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About Me

In Finland 11 May - 1 June. :)
(Volunteering on a farm near Kupio till 23rd, then back to Helsinki.)

You can also find me on, and


Last year I mainly tried to learn how to cope with the loss of my beloved friend.
This year is still all open, I suppose it's about time to get a job or a place to study again, after soon 5 years of - eh, not having any of those.
Teaching or photojournalism? I have applied for both, entrance exams will be in May. Oh, and what about my book about my journey through Asia? Well, these days I train and teach Karate and study Norwegian and Finnish. I should also clean my room (life-long project) and work on my Lego city. And visit friends and previous surfers. - Btw, I'm always happy to find travel companions for some hitchhiking+cs trips through Europe!


this is laura, an easy going perfectionist, an active couch potato, a sailing mountaineer, a sunrise loving morning grouch, a childish adult, a social loner, an orderly chaot...

on 21. feb 2012 i flew to turkey and started a journey through asia. in august 2013 i returned home.
i went mostly overland and sea from couch to couch through these amazing places: iran - pakistan - india - nepal - bangladesh - singapore - sumatra - java - borneo - philippines - taiwan.
then i had enough. i was too tired, homesick and overloaded with amazing impressions to go home overland, so i flew. :)

-- well, the trip lasted 544 days and on 13 feb 2015 it was 544 days since i came home but i'm still trying to postprocess what happened in those 18 months. and wondering what to do next.. i applied at uni twice, for pedagogy, but didn't get in. i volunteered for 3 months in an elementary school to figure out whether i'm able to handle 25 kids at once. well, maybe i'm not. i have no precise clue what i'm going to to during the next months, or with the rest of my life. (suggestions welcome;-)

now here comes "all" about me: well i would say i'm curious, honest, rather nice and every now and then chaotic and planless. i can be pretty loud and very quiet, shy and outgoing. i might go mad of happiness or be depressed. people that don't know me well sometimes think im rude. but i'm actually a peace loving soul. however, watch out: you might find me beeing ironic, sarcastic, provoking. ;)
in 2010 i happened to receive a master's degree in space physics from a norwegian university. since then i'm not sure what to do with it. i had my first job in helsinki, lived there for 9 wonderful months. but the job was over in summer 2011 and i didn't look for a new one. - so i became unemployed and homeless. i moved back to my parents and travel.
after many short trips in europe i felt i was wasting my money any my time and thought i should use my time "more useful"... work&travel in new zealand or asia? cycling around the world? opening a hostel somewhere? - or perhaps i should just try to get a normal job? about renewable energies? or become a photographer? - well, then i got this idea to couchsurf across asia. and so i did.

i'm vegetarian trying to be vegan, i don't smoke and i don't drink. i try not to mind when people around me do these things i don't do, i'm obviously used to it. i'm not a big fan of going out in general, i rather like board game-, movie-, cooking and hanging around nights with friends at home. i prefer going an ecological/ enviromentally friendly way.

some ideas for the future:
move back to scandinavia (I'm trying)
cylce or hitchhike and couchsurf through scandinavia (again and again)
cycle to africa
have a family?
learn languages (I wish I had more talent. Finnish, Persian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Bangla, Russian...)
hitchhike to beijing via the -stans, take the train back through russia (and visit a school in every place i stop?)
sail/hitch on boats around the planet
go skiing in afghanistan
live in japan
cycle from delhi to leh
- i don't like doing things alone so if you want do join any of these projects let me know!


Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries

And there's no cure like travel
To help you unravel
The worries of living today.
When the poor brain is cracking
There's nothing like packing
A suitcase and sailing away.
[i'm actually not sure this really works]

Ut på tur aldri sur!

Viel zu spät begreifen viele
Die versäumten Lebensziele,
Freude, Schönheit der Natur,
Gesundheit, Reisen und Kultur.
Darum, Mensch, sei zeitig weise!
Höchste Zeit ist´s! Reise, reise!

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

COUCHSURFING EXPERIENCE (feel free to scroll down to interests;)

surfed@zoya in helsinki/finland
surfed@shoji in kyoto/japan
surfed@meng-fang in tokyo/japan
hosted marina from russia in helsinki/finland___________________2011
surfed@jannike in hamburg/germany
surfed@cecilie in vilnius/lithuania
surfed@agne in trakai/lithuania
surfed@tomas in klaipeda/lithuania
surfed@miks in ventspils/latvia
surfed@juraj in jurmala/latvia
surfed@zanda in riga/lativa
surfed@marta in cesis/latvia
surfed@kadri in kopu/estonia
surfed@marjana in kaali/estonia
surfed@andrew in tallinn/estonia
met zoya and marina in st. petersburg/russia
surfed@peeter in tallinn/estonia
hosted rogier+julien from holland+canada in hannover
met rianne and pieter from holland in hannover
hosted tomaz+mirjam+polona from slovenia in hannover
hosted marta, my host from latvia in hannover
hosted nadav from israel in hannover________________________ 2012
hosted stefan from germany in hannover
surfed@jannike in hamburg again
surfed@armin from iran in istanbul/turkey
surfed@mutlu in van/turkey
_______________________________________iran, with stefan
surfed@hossein in urmia
met amir and ingrid in tabriz
surfed@babak in tabriz
surfed@azim in astara
surfed@hooman in rasht
surfed@omid in tehran
met faraham, masoud, nima and kam in tehran
surfed@masih in esfahan
met raha, yuri, jo, hamidreza, ahmad, masome and maryam in esfahan
surfed@marjan in shiraz
met sara in shiraz
surfed@fatemeh on qeshm island
surfed@piter in zahedan
surfed@zamin in islamabad
met manos in islamabad
surfed@hassan in islamabad
surfed@kaiser in islamabad
travelled with zamin and kaiser
surfed@shiraz in lahore
surfed@adnan's farm near okara, with zamin
surfed@ahsan in lahore, with manos
surfed@aamir in lahore, with manos
traveled with manos from pakistan to kashmir
surfed@mr. singh in amritsar
surfed@bilal&sedeeq in srinagar/kashmir
met michael and pablo in srinagar
surfed@sartaj in sopat/srinagar
surfed@karn in manali
traveled with namiko from manali to leh
met bilal, karn and siri in leh
hitchhiked with siri from leh to manali
surfed@karn, with siri and manos :)
met guru in manali
hitchhiked and trekked with victor
trekked, hitchhiked and surfed with manos
surfed@raj in pokhara
surfed@lila's orphanage in kathmandu
met purna from "Cultural Exchange Nepal" in kathmandu
surfed@Debbie in kathmandu
met vishal in kathmandu
surfed@christian and samia in dhaka
"hosted" joanna and yuta@christian's place :D
met florence and nafeesa in dhaka
surfed@robin in tongi
traveled with florence, djurabek and cyrill
surfed@faiyaz in khulna
surfed@habib in chittagong
met mashruf und jonni in chittagong
surfed@moritz in bandarban

my parents had pascal+friend over for a shower, while they waited for lady gaga..
surfed@rusty, for 20 days with laura, marisa, lynn, soheyl and kourosh
met michelle, yifan, wenwen, guru and akshay
surfed@pinky on batam
surfed@sabrina on batam
surfed@muchsin's english school in dumai
surfed@dilla in pekanbaru
met azella and torkis in pekanbaru
surfed@ranggi in payakumbu
surfed@aissy in bukittinggi
surfed@mery in padang
surfed@poppy in kerinci
surfed@rara in jambi
surfed@suzan in palembang
surfed@intan in palembang
met satrio in palembang
surfed@sherli in bandar lampung
met delta and heri in lampung
surfed@riri in bandung, with putuh and sam
surfed@dini in bandung
met dede, gita, pipiet, noor, mandy in bandung
surfed@aziz in tangerang
surfed@fenni in pontianak
traveled with juita in west kalimantan
met adi and kim in pontianak
surfed@franky in kuching
traveled with aris around kuching
surfed@minn in kuching
surfed@elly in kuching, with hans, rakhel and marc
met kelvin, fadli, ru, anis, anne, jason, lars, hitomi and jerry in kuching and spent christmas+ny there _________________2013
surfed@jean in kuching
surfed@yong in kuching
surfed@kelvin in daro
surfed@chiu in sibu
surfed@keith in sibu
surfed@chiu's sister in bintulu
surfed@micah in batu niah, with basti
surfed@amin in miri, with bastian and ales
surfed@phil's boat in miri, with basti
_______________________________________brunei, with basti
hitchhiked from miri to brunei
met sofia, wendy and zeria
surfed@aiyeen on labuan
surfed@joanita on labuan, with basti
surfed@aizat in kota kinabalu, with basti
surfed@joanita's family in keningau
surfed@aizat in kk, with alena
hitchhiked around with alena and basti

_________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _
oh yes, i couchsailed on phil's boat from borneo to the phillippines :) with basti, erinn, zac and rebecca
_______________________________________philippines, wit bastian
met mark in olsob
surfed@arlette in cebu
surfed@cherille in tacloban
surfed@cecile in legazpi
surfed@alvin in libmanan
surfed@dk in lucena
surfed@eric in cavite
surfed@rachel in angeles
surfed@eva in baguio
surfed@mina in taoyuan
surfed@lee and hester in taoyuan
surfed@laura in taichung
met amy, eddy and erin in taichung
surfed@owen in taichung, with mina
surfed@hester in changhua, with lee
surfed@jordan in tainan
met penny, quentin, nans, yilang and ruby in tainan
surfed@typhoon and evi in tainan
surfed@steven in gangshan
met szu and peter in kaosiung
surfed@peter in pingtung
met jamy in pingtung
surfed@harley in pingtung
my family hosted ali from iran in hannover
surfed@szu in donggang
hitchhiked with ray to kenting
surfed@ray's aunt in fanglio
met and surfed@ steven, peter and harley again and again and again in pingtung
surfed@karen on liuqiu island
surfed@vivian on penghu island
met kim on penghu
surfed@sharon on penghu
met sonny in kaohsiung
traveled to the east coast with harley and peter
met hooman in hualien
surfed@li-mei in yuli
surfed@angie in yuli
surfed@azuma in taidong
surfed@hooman in hualien
surfed@bleggi in hualien
hitch hiked with jerry across taiwan over hehuanshan
surfed@laura in taichung again :D
surfed@a little family in taipei
met xuen, mina, lee, hester and jerry in taipei

and then i travelled with peter and harley+family from taiwan in europe for 2 weeks and planned their whole trip. hiking, camping, sailing and we:
surfed@johannes in neustadt and der weinstraße
surfed@niels en pietje in leeuwarden, holland
hosted them at home and my aunt's village
surfed@lubomíra in czech republic

hosted eva and samanta from germany in hannover
met behzad from iran in Hannover
surfed@nadja in peine
surfed@sophie in königslutter
surfed@ahmad in magdeburg
surfed@anne and fabian in brandenburg
met samia, my host from bangladesh, in berlin :)
hosted matias from chile in berlin
hosted yafa from israel in berlin
hitchhiked with michelle berlin-poland-berlin
surfed@asia in szczecin, poland
surfed@daniel in puck, poland
met hsiang-chi from taiwan in berlin
went dumpster diving with richard and adela in berlin
met ingrid and puneet the colourful hitchhiker in berlin
joined a potluck at maja's place in berlin
played board games with maaike , frank and dan in berlin
met husam from syria/germany and julia from sweden in berlin
met vicky from hong kong in berlin
met britta in potsdam
surfed@kira and matze in potsdam
surfed@doreen in göttin/werder
surfed@samina and jasmin in stendal
surfed@normen in gardelegen
surfed@alexander in wolfsburg
hosted sandra from germany in hannover
hosted si from china in hannover
hosted rodrigo from bolivia for christmas
_____________________________________________ 2014 _ surfed 13, hosted 28
celebrated the new year with rainer, stefan, kerstin and rodrigo
hosted vicky from hong kong in hannover
drove raj from india across germany
surfed@bine in bremen
surfed@karo in tampere/finland
surfed@javad from iran in helsinki
met peege from malaysia in helsinki
baked muffins with aura in helsinki
visited katja in tampere
surfed@maria in bremen
hosted sabong from korea in hannover
met roeland in hannover, he came for a shower
hosted matthias from bejing in hannover
hosted tofeeq from syria in hannover
hosted nikita + anastasia from moscow in hannover
hosted wan chen + 2 friends from taiwan in hannover
hosted adomas + 3 friends from lithuania in hannover
surfed@katja in tampere
surfed@aura in helsinki
hung around with javad and anna in helsinki
hosted a board game night in hannover
hosted josi from germany + juraj from slovakia in hannover
hosted yair from israel in hannover
hosted adnan, my host from pakistan, in hannover :)
hosted ricardo from portugal + agata from poland in hannover
surfed@gopi in bochum
surfed@dieter in immenstadt
cooked with uwe in immenstadt
surfed@christian in schleswig
surfed@casper in veijle/denmark
surfed@eric in kristiansand/norway
surfed@henning near stavanger/norway
surfed@milan in sand/norway
hosted max+marlene+sören from germany in hannover
hosted leigh, my host from taiwan, in hannover
met simge from izmir in hannover
hitchhiked with leigh from hannover to leipzig, where i surfed her friend's couch
hosted wang from taiwan in hannover
my parents hosted stephie from germany in hannover
hosted alvaro from argentina in hannover
hosted tommi from finland in hannover
hosted sabong from korea again, for christmas
_____________________________________________ 2015 _ surfed 13, hosted 41
met Mohsen and Shiva from Iran
hosted Loïs from France
hosted Saebinna from Korea
hosted Dan from Hongkong
went hiking with Ingo, Mohamad and Sally
hosted Harsh from India/Berlin
hosted Onkar from India/Bonn
hosted Lukas from Lithuania
hosted Yair from Israel (again)
surfed@Harsh in Berlin
surfed@Veli-Matti in Helsinki
surfed@Matej in Prague
surfed@Aneta in Prachatice/CZ
hosted Tomas+Justas from Lithuania
hosted Reza+wife from Iran/Bavaria
hosted Nick from the US
hosted Taras+Roman from Ukraine
hosted Nitin from India/Qatar
hosted Zuzanna from Poland + Larry from Lithuania
hosted Pawel from Poland
hosted Roman from Ukraine
hosted Reza+Sara from Iran/Bavaria (again)
hostet Maya+Romana from Czech
hosted Daniela from Columbia/Berlin
hosted Kasia+Gosia from Poland
hosted Esra+Johannes from Cologne
hosted Stien from Belgium/Kassel
hosted Chaelin from Korea
hosted Jess+Ben from Australia
hosted Archie from England
hosted Austeja from Lithuania
hosted Rodrigo from Bolivia (again)
hosted Carole and Diane from France
hosted Steffen from Nürnberg
hosted Kamila from Brazil/Copenhagen
surfed@Sue near Middelfart/DK, with Siri and Nyasha
surfed@Simona in Hjörring/DK
surfed@Arnleif in Skien/NO, with N
surfed@Mutlu in Stavanger/NO (again)
surfed@Helene and Embrik in Gol/NO
surfed@Olof in Karlstad/SE
surfed@Memo in Stockholm
surfed@Heikki in Turku/FI
knitted with Ninni and Saija in Helsinki
surfed@Saija in Helsinki
hosted Nyasha for Christmas holidays in Norway
celebrated New Year with Nyasha, Simon and Mandy in Hannover
hosted Mandy in Hannover
_____________________________________________ 2016 _ surfed 1, hosted 16
hosted Seri from Paderborn
hosted Andrii + Ruslan from Ukraine
hosted Manou from Marburg
hitched with Austeja to Cologne and surfed@good old travelmate Basti :)
hosted Nicole + Steffen from Germany
hosted Salman from Saudi Arabia/Dubai
hosted Dale from England
hosted Nicoline from Norway + Mar from Spain
surfed@Muzaffar in Şile, Turkey, with my parents and brother
visited Yucel in Istanbul
hostet Micha from Mannheim
hosted Mischa from Hamburg
hosted Joe from Graz/India
hosted Mahboobeh from Göteborg/Iran
hosted Alireza from Tehran
hosted Naveen from Hannover/India


well, some people feel disturbed by the number of questions i ask, about everything. "why?" is probably my favourite question.
i'm interested in observing how other people live :)
i like details and looking at nice things. i like going for a walk. and to hear birds singing.
although i'm a night owl sleep is very important to me. i highly appreciate 9 h of sleep per day.
i love our planet and i'm interested in pretty much every field of natural science from astronomy to zoology. especially sustainability and renewable energies, also waste management and food. and education, i wish to know more about teaching because it's so important.
i own a big lego city, sometimes i still buy new lego. seriously.
i would like to do more geocaching, dumpster diving and yoga.
i like sports: my main sport is karate (shotokan and matsubayashi shorin ryu). then there's hiking, trekking, skiing, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, roller skating, cycling and (table)tennis/sqash/badminton.
i'm quite a bit into photography and i like handicrafts (paper, wood, wool), reading, cooking (vegetarian/vegan and raw food and edible wild plants), playing board games.
however, nothing makes me more happy than beeing out in nature.

Music, Movies, and Books

i like funny/positive movies, ratatuille, kung fu panda, tom hanks movies, ... many sorts of books except science fiction and thick novels. richard feynman's books, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the art of happiness, ... i'm not too much into it but i like music that is "nice and not noisy" e.g. travis, rem, the beatles, die prinzen and a lot more, sometimes also classical stuff

Last books i finished:
-Soundtrack meiner Jugend - Jan Josef Liefers
-Fettnäpfchenführer Russland
-Mein Leben am Limit - Reinhold Messner
Last movies i saw in cinema:
-Bach in Brazil
-Frau Müller muss weg

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

passed an exam about quantum mechanics

Teach, Learn, Share

i'm always happy to share my incomplete knowledge. i will probably tell you the names of some stars and how to recognise a planet. i studied northern lights and the weather, maybe i can tell you how to live more healthy and how to protect our nature? i can show you how to punch and kick (of course only for defence, because: karate ni sente nashi - "there is no first attack in karate" - or for fun:)
i wanna learn as much as i can, about the world; the nature, the people, the cultures, languages, nutrition... i want to learn kite surfing, ski touring, yoga, meditation. i'd like to know how to be a good teacher. and i'd love to know more about things to do with hands... from gardening to knitting to massage to drumming to fixing a car or building a boat or whatever :)

Countries I’ve Visited

Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State

Countries I’ve Lived In

Austria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

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