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Veronique Vanonckelen

Turnhout, Antwerp, Belgium

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About Me


To make our house a cosy home, and pick up couchsurfing again.


Veronique: I'm a dreamer, a romanticus, a buzzy bee, a fairy, a godess, a devil in disguise. I'm realistic, optimistic, down to earth and up in the air and basicly completely crazy. :-p

If you want to meet me and my 386 personalitys, just sent a message!! Beware though, since you never know what you are gonna get ;-) but only 4 of the personality's are violent/dangerous... :-p

One of my friends told me once: "You look like such a girly girl, but you think like a bloke..."

Your Personality is Very Rare (ENTP)

Your personality type is optimistic, curious, enthusiastic, and open. You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?

As you can see from the above, not even personality test can exactly figure it out, so it's up to you!!

He: A rather shy boy who needs to get to know people a little bit first (a few beers in the process always helps). Very gullible and always ready to lent a hand or two and help out wherever he can.

In the last couple of years he has become more open and social and people tend to like him :-)... (or at least I do) More the introverted type but with a huge heart.


Accept people for who they are, not for wat they could be and never for what they should be. See them in all their glory... Everyone is beautifull in their own particular way! Don't judge people on their past.

Courage is not the abcense of fear, its the power to face your fears and overcome them...

Enjoy and experience life in all it's aspects;

You can never do good for everyone, so stop trying, do good for the people you believe in en never loose yourself trying to please others. If people don't accept you for who you are, they are not worth being your friend!

The meaning of life is basicly people, not money or anything else (although having enough money to get buy makes live a bit easier, it is not the way to conquer happiness)

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


Just being myself... hoping that in my own small way I can make a difference.

Offering my matrass, my attendance to meetings, my personal opinions and my favourite places in Belgium


Extremely outdated but as you can see, quite a lot!

Surfed: 2-4/02/08: Paris-France; Florence Mehl 1/3/08: Antwerp-Belgium; Stijn Vernaillen 7-9/3/08: Brughes-Belgium; Tina De Lobel 2-5/4/08: Prague-Czech Republic; Daryl Morgan & Lisa Purcell 12/4/08: Dendermonde-Belgium; Lieke, Peter & Kids 8/5/08: Dendermonde-Belgium; Lieke, Peter & Kids 23/5/08: Dendermonde-Belgium; Lieke, Peter & Kids 31/5/08: Dendermonde-Belgium; Lieke, Peter & Kids 25/07/08 Merelbeke-Belgium; Sven 27/07/08 Merelbeke-Belgium; Sven 28/07/08 Gent- Belgium; Johanna 01/08/08 Berlaar - Belgium; Kristin, Alwin & Kids 08/08/08 Dendermonde - Belgium; Lieke, Peter & Kids 09/08/08 Merelbeke - Belgium; Sven 5-7/09/08: Amsterdam- Netherlands; Jaap Helsen 8-9/09/08: Enschede -Netherlands; Joost 28-30/10/08: Leeuwarden-Netherlands; Sifra&Henri 8/11/08: Brugge-Belgium: Bernard Van Der Beken 22/11/08: Dendermonde-Belgium: Lieke, Peter and kids 28-29/11/08: Rotterdam-Netherlands; Willem Bouman 12/12/08: Dendermonde-Belgium: Lieke, Peter and kids 24/01/09: Brugge-Belgium: Bernard 29/01-2/02/09: London-England: Suzanne 04-07/02/09: Utrecht-Netherlands: Jasper&Liza 15/02/09: Leuven-Belgium: Niels 26/02/09: Meise-Belgium: Kris 25/04/09: Dendermonde-Belgium: Lieke, Peter and kids 01/05/09: Antwerp-Belgium: Marleen & Ilse 06/06/09: Nuremberg-Germany: Sven & Thess 07-08/06/09: Praha-Czech Republic: Danny Carleer 09/06/09: Vienna- Austria: Doris 10/06/09: Budapest-Hungary: Kirsty Kay 11-13/06/09: Vienna-Austria: Stefan Derkits 14/06/09: Utrecht- Netherlands: Liza & Jasper 19-20/06/09: Utrecht -Netherlands: Liza & Jasper 21-22/06/09: Uden - Netherlands: Tim 09/07/2009: Winterthur-Switserland: Lisa Arnold 10-12/07/2009: Gossau- Switserland: Vince & Anni 13/07/2009: Linz - Austria: Sonja 14-16/07/2009: Praha - Czech Republic: Danny Creer 28/07/2009: Roeselare - Belgium: Peter 07/08/2009: Berlaar- Belgium: Kristin & Alwin 11/10/2009: Berlaar - Belgium: Kristing & Alwin 31/10/2009: Middelkerke - Belgium: Edwin

Hosted: 11/05/08 Andrea & Dan - America 24/05/08 Liliana & Nathalie - Mexico 20/06/08 Veerle- Belgium (not on CS) 27/06/08 Danny, Marlon, Samantha, Elke, Sebastiaan (Netherlands & Belgium) 28/06/08 Danny, Marlon, Samantha, Elke, Sebastiaan, Joren, Vinny, Marleen (Netherlands & Belgium) 17/07/08 Kelly; USA/Germany 20/07/08 Reinhold, Steve, Koen, Sven; Belgium 21/07/08 - 22/07/08 Paul, Sven: Belgium 24/07/08 Peter; Belgium 26/07/08 Peter & Otto Kool; Belgium & Netherlands 22/08/08 Ningxi; USA 01/09/08 Mareike; Germany 10-12/09/08; Jason; USA 10-14/09/08; Michael; USA 14 - 18/09/08 Berke; Turkey 19-21/09/08 Fang Wei Goh; Singapore 22/O9/08 Tina; Brughes 1/11/08 Sadie; USA/Morocco 14/11/08 Bart; Antwerpen/Belgium 21/11/08 Nicolas; France 15/12/08 Amanda&Friends: Brazil 17-18/01/09: Georgi & Sheryl; Singapore 24/01/09: Maikel: Netherlands; Ine: Belgium 14/02/09: Ine: Belgium 10/04/09: Puneet; Spain 16-20/04/09: Jason& Brocke; USA 02-04/05/09: Rosie; USA 29/06/09: Sam & Tristan; USA 29-30/06/09: Giovanna; Peru 2/07/09: Greg; USA 19/07/09: Isa, Daaf, Tico, Francine & Sytse; Netherlands 26-27/07/09: Otto & Mirjam; Netherlands 02-03/08/09: David & Marc; Canada 03/08/09: Kristen; USA 22-23/10/09: Nathalie; Stabroek, Belgium 23/10/09: Carissa & Lauren; Netherlands & USA 25-30/10/09: Angelo; Italy 01/11/08: Jade & Carolyne; Canada

Looking forward to host more people!

Meetings: 10/02/2008- New Years Brunch -Ghent 15/02/2008 - New Members Dinner- Ledeberg/Ghent 01/03/2008 - B-Day party Stijn - Antwerp 07-09/03/2008 - IW meeting- Brughes 22/03/2008 - Free Hugs- Ghent 12-13/04/2008 -Spontanous meet-Ghent/Dendermonde 08/05/2008 - BBQ- Dendermonde 23/05/2008 - New Job! - Dendermonden/Antwerp 29/05/2008 - Performance The Shiva's- Ghent* 01/06/2008 - Family meeting - Domburg/ Netherlanths 19-28/07/2008 - Gentse Feesten - Ghent 1/08/2008 - Small Party - Berlaar 2/08/2008 - Brewery Visit - Dendermonde/Grembergen 8/8/2008 - Singing Evening 3 - Dendermonde 16/8/08 - Hike + cheese & wine evening - Brasschaat 22/8/2008- Dancing in the park - Sint-Amandsberg 5/9/2008- Amsterdam weekly meet-up 21/9/2008- Gent Bowling* 23/10/2008- Gent Monthly Bar-meeting* 8/11/2008- Hike through the Bourgoyen- Gent* 20/11/2008- Gent Monthly Bar-meeting* 22/11/2008- Sing Along 4 -Dendermonde 28-30/11/2008- CSinterklaas - Rotterdam; Netherlands 05/12/2008 - CS Dinner - Gent 12/12/2008 - Bar Meeting - Dendermonde 14/12/2008 - Winter Beach Walk- Nieuwpoort 20/12/2008 - Christmas meeting - Gent* 20/01/2009 - Ghent Montly Barmeeting* 23/01/2009 - CS Dinner - Gent 24/01/2009 - Birthdayparty Martin&Bernard - Brugge 30/01/2009 - Polyglot meeting - London 31/01/2009 - Drinks in Clapham Common - London 01/02/2009 - Chinese New Year - London 07/02/2009 - Visit Chocolatier - Brussels 08/02/2009 - Late New Years Brunch - Gent 14/02/2009 - Anti-Valentines Girls night - Gent* 25/02/2009 - Monthly Barmeeting - Gent* 26/02/2009 - Welcome New Members - Brussels 28/02/2009 - Last Minute Meetup - Gent* 08/03/2009 - Reispubliek - Brugge 13/03/2009 - Barmeeting - Sint-Niklaas 22/03/2009 - Moving To Antwerp - Antwerpen 22/03/2009 - Welcoming the spring walk - Bevel 25/03/2009 - Monthly Bar Meeting - Gent* 29/03/2009 - Swimming & Pancakes - Turnhout 25/04/2009 - 5th Sing-Along - Dendermonde 01/05/2009 - Housewarming Diana&Stijn - Antwerpen 30-31/05/2009 - Belgium & Lux Ambs meeting - Dendermonde 09/06/2009 - Monthly Stammtisch - Vienna 10/06/2009 - Bar meeting - Boedapest 11-14/06/2009 - Vienna Calling & ambs meet - Vienna 19-21/06/2009 - Midsummernight - Utrecht 22/06/2009 - Discovering the center of the Universe - Uden 23/06/2009 - Gentse Feesten organisation meet-up* 27/06/2009 - Feest in het park! - Brugge 09/07/2009 - Pre-paella BBQ - Wintherthur 10-12/07/2009 - Paella weekend - Gossau 18-27/07/2009 - Gent Festival meet-ups - Gent* 03/08/2009 - Last minute Bar meeting - Gent* 07/08/2009 - Venezualan Dinner - Berlaar 20-24/08/2009 - Pukkelpop - Kiewit 09/09/2009 - Goodbye party Sandra - Berlaar 10/09/2009 - Ghent Bar-meeting - Gent 26/09/2009 - Alternative Historical walk - Gent* 30/09/2009 - Climate Awareness Documentary screening - Leuven* 31/10/2009


She: a little bit of everything except soccer... I'm intrested in a lot of things, but not really fanatic about anything. Most of all I'm intrested in people and in YOU!

Always in the mood for philosiphical talk in an pub or brown café...the later the better :) For a joke in the afternoon And to sleep in, in the morning :p Just some of the things that I like: travelling (of course), fancy and colorfull dresses, long earings, the sun, thunderstorms, boattrips, horseriding, daydreaming, smiling, flowers, animals, stars, the moon, cosiness, reading, films, singing, movies, politics, discussions, jokes, talking, listening, wandering through the streets of a city (preferably by night), beer, pubs, hugging, hugging some more and ooh, I almost forgot hugging :), the forest on a summerday after the rain has washed the leafs clean, everything that's red, art nouveau, Mucha, art, plastic pigs, horses, cats, dogs, fire, the beach, mountains,snow, a hot shower in the winter, photography, teddybears, cava, wine, languages, spontanious daytrips, magic, the circus, food (both healthy and unhealthy), the internet, couchsurfing, local drinks, Degas, Dali, roses, orchids, rocking chairs, blankets, candles, road trips, spontanious things, people, europe, massages, baths, the center of the universe, flirting, shoes, my jewelery, driving (the further the better), hitchhiking,....

He: Soccer, computers, news and media, sciences, maths, ....

Music, Movies & Books

She: too much to sum it up in this short amount of time... still love historical youth novels about strong woman though... How corny it may sound, I'm a Harry Potter fan.

My favourite books are the books written by Terry Goodkind. The series is called the sword of truth and it is a series of 11 books + an epiloge I also like Thrillers

I'm a filmfan... can look to everything which has a good/nice story in it and/or is not 13 in a dozen. And I'm a sucker for romance, so however corny and bad they might be I'm always up for watching a romantic (komedie) movie.

Ooh and above all, I love musicals!!!

Music, not really favourite kind, for me it's more about the music/lyrics than particular groups or genres. At the moment pretty into Kate Nash, Amy Macdonals, The kooks, Lady linn and her magnificent seven. I also love folkmusic and dutchmusic, especially 'kleinkunst'

He: Music: a lot like she except for folk Books: not that much of a reader but mostly non-fiction Movies: as long as it's no romcom I can appreciate it

One Amazing Thing I've Done

walking through Ghent by night... realising that I'm one of the lucky ones. Gosh, I really love that city...

Travelling alone for the first time, experiencing that travelling alone can be less lonely than travelling with your friends.

Discovering the center of the Universe with 8 random couchsurfers with 7 nationalities from 3 continents and feeling like I've known them my entire life!

Remeeting my boyfriend and buying a house with him after being together for only 9 months (how crazy can you be :-p)

Teach, Learn, Share

just some basic life experience...

I love to cook though, and most of my friends tell me that I'm good at it too.

I will basicly share everything I have with you, although I don't have that much.

Life is about people, not money!

Countries I've Visited

Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Countries I've Lived In


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