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  • Fluent in English, Russian, Scots
  • 47, Female
  • Membro desde 2015
  • architectural design and construction
  • master's degree
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Sobre Mim

Back in Houston at end April.
If you lucky to be in Houston with sunny and warm weather, my recommendation : try crawfish!!!
I am so jelouse that I currently deprived from crawfish season 😭.

If you are thinking about hosting me, please do not read my long profile! It sooo long that you will forget all about your good intentions :-)

Our big family can host you back as well in Houston Texas or in Scotland: Aberdeenshire, (my husband's brother Les and his girlfriend Doreen).

Please read only top of "Additional Info" in "My home" part ... to check out if you are OK with NOT Politically Correct person.
I am politically bisexual ( or politically bipolar?) : some ideas of right and some ideas of left. I have witnessed ( growing in USSR) that a lot of extra left ideas. Russia did try it and proved that it don't work.
I am somewhere close to middle, with a little to a right side. I wrote more on "Additional information".

Please write PM to me if you would like to join.
My husband worries about me when I travel by myself, and it will cost less,-to pay together for taxi, or car rentals. Females preferred,- for shared (on different beds)hotel/airbnb room(s).


18th April flying from Barcelona to Boston. 1 night in Boston. Looking for host.

1 night in New York (for Opera) 19th April
host with addiction to opera is very desired.

leave New York on 31st May 

in Paris 31st May-3rd June
Opera in Paris on 2nd June.

in Porto 3rd - 5th June

in Terceira Lajes 5th- 9th 

in Lisbon 9-12 June.

In Gdansk+ Kaliningrad 12-19th June ( Depends on weather eather Gdansk or Kaliningrad "dacha" by sea) 
Looking for local advice where to go, what to see. Would like to rent car together, or will pay for gas and extras to see pretty architecture and nature nearby.

In our house in Scotland 19th June to sometimes at end of June.

Road trip to Wales and London. Arrival to London on 1st July. A lot of Royal Opera House, almost every day.
In London until 9th July. Road trip back to Scotland.

12th to 24th July,- hosting in Scotland.

In Poland, arriving in Gdansk 24th July 
NEED ADVICE where to go for architecture.
Offers to host are welcome, or female traveler(s) to share hotel/ Airbnb on different beds.
So far my short list is:
Branicki Palace, Białystok 
Wilanów Palace or Wilanowski Palace
Flying out of Warsaw on 3rd Aug 

With my childhood friend:
in Budapest 3rd to 9th Aug, looking for puppy. Would like to rent a car together to explore Hungary. Or I will pay for gas and extras if someone already have a car.
Offers to host are welcome, or female traveler(s) to share hotel/ Airbnb on different beds.
flying out of Debrecen on 10th Aug 
in Paris from 10th to 18th August (already paid for cheap hotel).

18th August Paris to New York 
24th September Boston to Barcelona

Looking for travel buddies to make my next traveling plans.
So far I might will explore South coast of Spain and around Madrid, by car, with my friend from Madrid end September - mid October.

Plan Las Vegas with my brother for first week of November.
Someday I want to see:

1. Please let's arrange a phone call, before we both will confirm a stay.
No phone conversation= no confirmed stay.

You can NOT stay,- in case if you have a respiratory virus. Flu can become death for people with health issues. One of our family member has serious lungs illness. My guests must make plan B , to stay at another place if any suspicion of cold or virus.
The typical incubation period for flu is 1—4 days. You are able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms, up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick.

Hosting in Houston:
January, February, end April until end of May. Then again start hosting at end of August, until end of September.
Hosting in Aberdeenshire, Scotland from 19th June to 24th July.

You don't have to read anything else if you have hosted before.

2. FOR NEW CSers, and for CSers who NEVER HOSTED before:
You MUST read , if you want to be hosted in my house:

A. If you using sell phone CSing app, please click on blue colored words above : " Read more"

B. If you using computer, click on " My Home" section.

Please read only:
"Read more/My home" section.
Up to "Additional information".

EVERYTHING else written on this page below, or on "Home" page under "Additional information" - don't even bother to read.

I repeat: don't read ANYTHING else!
It is all written for wierd people, like me, who are on CSing for friendships.

Written below is FOR CSers, who for some strange reason are interested in my personality as host/ guest/ travel buddy.
But you don't have to read it. I wrote it because I was stack in airports for too often, and too long. And because I made few friends, who read this boring staff and liked boring me.

Pictures of my house, are a joke! It is a palace, and not mine (unfortunately). Tuna is all 500 pounds real. My daughter's tuna was 421. My husband's tuna was 983.

Por que estou no Couchsurfing?

I had offered my house for free many times and to many strangers before I discovered this site. My husband would say: "too many". It was mostly women, - family violence victims. (I was physically abused by my ex too,many years ago). We are not only sharing our houses, we are helping financially too: food, transportation, clothing to abused women. My husband jokes that I often find "waifs and strays" people on the streets and bring them home. (And he has to feed them). Now, thanks to CS website,- I improved: I can find all kind of people without even leaving my house,- on internet. Do you know where you can find a stray person or a stray horse?,- On amazing place called Internet.

The longest guest in our house was a penniless girl with an ankle bracelet(she was accused of conspiracy). She spent 9 months together with us in our house in Houston TX USA.

I hosted, at my family's houses, in different countries. In Canada, were we used to live. Some in Houston. Some in Scotland.

Percentage of "bad apples" what I hosted, - is not bad! Only 2 was not nice , and only one was a nightmare (out of my 31 CSing guests, in past 2 years). It is probably the same everywhere else in life: at work, at uni, at neighborhood, and even in family. I will try my best not to end up with unpleasant people, - for this reason, I ask to arrange a phone or Skype BEFORE hosting or being hosted!

If you are by any chance reading my profile because you got request from Noel,- here is link about my negative reference, with my side of the story:


My trips usually starts with search for .... stop overs. Since I live in 2 or 3 countries each year, whatever it is time to fly, - I pick a dates and a destination of stopover based on my passions like galleries, gardens or opera. in 2018 from 22nd March to 13th May.

My number 1 bakery is It used to be called for 300!!!! hundreds years "Schober".
What is your list of best bakeries and restaurants at your city?


Músicas, Filmes e Livros

The most notable collections of Rembrandt's work are at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, including The Night Watch and The Jewish Bride, the Mauritshuis in The Hague, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the National Gallery in London, Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, The Louvre, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, and Schloss Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel. The Royal Castle in Warsaw displays two paintings by Rembrandt.[96]

Notable collections of Rembrandt's paintings in the United States are housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Frick Collection in New York City, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.[97]

Uma Coisa Incrível que Eu Fiz

I have done 2 amazing things:

1.Marry the man who happened to be better that my dreams! (After divorce with one, who was physically abusive.) I upgraded from extreme bad to fantastic great.
I am very happy. My husband is a redemption for all bad people or bad things ever happened to me in the past. He is the smartest, funniest, kindest, loveliest human being,- I ever met. I am very fortunate that a best man in the world,-chose me, to be with .
LOVE is not enough word, when it is about my husband. Worship would be more appropriate.
He walked down from Olympus. (Definition of Olympus from dictionary : a mountain, that in Greek mythology is the abode of the gods.)

2. Is giving a birth (easy- only 4 days of labor's pain) ;
and raising (very hard and difficult job -to be a Mom)
My daughter is a part of me: young, pretty and energetic part, what does not exists at my mirror reflection anymore, but does exists when you look at her.
Wonderful and sweet kids often do became monsters during teen years. But sometimes ,- they do slowly turn back to humans. Especially hard it was during my daughter's teenage years, during collapse of my previous marriage.
P.S. My daughter is 27 years old,- so she is almost fully human now :-)

Ensine, Aprenda, Compartilhe

1.It is a long list of things what could be shared, but lets talk about what we should not share:No keys needed if you are hosting me,- since I will be every day and all day long being a tourist. The same goes for my guests.
2.Low budget airlines information:
3. I am hosting on WorkX and WorkAway websites too, for my construction projects to fix hurricane damaged houses. If you are short of cash and would like to stay a long time, - I suggest you to check out this websites. In some countries law allow you to be paid in cash. In USA and UK,- not, but it allow for host to pay for: food, tickets, transport etc.
4. What is yours favorite links to your favorite subjects? Please share!

O Que Posso Compartilhar com Anfitriões

When I travel, I would like to get an advice from locals, to find a beautiful things to see and a good places to eat. Every trip should have a gastronomical souvenir of a nice memory!
I always invite my hosts to a restaurants of thier chose.
Because I will have free or low cost place to stay, it will be fare to treat a hosts for a nice restaurants, concerts/opera tickets to go together.
:-) I am not offering to pay for staying, I want to do something to show my appreciation.

Países em que Morei

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Russian Federation, Scotland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

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