a reality.

A few Lines about my project - A place which would be a home for anyone who comes here, a spiritual , healing retreat, a place to connect with your soul, a place for everything beautiful.It draws roots from/in the "alternative way of living" to an extent. A place without boundaries of any kind and a home for everyone away from home.I am trying to take ideas from everyone, from my travels and time spent in Canada, Europe and Australia apart from India.I have started planting apple trees and going to soon start work on an organic kitchen garden.At the moment we are working on our first dwelling on the site which should be complete very soon and after that we have plans to construct bamboo huts and stone dwellings(which are very interesting and ones which you will not easily find anywhere else.Having said that we have a long long way to go.And I know we wouldn't be able to do it without the help and hands of a lot of people that are destined to be a part of this. I'm going to go with the flow and I know once the right energy is there it will take it's own shape- whatever shape it takes.And most of all we need to enjoy this because without that enjoyment that energy is not going to be there.
Why i'm stressing on this is because this is very important.And also because I want everyone who comes here to be a part of this to enjoy this. It's all going to be fun with a purpose , a vision.
My projects goal is to transition as many people as possible into a way of living where we (humans) would repair all the damage we have caused to nature along the years as well as better organise ourselves and our way of thinking in order to improve and maintain the planet we live in.Infact it draws inspiration from a lot of other things that I have seen in my travels on the road and a lot of people that I have met.The dream is to have a place which we could all call home and from where we could spread and channelise happiness towards all concerned. To live as one and to love all and live in harmony with our soul and mother earth. People ask me - can we make a difference and I say yes we can. We can just by being happy and being part of that happiness and transmitting that happiness and that energy towards others. We don't need tools for that but just a desire to be a part of that change and a desire to give something back to the place we live in.
Before I say anything else I would like to accept that this probably is too long but I believe it's worth it for me and for those that eventually plan to come here.I would love to have people here who are truly in sync with our universe their soul and love the outdoors, the mountains and simple living, those that are free minded and free spirited.I have thought about reducing these lines and maybe i should. Just trying to figure it out. One side of me says that all this is important for you and i'm writing this for you but then another side says that sometimes you don't need to write so much to get it across through to people.I guess what is important is to filter the essence of what this is all about to those who are reading this. But then it's equally true that i can only write but it also depends on those who are reading this. I sometimes have felt that i am writing at a differrent level(no better or worse) and maybe it gets difficult to communicate or connect at that level but then this is what i have always found out in the end. Doesn't matter what level you write or recept - there is this one universal language of love and connect and then levels don't really matter. Because we are on the same path. The same journey. And that brings us together. It's just that some have travelled before,some are just starting and some are at differrent stages in their journeys but the biggest thing is that your souls have that one essence that unites and brings a certain set of people(on the same path) together. Now you may wonder or atleast some of you why i went ahead and wrote these lines first up. The answer is because this is all that matters and this is what we look or , aim for in anything we do. We are the same as others in the work we do and the fun we have while doing it but separates us from the rest is the love and soul we bring into everything we do. The love that goes deep, touches your soul and breaks the door that may have closed your soul to the love that this universe and all beings have to offer. And if you are coming here with pain and more pain and questions and problems , scars and anything undesirable you can think of but with an open soul willing to allow that light and love to enter you and fill you then you will not just only feel in but perhaps would find no better place than this. So you come here with anything but not with a soul that has it's doors shut. You come here to not just be a part of the fun and the beauty of our space but you come because you have the desire to fill your life with something more profound. You come because you want to make a differrence to yourself and your life and make a differrence to others. You come because you want to be a part of that light. And we are here to take you into our arms and our hearts as no one has done before. This place is run by you all and i'm just a part of that engine. At any given point of time you will find people from everywhere joining hands and hearts to steer this ship.So it is yours and about you if you are willing to make it your own.


This is a little piece of land(not so little) where we are trying to build a community where we live in harmony with our inner selves and our universe.We are also working on an eco-project simultaneously and live in complete harmony with the universe. We are here to create that light and radiate it to other places and make our world a better place to live in. Our work consists of putting up tents, taking their care, growing organic veggies , taking care of our cottage which is your home and just trying to do little things working on the land.And we do everything without any support from anywhere. And we do it together. This also explains our little charges as we have no other way to keep ourselves going. So this is work like work but workaway is not about just work but having those experiences, the right ones. So here you experience the best of this country- culture , foodwise, you learn about so many things working in our little farm. There is so much to do- paint, make paths and anything else you can think of. But, perhaps the greatest work that we do or desire to do is working on the souls. To remove that darkness so that light can come in. We practice meditation, yoga here, have book readings and profound discussions which help us all.We have regular retreats and workshops on spiritual and emotional healing.We imbibe a sense of community living where we are all one in a family. So this place is about love and acceptance, taking away those scars and that darkness.There is no religion, no nationalities, no differrences here between people.And that is the beauty of our world. It is a differrent world here- a world which you have probably never seen before or been a part of. And when people leave here they never leave in a way. And they have the light going forward apart from all the knowledge that they get here working in a community set-up .A lot of people do come here, people who are lost or feel unloved and not understood. This is a place for them to express themselves, their own place. As for me i help to make you feel comfortable and open you out which is only for you. If i say more about myself it would not be polite. I think i make you feel comfortable , loved and you get a feeling that you belong here. So work - growing veggies, learning how to make indian food,living a one, at times managing the place , developing your psyche and doing meditation, yoga , reading and if and when you are prepared you have all the chance to practise and preach here- share your knowledge. Apart from that i help guide you with most things- anything that you can think of because you do not come here as a traveller but you come to your own home and your own larger family.

Here, below are a few lines about me.

Well, after a few additions and corrections here it is-the closest i can come to describing myself in words.I'm a Psychic Healer, Soul Worker, Relationship Counsellor and my work on this earth is to guide. And apart from this i do a few other things. To lead people, my fellow human beings towards their destined path.Working on an Eco-Project in the Himalayas close to Rishikesh and trying to build a self-sustainable community , trying to create a way of living which would create more happiness on this earth and to live in sync with our universe. I have 2 sides to me- one physical and the other spiritual and i think both are very well balanced.Easy going,sophisticated and thorough when need be,calm and collected.Love climbing mountains- have done a lot of that in the himalayas and absolutely love to walk.Am open to most things- never close myself to anything completely and dont judge people from the surface.Am always looking at things inside rather than the flashy outside.Conversations of the brainy kind interest me, absolutely invigorate me but im equally okay to being part of simple ones too.
Love discussing philosophy and psychology- love talking about life and seeing where it's going.Deeply connected with my spiritual self and exude that energy.Always have lots to share from my travelling experiences- spending time in monastaries in the northern himalayas, in small cut off villages in the northern mountains and the time i spent in canada and ireland.Have a huge desire to share what i know , have experienced through my journey of life.

I believe in being happy and spreading happiness around me ..i understand the world at large doesn't want to be happy anymore- it wants to be cool- am i right? but maybe i'm not so cool,i dont know but i think i'm good company and know how to be happy and live in the moment, someone with whom one can feel easy and in.

I love travelling - the side of travelling that teaches us a lot about life and makes us grow as a person through our experiences on the road.For me that defines travelling- learning while having fun.I am a bit of an explorer from heart so anything new, anything differrent or hidden interests me. Ive travelled in a few countries and here i'm in Australia now looking to make friends and see and understand the culture from up close.I am very close to nature and love animals.Love adventures- what would life be without them? If you dont try to seek you don't even have a chance to get it.Travelling for me is about open hearts and eyes and open senses. Love places which have a history and which have a romance to it.I have spent a lot of time in the mountains- the extreme northern himalayas courtsey of spending a lot of my growing up years there.So i have a special affinity for the mountains.I absolutely love walking and can walk and trek for hours at a stretch.Im passionate about food and culture and history of places and especially interested in understanding people from inside rather than just the hi- hello types.To me it's an honour and special to get to know people from up close.And yes i dont believe in boundaries- boundaries are what we create when we have fear, insecurities so i believe in trying most things and giving them a chance.As they say you don't try- you don't know.I have a special affinity too for the east coast of canada having spent some time there living and Ireland as i have a few special friends there and wonderful memories.
Apart from that i'm just a simple guy who loves to explore most facets of life and dont's believe in the word hate.And yes , lastly i don't believe anyone or any place is bad- it's just differrent and it is for us to have the eyes to see that differrence in a beautiful way.
Dont believe in any differrences of skin, countries , culture because if one has a big heart then everything and everyone can exist there..there's a lot of space.I actually dont believe in the - i dont know how to put it- dont believe in boundaries, countries as such...because god didnt mean to make boundaries- WE MADE THEM...i see every person and every place as special...having a heart and soul.And I would like people to meet me, connect with me, host me and get hosted for what i am from inside not because i come from a certain place..not just for that reason alone...I don't hate a lot of things but i hate being put into a category, hate boundaries.I believe boundaries are meant to be broken and razed to the ground albeit in a most beautiful way.


just go with the flow, there is nothing wrong in life so no mistakes- they are there to only make us better as people.Without them we would not be what we are today.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


meeting people , learning from them, exploring and teaching what i know and sharing my experiences , healing



Yoga, meditation, books,mountains ,trekking, nature trails, spirituality, food , psychology, studying human behaviour, alternative ways of living, spreading peace, happiness and love in the world.Sharing whatever i have with my fellow brothers and sisters and friends.Currently working on a eco-friendly self- sustainable set-up on a piece of land in the Upper Himalayas close to Rishikesh. Retreats, meditational and yoga retreats .

  • animals
  • culture
  • books
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • walking
  • traveling
  • psychology
  • mountains
  • past life regression
  • reiki
  • energy healing
  • shamanic healing
  • psychic healing

Music, Movies, and Books

seven years in tibet, fyodor dostovesky, autobiography of a yogi- swami paramhansa yogananda, Past lives past masters- Dr Brian Weiss

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Healing..you cannot imagine the high it gives to help someone to heal and in a way help people to change their lives for the better. I think it is the most beautiful thing on this earth- to be able to touch people and help guide them through their lives.

Teach, Learn, Share

mountaineering, meditation, travelling, psychology and spiritual knowledge , this knowledge of life that i have through my experience...it absolutely excites me to share and to connect with people with a similar bent of life and zest for this life wanting to live to the full and for a higher purpose , yoga , shamanic healing, differrent forms of energy healing, meditation, connecting souls

What I Can Share with Hosts

all that i have- my experiences, knowledge, kinship, meditation, yoga, reiki, healing , psychic healing, knowledge about past lives, their healing power and the lives leading into the future , shamanic healing, healing through love

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Australia, Canada, Ireland

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Australia, Canada, India

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